Monday, April 20, 2009

Bo Ro Wedding Weekend in Chicago

This past weekend was spent in Chicago to celebrate the marriage of two of our closest friends, Sheila Boysen and Graham Rotelli (hints the Bo-Ro name). They are both from the Chicago area, so we got close to their families as well while we were living there. When we were living away from our families, it was always so nice to go to the Boysen's or Rotelli's to feel at "home". To make things even more fun, quite a few of us were in the wedding party, and everyone else was there to witness the wonderful occassion. It was also perfect timing, as I was getting a big Chicago itch, even though it had only been 2 months since our last visit.

We flew in Thursday night for the rehersal. Pretty uneventful, until we learned the Priest wanted the entire wedding party to stand for a majority of the mass. The rehersal dinner was at Biaggi's, an Italian restaurant. We spent Friday night at the Bo Ro's new house, where the girls would be congegating the next day. Friday morning, we were up early to prepare for the festivities. Jon and Dennis made breakfast tacos for all the girls getting their hair and make up done. Dennis even had his face air brushed by the make up artist. We had to keep reminding him it was Sheila's day, not his (jk). Jon promply left after his cooking duties to play video games with the boys at the Rotelli's. The wedding and reception were both wonderful and a blast. They had all sorts of personal touches: Irish dancers, beer on the party bus, bagpipes, clover seeds as gifts, and White Castle burgers for a late night snack! I wish we could do it all over again! Enjoy the pics...

Some of the group at the rehersal dinner

Goran and I at the rehersal dinner

Boyfriends are back together again! Jon, Graham and Harrison

Sheila "before"


Hot stuff: Cindy, Mel, Dennis and me

Party time!Chicas on the party bus, on our way to the reception

Goran and Dennis (Fergie's Godfathers) at the reception

Katie, Me, Jon, Melanie, and Goran at the reception

Harrison, Dennis, and Jon at the reception
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kleckley at the reception
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Rotelli...first dance

Finally married!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Call me Martha

After New Orleans last weekend, then Easter and Chicago at the end of the month, we were looking forward to a low key weekend. Jon had to work on Saturday morning, so I got a sudden urge to doing all the laundry, deep cleaning the house, madness. This morning we tried a new church, St. Luke's. It's about 20 min from our house, but has the most potential out of the other churches we've visited thus far.

After church, we decided to tackle the jungle that was our backyard. We cut the some of the shrubs in half, mulched, and re-staked plants that have been growing sideways since the hurricane. It took us all afternoon, but we were pretty pleased with the results!
Fergie was even nice enough to help us spread mulch when she wasn't trying to eat it.

Britney's Circus

Last Monday night, Maria and I took Aimee and 3 of her friends to see Britney Spears and The Pussycat Dolls (who I'll refer to as PCD). This event had been planned since before Christmas, and because none of their parents wanted to take them, Maria and I volunteered to go (not to mention we wanted to go too)!


This was Britney Spears' "Circus" tour, and it lived up to the name in every aspect! Us girls were dressed in our cute little suburban girl attire, but apparently we did not dress skanky enough for the typical crowd that night.


Them. Once the show started, it was pure madness. PCD was up first. Their set consisted of 5 tiered platforms (one for each girl), each with its very own pole. Let me tell you, these girls were nothing short of risque in their performance and the way they dressed, but they were AWESOME! The lead singer, Nicole, is so talented. And the way they worked the stage in 4" I know why the bitches are so skinny! Before Britney came on stage, there were a bunch of circus performers that kept everyone entertained.Once it was time for Britney, I had never heard such loud screams in my life. She made her grand entrance by being lowered from the ceiling dressed as a ring master. Before the concert, we knew Britney would lip sing the entire concert, so you think she'd have more energy to shake her thang. Well, it's a good thing she had 10+ fabulous back up dancers, because she can't move like she used to. Nonetheless, the entire 1.5 hrs was still a fabulous show! I say show rather than concert, because it was the theatrics, dancing, and special effects that made everything spectacular. I think she had over 8 costume changes. We sang and danced our hearts out with everyone else there. Britney's 2nd to last song was a remix of "Baby One More Time"... my favorite part of the show.

The pictures don't do it justice, and I still think it was worth every penny (lots of them) that we spent to go! Us girls decided we want to go see Beyonce' for our next concert...there's no way Sasha Fierce would lip sing! :)