Monday, October 5, 2009


Yes, I realize that this is my third post today. Jon is having dinner with work peeps and Ben is in Houston looking at condo's and I'm bored. Let's just say I need to do a much better job of spacing things out. In looking at other people's blogs, I guess these things should also be used to share what's on your mind...SO here's what's been on mine lately!

Baby, Baby, Baby...
Oh, the obvious one. It's hard not to think about it when my walk has turned into a waddle, and everywhere I go (from HEB, the mall, church) my growing belly becomes the topic of conversation. For so long, I've thought "there's plenty of time for that". Now I'm feeling crunch time and it seriously stresses me out. For one, I don't know why I thought registering for a baby would be easier than registering for a wedding. It was much more stressful, because as a first time parent, you have no clue what you'll really need or what the kid will like. My OCD personality is coming out in full force. I want to have everything under control and it's so hard to accept the fact that there's no way we can know everything about babies and raising one until she gets here.

Jon's new job assignment
In Chicago, Jon was on the Operations side of things for awhile and did sales for a year before we were transferred to Houston. He loved sales, but went back into Operations when we moved to Houston. Recently, he got the opportunity to move back into sales and jumped on it! He really feels like it's his gift and could not be more excited about it. He officially made the switch on October 1st. Maybe I'm biased, but I think he'll do a pretty sweet job at it, too! I feel like I can say this with some authority since we work at the same place and I see all this first hand. :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall!!!! It's my favorite time of year...the weather cooling off, leaves changing, fall decor, pumpkins, you name it. I have fall decor all over the house and light a pumpkin spice candle every night. I bought some pumpkin puree at the store and plan on making pumpkin bread this week.

My poor, neglected dog child has not been mentioned in this blog for way too long! She has enjoyed having her Uncle Ben live with us. When he leaves she sits by the front door and cries. Seriously, it's ridiculous....and I thought I spoiled her! Since she is the most adorable Maltese alive, here are some recent pics of her silliness:
Does your dog take naps upside down on the couch?
Fergie and her cousin Lizzie (Jon's parents dog) at the Kleckley's house. Fergie getting spoiled by Uncle Ben. This photo was not staged. I looked over and they were sitting like thisFall TV
We are watching:
- Modern Family
- Glee
- Desperate Housewives
- Brothers and Sisters
- Grey's Anatomy

Happy Birthday to ME!

On Thursday I celebrated my 27th birthday. No, I do not feel any older but I sure had a fun celebrating! At work, I was greeted with 2 flower arrangements (one from my hubby and the other one from the sales guys), a giant balloon and yummy chocolate cake. My mom and Maria drove over to Sugar Land to have lunch with me. Thursday night we went to eat at Killen's Steakhouse with my parents, sisters and Ben.
Over the weekend, Jon and I had a "staycation". We stayed at the St. Regis, ate at yummy restaurants and went shopping.
He was a good sport. By 11 am on Saturday, we had hit Babies R Us, Baby and Kids 1st Furniture and USA Baby. Result: A mattress for her crib and a baby book that is adorable. I then drug him to a handful of baby boutiques looking for a specific diaper bag. We couldn't find it, so I'll most likely be ordering online. Saturday afternoon, I had a fabulous maternal massage at the St. Regis. After dinner Saturday night we attempted to watch the Texas A&M/Arkansas was a joke. I was just glad I had gotten Banana Cream Pie to go. It made the game a little more bearable to watch!
Over the weekend, we ate at 2 really yummy breakfast places. If you're looking for one in Houston I highly suggest:
Le Peep (by the Galleria) -
The Breakfast Klub (in Midtown) -