Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Trick of the Week

Oh heavens. Breaking news: As I'm posting this, Jon has followed Madeline as she climbed up BOTH flights of stairs up to the 2nd floor. He is now teaching her to barrel roll down the stairs as he catches her. Thanks, babe. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

10 Year Reunion and GTL: The Mommy Version

This weekend was Jon's 10 year Bryan High School reunion. Since I've already met his good friends from high school, it was fun for me too! At these events, there's always the awkward question of, "So, what do you do?" We were discussing nice ways to say you're a stay at home mom: Household CEO, I work for the little person, domestic goddess, etc. Then it hit me: I totally GTL! (If you watch Jersey Shore, you'll get this. If not, catch up here). Let me explain:
G/Gym - I've been going to boot camp twice a week and hitting the gym on occasion.
T/Tan - It's summertime and my kid loves the pool. Need I say more?
L/Laundry - One of the less glamorous parts of my job, but someone has to do it!
Lame, I know. Season 2 of Jersey Shore starts this week so it was on my mind. :)

Back to the reunion...
Friday night was a casual gathering at Corner Bar in College Station (no pics). Saturday was a family picnic. One of his classmates also had a daughter named Madeline Grace, but she was 3! Here's the two Maddie G's:
Jon, Lucy and Cathleen: two of his best friends from HS
Saturday night was the main party at the Children's Museum in Bryan. Mommy and Daddy's night out...whaoo! One of the moms had put together posters with tons of pics from Bryan High Class of 2000. There were some hilarious ones of Jon. I tried to take a pic of the pics but it didn't come out too well. This was my favorite...Jon and Cathleen in Orange camo for the Sadie Hawkins Dance! (he is totally going to kill me if he reads this...hehe...) That night, he won the award for the "classmate who looks the most like they did in high school". I would agree...same face but minus 25 pounds! I guess it also helps when your friends are on the planning committee! I also got to catch up with Lauren Lister, who was in my Theta pledge class. She married John Lister, also Bryan High class of 2000...small world! The whole weekend made me excited for the Clear Creek High School class of 2001 reunion next year. Jon even said he'll probably have more fun at mine than he did at his. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

San Antonio

Last weekend, we headed to San Antonio to visit Peter and Niki. He's been living there for 1 year this September, and I think this was the 4th weekend he'd spent in SA, thanks to wedding planning and the fact that Niki didn't move there until after the wedding. Jon, Maddie and I stayed at the Omni, a super nice hotel in the perfect location on the Riverwalk (thank you Priceline....$100 a night!). Friday night Peter and Niki met us at Zuma's on the Riverwalk for dinner, home of the prickly pear margarita. Have you ever had one? They are fabulous! People kept stopping us and commenting on how cute Madeline was...can you blame them? :) Saturday morning, the three of us ate breakfast at Shilo's, a German restaurant where we had eaten on our last visit to SA when I was pregnant. Needless to say it was a much different experience this year, since Madeline felt the need to squeal constantly. However, I was able to sneak a pic of her teeth (at least one of them). After that we went to the Alamo for the stereo-typical pic that Maddie can bring to her Texas History class one day. I've never been a history buff...is it bad that my first thought was that the inside of the Alamo would make a neat place for a wedding reception? We then opted for a long walk on the river and Maddie opted for a nap. Back at the hotel, we took our little fish to the pool, where she started kicking her legs in the water for the first time. She loves the pool! That afternoon, we headed to Peter and Niki's apartment. They have it decorated SO cute and they cooked us an authentic Mexican feast, complete with Peter's Poblano Chicken. Madeline found a new place to hide out. Saturday night we went to the Las Colinas shops, then watched fireworks from the parking lot (Six Flags is next door). We had planned on enjoying them.... Which we did for about 30 seconds... Until the loud BOOM... Oh well, we tried. On Sunday we went to church, breakfast, and headed back to H-Town. We considered this our first family vacay and Madeline was such a trooper! I can't wait to take her back next year...we are totally going to Sea World. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet Summertime

Last week, Madeline, my mom, Aimee and I took a trip to Morgan City, LA to visit my grandparents. My Aunt Terri also came to hang out with us for the week. It was a typical Morgan City visit: lots of political talk, good food, Grandma's famous Lemon Merienge Pie and a trip to Wal Mart. For some reason, the Morgan City Wal Mart seems so much cooler than the ones at home. These pics are from our country club lunch outing:Madeline also had her first taste of a Louisiana Sno Ball (which is WAY better than a snow cone). She was so excited that she decided to grab the cup before I gave her the first bite! We had fun but were glad to come home... Daddy and Fergie missed us! Over the weekend we got Madeline a small pool. She loves to play in the water. I think her daddy went a little overboard with the sunscreen. As I mentioned in the previous post, we were in Bryan the first part of this week. We had fun shopping with Granny and going to lunch with Jordan, Luke and Papa K. At lunch on Wednesday Madeline decided to give herself a new bow style (I didn't touch it). She actually left it like this for awhile! All this traveling is wearing our little princess out to the point that she's forgotten which way her pacifier should go in her mouth.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust...

I'm currently in a state of laptop depression again...

Madeline and I are currently hanging in Bryan with Jon's family for a few days while he's in Oklahoma City for work. I was working on my laptop last night and suddenly got the blue screen of death....yikes! I turned it off, and sure enough this morning, same thing. I brought it to a shop here in Bryan today and they said the issue is fixable, but I'm not sure how much more money we're willing to dump into our (3 year) old laptop. SO my question to all of you: should I go PC or Mac? Considering how cheap you can get a PC, is a Mac worth the extra money?

I'm currently using the in-laws laptop and will then be computer-less (gasp!!) until Jon gets home. Thank goodness for my IPhone. We spent last week in Morgan City, LA with my grandparents, a good part of this week in Bryan, and we leave for San Antonio on Friday to go visit Peter and Niki! We've been having fun but I'm so ready to get back into our normal routine. I have lots of fun pics of the mini me so hopefully I can get them posted soon. She's getting so big so fast and doesn't stop moving. Her crawling has minimized since she realized she can pull up on things! I knew I was in trouble when she started walking the length of the couch while holding on to it...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fun Read: For all stay at home moms and those who think our job is posh

I found this article on my photographer's facebook page, and it was too hilarious and true not to share. I love staying at home with Madeline, and it irritates the hell out of me when people think a stay at home mom does nothing all day. Yes, I might not have to be fully dressed in hair and makeup for a 7:30 am meeting, but I am never bored and maybe squeeze in a nap once every 2 weeks (less nap time than I got sitting in meetings or in my cube in the corporate world). I never realized how someone so small could be a such a time sucker, but I wouldn't trade it for anything! (You'll probably have to click on the image to read it)Oh - and because I have to brag - The photographer is doing a "Cutest Baby" photo contest and she used Madeline's picture for the flyer! So proud of our little star. :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Daddy, look what I did!

Madeline scared her daddy when he went to get her out of her crib after her morning nap. Needless to say, we moved the mattress down this afternoon. Little stinker...

4th of July Weekend

We had a fun 4th of July weekend! The most exciting part was we got to meet my best friend Kelly's baby, Jack! He will be 4 weeks old tomorrow, but the funny part is he's not even supposed to be born yet...his official due date is July 8th! He's so tiny and we had fun taking pictures of him and Madeline. She's 16 lbs and he's 6 lbs, although it looks like much more than that! On Saturday night we had my family, Kelly's family and some other friends over for a BBQ. You might remember reading in a previous post about an eating contest that Jon and his brother Mark want to participate in. It's called the "King Kong Challenge" and you have to eat this outrageous burger + fries and onion rings in less than 30 minutes. No one has completed it. Check out the wall of shame and pics of this outrageous thing. Well, they decided they needed a trial run on Saturday. Surprisingly they felt fine afterwards! Marky finished in 10 minutes and laughed like he had just eaten a cookie...haha. No "offical" date has been set for their attempt at the King King Challenge.

On Sunday we went to my parents' house and hung out by the pool. Madeline had a very cute outfit to celebrate. Sunday evening we went to the Bekeljas for more food, friends and fun. Me, Kelly and the babies...I can't believe we're both mommies!

Tomorrow Madeline and I will be going to Morgan City, LA with my mom and Aimee to spend the week with my grandparents. They don't have the Internet and the I-Phone is not the best for blogging, so hasta luego until next week!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 7 Month Birthday Madeline!

Dear Madeline,

You are 7 months old today!

  • You weigh 16 lbs 4 oz and are 26 inches long
  • You are wearing size 2 diapers
  • You eat every 3 - 3 1/2 hours during the day
  • We are giving you 3 baby food meals a day! Typical meals are Breakfast: 1 oz baby food with cereal; Lunch: 2 oz baby food with cereal; Dinner: 3-4 oz of baby food. You're not a big fan of breakfast or lunch but LOVE to eat dinner. In the past month we've added carrots, peaches, prunes and peas.
  • You go to sleep around 8 pm and will (usually) sleep all through the night until 6:30 or 7 am.
  • Naps are still a challenge: About 45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the afternoon.
  • In the past month, it's like you've gone from a baby to a small person. You already have such a distinct personality: Don't want to miss anything, always want to be in the middle of the action and you never sit still! This is the best picture we took today, because you kept wanting to squirm and grab the blocks. You also threw your first temper tantrum when we took the blocks away.Yesterday, we finally picked up your baby swing for good. Swings are not good for babies to climb up on! You also have been trying to wiggle yourself out of it.
  • You have started crawling and are fast! We've had to baby proof the house.
  • You can sit up all by yourself, and really like to sit while you're playing with your toys.
  • You've started to pull up on anything you can reach. Current favorites are the Bumbo and a wipe box. You've also tried pulling up on your crib...yikes!
  • Your first tooth is coming in, on the bottom left side. The bottom right one is starting to come in too. So far it hasn't altered your mood or sleep.
  • You are fascinated by different textures: the hardwood floor, water, carpet
  • Your favorite toys are the plastic rings that stack, a wipe box, your pink ball and your butterfly teething ring.
  • You'll give us kisses without asking. Sometimes when your daddy asks for a kiss you'll turn your head!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


She's one day shy of 7 months old. My guess is she'll be walking by 9 months...