Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family wedding, New Orleans style

This past weekend, my cousin Michelle got married in New Orleans. To sum it all up, my family is crazy and I love them. For those of you who've met my extended family, I'm sure you'll get a mental picture of all this madness! We hadn't seen most of the extended Noto family in 6+ months, so it was so good to see and spend time with them! At the end of the weekend my throat hurt from talking so much (imagine that).

On Friday night, we got into town and went to eat at Masparo's (oyster po-boys). Everyone (30+ family members) stayed at the Omni Royal Orleans, the hotel that my Aunt JuJu used to manage. We were running back and forth between rooms and it reminded me of living in the sorority house. Friday night we hit up Bourbon Street, ending up at my favorite bar of all time: Cat's Meow!

Saturday, it was up early for the noon wedding. The family (sounds like the mafia...) met in the lobby and hopped on our chartered buses and headed to the church. Did I mention the entire caravan (2 buses and a Royals Royce) had police escorts to the church?? We felt like rock stars through the French Quarter and downtown New Orleans. People were taking pictures. haha. One of my cousins said the tourists must have thought we were Brangelina with all of their adopted children. The wedding was beautiful, and the caravan with escorts (with 2 limos added) headed to the reception overlooking the Mississippi River. Can we say open bar, Cajun food, and live band? Highlights included dancing with the parentals/aunts/uncles/cousins to a set of hip hop songs. They know how to shake it! After the reception, it was a 2nd Line throughout the French Quarter! A 2nd line is when a 7 piece band plays and people dance behind them. Yes, I realize most of you think this is strange, but it's a Cajun thing and so much fun (see pics below). After 1 hr through the Quarter, the 2nd line moved into the hotel and up to the Penthouse, where the party continued! More music and drinking. We were so worn out by 10 pm that we opted for slumber parties in hotel rooms rather than going out. Whew. Sunday was low key...ate breakfast and drove home.
I only wished there were more cousins so we could have one of these weddings at least once a year. Good thing they produce so many fun memories to last us in between! Enjoy the pics...these are some, I'll post more later.
Maria, Aimee and Amanda before the wedding
Prom Pic at the reception! Peter, Niki (his fiance), Brandon (Maria's BF), Maria, Jon, Me
Maria said Brandon couldn't be in any family pics because there's no ring on her finger. haha

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy News Stories

With so much negativity in the world, I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 positive news stories on the MSN home page:

Fireman dresses as Spiderman to rescue boy

Priest hands out $15k to poor on 90th birthday

Oh, I also dyed my hair dark yesterday. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy Bees

We had a busy weekend! Friday night we went to eat Mexican food with a friend from college, Jonathan Winkler, and his new wife Lindi. We went to The Red Onion off of 59...I highly recommend it. We hadn't spent time with Winkler in forever, so it was nice to hang out and spend some time with them. After that, we met Kelly, Rocco, Smo, and a bunch of other people at the Firehouse Saloon.

On Saturday morning, Jon had to work. I went to a birthday party for our friends Derrek and Emily's 2 year old son, Mason. It was a little out of my element...everyone kept asking which kid was mine, and they didn't think it was too funny when I said mine was at home and the furry kind that barks. haha. Then I was off to a bridal shower for a family friend Kristin Robbins. After the shower, I went to my parents house to hang out before a crawfish boil at the Bekelja's (Kelly's family). We were at the crawfish boil until late, then came home and crashed.

Today we tried another church (St. Vincent De Paul in West U), then met Smo and Chuck for lunch. After lunch the 4 of us went to David's Bridal so Smo and I could order our bridesmaid's dresses for Kelly's wedding. Jon and I came back home and layed out in the backyard, which brings me to Sunday evening, the only relaxing part of our weekend!

Next weekend we are off to New Orleans for my cousin Michelle's wedding. The entire side of the family is staying at the Omni Royal Orleans in the French Quarter...should be quite fun! :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Nothing too exciting has been going on, so here's a random recap of the last week:

On Friday night, we went to my parents' house for dinner to celebrate my Dad's bday. We had Seafood Gumbo and Strawberry Romanof (sp?), La Madeline style...yum! Jon didn't have to work on Saturday, so we had an appointment to do our taxes. Not very exciting, but at least we got money back! We then met our friend Josh and some other people to watch the Aggie basketball game. They are playing in the Big 12 tournament as I write this, and will most likely get a spot in the NCAA tournament...yay! :) On Sunday, we went to the Co-Cathedral downtown for church. The closest Catholic church in Pearland is 20 min away and we don't like it, so we've been church hopping. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll find one we like SOON!

Work has been slow this week. Bad weather = no roofing. Luckily, it's given me time to work on my latest project...planning the Southern Shingles grand opening/open house! These sort of things are right up my alley. The company CEO and other various big wigs will be attending, so it should be interesting. The actual event will take place April 2nd.

This week, I've also missed Chicago quite a bit. Not sure what triggered it, but I'm missing my old routine...work, friends, our old house, etc. I started working out again this week, and had a sudden sadness that my former workout partner (Dennis) would not be there to motivate me. I was bored at work and thought how I was rarely bored at Sears! I guess my current routine still does not feel right. Oh well, this too shall pass.

We've also been watching American Idol. My faves are Danny, Adam and Alexis. I'm also almost finished with the 4th and final Twilight book. Not gonna lie, I will be very sad when I'm finished, but I know Jon will be glad to have a social wife again!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Par - Tay

As I mentioned below, we had our housewarming party Saturday night. We had a house full of people...40+ ! I stressed out all day with cooking and cleaning, but once party time hit it was a blast...so nice to spend time with family and friends! My Grandparents even came into town from Morgan City, LA. Enjoy the pics...

My brother with 3 of the Kleckley boys (FYI, Peter is 6'1"..haha...shorty..)
Ben, Peter, Mark and Paul

Bobby, Daniel and Molly
Ben giving Fergie a high five
Sarah (Stephanie's mom), Me, Lisa and Chuck
My sister Aimee and Jon's brother Luke
Lisa, Josh, Amber Will and Lizzie (my in-law's dog)My Grandma, me, Mom, and Aimee
Josh, Jamie, Nick, Arielle and Jon
My Grandpa, Dad, Ken (Kelly's dad) and Kenneth (Jon's Dad)