Friday, October 31, 2008

Good thing I got rid of the alcohol in my house...

There's quite a bit that Jon and I have decided since we got our offer. I consider myself an organized person, but all of the old house/new house/ legal stuff is seriously testing my abilities. I downloaded a task list application for my I-Phone that should prove to be pretty handy. Mostly boring stuff, but if you're "naturally curious" (aka nosy) like me then you'll find this worth something.

We are still planning on closing on November 21st, which will crunch our timeline but I am not complaining by any means! This weekend, Jon is going to look at houses with our Houston realtor. No worries, I sent them a list of 20 properties I found online, and sent the realtor a list of everything we are looking for. :) It's a good thing Jon and I are on the same page!

I'll fly down to Houston on Thursday, Nov 6th and bring Fergie with me. She'll live with her grandparents (my parentals) until we make our final move. After all, Fergie is my dog child and I know she'll be well taken care of and have fun playing with Lilo. On Friday we will look at houses. Friday afternoon, Jon and I will go to College Station for a Texas A&M Parents of the Year dinner that will honor my in laws. We will go to Midnight Yell Friday night where the Kleckleys will speak. On Saturday we will go to the Texas A&M/OU game, where Jon's parents will be honored and introduced. On Sunday we'll drive back to Houston and look at homes on Monday and Tuesday. I'll fly back to Chicago the morning of Wednesday, Nov 12th, which also happens to be Jon and I's 3 year anniversary!! I'll work until November 18th. The packers come on the 19th, and the movers come on the 20th. No clue where they'll be delivering our depends on how the home search goes. Jon will fly to Chicago on the 20th and we'll spend one last weekend with the Chi-town friends before flying to Houston sometime that weekend.


On another note, Happy Halloween! As I write this I'm taking breaks to give candy to neighborhood kids. Fergie is staring out the window and barks whenever someone comes to the door. She was a pumpkin for Halloween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Exciting news...

No, I'm not pregnant. I like to scare people with that "exciting news" thing. hehe

I promised a recap of my first Bulls game. It was fun....

However, I have WAY more exciting news! We sold our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough words to describe how excited we are. Three weeks on the market is rare these days. We have a contract with the buyers, so we just have to wait for the relocation company to go through everything and sign off on it. The buyers want to close on November 21st, so we'll have to be moved out by then. The relocation company will buy the house from us between now and then, and they'll sell it to the buyers under the same contract terms. It's crazy. I'm still praying that everything works out. I don't think I'll believe it until we hand over the keys. I'll be talking to the packers and movers this week and setting a date for them to pack us up and move us out. Right now I'm thinking around the 19th, but we'll have to work with what's available.

So this presents our next challenge...where do we live in Houston? We have no clue where the movers will be delivering our stuff. It'll probably end up being at a storage unit until we find a place to live. We will live with my parents until then, which will bring the Noto household total to 8 people + 2 dogs. haha. Our goal is to be in a place by Christmas. We're going to concentrate our search in the Pearland area, 15 min south of downtown Houston. It's about 30 min from my parents' house and a very central location. Jon is meeting with Realtors this week and will start looking at houses this weekend.

Thanks to all of you who have prayed for our moving situation. Rest assured my little St. Joseph statue (still buried in my yard) will sit in a place of distinction in our new home.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Are you tired of us yet?

Hmmm, let's see. Thursday night my friends Jennifer and Stacie came over for chinese food and Grey's Anatomy. Fergie and I left at 9:30 pm to pick Jon up from the airport. It was funny...she started growling when we pulled into the airport, but her tail was wagging nonstop once she saw Jon. I worked a half day on Friday so I could hang out with my hubby. We went to the eye doctor for my 1 month Lasik check up and I got cleard to swim and rub my eyes (not rubbing your eyes for a month is quite difficult). We went to vote, ate Chipolte and came home for a 3 hr nap. Friday night we went to Mel and Harrison's to watch a scary movie, "The Stragers". I don't recommend it...we're 0-2 in scary movies.

On Saturday we went to eat Sushi with Mel and Harrison at one of those restaurants where the sushi comes around on a conveyor belt and you take what you want. It was the first time I've been to a place like that, and it was so cool! Saturday night we had the last party in our Townhouse. Every Kleckley party needs a theme, so this one was "Hasta Luego Chicago." We made King Ranch Chicken from scratch. My mom found the recipe at:

We felt very special as lots of friends came to party: Sheila, Graham, Melanie, Harrison, Katie, Goran, Stacie, Dave, Jennifer and Justin. Dennis and Cindy were in Arizona for a football game. Party pics:

On Sunday, we slept in and went over to Graham's house for more pumpkin carving and a BBQ, asking our friends the question, "Are you tired of us yet?" With Jon in town it was pretty much hanging with the peeps all weekend. :) Graham and the Retizos' were serious pumpkin carvers! Jon opted to grill rather than carve, Sheila took the generic route, and mine was the one with the funny looking bats on them.

House/Moving update:

Sunday afternoon we got the news that a family was coming back to our house for a 2nd look. Sunday night we found out they wanted to make an offer! It was supposed to be written up today (Monday), but now they are getting cold feet (first time home buyers). They are meeting with the realtor tomorrow so she can calm their fears and hopefully write up a contract. Please pray that this goes through! Jon is getting busier by the day at work and is loving every minute of it. I haven't started my job hunt yet...that'll need a post of it's own. That's all for now. Tomorrow night I'm going to my first Bulls game with a bunch of people from work, so I'll post some pics in a few days. Hasta Luego :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The "S" word

Fergie and I had a nice weekend. On Friday, I did my normal Friday night routine: get in pajamas early, watch TV, drink wine and fall asleep on the couch. There's nothing like a lazy night when you know you don't have to go to work the next day. :) On Saturday I cleaned up around the house and took Fergie to the dog park. She is so hyper at home, but as soon as she gets around big dogs, she hides. There were 2 Mastiffs that she finally took to after 45 min at the park. It was a funny sight...wish I had my camera. Saturday evening we went to Melanie and Harrison's house while our house was being shown. After that, I went with Cindy to see "The Secret Life of Bees". I hadn't read the book, so I didn't know what to expect. It was such a sweet movie...I cried the last hour of it, but I was not alone. I'd say 95% of the theatre (all women) was sniffling. On Sunday we hung out and went for a walk. I was taking a nap that afternoon and the doorbell rings...a realtor to show our house. Apparently there was a communication breakdown and I never got a phone call. Thank goodness my house was clean! Our house was shown for the 4th time on Monday. The realtor says 4 times in 9 days is awesome, but keep those prayers coming! My Aunt Terry sent me a 2nd St. Joseph statue. This one is staying in the house.

Work has been ok this week. It's hard to be motivated when you know you're going to leave soon. Jon flies in tomorrow night...YAY! The peace and quiet has been nice, but I miss him and Fergie does too. :) Military families are away from each other for months at a time, so I can't complain about a few weeks.

Jon is really enjoying his job thus far, but we are very excited about having him in Chicago from Thursday to Monday. Their first shipments are going out this week, so he's excited about getting the business going. The past few weeks have been filled with buying office furniture and setting up their computer network. He's also still enjoying living with my parentals (unless he's lying to me!) He's getting spoiled as well...going to out to eat every other night, Texas A&M football game, hanging out by the pool with the sibs, and my mom grocery shopping for him.

On to the "S" word...

I was just watching the news, and there is a chance of SNOW Sunday night! Ugh. It's not even November. Good thing I didn't throw out my ice scraper or snow shovel yet. Today's high was in the mid 50's, and I told my co-workers how this would be considered the middle of winter in Texas. haha

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Fall is my favorite season. I love when the leaves change colors, the cool weather, fall decor..everything! The girls I work with decided to have a "Fall Fun Night". Since Jon is in Houston, all the girls spent the night here at my house. It reminded me of living in the sorority house. It was so much fun and just what I needed. We drank spiced/spiked cider, ate chili, and carved pumpkins. We also watched the movie "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" which I highly reccomend. It was so funny.

This morning we were all tired from staying up late and had to rush to get to work. In the craziness, I left the house looking more like a lived in home than a model one. I was joking around, saying someone might actually come look at our house today since it was messy. Sure enough, I got a call at 11:30 saying people would be at my house at noon. Oh well, such is life.
Hope you enjoy the pumpkin pics. Guess which one is mine!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Clean it and they will come

Friday night our friends Melanie, Harrison, Sheila and Graham came over for movie night. Jon made ribs (Luke's recipe) and we watched "The Happening". I don't recommend it...that movie was strange! We got up early on Saturday to run errands, clean the garage and pack. We went to 4 pm mass and broke the news to our Priest, Fr. Joe, that we were moving. He wins for the best reaction: "Shit." Not even a Holy shit....haha. After we told him our families were in Houston, he goes, "Oh ok, that's not so bad." Last night we went bowling with Melanie, Harrison, Sheila and Graham. Those of you who know me know that I am quite possibly the most horrible bowler on the face of the earth. Luckily we were in good company and pitchers of beer kept coming, so it was a blast.

Jon left at 7 am this morning to drive to Dallas. He'll spend the night with his Aunt and Uncle, then head to Houston in the morning. He's been working on things from up here for the past 2 weeks, so he's very anxious and excited to get going in Houston. Also, lucky for him, he gets to live with Mom, Dad, Peter, Maria, Aimee, Brandon (Maria's BF), and Lilo! Peter was nice enough to let Jon have his room until ??. It bugs me that I'll be missing all the commotion. Oh well...Fergie and I will enjoy peace and quiet in our Museum.

Casa update:
I got my St. Joseph statue in the mail on Wednesday and promptly buried it in the front yard. Hopefully the neighbor's dog won't dig it up. The photographer ended up coming on Friday and to professional pics and a "virtual tour" of our house. The realtor came today and brought us our official "for sale" sign...bittersweet. I now have a new obsession: cleaning. It's as if a slightly unorganized drawer or dust on the baseboards will make or break a sale. It's totally unrealistic, but cleaning, organizing, vacuuming, etc. makes me feel like I'm helping to speed up the process. Hints the title of this post. I figure cleaning is a healthier form of stress relief than drinking...hehe.

Tomorrow I'll begin my workout routine (again). Right before my Lasik surgey I started swimming, which was really enjoyable. Now there's no swimming for me until the end of the month. I'll be hitting the machines with the spiffy new Polar watch my Mother in Law sent me for my birthday. It's the coolest thing. It measures how many calories you're burning, average heart rate, and all sorts of other stuff. The best part is that it's PINK! :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Social Scene

Both of us had very exciting weekends. Jon went with his Dad and brothers to Las Vegas. In perfect Kleckley fashion, I think they saw 95% of the hotels on the strip in 3 days. I also got more text messages from him about food than gambling...haha.

On Friday night I went with some of my friends to the Carrie Underwood concert. She was fabulous! She sang her heart out for 1 1/2 hrs and had 4 outfit changes. I felt bad for my friend Stacie sitting next to me, as I sang along the entire time. On Saturday I had the wonderful treat. My Aunt Julie was in town for work. I met her in downtown Chicago and we went to eat at a wonderful Italian restaurant, Volare. My friends Dennis, Goran and Cindy joined us as well. It was so nice to have them meet each other. I spent the night in JuJu's posh suite at The Allerton, and was back at the house by 10 am to continue cleaning and "staging" the house for the realtor.

We met with the realtor again today. She approved our decor and such and will send the professional photographer tomorrow to take pictures for the listing. She complimented our mad decorating skills which made me happy. :) I'll try to post some pics once they've been taken. We also have a nice grey box on our door, which means every realtor in the Chicago area can now have access to our house. Nice. Unfortunately, this also means that we will have to keep the house spick and span at all times. I feel like I'm living in a musem. Poor Fergie can't even have too many toys out because she always seems to find clever hiding spots for them.

I'm trying to do my civic duty of watching the Presidential debate tonight. I like the townhall format, but it's kind of boring. I wish there was another VP debate! Guess we'll just have to wait for SNL on Saturday night for more entertaining politics.

Here's the scoop...

It was about a month ago that I told Jon I needed a job, rearrange the living room, take a trip, something different than the normal routine. Be careful what you wish for. A few weeks later we were presented with the opportunity to move to Houston! All of a sudden I feel like our lives have been turned upside down. I forget who I've told what, and frankly, I'm tired of talking about it. I figured a blog would be a good way to communicate what's going on with the big move and our lives in general. Hopefully this whole blog thing will be a good way of keeping up with the Kleckley's!

Rewind 1 month....
For those of you who don't know, Jon had been working for Shelter Distribution, a building supply distributor, since we graduated from college 3 1/2 years ago. Jon got a call from Dan, his mentor who hired him right out of college and moved us up to Chicago. Dan had left the company a year earlier to help start up another company, SRS Acquisitions (same industry). He asked Jon to join this new company as Branch Manager of a new SRS location in Chicago, which Jon accepted and was very excited about. The next weekend, Hurricane Ike hit Houston. SRS decided to immediately open a branch in Houston, which is when they asked Jon to move down to Houston to help start up this new location.

I thought it was a joke at first. My first words were, "Are you freaking kidding me??" We are very happy in Chicago, have a great home, and even better friends. I wanted to eventually move back to be closer to family, but my timeline was another 1-2 years...not now! God obviously had other plans. After a week of debating, we decided it was an opportunity that couldn't be passed up.

He will leave this Sunday to drive down to Houston and will live with my parents for awhile. I'll stay here and keep working until we sell our house or Thanksgiving...we'll see. I ordered my St. Joseph statue to bury in the front yard. See this website if you're confused... Lord only knows we need every bit of divine intervention to help sell our house in this market!

For those of you who are curious, Fergie will stay with me until I move to Texas. I think she knows what's going on...either that or she's feeding off of my stress! I am such a planner/control freak that this whole home selling process is making me crazy. I guess it's a good lesson in patience.