Monday, June 22, 2009

Kelly's Bachelorette Party

Saturday night was Kelly's Bachelorette party. Kelly and I have been best friends since 3rd grade, and she's getting married July 18th. To celebrate, we had dinner at Guadalajara in downtown Houston, followed by presents and the stereotypical Bachelorette party cake. We then went out to Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar. I absolutely love these places and it was such a blast! The highlight of the night was when they called Kelly up on stage and they sang a song to her. What made the night even more fun was that my sister Maria was able to join us. I'm so glad she's finally 21!
Note on the baby bump: Peanut decided to "pop" last week. I give my current pants a few more weeks. I've already had to retire quite a few tops because they aren't long enough. We also find out on July 15th if its a boy or a girl. :)

Maria kissing peanut


Kelly's cake
Gift from her future sister in law...haha
Kelly showing off her ring

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hello...anyone in there??

We had a very nice weekend filled with friends and too much yard work. On Friday night we went to a block party in the neighborhood that some friends of ours were hosting. It's a good thing I'm already prego or I think I would've walked away knocked up. Out of 10 females, I think 7 were pregnant or just had babies! It was a glimpse into what our lives will be like soon...scary. On Saturday morning, we got up early and painted our bedroom. Saturday night we went to church and met some of my Theta friends and their hubbies for dinner and drinks. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and tell crazy college stories. Today, we were up early again for 3 hrs worth of yard work. It looks good, but it's friggin' hot outside! Needless to say, the afternoon was spent napping. We're getting ready to go have dinner with Smo, Chuck and Kelly to celebrate Smo's birthday.

I also figured I should take a 3 month belly pic. Nothing much to squawk about yet...I had a much bigger belly during some of my Chicago days! It's still crazy to think there's someone in there. Jon says it's kind of creepy like an alien...haha. Don't you love the look on Fergie's face? She looks confused, wondering why she's not the center of attention.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let the fun begin

Jon and I are both the oldest children in our families and so far the only ones to be married. Therefore, as you can imagine, our baby news has caused a mild frenzy with family, particularly our mothers.

My mom got peanut (what we're currently calling the baby until we find out what it is) a lovely assortment of green and yellow socks. Why socks? Because she "couldn't find a cute, neutral green or yellow outfit." Gotta love it. Jon's mom has a professional monogramming machine that has been working overtime (as I've been warned). She sent us monogrammed burp cloths...see below. She's super talented and I keep telling her she needs to sell this stuff. I've already requested a "party at my crib" outfit to match this one!

Oh, our parents also think they've picked their grandparent names. My parents want to be MiMi and Paw Paw, and Jon's parents like Granny G and Grumpy (cracks me up!). These are subject to change, but both have been put up to family discussions and approved. I had no idea our siblings would get so worked up over this. Hilarious!

Tomorrow we hit 13 weeks...thank God! It used to annoy me that pregnant people referred to everything in weeks, but now I totally understand. I've come to live by these weekly milestones. According to "What to Expect" peanut is the size of a large peach this week. Fun stuff!