Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Noto Family Christmas

On Saturday, my family came over to Jon and I's house so we could celebrate Noto family Christmas. Everyone was there except for Maria, who had to cheer at a Rockets game. Peter spent Christmas with Niki's family, so it was like Christmas morning all over again in our currently empty dining room.

Highlights include:
Jon got a weedwacker from my parents. Me and my big mouth had too much to drink a week before Christmas, and I told Jon he was getting it. Poor thing couldn't even act surprised and my parents weren't to happy when I found out they spilled the beans.

Maria and Aimee got Peter and Niki "Weddings for Dummies"

Fergie wrote a note to my parents to explain their Christmas present from us: A professional carpet cleaning. Haha.

Last night, we went with my family to the Rockets game to watch Maria cheer. The Rockets lost, but the game was a blast! I tried to get some good pics of Maria but they didn't come out too well.The highlight was the Launch Crew's performance in the 3rd quarter, where Maria was front and center for a giant basket toss...they threw her in the air and she did all sorts of flips! This pic was taken right before they threw her in the air.
This was also my first time to see Yao Ming in person. He is SOOO tall! He barely has to jump to touch the rim.
I'm updating all of this from work. Needless to say, it is very slow! I'm supposed to be anticipating the flood of calls, but they have yet to come. I had 2 spreadsheets done by 8:30 am this morning, and had music hooked up to play through the phone system by 11 am. Business should skyrocket after the holiday weekend...at least it better for our sanity!!

Christmas Recap and Jon's "Man" Project

We had a very nice Christmas at Jon's parents house in Bryan, TX. On Christmas Eve, we went to Mass and came home for food, drinks, and an attempted family photo. Fergie was not having it and decided to stick her tounge out in the pictures.
We woke up Christmas morning to a traditional Kleckley bed and breakfast feast. We opened presents, and here were some of the highlights:

The dogs were not amused by their wind up toys.

Marky was most excited about his bag full of cleaning supplies...it's about the simple things.
We also had the great Kleckley kitchen fire of 2008. One of the dishes spilled over into the oven and caught on fire. Luckily the fire was put out before it left the oven, but it was still a mess!
I always look forward to how my husband will wrap my Christmas presents. This year I had presents wrapped in Hanukkah paper! (my mother in law got it on sale with a pack of other colors). Jon didn't even realize it until I said something, which made it even funnier.

On Christmas night, the boys took apart the Kleckley's pool table. This thing is way old, but apparently it's a nice one (Brunswick??). My in laws had been wanting to get rid of it, so Jon decided we needed this thing for our gameroom. Sounds simple enough, but it's a slate table (it weighs a ton) and the base needs to be re-finished and re-built. Jon now has a "man" project for his "man room" (gameroom). Our garage wreaks of furniture stain and there's tools everywhere. It'll be nice once it's complete, but I think it's more for show. I don't even like pool, but if I give into this then I won't get any complaints about my scrapbook room!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I got nothin'

Sorry, I couldn't think of anything witty for a title...

Well, today was my first day of work. We found out that all the billboards that were supposed to go up today will not go up until the weekend. Therefore, my one task was to set up the phone system. Yes, sounds simple, except this thing had a 986 page manual! Me, being stubborn, spent all morning trying to figure it out myself. I gave up around lunch time and called the phone company, who proceeded to tell me I could have never programmed it myself...they had to set up things on their end first. Oh well. Mission was accomplished around 2:3o, and I went shopping for house stuff instead.

Due to the billboard delay, I won't have to go back to work until next week. I procrastinated all afternoon today and didn't unpack a thing, so I'll try to be productive tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon we'll head to Bryan, TX to spend Christmas with Jon's family.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

We have internet (well, someone else's...)

Although we aren't supposed to get cable and Internet until next week, both are mysteriously working. Good stuff.

There's been plenty going on the last few days. No pics yet because I can't find my camera battery charger.

The closing went well, and much quicker than expected. As soon as we had the keys, we made a trip to the storage unit to start moving stuff. Jon and I quickly determined that our "you move, I'll unpack" strategy would be necessary. His brothers Ben and Mark came in Friday evening to help move. Those crazy boys got everything but one load done on Friday night! We also met the neighbors across the street. They are a very friendly family, the Tu's. The husband goes by his last name (Tu) and is an engineer. I asked about his wife's name, and he goes, "You call her Sheila". Tu also told us that this is a very international neighborhood and proceeded to point out the ethnicity of all of our neighbors. I quote, "Chinese, Philipino, white family, Chinese..." We got a kick out of that. Everyone around here is either an engineer or works in the Med Center, so it's pretty entertaining when we tell people my husband sells shingles and I'm unemployed (not for long...see below).

We got up bright and early to continue moving and unpacking. The boys had everything moved by 10 am. Our friend Seth came over and brought beer, which made unpacking a little easier. Our friends Derrek, Emily and their son Mason live around the corner, so they came over as well. I ran back to my parents' house to get Fergie. When we pulled in the driveway at the new house, no sooner I open the door, she darts out and runs across the street. Shelia (neighbor) and her 1 yr old boy Andrew were outside. Fergie attacked the baby by giving him kisses. Nice way to meet the neighborhood. On Saturday evening, our 2 TV's, refrigerator and washer and dryer were delivered. I must admit I'm quite enamoured with all of it. We got a front load, steam laundry pair...the things are awesome. I keep looking for more stuff to wash. I think I might have ruined our comforter though...oops.


We got up early and went to church at St. Helen's. It's about 15 min away, but is the closest Catholic church to us. This church is one of the largest in Houston, and will take some getting used to! After church we made a trip to HEB-plus! For those of you in Chicago, HEB is a grocery store in Texas that's beyond awesome. The HEB-plus is a new concept and is entertainment as well. I need to watch out, or I'll end up spending hours there! Around lunch time, Jon's brother Paul and fiance' Dayna came to visit. My friend Kelly and Jon's brother Luke also stopped by. I was very impressed with the Kleckley boys...they all came to visit in the first 48 hours! Needless to say we didn't get much done, but I cooked Emily's (Cindy's Mom) famous broccoli-cheese soup...yum! On Sunday night I went to dinner with Smo, Kelly and Stefanie. We've grown up together since elementary school, and it was so much fun spending time with them. We were at the restaurant for over 3 hours, laughing about everything under the sun. When I got home, our bedroom was set up, and the living room furniture was rearranged. Love my hubby! Fergie is also loving her new house, especially the backyard. Everytime I take her out she prances (Fergie's universal sign of excitement).

This morning, I had to get up early to go take a drug test...because...tomorrow is the first day of my new job working at Jon's company. I stopped by their office to drop off my paperwork, and got a slight glimpse of what I'm getting myself into. It will be very different from my analytical job at Sears Holdings. At Southern Shingles, I'll be dealing with all the homeowner calls that come in. They said I can make spreadsheets, so that made me happy. They have an office for me right across from Jon's....hahahaha. I'm so used to joking around with him all the time, so it'll be hard for me to keep my mouth shut at work! At least I report to Matt (Jon's boss) instead of my husband. After I left the office, I went to run errands and got the dogs Christmas presents (including patriotic elephant chew toys...my mom should be happy). I have managed to not do any unpacking today. Oops. I also have to get a nap in before my first day of work tomorrow!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

The day has come that we close on our house...YAY!!! We are super excited. Merry Christmas to the Kleckleys! The one bad thing is we won't have cable or internet until January 8th...ouch. We're going with AT&T UVerse, which is supposed to be the latest and greatest thing, but it's so popular, we couldn't get installation for a few weeks. I'll be spending quite a bit of time at Panera! Jon's brothers Ben and Mark are graciously coming to help us move in. I've designated myself the primary unpacker so hopefully I can get out of moving stuff. :) This morning, I'm supposed to be packing up all of our things here at my parents, but procrastination has gotten the best of me. I'm sure they'll be finding stuff of ours and Fergie's doggie toys for months to come.

In other exciting developments, it looks like I'm going to have a job. Jon's company, Southern Shingles, is putting up billboards on all the major Houston freeways on Tuesday. They expect to be swamped with business as a result. Considering they already work 14 hour days, I told him (halfway joking) I'd answer phones to help out. Well, my hubby called this morning and said I need to take a drug test...I start next week! hahahahaha. It'll only be for a few weeks, but it should still be entertaining.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Like Beyonce? You have to watch this!

Ok, I know I'm blog happy tonight, but this is too funny not to share. It's a 3 year old's rendition of "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. HAHAHAHA


Noto Family Newsletter

Every year, my mom sends out a "Noto Family Christmas Newsletter". Think of it as the anti version of the usual: instead of bragging about how perfect everyone is, it's more like telling funny stories about everyone. They didn't do one in 2007, so the 2008 version had to be extra fun. Each family member wrote abou someone else. I know it's long, but for those of you who know even a little bit about my family, it should be pretty entertaining. For those of you who don't: Kim and Gary are my parents, Peter is 23, Maria is 20 and Aimee is 15. Even the dogs have a say this year...

Merry Christmas Everyone! Since all of our family members are currently living under one roof, we thought it would be fitting to hear from everyone.

Gary (by Aimee)
This year my daddy has been great! He got the pleasure of moving his office a mile away from home by the South Shore Harbor Hotel. Sometimes when I get home from school I catch him taking a snooze or coming home for lunch. As usual, he has been playing golf every chance he can get. We have also been running around the neighborhood every so often. His only downfall was when my mother was once again traveling the world and he forgot to pick me up from school. I wasn’t home for long when I had to call him to come back home because a squirrel got into the house and was going crazy. He saved the day by chasing the squirrel around until it jumped out of the window. When Mommy has been gone she leaves Dad 3 pages of instructions. He looks at me and says, I’m counting on you Squirt.” But he is my hero, even when he forgets to pick me up. He has generously given his whole house along with me to the whole family and then some. Need a place to stay or eat, call 1-800-See-Noto

Kim (written by Peter)
When I moved home in May to start my internship, I thought I’d be getting the royal treatment from my mom: dinners cooked for me, my room cleaned, laundry done, etc. Surprise…She gets mad at me if I come home and ask “Where’s dinner?” My clean clothes that I’ve washed and dried end up on the floor in my room. How was I suppose to know that leaving my clothes in the washing machine and dryer for two days gave her a case of the meanies. Now that us kids are fully capable of taking care of ourselves, she has been doing some traveling. She’s been to Medjugorje and Prague on a pilgrimage, Italy and the Philippines for St. Paul’s new church, France with Dad, and Australia with Aimee for World Youth Day. Dad, who flies almost every week, got jealous when Mom got a Continental Gold Elite Card in 18 months when he has been flying for 18 years and was only Silver. Our home is so filled with everyone’s “stuff that it looks like Santa sleigh crashed into our house. Mom does her best to keep some order but she knows these days and times won’t last forever and it’s best to find some joy in the midst of chaos. At least that is what I overheard her praying for the other night.

Amanda ( by Maria)
Having Amanda home 24/7 to run around League City with me has been great. Her move from Chicago to Houston was a tough because she had to leave all the good friends she made. She is mourning not being able to host her 3rd annual “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party”. We are going to miss Amanda’s inside scoop of what was going to be in Sears’ sales ads, which kind of shoes were coming out in the spring and other corporate drama. She currently doesn’t have a job, paying job that is. She is busy working on her new house in Pearland (they move on the 20th) and dealing with her dog, Fergie. Excuse me, Princess Fergie. If the Princess doesn’t get enough attention she finds ways to get it – like tearing everything apart in the trashcan and leaving Amanda to clean up her brown face. OK, that was my leftover tacos I left on the table. I’m trying to convince her to have a baby but she insists that Fergie is her dog-child.

Jon (written by Gary)
My son-in-law is the best. We are so happy now that he has taken a job in Houston with Southern Shingles. He and Amanda have sold their townhouse in Chicago and are living with us until they close on their house in Pearland later this month. All of you who know the male Noto’s also know that we say things that we think are funny about our wives and soon find out that no one is laughing except us. Well, after having Jon in the house now for over 3 months. some of his comments are making me look like a saint. He has got a quick wit about him which makes sense why he and Amanda get along so well. He almost met his match the other night when he started picking on Maria, aka “Weeza”. After making some comments about her knowledge of the Texas legal system, Weez, was ready to fight. If he keeps that up we might need to get him a bodyguard. Seriously, it has been a real joy and blessing to have all of us together under one roof, TEMPORARILY.

Peter (written by Kim)
Peter has been a really good sport. He doesn’t know what bed or sofa he is sleeping in from one night to the next. He doesn’t complain about the food in the house, as long as there is some. He gives us massages whenever we ask for one. He is always pleasant to talk to. He doesn’t know where to park his truck ( our wonderful neighbors haven’t complained about the cars) He, Jon and Amanda are trying to share a bathroom, closet and dresser. But the past 6 months won’t be memorable because of our full house. He will remember the fall of 08 as the time he got engaged to his sweetheart of 4 years, Niki and the completion of his internship and job at NASA. He and Niki have not set a wedding date yet. His time at NASA consisted of event planning, especially NASA’s 50th Anniversary Gala held in November. We have really enjoyed the education”and excitement he has shared about this experience. However, I did overhear him saying the other night, “I can’t wait till I’m living on my own again in College Station.” I can’t imagine why. He plans to graduate from A&M in May with a degree in Parks, Tourism and Recreation.

Maria (written by Jon)
I’ll start off with the first positive thing: she’s learned to put pants on when she walks around the house. Maria is living at home while she attends the University of Houston. She started out majoring in Education, but recently decided to persue neonatal nursing because she loves babies. She is a cheerleader for U of H and cheering for college football is great fun. She’s also a cheerleer for the Houston Rockets! Let’s clarify: she’s not one of those girls who does the hoochie dancing. Maria is part of the Rockets Launch Crew, which does tumbling and stunts at the games and she gets paid! Here’s another good thing that happened to Maria this year: Brandon! Brandon is Maria’s boyfriend and a great guy. He has been in the process of moving to Houston since Hurricane Ike. He is working offshore with Veolia, stays with the Notos off and on and he and Peter toss a coin to see who is going to sleep where. She also cooks when Brandon is around. That is a triple plus in my book. I tell Maria to be nice to him, because I don’t think she could find another guy this cool to spoil her like he does. Since I’m living here, I try to give her all kinds of good advice., like Dr. Phil. She says I’m more like Jerry Springer and if I keep picking on her she is going to put me in a head-lock.

Aimee (written by Amanda)
Poor Squirt. She thought she’d be starting off her high school years as an only child, with all of Mom and Dad’s attention to herself. Aimee hasn’t complained about everyone invading “her” space. Her suitcase stayed packed this summer as she went to Florida with her Noto aunts, a retreat in LA. , and a beach house in Galveston. For 2 weeks she and my mom traveled to Australia for World Youth Day where she got to see Pope Benedict and play with kangaroos(they are like pets) and kolaha bears(you wouldn’t believe how bad they stink)! Finally she came to Chicago to have fun with ME! She played freshmen volleyball for CCHS. Aimee has not let all the commotion of the house interfere with her social life. She regularly maintains her MySpace and Facebook pages and enjoys having her friends over to do what teens do. Aimee has gotten used to being called “Maria” as people, including us, regularly confuse the 2 of them. I also let her drive a car (mine) for the first time! She just turned 15, no big deal, right?

Lilo (the Noto’s dog) (written by Fergie, Amanda and Jon’s dog)
I’m so confused. My mom and dad took me from my comfy home in Chicago and moved me down to this place where there are more people than I know what to do with. Honestly, I really like living here except for one thing: Lilo. I like to play with her, but she stares at me like I’ve had a double dose of Full Throttle. Every time I go to the bathroom, Lilo is right behind me sniffing my backside then marking her spot which was mine first. Can’t a lady go to the bathroom in peace? I’m trying really hard to be friends with Lilo, why I even think her food taste great and her bed is really warm. Sometimes I follow her around to see what she does, but she is usually just finding a new place to sleep. Oh well, least she lets me play with her toys!

Fergie (written by Lilo)
Here I was, enjoying the nice and quiet house, when all these people started moving in and hogging up my napping spaces. To make things worse, Amanda and Jon had to bring this white furball with them that they call Fergie. The little brat tries to steal my mom and dad’s attention. She jumps in their laps and sprawls out so I can’t fit there. They carry her around like a baby. Someone needs to tell those people she’s a dog. Fergie does all these goofy tricks like “dance” and “play peek-a-boo” and now mom is trying to make me do them too. Haven’t they heard that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? She buys yummy peanut butter treats to give me when it looks like I’m trying hard and now I’m putting on the weight. Talk about stress! However, I do like to have a friend to bark with.

Arielle's Wedding

On Sunday morning, Jon and I drove to Austin for our friends Arielle and Nick's wedding. Arielle and I were in the same sorority (Kappa Alpha Theta) in college. Jon and I got into town around noon and met some of my other Theta friends for lunch. We shopped around Austin and hung out with friends until the wedding. The wedding was at this adorable place in Austin called the Barr Mansion. The wedding was beautiful and so much fun. It was like the grown up version of college date parties. :)

Their family dog was even part of the wedding! He followed her down the aisle and was very well behaved.
Arielle and Nick: Finally married!

Girls before the reception

Theta girls with the bride:Sarah, Elaine, Arielle, Allison, Me, Holly and Jenny

Come on, you have to have the Theta kite!
It was so good to see the girls and their significant others! I hadn't seen most of them since my wedding...WAY too long! It was a reminder of how nice it is to have friends where you can pick up right where you left off.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

When Houston froze over

Sooo...those of you who have a Facebook account might have seen the new pics I've posted of Fergie and my parents' dog, Lilo. Not having a job has allowed me to let the creative side out, and spend lots of time with my mom...double trouble. The other day, my sister Maria picked up a few dog outfits from Target: Santa Claus, and Elf and Christmas sweaters. It was so funny, we decided to try and get the dogs to pose for pictures. Needless to say they were not happy campers. The dogs also have a new favorite spot in the house. We put their dog beds in front of the fire, so they like to be nice and cozy! My mom also heard of a photography place that takes professional pics of dogs, so on Thursday, we took Fergie and Lilo to get their professional photos taken! It was absolutely hilarious. All Lilo wanted was treats. My little snobby dog will pose for pictures, as long as you tell her how pretty she is and that she's being a good puppy. I'm serious. The photographer was cracking up. They got groomed Thursday morning, so they were pretty puppies. I can't get the scanner to work right now, but I'll post the professional ones soon.

In other winter news, it snowed in Houston this week! It's only the 4th time it's snowed here in 50 years (or something like that), counting the flurries that didn't stick. I drove Aimee to a friends house that night, and it was like a movie: people were so excited about it, they were all playing outside, taking pics, building snowmen, etc. I know it's hard for all my friends in Chicago to understand the excitement, but it really was one of those "magical" holiday moments. I was getting calls from Houston peeps asking me why I brought the cold weather to Houston from Chicago. Dennis told me he sent it to me from Chicago with love...haha.

It didn't last long...it got up to 71 degrees today. The cold weather was around long enough to give me a good old fashioned nasty cold; I've been sneezing and blowing my nose constantly. I'm a true believer in Zicam, but this time it failed. Oh well. We also took our Christmas card pics today.
Tomorrow morning, we are leaving to go to a wedding in Austin. My sorority sister Arielle is getting married, so I'm looking forward to seeing and catching up with all the girls tomorrow.

PS - Jon and I are very sad that we're missing the 3rd annual ugly Christmas sweater party in Chicago. It's 9 pm and I haven't been drunk dialed yet...come on, people! I'm waiting!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Deal Hunter

Think: The Crocidile Hunter. I call myself the deal hunter. Seriously. I had a very exciting deal finding day, so I just had to share!

I love places like Tuesday Morning, Home Goods, and even a classy garage sale where you can find stuff for good prices. It pains me to pay full price for something. For example: our pub table from our kitchen in Chicago was $100 from some resale shop in Barrington, one of the richest places in Chicago. We saw the exact same thing at Ashley Furniture for $350!! Fabulous. I live for these things, and one day I'm going to write a book on it.

Well, today I went on a mission to look for a table for our new breakfast area. I went to 2 supposed "deal" places, but no luck. Sad. We also need a new refrigerator for our house, so I went to Sears Outlet (sorry to my former co-workers who are reading this). I had my eye on an LG stainless side by side (sorry again, it's not Kenmore), and wouldn't you know they had one that looked brand new except for a 1" small dent on the bottom that's hardly noticeable. Because of my former job, I know this fridge retails for $1349, but this one is marked for $649!!! I looked for other dents, etc. to find out why it's so cheap, then I realize the item number posted all over the place is for the black model, not stainless. Like a true deal finder, I walk out of there with a $649 awesome fridge. Come on, if I hadn't spent the past 2 1/2 years buying refrigerator inventory for Sears for then I wouldn't know the price was for the wrong item! So maybe I felt sort of bad (3rd sorry), but I got a deal. Better than the alternative of having Sears price match a $1699 fridge from Fry's. :) Oh, how things change.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

No big exciting developments since the last post. The current owners of our new home accepted all of our repair requests, so that was pretty exciting. We spent the weekend hanging out and running errands. Jon and I got almost all of our Christmas shopping done on Saturday...wahoo!

I thought I'd use this post to share my feelings about Christmas decor. Let's get one thing straight: I LOVE Christmas! I love the togetherness, the music, the reason for the season, etc. Aimee and Dad decorated the outside of the house, so the inside was left for me and my mom to decorate. Last night, my mom decided to pull out the household bins of Chrismas decorations: all 11 of them. We started pulling out stuff and had a good laugh over some of it. See picture below. Apparenly, in my MiMi's (Dad's mom) earlier days, she went through a ceramics phase that lasted quite awhile. After her passing, my parents ended up with this ceramic Santa Claus pitcher and cups because no one else wanted them (they had first dibs on the ceramic Chrismas trees!). We think it's supposed to be for egg nog. I love my MiMi, but this thing is creepy! There's nothing like a bunch of mini Santas winking at you. We set it up in the kitchen, but it'll probably be taken down in the next few days so we don't get nightmares. There's still no tree up and only 1 of the bins has been unpacked. We decided everything will have to be finished tomorrow because no one can walk in the living room with all of these bins.

No Christmas would be complete without me venting about those stupid blow up things that people put in their yards. No offense to those who like them, it's just a personal opinion of mine. It's no secret to my friends and family that I despise these things. Imagine my horror when we came across this yard 2 years ago in Chicago:
We've also been working on the Noto family Chrismas newsletter. It's quite entertaining and I'll post it once the masterpiece is complete. In major Houston news, the high tomorrow will be 46 with a low below freezing....eeek! Time to break out a jacket. :)
This afternoon Maria's boyfriend Brandon flew in from Louisiana to suprise her. My mom and I picked him up from the airport, and Maria had no idea. We pulled in the driveway, and Maria comes walking out of the house in her PJ's (at 3 pm) with food in her mouth complaining about a test she just took online. Brandon hid behind a car and suprised her, and this was the result:Hehehe....love you sis!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can I be a stay at home mom for a dog-child?

I know, the answer is "no". I felt like a mom today, though! I met the pest inspector at the new house for a pest inspection, then met with the realtor to take care of a few things. I went to the mall to re tun something, and was thinking how light the traffic was! Duh, 11:00 am on a Thursday. Most normal people are working. It's amazing how much more you can get done, though. I went to the grocery store, picked up Aimee from school and stopped to take a passport photo. I ran into a girl I went to high school with who was telling me about her 2 kids, to which I respond, "mine is in the car!" She got all excited until I told her my "child" was a 7 pound Maltese. I came home, did more house paperwork (the contracts never end), and dyed Maria's hair dark brown.

Rewind to Tuesday:
My mom and I went to the new house to get a full inspection. The inspector was crazy, but great. I learned more stuff than I probably ever need to know, and now have a 23 page report on the ins and outs of this place. It was an odd day, though....the current homeowner was there with her 6 month old baby. Weird at first, but after spending 2 1/2 hrs there, my mom decided we could be best friends with this girl. The homeowner is from south Louisiana and her husband is Canadian. Plus. they have great decorating skills. My mom was feeding the baby a bottle by the end of the whole ordeal.

I feel like I've left my husband out of this whole blogging experience, so here's a Jon update:
Work. That about sums it up. Their business has really taken off, which is great. He's been working crazy hours though: leaving the house around 5 am and not getting home until 8 or 9pm. Despite the craziness, he still loves what he does...it's just giving him a new appreciation for the weekends! He's really looking forward to us being in our new home, because he'll only be 20 min away from work instead of an hour.

It was "cold" today, by Houston standards: 55 degrees! I finally feel like I can get in the Christmas spirit. I also paid $1.53 for gas. The perks of living in the south! I'm starting to miss Chicago like crazy now, though (everything except the weather). I miss seeing and talking to my friends everyday. You know I like to know what's going on with everyone, and it makes me crazy being out of the loop.

Here's something if you need a good laugh. Swoozies is a gift shop that opened in Chicago, and they carry a huge assortment of funny napkins. I know it's random, but they are soooo funny:
"Theme Party" and "Humerous quotes" have the good ones.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Manager of Household Operations

I was told my last post was boring. Sorry, Dennis. I'll try to spice things up a bit with some exciting news...

Our offer on the house was accepted! We are so excited about the new place. It's the 2 story with it's own website that I've showed quite a few people. It's 4 bedrooms/2.5 baths with a fabulous backyard. The living area is 2 stories, and the floorplan is very open. When we were looking at houses, the criteria was "could all the Kleckley boys fit in this house?" This one certainly meets those needs and more. I'm also looking forward to working in the yard, especially pulling weeds (I know it's weird, but I find it therapeutic). The house is located in the Shadow Creek Ranch area of Pearland in south Houston. We will be 15 min from the Med Center and downtown Houston, and 30 min from my parents. Provided everything goes ok, we will close on the 19th. There will be quite a bit of decorating to do, so we plan on having a housewarming party sometime in Jan or Feb. Here's a pic of the house:
Some of you might ask, "Amanda, what are you doing with your time since you don't have a job?" Let me tell you, I've given myself the title of Manager of Household Operations (doesn't it sound important? :) Since we will be closing so quickly, there has been plenty of work to do. I was on the phone for 3 hours yesterday setting various things up. Jon has been so busy at work, I've happily taken up the task of coordinating everything. My mom and I will be going to meet the inspector at the house today.
In other very exciting news, by best friend Kelly got engaged!!!!!!! Her ring is gorgeous, and this Bekelja/Fasano wedding will be one heck of a party. This totals 3 big weddings for us next year: The Bo Ro's in April, Kelly and Rocco in July, and Cindy and Dan in September. So many fun things to look forward to. :)
Funny story: I'm watching the local Houston news last night and the headline was: "Cold Weather Concerns". Seriously. They proceeded to analyze maps of the "freezing temps" line. Last night, it got down to a balmy 40 degrees! haha. I guess it's all in perspective.

Have a good week! :)