Sunday, August 23, 2009

Enjoying (what's left) of Summer

Friday night we took a nice shopping excursion to Carter's (the mecca of baby clothes). I have Jon convinced that it's more cost effective to buy summer clothes for our baby girl now, when they're on sale, rather than wait until next summer when we need them. At last count, she now has 30 outfits! It sounds like a lot, but they stretch over different times: newborn-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9, and 9-12. all actuality we still have plenty of shopping to do. :) My Aunt Terry bought the baby what she called an "anti pink" outfit. It says "Miss Chevious" in rhinestones. I can't wait to put a big red bow in the baby's hair and take her picture in this outfit. On Saturday, I went to my friend Emily's baby shower for baby Samantha, due 2 months before baby Kleckley. Saturday afternoon, we went shopping for baby furniture. We have it picked out and will go order it tomorrow. We also picked out the bedding, which should be arriving at our house any day now (thank you Granny and Grumpy)! Saturday night, we went to the Texans vs. Saints pre-season football game with our friends Jamie and Josh. The game was so much fun and we always love hanging out with the Gibbons. I wore my black and gold.
Today we went to the beach. I can't do the traditional tanning flip since my belly gets in the way, which made laying out interesting. At least the front of me is tan! Here's my latest belly pic, taken at 24 weeks / approx. 5 months.

Peter's Graduation

Last weekend, my brother graduated from Texas A&M! Both sets of grandparents came into town to celebrate, as well as Niki (his fiance') and her mom. Peter graduated Friday morning, then we had a nice BBQ lunch at the Kleckleys.
My 4 grandparents singing the Aggie War Hymn....I was so proud :)

Peter walking across the stage...he did it!I think my dad was the most excited...2 kids out of college, 2 more to goGig Em'

On Saturday, we had a relaxing day hanging out at my parent's house before Peter's party Saturday night. We decided to put Fergie and Lilo (my parents' dog) into the pool for a swim. They were not amused.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last 2 weeks

I realize I've been slacking off a bit on this whole blog thing...oops. We've been enjoying our summer and basically working for the weekend!

Two weeks ago we traveled to east Texas to celebrate the marriage of one of my college friends, Jamie Herlocker, and her husband Josh. Jamie was in Jon and I's wedding, and it was such a joy to see these 2 finally get married! We stopped in Tyler, TX on the way to visit Uncle Todd and Aunt Priscilla. Last weekend we went to Bryan to celebrate Paw Paw's 87th birthday! He eats Whataburger everyday for breakfast and fried food for every other meal, yet does not have high cholesterol. Hopefully Jon inherited some of those genes!

This week was pretty busy for me. Monday night, I went to a book club meeting with friends Arielle and Jenny. It was more of an excuse to have some "girl" time! On Tuesday, I met Kelly and her friend Jamie at the Galleria for shopping and dinner. I hadn't seen Kelly since her wedding 3 weeks ago and it felt like an eternity...haha. On Wednesday, I had a doctor appointment. Baby girl is doing well and I'll now start going to the doctor every 3 weeks! I was also informed that my belly will grow another 18 cm before she is born. I can no longer fit into any pants unless they have a stretchy belly. I've been able to feel her kick more, which is very exciting. She is at her squirmy peak right when I'm getting into bed. Jon has been able to feel it a few times...just another reminder of what's in store this December!

Also, my college roommate, Jennifer Simar, got engaged this past week!!! She lives in Washington, DC where she met her fiance', Jason. He proposed in a clever way in front of the Lincoln Memorial: He asked a stranger to take a picture of them in front of Abe, then as Jennifer began to pose for the picture, he got down on one knee!! I'm SO excited for her!

Work is good. Due to some changes at the office, I now work 7:30-5 everyday and will probably work through October. Jon has also had more manageable work hours, and has enjoyed getting home by 6 instead of 8 every night. That's all for post in the near future