Friday, April 30, 2010

Attention all bargain shoppers...

I LOVE a good bargain. In fact, I think my ability to find a good deal is one of my husband's favorite qualities about me. :) (I once got him a corduroy jacket from Old Navy for a dollar. It didn't have a price tag, so I joked with the cashier that the $1 price tag fell off...and he played along and Jon got a great jacket for $1.08!) I despise paying full price for anything and I love dealing with money.

SO, imagine my excitement when over at Kelly's Korner (a blog I follow), she's asking her readers to post money saving tips on their blogs. I've spent 30 minutes browsing through these blog links and already found some awesome things: blogs completely devoted to getting free stuff, websites that pay you to take surveys, and "common sense" personal financial advice. I'm hoping Madeline takes a good nap today so I can browse though all of the links! Check them out here, and let me know what you find!

PS - Old Navy is running a "30% off the entire store" sale starting today. You're welcome. :)

When I was browsing the money saving tips, I came across this blog that takes "couponing" to a whole new level of extreme. Apparently these people buy stuff just because they have coupons, and therefore have an overstock of WAY too many things. Seriously...check this out. $10 says they also have a hoarding problem!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Have you seen this?

Today Madeline and I went to a different Target (recently built), and they had these shopping carts...totally made of plastic. Pretty spiffy!Also, when I was emailing myself this pic from my phone, I found another picture from our New Orleans trip. Poppy let Maddie drive! (not really...we waiting in the Cracker Barrel parking lot for my mom and we were trying to keep mini me occupied)

Monday, April 26, 2010


Darn you, all of you who said "time goes by SO fast when you have a baby." You were right. I booked a photographer for Madeline's 6 month pictures the other day. *tear* I feel like I could sit and stare at her for 10 minutes and something else about her will change. Life has just seemed like a whirlwind recently, but in a good way! This past weekend marked 5 weekends in a row that we were out of town. We are SO ready to have a "free" day, although we'll probably be bored with the lack of activity. Ha. Madeline has been such a good little traveler. I'm also helping host 3 showers in 4 weeks. This past weekend was Niki's shower (future sis in law) in Bryan, and in May I'm helping with baby showers for my friends Lisa and Kelly. I'll post about the shower later, but here's some Monday randomness:

On Thursday we watched the NFL draft. We adore football season and it cannot come soon enough! Neither one of us can stand professional baseball (too slow) so we were excited to expose Madeline to the first bit of the 2010 football season. I'd say she was interested!
Last week, I was driving on the interstate and a can of paint fell off a truck, bounced in front of my Jeep and splattered all over the front of it. I drove straight to a car wash but was too late. I was NOT a happy camper. It looks like it snowed on the front of my car.
On Wednesday we met some friends at Las Rosas for Pearland's version of Texas A&M Muster. Jon and Huntleigh were holding the babies and it brought back memories of childcare class.

November 2009: Changing diapers of plastic babies that resemble Chucky

April 2010: Proudly holding their real babies!Last week we also said bye bye to two of our favorite baby products, the flower soothie holder and the miracle blanket. Definitely got out money's worth out of both. Jon and I are working really hard to maintain our heavily landscaped yard (thank you, former homeowners). We have 5 rose bushes that line our bedroom window in the backyard and they have all started to bloom! Everyday we've been able to cut 10-20 of them. It's nice to have fresh flower arrangements in the house...

And finally, because she's so darn cute:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aggie Birth Announcement

I realize it's a little late, but her cute Texas A&M onesie just started to fit...

Aggie Announcement

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Orleans Girls Weekend

This past weekend, we headed to New Orleans for our annual Girls' Weekend that we have every year with my mom's side of the family. My dad, Jon and Grandpa decided to tag along as well...who wants to miss out on a weekend in the French Quarter??? What made this weekend extra special was that it was a surprise for my Aunt Dianne's 60th birthday. We'd been planning the weekend and lured my Aunt to the French Quarter so she could see Madeline....haha. We stayed at the Omni Royal Orleans, the hotel that my Aunt Julie worked at for 20 years. It's sisters and I were talking about how it almost feels like home since we've stayed there so often throughout the years. We drove in with my parents and sisters. Madeline loved spending extra time with her Aunties. She also took her first trip to Bourbon Street, in the daytime. I did NOT bring a baby in a bar! The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed walking around, shopping and listening to street performers. Madeline loved the music and wouldn't stay still. She insisted on standing up so she could bounce her legs.We had a fabulous lunch at Mr. B's where Jon was in heaven with his BBQ shrimp. We were able to pull off my Aunt's birthday surprise well...she had NO idea! All the ladies Sistas...we have multiple pics in this spot, same pose. My Aunt and Mom Saturday night, we had a great dinner at The Gumbo Shop. None of us had ever eaten there and it was SOOOO good. Here's a pic of Madeline with the guest of honor. I realize Madeline looks huge, but keep in mind my aunt is 4'9" and her weight has 2 digits!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kleckley Family Fun Day

For Christmas, Jon's parents gave the girls (me, Paul's wife and Luke's girlfriend) gift certificates to the spa, and gave all 5 Kleckley boys + the girls gift certificates to Christopher's, the nicest restaurant in Bryan/College Station. We then declared the gifts seemed fit for a "Kleckley Family Fun Day". While the girls got massages, pedicures and facials, the boys went fishing and shot guns on his parents' land. We had SO much fun at dinner that night. They gave us our own dining room , which was good considering most of the conversation was not appropriate for fine dining! haha. Big thanks to my in-laws for watching the mini-me so I could actually enjoy a night out with "adults".
Mark trying the wine....big boy with a little glass!
Nicest restaurant in the city and Paul orders French Fries...
I wish I had time to cook dinners like this!

Happy Birthday Jon (again)

Sleepless in Pearland

I love naps. Bigtime. It must come from my dad's side of the family. Anyone who has or ever had the last name of Noto considers naps with the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter. However, since Madeline has been born, I think I've (gasp) lost my ability to take a good nap! For example, today it's raining, I'm exhausted from weekend travel, Madeline is sleeping and I have zero desire to do laundry...perfect for nap time, but for the life of me I cannot sleep. This weekend, Jon and I were also discussing how I haven't slept through the night in a good 6 months. Yet somehow my "I better get my 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep" has evolved into "wow, she slept until 4 am instead of 3 am!" Funny how life changes once you have a baby in the house (understatement of the year).

It also doesn't help that I am one heck of an anxious person. Once Maddie goes to sleep I'm constantly checking to see if she's breathing. SO today I made a somewhat frivolous purchase but I'm hoping it will help me get some sleep. It's called the Angelcare Monitor, and it monitors your baby's breathing. If it doesn't sense any movement for 20 seconds an alarm goes off. Hopefully it'll keep me from jumping out of bed every time I hear the slightest bit of possible distress. I'm also hoping it will give me the confidence to move her upstairs soon. Yes, she's still in our room sleeping in a pack n' play. Don't judge.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Madeline's First Cereal

Last night, in addition to Jon's birthday festivities, we also gave Madeline rice cereal for the first time! Surprisingly, she liked it until she realized it wasn't getting to her mouth fast enough. Most of it ended up on her bib but I'm sure it'll get better. We had round 2 tonight and she definitely ate more than last night! We are hoping that the cereal will get her to sleep through the night. We're still stuck on the 8:30 pm - 4 or 5 am schedule that started when she was 2 months old. Enjoy the pics. The video is hilarious...I'll try to upload it later. She's making "num num num" sounds.

Happy Birthday Jon!

Yesterday we celebrated Jon's 28th birthday! It was pretty low key, although I did make homemade Chocolate Cupcakes filled with peanut butter from scratch and it took almost 3 HOURS!! Luckily he was very appreciative, and everyone at Southern Shingles is reaping the benefits today. I made him take the leftovers to work like a 5th grader brings birthday treats...haha. For dinner we went to a BBQ place in Pearland. Check out the giant sweet tea.We came home, sang "Happy Birthday" and opened presents. Fergie got him new flip flops and boxers (since she had previously destroyed both). I got him a Polo shirt and new socks (the predictable that he gets every bday and Christmas). Madeline was such a good baby and got him a deep fryer! When Jon and I got married I refused to register for one since I thought it was just asking to get fat. Well, this past football season Jon began making infamous fried wonton chips in my parents' deep fryer. They were such a hit that I decided he needed his own in anticipation of this year's football season (it can't come soon enough!). We also bought him a shotgun... a Remington 870 12 gauge. Surprisingly he did not own one but had been wanting one for quite awhile. This birthday was also special because it was exactly a year ago that we found out we were preggo with Madeline!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


While at the pediatrician yesterday, I realized our love of polka dots might be going too far.I also noticed that all of Fergie's toys that used to have eyes have all the eyeballs ripped out. Pent up anger? I think so.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy 4 Month Birthday Madeline!

Dear Madeline,

You are 4 months old today!
  • You weigh 13 lbs 2 oz and are 24.5 inches long (50% tile for both)
  • You are still wearing size 1 diapers
  • You are wearing 3 month and some 6 month clothes
  • You are still eating every 3 hours
  • You are still maintaining the same sleep schedule: In bed by 8:30, eating around 4 or 5, then awake at 7 or 8 am. You are still sleeping in the pack in play in our room. We keep hoping you'll sleep all through the night and then we'll move you upstairs. We still swaddle you in the Miracle Blanket, but you are growing out of it.
  • You still take a morning nap for 45 min-1 hour. You're starting to stay awake when we run errands because you like to look at the things around you. In the afternoon, you'll usually take 2 30 minute naps.
  • Your big accomplishment in the past month is that you learned to roll over at 3 months, 5 days! You'll roll from your back to your tummy but have not quite learned to flip back the other way.
  • Everything goes into your mouth! If it's not a toy it's your hands. If you're wearing a t-shirt, you'll pull it up and try to eat it.
  • You can reach for toys, pick them up and play with them, although usually you'll try to eat them.
  • You laughed for the first time yesterday...not a chuckle, but a "real" laugh: a series of giggling, smiling and cooing.
  • We've almost converted you from the big green soothie pacifiers to the Nuk paci's. It's a little bittersweet for me, because we must say goodbye to your flower paci holder. We got so many compliments! :)
  • You've started to "talk" SO much. When we are in the car you'll pull down the mirror on your car seat and talk to the reflection of yourself. You are also making high pitched squealing noises and kitty cat sounds in addition to the usual "ba ba ba"
  • We taught you how to give "kisses". When we put you up to our cheek, you'll open your mouth and stick your tongue out.
  • You are finally starting to grow some hair on the top of your head! We can't figure out if it'll be blond or light brown.