Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Week in Our Life: Friday

5:45 am - I wake up, and Jon has already left for a 5 am meeting at work.  Sheesh.  I do my morning social media creeping, then wake up to "Mooooooommmmm!!!!!"  I tell Andrew to go get Preston, and they play.
6:30 am - I get up and get dressed.  The boys both come flying in the bathroom and yell, "BOO!!"   We go into the kitchen to eat breakfast and Princess graces us with her presence.  This morning, there is no fighting over the high chair.  M & P have cereal and Andrew has oatmeal.  I put lunches together, pack their backpacks and get the kids dressed.  Preston is in rare form again this morning.

It's Fri-YAY!

The kids have a discussion about whether God is Jesus' dad, because Joseph is his dad.  They ask if God is Jesus' grandpa.  I tell them to ask GiGi next time they see her.
7:20 am - Everyone is dressed, so I start to gather my things up for the day, and make a list of the things that need to get done. 
7:40 am - We load up and bring Madeline to school.  When we get back, I put a show on for the boys and make my breakfast (eggs).  I also make my lunch for the day, cheese quesadillas, to eat in the car while I'm out running errands.
8:15 am - I bring the boys to school.  On the way to school, I'm listening to Michael Barry.  A kid calls in and says he's getting his Aggie Ring today, so Michael Barry plays the Shirley Q Liquor version of The Aggie War Hymn.  It pretty much made my day.  Listen here. I drop the boys off and head to KB Floors, a flooring/tile distributor to look at samples for the new casa.
10:30 am - After 1.5 hrs looking at samples, my brain is fried.  We discussed the kitchen and bathrooms, and had an intense discussion about carpet.  When looking at carpet, my thought is, "How will this hold up if someone pukes on it?"  True story.  And tile...SO much tile...

11:15 am - I eat my cheese quesadilla in the car and arrive to the 610/Galleria area to run a bunch of errands that I won't bore you with.  I'd been putting it off because (here's a secret.....) when it comes to being out and about, I don't like people.  Mainly large amounts of them, fighting over parking spaces and causing lines 25 people deep.  Nope, no thank you.  Take me back to the 'burbs.  And this is why I do a majority of my shopping online.  If it isn't Home Goods or Target, I just don't like shopping in a store anymore. 
12:30 pm - Even though Target is on my list, I don't care to brave one of the stores in the loop, so I make the 30 minute drive back to Pearland to do what I need to do.  As I'm pulling into the land of Pears, I notice my gas gage....oops.
2:00 pm - I pick up the boys, then we drive to HEB to pick up my groceries curbside.  Let me reiterate:  The boys stay buckled.  There is no screaming, fighting over carts, whining, or running off. The groceries are loaded into my car and I feel like the most accomplished person alive.  We get home, and I unload groceries.
3:15 pm - We walk to pick up Madeline, then the Badeaux's stay to play for awhile.  And this is what I love about my friends: They will sit and chat with me while I unload dishes from the night before, load dishes from that morning and start cooking dinner.  The kids play outside, eat popsicles and draw pictures.

5:15 pm - The kids start soaking each other in the backyard with a hose.

Our friends go home, and I finish cooking dinner: falafel (recipe here) and greek salad.  I send the kids to take baths.  When Preston bathes with Madeline, she bathes him for me.  #winning  I periodically check on them and fix everyone's dinner plates.
5:45 pm - The kids and I eat dinner.  I put on the movie "Trolls" for them.  We all love the music and dance along to the songs.  While they finish dinner and watch a movie, I clean the kitchen.  I'm craving something sweet, then remember I bought Reese's for the kids Easter baskets today.  Having no shame, I go to look for them and realize I left it all in my car, which has been sitting in the hot garage.  The Easter candy I bought is now half melted.  Whatever, I don't judge.  I stay in the garage and eat a few, then head back inside to finish the kitchen and clean out backpacks.

6:30 pm - Jon gets home from work and eats while the kids finish the movie, and I try and figure out who our new neighbors are.  Not creepy at all, right?? 
7:30 pm - The movie is over, but we leave the music on and the kids dance around.  We start chatting/playing.  Once the whining starts I realize it's 8:15 so Jon puts the kids to bed.  By Friday, they are just exhausted.  
8:45 pm - I sit down and type this up for the first time today, because this is way more fun than folding the "downstairs" laundry from yesterday.  I get a call from my Aunt Julie and Dad (who is in New Orleans) who want to chit chat.  I heart them very much.  
9:30 pm - I finish typing this thing.
10:00 pm - Lights out

Friday, April 7, 2017

A Week in Our Life: Thursday

6:17 am:  I wake up to the sound of, "Moooommmm.....Moooommmm..." from Preston's room.  I'm just happy that I was finally able to sleep!  I get on the monitor and ask Andrew (who is already awake) to go let Preston out of his room.  Instead, they start playing.  At some point Madeline wakes up and goes in P's room to play Star Wars with the boys.  
6:45 am:  They all come downstairs and I make them breakfast.  No fighting over the high chair this morning, which is a small miracle.  The boys drink milk and eat waffles.  Madeline has cereal.  Today is PJ day at M's school.  When she comes downstairs, Jon noticed that the PJs she picked out to wear (the special ones she made with Granny) have week-old smoothie stains on them, and they have not been washed.  Sister pitches a huge fit since we won't let her wear dirty clothes to school.  Such mean parents.  She goes back upstairs to change.  She comes down in shorts and a short sleeve shirt, and I don't have the heart to tell her it's cold outside.  I shove a hoodie in her backpack.  

Jon goes to lock himself in today's office of choice: Madeline's room.

7:45 am - I leave to bring M to school and the boys stay home. P starts crying/screaming because he wants to go.  Sorry, kid.  I like the 3 minutes of peace I get between drop off and the 1/3 mile drive home.  At Madeline's school, the librarian is always playing some sort of music loudly in the drop off line.  We hear Kids Bop, Country and even Christian songs on occasion.  All the teachers sing along/dance, etc.  I love that they do this.  It's a great way for the kids to start the school day.  I get home and the boys are hiding in the closet to scare me.  They jump out, and apparently I don't act scared enough because Andrew tells me to "be scared" again.
8:00 am - The boys go upstairs to play.  I gather dirty clothes from around the house, sort clothes and start laundry.  I clean the kitchen, start answering some emails and eat breakfast (I usually don't eat until 8:30/9 unless I have to).  After 15 minutes of peace, I hear P say, "Mom, I POOPED!"  He comes downstairs and says, "it's disgusting."  I appreciate the honesty.   
8:30 am - I get the boys dressed and ready for the day.  Today, P has monkeys and gorillas in his mouth.
9:00 am - I take the boys to get their hair cut.  They are so funny.  They LOVE going to visit Ms. Madison, probably because she lets them pick out a piece of candy at the end.  

After haircuts, we stop by the local alteration place.  Somehow Andrew ripped a 2 ft hole in his bedskirt, and it's cheaper to get fixed than to buy another one.  (And if we haven't discussed my aversion to sewing machines, that's a story for another day).  Then, we go to Home Goods to return some things that didn't work out from yesterday.  Of course, we can't leave without "browsing". The boys are behaving themselves today, which makes errands with children not as bad.
11:00 am - We get home.  I switch the laundry and Andrew goes upstairs to play.  Preston goes outside and drives the gator in circles while I type this thing.
11:30 am - The boys are hungry.  Preston wants yogurt and a quesadilla.  He pulls the gator on the porch up to the back door and sits in it while he eats lunch, and I keep the back door open because the weather is so nice.  Andrew has a turkey sandwich with veggie chips, and I have a cheese quesadilla. We all go upstairs, and I declared today as day 1 of ultimate house organization.  I start with Madeline's room.  Out of the entire house, hers is what I dread the most.  Seven year olds are like miniature hoarders.  There is something in every little drawer/pocket/zipper.  I find numerous candy wrappers I don't even recognize shoved at the bottom of her "shoes that don't fit yet" basket.  Mental note to discuss that later.  How do you decide which notes/pictures/drawings to keep and which ones to toss?  The new casa has lots of neat things, but the upstairs closets are super tiny.  We've been spoiled here.

12:30 pm - Switch the laundry again.  The week has caught up with all of us, so I declare it "rest" time.  Preston requests to read "Aggies 101".  After I read him a book before his nap, he always asks "I read it myself?"  He means that he wants to look at it after I leave his room.  Mom admission here:  I usually let Andrew play on the iPad for half of rest time on Tues/Thurs. He never falls asleep, and if I ask him to entertain himself, he is constantly coming out of his room with questions about XYZ.  You know the line "If momma ain't happy no one's happy?"  Momma needs some quiet time.  I lay down for a little bit, then head back to Madeline's room.
1:30 pm - I pull the iPad away from Andrew, which almost always leads to the response of, "I'm hungry."
2:00 pm - Preston wakes up.  The boys watch a show and play until it's time to get Madeline.  I do some black hole research.
3:30 pm - We play with our friends for a little bit outside, then we come in so M can get ready for dance and A can get ready for TKD.  Preston wanted to stay in the front, so he throws a fit, complete with screaming and wiping his runny nose on the back of the couch.  I forget that there's still laundry to do, so I switch the clothes again (note: nothing has been folded).  I also remember that I forgot to wash everyone's sheets on Tuesday (usual sheet day). Oh well.
4:05 pm - Why do I always feel like I have to threaten kids to get out the door? I have to tell M & A 388723 times to put their shoes on.  All three go get in the car and I look for my lost cell phone.
4:15 pm - We're halfway through the 20 minute drive to dance and P says, "Mom, buckle my seat belt."  Y'ALL.  I forgot to buckle my kid up. UGH.  He thought it was funny.  At least he never tried to climb out.  I pull over and buckle him in.
4:25 pm - We get to dance and walk in.  Admittedly, Thursdays are by far my least favorite afternoon of the week.  By the time we get to dance, 1 hour class, and get home, it's a 2 hour deal.  I can't ever really watch Madeline dance, because the studio waiting area is small, and the viewing window to the classroom is big enough for 2 adults to stand and watch from a narrow hallway.  There is no way Preston can behave in a small, crowded space for that long, so we usually go to Sprouts (which by the end of the day he never wants to sit in the cart), or drive to get gas and then sit in the car and watch a movie until 5:30.  This only keeps P's attention for a little while, so he usually wants to sit in my lap so he can "drive my car." However, today the golden horseshoe strikes, and Jon has a meeting on that side of Pearland, so I drop Madeline off, and Jon will pick her up at 5:30.
4:30 - The boys and I get in the car and head to TKD for the 4:50 class (every day is a different time).  This will be his third time this week, so we don't have to go Fri or Sat.  I really don't mind TKD.  It's 30 minutes long and right outside of our neighborhood.  Andrew has a great class and is focused.  He earns another piece of tape on his belt, which is a big deal for him.  Preston is well behaved, and even works on his "moves" during class.  Love when he does that.  The kid might be a stinker, but the cuteness is off the charts.

5:30 - The boys and I get home.  They play outside while I "make" dinner.  Leftovers of chicken/BBQ/green beans/raw carrots/strawberries for Jon and the kids, and another cheese quesadilla and salad for me.  I am such a creature of habit.  This week I have been a poor example of cooking dinner meals. Normally I have my act together, but this week is not one of those.  Working moms: KUDOS to you. Preparing meals that an entire family will eat and is healthy tough (or maybe my kids are just picky), and I usually have the daytime hours to prep, shop and prepare.
6:00 pm - Jon and M get home, and we sit down to eat.  Everyone is happy and no one is complaining, which is a very nice way to end a busy day.  After dinner, we all go outside to water plants, pull weeds and play.
7:15 pm - Kids come inside for baths.  I remember that I've done 7 loads of laundry today and haven't folded any of it.  Blah.  I try to get it done in one day but today it isn't happening (I usually wash all of our clothes together, but as they come out of the dryer I separate them into upstairs/downstairs baskets).  I bring the upstairs basket to the gameroom, and fold and put away clothes while the kids are getting ready for bed.
7:30 pm - Jon is working on prayers with P.  Husband brag time: With all 3 of the kids, he has been the one to teach them their prayers, and work on them nightly.  P can almost say the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and "Angel of God".  Yes, he misses/mispronounces half the words, but I'm still proud of him.  Kids go to bed.
7:45 pm - I start cleaning the kitchen and making the kids lunches for tomorrow.  I try to make lunches at night to ease the morning routines.
8:30 pm - Considering the lackluster state of the pantry/fridge/meals, I make a grocery list and place my order for HEB curbside pickup.  Friends, this is a GAME CHANGER!  You place the order online (at least 6 hrs before pick up), the next day arrive to a back parking area within your 30 minute window, text them when you arrive and they load the groceries for you.  The prices are the same, and it costs $4.95.  I know I spend at least that in impulse purchases when I shop, so for us it's worth it.
 I'm supposed to be going to the flooring/tile wholesaler tomorrow, so Jon and I tackle the Black Hole together.  Side note: Designing bathrooms are not my thing.  I have no clue.  None.
9:45 pm - Shower time, then I sit down to update this thing.
10:45 pm - Lights out.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Week in Our Life: Wednesday

4:37 am - Yes, you read that right.  This is no bueno.  Up until this house thing a few weeks ago, it would be at least 6 am before I opened my eyes.  Jon can't sleep either, so he goes to the gym.  I grab my laptop and start working on some house related things, and update the blog.  I stay in bed out of principle.  I recently started using Wunderlist as a way to keep track of tasks/to-do's/grocery list, etc.  I just love hearing the "ding" sound when I mark things off, but I have so many (first world problems) on my mind right now that I need my trusty big note pad back.  (PS - these are my absolute favorite.  They are the perfect size and come with many sassy sayings).
6:15 am - I get out of bed, get dressed, make a big cup of coffee and start getting backpacks ready for the day.  Jon gets back from the gym.
6:45 am - Andrew wakes up, comes in the bathroom and we're chatting about some scratch on his finger.  All of a sudden I hear "BOOOOOO!" It's Preston, and this time he REALLY scares me.  I didn't realize Andrew had let him out of his room.  Preston, Andrew and Jon were laughing so hard.  P says, "I scared you, Mom!"
7:00 am - The boys and I go into the kitchen and I start working on breakfast.  Pancakes for all.  The boys start arguing over the high-chair.  Princess emerges from her slumber, and joins in on the argument, insisting that it's her turn.  Problem gets solved.  As the kids are eating, P says, "This is delicious!"  And then he takes his plate and dumps blueberries all over the floor, just to laugh at himself.  Toddlers.  Jon and I get into a discussion about flooring color for the new house.  He wants dark, I want lighter because so much "stuff" shows up on dark floors.  He says, "Just clean them.  What else are you going to do all day?" He starts laughing and walks off before I punch him.  He knows better. :)
7:30 am - The kids get dressed.   To get P to let us brush his teeth without a fight, we tell him we're looking for bugs/animals/dinosaurs on his teeth.  This morning he says, "Mom, I see a lady bug!"  When I start brushing the bottoms, he says, "It's a doddle bug."
7:45 am - After a dramatic search for shoes, Jon takes Madeline to school.  I finish getting myself and the boys ready, and I bring them to school a little early because I have to take my car to the dealership.
8:30 am - I get to the Honda dealership for an oil change and a recall on my car.  They give me a loaner, and I head to a doctor's appointment in a loaner car.  I feel like a teenager driving this thing.

10:00 am - My car isn't ready, so I stop at The Container Store and Home Goods for things to get our house ready to sell.  My car isn't ready when they said it would be, so I pick up Torchy's Avocado Tacos, sit in the car and listen to the radio.  Love me some Torchy's.  If they build one in Pearland I might need to take up running.
11:30 am - Still no word from the dealership, so I show up anyway and find out that my car is ready.  I call the GC we are considering using for house updates, and meet at her house.

12:00 pm - The GC and I spend the next 1.5 hrs discussing the improvements we want to make.  It's fun an exciting, but with our quick closing and desired timeline (trying to be done by mid-June), I need to make decisions yesterday.
1:30 pm - I make the 30 minute drive to pick up the boys and get a massive headache.  I think the lack of sleep and "tasks" on my mind are catching up with me.  Time to get over it real quick, and remind myself that this is a privilege and completely self-inflicted.
2:15 pm - I get home with the boys, and catch up on some things that need to be done before we pick up Madeline.
2:45 pm - I realize I need to put something together for dinner, and start on the recipe I had planned to make for dinner.  Halfway through I realize I'm missing half the ingredients, and have to abandon the recipe because I don't have time to improvise.
3:30 pm - We get home with Madeline, and immediately have to start rushing the kids, because Andrew has TKD.  I don't like rushing them, but I REALLY don't like having to repeat myself 9247897 times.
3:50 pm - We leave for TKD.  I wipe Preston's nose, and he proceeds to scream the entire way like I was trying to chop his nose off.  Madeline starts screaming, "He's giving me a HEADACHE!  Make him stop!"  In a not so caring tone, I remind her that her not listening to my instructions gives me a headache, and now she knows what it feels like.
4:00 pm - We get to TKD.  Normally Preston happily watches Peppa Pig on my phone for the 30 minute class, but not today.  He has snot dripping down his nose, so I wipe it again with my last tissue.  And I'm out of wipes.  And he gets so mad, he throws my phone on the TKD mat and starts screaming.  I bring him outside to calm down.  We go back inside, and I let him lay under the bench where parents sit because I'm over it.
4:30 pm - Kids are cranky, I'm exausted and have no clue what we're eating for dinner.  I make the executive decision to drive through Big Horn BBQ instead.

5:00 pm - The kids and I get home and eat.  My kitchen is still a mess from the dinner debacle, but oh well.
5:15 pm - The weather is so nice, so I send the kids outside to play.  Preston cries because the gator ran out of juice.  Andrew is whining because he's tired.  Madeline is screaming at Andrew because he won't help her move the hose. OVER IT.  I pour myself a glass of wine and sit outside to type this.  For 3 minutes no one is fighting, then Andrew steps in an ant pile.  They start playing with the hose and all is right int he world again.
6:00 pm - Jon gets home and doesn't understand why I'm letting them get soaked.  I pick my battles.
6:30 pm - Kids are exausted, so Jon takes over bath duty while I start to clean the kitchen. At this hour, this is what my kitchen looks like.  Those would be breakfast dishes, clean dishes in the dishwasher that need to be unloaded, the disaster of what should have been the night's dinner, orange peels on the floor (thanks, P), and a stack of diapers that should have gone in P's backpack before school.

 After they bathe, we sit and chat about their days.
7:15 pm - We are all tired, so Jon reads the kids a story and puts them to bed while I finish the kitchen.  Early bedtime for all.
8:00 pm - Shower time.  Then, we turn on the nightly news, which I record and used to watch religiously every night.  Now it just irritates me, so I fast forward to the "inspirational" news stories.   In order to get accurate bids from contractors, we need a detailed list of finishes/selections/etc.  We have a new code word around here: Black Hole.  Anytime I'm on my laptop working on Pinterest/Lists/Houzzz for the new casa and he asks what I'm doing, my response is "black hole" and he knows what I mean....basically that it's a never ending process.
9:30 pm - Lights out.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Week in Our Life: Tuesday

4:57 am - I hear what I think is the sound of "Mom".  I check the kids rooms on the monitor (we have cameras in all 3 of their rooms), and everyone is asleep.  I try and go back to sleep, which doesn't work.  I toss and turn for awhile and eventually work on some stuff for our big meeting today.
6:15 am - Andrew is awake and singing the Star Wars theme. He comes in our room and snuggles with me.  He asks to watch a show, which I allow because the other two are still sleeping (and I don't want him to wake them up).  Jon informs me that Andrew got up around 1 am because he was "a little bit scared."  I must have been knocked out for Jon to hear a kid wake up before me.
6:45 am - Preston is awake, so I send Andrew upstairs to let P out of his room.  We have a child lock on it, because when he was first in his big bed he was getting out of his room way too much.  P comes downstairs.  When a sibling lets him out and I'm still in bed, P likes to "scare" me.  I obviously know he's coming, but he yells "BOO!", I act scared and he thinks it's the funniest thing ever.  
7:00 am - The boys are ready for breakfast and princess is still sleeping.  I wake her up and she is not happy.  Usually when this happens, it's because she stayed up too late reading a book.  She asks for me to carry her downstairs, which I do because those days are quickly coming to a close (WAHHHH).  
7:10 am - The peaceful memories of Monday morning are long gone. 6/7 days of the week, my kids fight about who gets to sit in the "high chair" (the chair at the head of the table).  A is already sitting there, which makes M mad because "that's not fair that he sat there yesterday."  M continues to cry/whine because I won't let her have "yummy pancakes" (prepackaged pancakes that you heat up) for breakfast.  Once a week, I normally make a big batch "clean" pancakes/waffles from scratch and freeze them for the week.  I need to make pancakes anyway, so I send M upstairs to change her attitude and get ready for school.  Andrew requests oatmeal, and P pitches a huge fit because I won't give him grape  juice.  After 15 minutes of P crying,  Jon emerges and tells him once to be quiet.  And P listens.  All the mommas know what I'm taking about...grateful that he listens to one parent, but it's SO frustrating.  P changes his attitude, walks up to Andrew and says, "Cheer for the Texans, Andrew."

7:30 - M comes downstairs in a better mood and eats her "fresh" pancakes.  She asks me "who invented letters."  Is it bad to refer a 7 year old to Google?  Kidding.  Sort of. I pack her lunch and backpack, and Jon leaves to take her to school on his way to the office.  As they walk out the front door, we notice a spider has made a full web crossing our sidewalk.  You can't really tell from the picture, but it's so cool!

I come inside to clean up from breakfast, and P wants to check on the birdies outside.  We have a dove that made a nest in a hanging plant on the patio, and the eggs hatched a few days ago.  After we check on the birdies, I ask him if he wants to play with big legos and he says, "Can you play wit me?"  The kitchen is a wreck and I have tons to do, but I can't say no to that!

Keeping it real.  And let me note that almost every night I go to bed with a perfectly clean kitchen.  So this is the mess created in 1 hour.

8:00 am - I start cleaning the kitchen and realize it's trash day.  I get the trash out of the garage and put it on the curb.  As I'm doing this, a bird flies into the garage.  I've also left the door between the house and garage open.  Almost in slow motion, I watch the bird fly into the wall right above the door, bounce off and fly out of the garage.  We were THIS CLOSE to having a bird in the house.  Yikes!
8:15 - I finally start cleaning the kitchen.  The boys, who were peacefully playing, decide it's time to start arguing over legos because Andrew messed up P's big giant house.  I send Andrew upstairs to get ready for the day.  
8:45 am - I'm done picking up, and sit at my laptop to prepare for today's meeting.  I turn on a show for the boys because I need uninterrupted time to prepare and I have no shame in using TV as a babysitter.  After I do what I need to do, I update Monday's post, and cannot get my pictures to upload.  I post it anyway and sit down to update Tuesday.  I check my email, and M's teacher confirms that she did not receive M's GT project.  She promises to go searching for it.  
9:30 am - I got dressed in workout clothes this morning, with every intention of exercising.  Unfortunately that won't be happening today.  I go to get dressed, since I have to look like a grown up (meaning no athleisure attire).  Two days in a row.  Normally I don't have to look like a grown up until Wednesdays (Go ahead, roll your eyes and talk trash.....this is supposed to be honest, right?).
10:20 am - We leave for swimming lessons.  Today is Preston's first lesson by himself, without me in the pool.
He screams at the top of his lungs for the entire 30 minute class.  At the end, he walks out of the pool, looks at me and says, "I did good mom."
11:15 am - We get back home and I make us lunch.  Salad for me, turkey/crackers/fruit/cheese for the boys.

11:45 am - Niki come over to watch the boys, because....

We bought (or are in the process of buying) a new house!!!  My apologies to friends/family who are finding out this way.  We got a contract on it last week, just a few days after it was listed.  We wanted to wait to share the news until after the inspection today (kids didn't know either).  We're staying in the neighborhood, but will now have an office (Jon says AMEN x192897), another bathroom, and more space in the common areas.  More on the "why" later, but this has been a long time coming.  

Watch out, Ravens Creek Dr!  We're coming for you!!

Today was our inspection.  We were super stressed out about it for a reason I'll explain in another post.  It lasted 3.5 hours, but luckily it showed no major issues.  While we're at the house, I get an email that Madeline's GT project has been found.  Thank you, sweet baby Jesus.

3:00 pm - I come back home while Jon finishes with the inspector.  The boys and I leave to pick up Madeline.  
3:30 pm - Instead of playing in the front yard with friends, we scramble to get ready to go to League City. (Normally on Tuesdays, we do homework and Andrew has TKD at 5:30).   Janis, a family friend, was my babysitter when I was a kid, and was around for much of the time my siblings and I were growing up.  She lives in Kentucky now, but is visiting this week with her husband and two boys.  We get ready to go, then sit the kids down and tell them the news about the house.  I wasn't sure how they were going to take it, but they were thrilled.  Andrew said, "I've always wanted to move!"  We leave and drive by the new house.  We will be even closer to Peter and Niki and some of our good friends, so Jon and I are relieved that there's excitement and no tears (for now).
5:00 pm - We get to League City.  The kids swim and we catch up with Janis and her family.  Janis is wonderful herself, but she is married to the nicest guy and has the sweetest, most respectful teenage boys.  If my kids are half as sweet as hers, I'll consider it a success.  The boys entertain my three for 2 solid hours, and I'm thankful for the time to get to catch up with family and friends.

7:30 pm - We bathe the kids and come back home.  We put them to bed, and I clean the kitchen and make lunches.
9:00 pm - I sit down to answer some house related emails and take care of new house paperwork.  I update this thing, and now my brain is fried.
10:00 pm - Lights out

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Week in Our Life: Monday

For the past few years, I pick a week in April to share a week in our life.  Last year's week ended up being a doozy: sickness, a certain child throwing his shoes at the school know, normal stuff. :)  Just by looking at the calendar I know this one could be interesting so here we go....
(And I can't get my pics to upload so I'll add those later)

4:45 am - Well, today should be fun.  I wake up and Jon is still home, so I know it's before 5 am.  Jon usually leaves for the gym around 5.  I look at my phone, realize what time it is, and for the life of me cannot go back to sleep.  Side note: This is not the norm for me, but I have a lot on my mind.  More on that tomorrow.  My alarm usually goes off at 6:30, and my children drag me out of bed.  But not today.  Jon gets up and instead of going to the gym, he sets up his "office" in the dining room and starts working.  After trying to go back to sleep, I do what I like to call morning creeping: I check the weather, emails, Instagram, blogs...the important things.
5:30 am - I hear "Mom....Mom...."  Andrew is thirsty.  Jon gets him some water, Andrew goes back to bed, but we know he won't be going back to sleep.  He also has a cough and runny nose.
5:45 am - Feeling like a zombie, I get out of bed to make coffee.  I tell Jon, "This is not okay."  His response: "I don't know what the problem is." Ugh, morning people.
6:00 am - I contemplate doing something productive, but don't want to wake up M&P.  I get on my laptop and start this thing instead.  I go through March pictures, because I'm trying to stay up to date on the blog.
6:10 am - Andrew is singing "duh...duh..daduh duh DUH duh...." (Star Wars theme) from his bed and starts making Owl noises.  Don't ask.
6:30 am - My alarm goes off.  Andrew is hungry and requests oatmeal.  The other two wake up, and I realize we are out of milk.  Monday morning fail.  I pack their lunches and realize we're almost out of veggie chips too.  I just went to the grocery on Wednesday, and apparently I did a terrible job.
The next hour is a flurry of getting the kids ready for school.  Preston throws a fit about us not having milk, so I give him grape juice instead so he'll stop crying.  He proudly runs to Jon and says, "Daddy, I drink sugar!"  (My kids normally don't drink juice and I tell them it's because of the sugar content).  Madeline wants to carry her a very delicate project into school. I'm going up there today anyway, so I want to bring it.  We spent 5 %#@$^&* hours on the thing yesterday and I don't want it to break.  We argue, I win.  Andrew continues to sneeze, cough and wipe his nose with his hand. Blah.  I tell Preston to find his shoes and he says, "Yes, Stinky Mommy."  Jon leaves for work and I get the kids dressed.
7:40 am - I load the kids up and we bring Madeline to school, which is literally around the corner from our house.  We usually drive in the mornings because the drivers are extra crazy at that time.  We come back home and I get dressed in "workout" clothes because it's chiropractor day. I eat breakfast and clean the kitchen while the boys watch a show.
8:15 am - I leave to bring the boys to school.  I have been VERY fortunate this year to not have a child pitching a fit when I bring them to school.  Both boys love their teachers and classes.
8:45 am - I go to the chiropractor.  I only have to go once every two weeks now, and I'm still not having much shoulder pain or knots.  The doctor ups the amount of reps I do for back strengthening exercises because I "look to comfortable".
9:30 am - I try to get all of my errands done on M/W/F while all 3 kids are in school, because it goes so much quicker.  I make a return to Hobby Lobby, go to HEB, and make returns to DSW and Carters (Side note: With so much free shipping these days, I pretty much do all of our clothes/shoes shopping online.  Most of the time it's convenient, but can be annoying when the kids are between sizes).
11:00 am - I get home, do some household related paperwork, and get "dressed" for the day.  We have a meeting scheduled with Madeline's GT teacher, so Jon comes home and we head to her school.  We bring her project, but the front office won't let me bring it directly to M's class, so she tells us to leave it in the office and they'll deliver it to her.
11:30 am - We meet with the GT teacher, who wants to tell us about M's progress and pick our brains about her experience in the class.  It was positive and enlightening.  Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that we have a "good" kid, even if it doesn't always seem like it at home.

12:30 pm - Jon and I take the rare opportunity to go to lunch.  Maria calls and says she's in the area for work.  She drops her car off at an oil change place near our house.  Jon and I pick her up.  We come home and Jon goes upstairs to work.
2:00 pm - Maria and I leave to pick up the boys from school.  They are SO happy to see Aunt Weasel!  We bring her to pick up her car, say goodbye and head back home.
3:05 pm - My friends Stephanie (with Audrey) and Leigh Anne (with Ben and Ty) get to our house and we walk to pick up the Elementary kids.  I know I've mentioned this before, but I just LOVE that we can walk to pick Madeline up everyday.  It's even better that I get to catch up with friends and the kids get to see each other.
3:20 pm - The kids get out of school, and Madeline informs me that her project was not delivered to her class.  I immediately call the front office, who insisted they delivered it.  I send emails to her teacher and the GT teacher.  Y'all.  If the school lost her project, it's not going to be pretty.
3:30 pm - The kids (all 10 of them) play in our front yard almost every afternoon.  They climb in one of the trees, play with scooters and ride bikes.  Seriously, one of the BEST parts of the day!

After School Routine:
3:50 pm - Our friends go home and we come inside.  Jon is still working upstairs, so he offers to take Madeline and pick her up from CCE.  Usually I leave with all 3 kids at 4:30, get to St. Helen at 5, drop off Madeline and get back home with the boys at 5:30.  Jon picks her up at 6 and they are usually home at 6:30.  Since Jon is able to help both ways today, I decide to take the boys to Taekwondo.  Andrew goes 3 days a week and we can pick which 3 days we go (usually Tu, Wed, Fri).  I look at the schedule and realize it starts at 4 today.  I rush to get the boys ready.  We go to TKD.  At home, Madeline does homework and Jon continues to work until it's time for them to leave.
4:45 pm - I get home with the boys and and we go in the backyard to play since the weather has been so great.  I sit down to update this thing, and Preston eats an "apple Popsicle" (pure applesauce in a tube that's frozen).  While I'm working on this and Andrew is playing, I hear a crash from the kitchen.  Preston had gone inside, opened the freezer, and grabbed a 9x13 glass dish I had in there looking for another popsicle.  Glass was everywhere, and had cut his ankle.  Great. I put on a show for the boys so they'll become zombies and not come in the kitchen while I clean.  After cleaning, I heat up leftovers from this recipe that I made the night before.  The boys say they aren't hungry.  I pack a back to get us ready for soccer practice.
6 pm - The boys and I head to soccer practice, which is at Madeline's school.  We have the same team from last year.  Great coach and great kids.  Since the weather has been nice, I don't mind taking soccer practice duty.  I always bring a ball for Preston, so between that and Gatorade he usually stays well behaved.  Except today he decides to continuously run toward the parking lot because he knows he shouldn't.
6:30 pm - Jon and M arrive at soccer practice.  When soccer started a few weeks ago, the original plan was for him to stay with A and me to take the other two home.  We've all been staying because it's just nice to be outside.  But today, Preston is in rare form so Jon takes M & P home and I stay with Andrew.

7:00 pm - Andrew and I come home, and he heads to take a bath.  The other two kids have bathed, so they eat with Jon.
7:30 pm - I asked Preston if he's ready for bed and he says, "Mom, I want you to put me to bed."  How can I resist that??  I put him to bed.  Andrew eats his dinner.
8:00 pm - Jon puts the other two to bed while I shower.  We shoot for 7:30 on school nights, but on Mondays it's just hard.  The kids all go to bed happy, so even with some hiccups I'll consider it a win.
8:30 pm - Jon and I turn on Grey's and I update this thing.
10:00 pm - Lights Out

Sunday, April 2, 2017

California Spring Break: Day 5 and Preston's Granny Camp Adventure

On day #5 our flight didn't leave until 1 pm, so we took our time packing up the condo.  We went to breakfast at a Trip Advisor approved diner.  Can't remember what it was called or what we had, but it was good and held us over until the afternoon.

After breakfast we took a look at the map to see what sights were close enough to get us back to the airport on time.  We drove down to Newport Beach.  Unfortunately it was foggy so we couldn't see much, but was nice to get a partial view of the Pacific Ocean one last time.

We walked down to the end of a Pier and saw a little restaurant, which we didn't know existed because of the fog. Kind of creepy.  Ironically, Jon was watching a movie the next night and that exact Pier restaurant was in the movie!

On the way back to the car we took turns racing.

We drove to the airport and got on our flight.  The flight wasn't full, so we were able to sit two to a row.  Once we were seated, we realized that we were on the plane with an entire high school band.  While they were pretty respectful, one guy in front of us kept making weird noises just to be annoying.  My mom reminded me that when my High School Senior Choir class flew to NYC, we probably acted worse.  Then she passed me this note...

Mom: "When that guy made that obnoxious sound, Madeline said, "Daddie!!"
My response: "At least if they were a choir they could sing for us.  Band = waste of time."

Seat buddies

Once we were back in Houston, we bid farewell to GiGi and Poppy and headed to our house, where Granny and Preston were waiting.  It was the longest I'd ever been away from a child, and we were SO SO SO happy to see him!  It was hard being away from him, but I thought about him 349834 times a day.  I can't say Preston felt the same.  He had SO much fun with his cousins and grandparents in Bryan.  I asked Gerilyn if he asked for me at all, and she said he asked for Andrew once.  Thanks, kid.

A HUGE thanks to Granny, Papa K, Aunt Jordan and Uncle Luke for helping out with the dude for a week!  Preston spent lots of time with Will and his best bud, Matt.

There was a cold spell in Bryan, but they still walked the pigs, gathered eggs from he chickens, witnessed the circle of life with cows and probably spent hours driving the gator around.

We missed this cutie, but know he was happy and in good hands.

California Spring Break: Day 4

After an intense day #3, we were happy that Disney's California Adventure (day 4 excursion) didn't open until 9 am, which meant we "needed" to be there at 8:30 am. We were moving slow, so Jon had us speed walking.  We made it outside of the park entrance by 8:50.  At this point I think we were burnt out on pictures, because I only took 1/4 of the pictures I did at Disneyland.  You're welcome.

Smile, kids!  Here we go again!

On this day, we had one must do: Radiator Springs Racers, otherwise known as the Cars ride.  Jon sped off to pick up fast passes, and the rest of us rode Mader's tractor ride.  For some reason my kids have never been big Cars fans, but you better believe I crammed it down their throats a few weeks before the trip.

Up next was the cutest ride, Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters.  

The cars partnered up with cars on the other side and danced together in sync.  What made it even more funny was that you couldn't see any tracks, so you had no idea what dance moves the cars would be doing next.

After the ride we had a real life Mader sighting.  Let me also note that Andrew had not learned his lesson and was dashing off in every which way.  My dad started to count how many times we said "Andrew."  I think we stopped at 52.  Lucky for Andrew my voice was back in full force. :)

At this point, the park didn't seem crowded, so we ditched our intense plan and decided to go with the flow instead.  We went to the Bugs Life themed area.  Jon said it was like Animal Kingdom: You'll probably forget you went.  It was still cute.


The characters started to emerge around the park.  The lines might be long, but they never rush the kids along.  It makes them feel special, which I'm sure is a well crafted part of the Disney experience.

We lucked out with Anna and Elsa.  They were "housed" in a big building.  There was no line and no one behind us.

Before lunch, it was time for our Radiator Springs fast passes.  And y'all.  The hype is 200% true (as proven by the 2 hour wait).  Thank Goodness for fast passes.

I borrowed these pictures from he interwebs for a visual.  This one is the view walking into Cars Land.

This is what the second half of the ride looks like.  On the first half of the ride, your car travels through different Cars scenes.  On the second half of the ride, your car races another one.  It goes so fast, twists and turns.  It was an absolute blast.


We walked over to the Boardwalk area.  It just so happened to be the Food and Wine festival, so we stopped along the way for some yummy treats. We went on a few more rides, including Goofy's Flying School.  Up until now, my mom had been a major trooper on all of the rides and roller coasters.  We all rode this one. 

The ride looked innocent enough, until we realized it was super fast and that the ride makes you feel like you're flying off the edge of it.  GiGi was NOT a fan.

Anywhoo, as part of the Food and Wine Festival, there was a "Cooking with Goofy" cooking school for kids.  The kids made oatmeal cookies with Goofy.

Around this time it had gotten HOT. Like "is this Texas in May" hot.  Lucky for my husband the Food and Wine Festival also included beer.  He earned every bit of it for navigating the fast passes! It was also around this time that we realized the park was at 95% capacity, and any good rides not on Fast Pass had hour long waits.  Unfortunately this lasted the rest of the day, but there was still lots to do.

After lunch we needed some air conditioning, so we went to the Disney Jr. Live show.  I figured the kids were "over" it, but it was still cute and we enjoyed the air conditioning.

At one point a little girl sitting next to us was flipping out with excitement over seeing Minnie Mouse.  Andrew turned around and said, "You know they're just puppets, right?"  (insert eye roll emoji)

Next up was "Frozen: Live." We had heard that you should arrive an hour early for the hour long Broadway-style show.  We waited in the heat, and the kids were troopers.  Once inside, this was our view.  Past this point photography was prohibited, but the show itself was worth half of the park ticket price.  The detail and talent matched any Broadway style show I've seen, and the special effects were nuts.

After the show, it was Andrew's turn for some character fun.

He spent 10 minutes talking to Spider Man.

There was a interactive attraction called "Disney Animator's Studio", where a Disney animator gave drawing lessons.  As we were waiting in line, I broke the news to Jon that the rest of us were done for the day.  He was not happy, and insisted on us staying until 9 pm for the "World of Color" water show.  It was time for the class, so we all sat down and were given a drawing board, paper and pencil.  The animator was giving us step by step lessons on how to draw Goofy.  Madeline's Goofy looked significantly better than the adults.  About halfway through, Andrew was having trouble with part of it and started to throw one of his epic fits.  About the time Andrew threw his drawing board, Jon looked at me and said, "We can go."

We left the park and stopped for dinner at a Hawaiian Fusion restaurant.  We could not get to the drink menu fast enough. Let's just say when half of the cocktail menu includes "St. Germain", you know you're in the right place. 

We had dinner and toasted to another fun filled day!