Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Game Day in Aggieland

Two weekends ago, we went to Bryan/College Station to see the Fightin' Texas Aggies take on UAB. We had great seats (courtesy of the in laws season tickets). We also enjoyed tailgating and seeing friends from college. It reminded me of how much I love being an Aggie! Gig Em'!
Like my shirt? It says "Future Aggie" above the arrow.
This is the Kyle Field press box, where Jon proposed to me almost 5 years ago. He started off the proposal with a scavenger hunt to places special to us, followed by a slide show with pics of us on the jumbo-tron that I watched from the press box (back then, it was the only time it had been used for personal-not a Texas A&M related reason). After the slide show he came around the corner and proposed. I also didn't know that our family and friends were watching from the other side of the press box!
This entire section is for current students!
The jumbo-tron...not quite as big as the new one in the Dallas Cowboys stadium, but not too shabby.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

28 weeks and counting...

In non prego language, that means I'm now 6 1/2 months pregnant! Here's a comparison of how the little princess (and her mother) have gown over the last few months. We are starting to feel the baby time crunch and could not be more excited. As baby girl is growing, I've been able to feel her move more. Her most active time is at night. In October, we'll be busy with baby showers and various childbirth and baby classes. Her furniture also came in this week, so hopefully we'll start to get the nursery ready soon!

4 months

5 months

6 months

Beach. College Football. Good Friends. Happiness.

Last weekend, Jon and I drove down to South Padre Island to visit Kelly and Rocco. For those of you who don't know, South Padre is about 30 min from Mexico, and 45 min east of where they live in Weslaco, TX. I hadn't been down there to visit since they moved over a year ago, so the trip was long overdue! Saturday morning, Kelly ran in a half marathon...and the whole thing was on the beach! Kelly is a true athlete and we were so proud of her. She ended up placing 18th overall and was the 4th female to finish. Rocco kept telling the men finishing before her that they should be proud, because they were one of the few guys to outrun his wife...haha. The boys also got recruited to hand out water to the runners.
After the run we went to eat a big breakfast. This place had giant breakfast tacos. Jon was in heaven. We won't discuss how much ketchup he went through.
After breakfast, it was beach time! I absolutely love the beach, but I will spare you any pics of me in a bathing suit. I didn't feel the need to wear sunscreen, so I managed to get a slight sun burn on my baby bump...oops. Saturday night, some of their friends came to the beach condo to watch the Texas Tech / University of Texas football game. On Sunday, we got an early start for another yummy breakfast then drove to Weslaco to see Kelly and Rocco's new house. Then, it was back to Houston for church, dinner and bedtime. It was a quick but fun trip!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you?

Well, today I'm at home (again) with a nasty cough and cold. I sound like I'm coughing up a lung and have toilet paper stuck up my nose, but luckily the DR gave me a nice Z pack that should punch this thing out quickly. While it sucks to be home, it's given me time to rest and catch up on things like blogging and TV. Since today is the anniversary of 9/11, on TV they keep asking "where were you when you heard the news?" It was my freshman year at Texas A&M, and I was cutting through the commons on my way to class. I passed by the TV room and stopped when I saw the crowd, mostly out of curiosity. While I was standing there the 2nd plane hit, and it was shown on live TV. How awful. Such a somber day, but a good time to pray for all of those who keep our country safe!

On a lighter note, Jon and I are participating in a Fantasy Football League with some high school friends. My team is the Pink Flamingos and his is the Heinz 57's. We had our draft of Wednesday, and I must say we're going to get WAY more into this thing than I originally thought! I typically enjoy college football more than pro, but this year I can already tell I'll be addicted to both.

Can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but Jon's brother Ben will be living with us for the next few months. He just started his "real world" job, doing consulting for Cap Gemini in Houston. He's been training in Mumbai, India for the past 6 weeks and I go today to pick him up. Fergie loves Ben and I know she'll be SO excited to see him back around the house! This weekend, we'll hopefully be keeping it light. Tomorrow, the plan is to go register for baby things. Jon's parents are also coming in to bring Ben his truck back.

Chillin' in the Chi

Continuation of our Chicago trip...
Saturday morning, we went to Cindy's parents house for brunch...yummy! We took a quick spin to enjoy the sights of Marquette, then 8 of us drove back to Chicago. The weather was perfect...75, breezy and sunny! We got back to Sheila and Graham's Saturday night for some homemade tacos on their patio in the perfect weather. It was an evening just like "old" times...drinks flowing (for everyone but me), good food, laughter, and numerous inappropriate jokes (thanks Harrison :).

The evening ended with a Rockband practice, a reunion for the Swordswingers (the guy's band name).

Sunday morning, we went to church then met our friends Stacie, Dave, Jennifer and Justin for lunch at PF Chang's. I worked with Stacie and Jennifer at Sears Holdings, but they also became good friends of ours. Little did Jon and I know that they were plotting a distraction for...
A Surprise Baby Shower! They insisted on wanting to see Sheila and Graham's house after lunch, so when we showed up, all of our friends were there and the house was decorated in baby decor. It was SO thoughtful of them and ended up being alot of fun.

One shower game was "Guess the size of Amanda's Belly", although they decided to play "Guess the size of Jon's Belly" as well. For those of you who don't know, my husband has this infamous talent of sticking out his belly like a prego. His belly was bigger (for now!)

We also played Guess the Baby Food Flavor. Goran was a genius at this game. Who would have thought...haha. Dennis, who had the duty of selecting the flavors, thought he'd be funny and get "mixed vegetables" and "garden vegetables." Really?? No one guessed the difference between these two!
Nancy (Sheila's mom), Donna (Graham's mom) and Nana (Sheila's grandma) also joined in the festivities. These women are SO sweet and always so good to us. I miss them just as much as our friends!

Jennifer, me and Stacie

Sheila and Dennis, shower game extraordinairesOpening presents: me explaining to Jon what he was opening...haha

All in all, it was a very good trip. It's always so bittersweet to leave. Hopefully next time our reunion will be in Houston!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cindy and Dan's Wedding in the UP

Last Friday, we traveled to Marquette, MI to celebrate the marriage of our friends Cindy Lewis and Dan Anderson. Marquette is located in the upper peninsula (UP) of Michigan...basically Canada. :) We flew directly into Marquette (smallest airport ever) and met the rest of our friends who drove up from Chicago. This is actually the 3rd Labor Day weekend we've spent in Marquette. It's Cindy's hometown, and when Jon and I lived in Chicago, our group of friends would make the 8 hr drive from Chicago to Marquette to relax in this super cute town. It's also where I learned how to cross country ski! I absolutely love traveling to see how other people live, and thoroughly enjoyed our trips there. Cindy's family is always so hospitable, and her mom Emily makes the best homemade bread I've ever had! Anyway, the wedding was beautiful. They got married in her parents' front yard and the reception venue overlooked Lake Superior. Enjoy...

Boys before the wedding
Girls before the wedding
Cindy and Larry, her dad Mr. and Mrs. Dan AndersonBeautiful reception room, overlooking Lake Superior Group at the reception First DanceJon, Amanda and Baby at Lake Superior the next morning

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

St. Paul's Church Dedication

Saturday was the dedication of the new church at St. Paul's, the church that I grew up going to. It's also the church where Jon and I got married. The old church was originally built 45 years ago and was meant to be temporary. Although it was not the most attractive worship space, it was the source of countless good memories. Here's a pic from our wedding day (side note: just went through wedding pics to find this and it made me very happy :)

The church dedication also had special meaning to my family because of my mom's involvement in its design. As part of the building committee, she's spent the past 2 years and countless hours putting her blood, sweat and tears (literally!) into making sure everything was perfect. She also traveled to the Philippines, Mexico and Europe to meet with artisans, working on designing all the details. We are extremely proud of her, and the new church is beautiful. The pictures I have certainly don't do it justice. We couldn't take pics during mass, so the ones I have were taken a few weeks ago. This one was taken from the back, looking at the altar, before the lights were turned off.

So proud!This is looking toward the back of the church from the altar.The dedication mass was beautiful. The Cardinal was there, as well as 20+ priests (many of them who had been at St. Paul in the past). There was just something about being in the presence of so much holiness, I absolutely loved it. Here is a family pic we took after mass. As you can see we are rapidly growing :)