Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to Keep a Pre-Toddler Entertained

Today I had quite a bit to do in the kitchen.  Madeline was happily playing in the living room, so I went about my business.  After awhile she was way to quiet, then I realized my mistake.  I left the wipe box open.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tricks from the Past Few Weeks

I feel like I've been lacking in "development" posts of my child, so here ya go. What prompted this? As I'm sitting here peacefully blogging away, she learns how to open the cabinet door and pulls out wires. Awesome. Time to install baby locks.

There hasn't been anything major, just subtle signs that she's getting to be a big girl!  The child babbles constantly (not sure where she got that from *cough*).  So far she has mastered "dada" and "uh oh".  Everytime we try to get her to say "mama", she says "dada" or "baba".  Little snot.  I think she knows exactly what she's not  saying and does it to irritate me...so it begins!  We also think she tries to say "baby" and "bath".  I really need to get these things on video.

Her top two teeth are coming in.  She wouldn't let me get a good pic but it's pretty cute.

She's standing quite a bit, but no steps yet.
She has this walker toy that's helping her learn.  She walks with it from one end of the living room to the other, then claps because she's proud of herself.
More climbing....she moved from diving over the ottoman to crawling on top of it, once again clapping because she's proud of herself.

We think she's going to be a lefty.  She'll use her left hand to feed herself and pick up toys.

Finally, I remember buying these pajamas before she was born thinking how big they looked, and at that time I couldn't even imagine having a child that was old enough to fit into them.  What a difference a year makes!  This little cutie fills out every bit of them and her belly hangs out.  Love it. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brunch and Lunch

As if Stephanie's wedding weekend wasn't busy enough, we managed to have a jam packed Sunday as well!  My Theta friend Elaine got married the same night as Stephanie, so obviously I had to miss her wedding.  I didn't want to miss seeing Theta friends who had some in to celebrate with Elaine, so Sunday we met for brunch.  It was SO good to see these girls!  It's not often that we can all get together but I love it when we do!

After brunch we met my mom and Aimee at the Italian Festival.  I've always wanted to go and it didn't disappoint (other than the fact that it was HOT!) 

Maddie and GiGi

She loves her Aunt Aimee!

First taste of Rigatoni

My Best Friend's Wedding, Part II

On Saturday my other childhood BFF, Stephanie got married!  I was honored to serve as her Matron of Honor and it was a fun weekend.  Friday night, Chuck's parents hosted a dinner at Churasco's (no pics, too busy eating).  They were married at South Main Baptist, a beautiful older church near Midtown. 

Beautiful Bride

Kelly and I before the ceremony

Stephanie's dad walked her down the aisle, but both sets of parents presented her to Chuck.  I had never seen this at a wedding but thought it was neat.

Pretty Church

The reception was held at Hotel Derek by the Galleria.  I had never been there before but it was super swanky!  Stephanie used the same DJ that both Kelly and I had at our weddings, and he always puts on a great party.  The flowers were beautiful and they had neat table arrangements. 

Instead of traditional cakes, they had cupcakes from Crave...YUM!

I love the look on my mom's face...busted! Haha

One of my favorite parts about weddings is that you get to see lots of friends in one place!  Here's the girls.  Our guy friends were there too...I'm sad we didn't get a pic with all of us!  It's not very often you have a group that size that still keeps up with each other.  We've all known each other since (at least) 6th grade.

Quite possibly the most fun part was the photo booth!  I wish these things would have been popular when Jon and I got married, because it was hilarious.  Here are some of my faves:

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I logged on with intentions of writing about this weekend and just realized this is post #200!  I started this 2 years ago when we were moving from Chicago back to Houston to keep our friends and family up to date with our activities.  Life seems to flash by so quickly and I have horrible memory, so now I use this as a tool to archive our life.  I hope you enjoy reading about our little world, and if you have a blog, please let me know!  I'm admittedly a blog stalker (don't judge, you do it too :) and in this busy world I think it's a great way to keep up with family and friends.  Also, if you're looking at this thing, hi and thank you!  If you haven't done so already, you can become a follower by clicking on the "follow" button on the right side of the page. 

On another note we had a super busy weekend and I have lots to write about.  My other childhood BFF Stephanie got married, we had a great breakfast with this morning with Theta friends and went to the Italian Festival today.  Frankly I'm exhausted and just decided I would rather watch football this evening so I'll catch up on those later. Ciao.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Madeline and the Great Pumpkin Patch

Before I had a family, one of my "mommy visions" was taking little ones to the pumpkin patch for fall pictures.  On Wednesday, we went to the pumpking patch with our bootcamp friends.  Madeline was fascinated by all the pumpkins and was more interested in looking at them than smiling. 

Our group

The Kiddos...Brock and Hunt were not having it!  Rich was looking at Brock like, "What's your problem?" I think Madeline was over it by this point...haha.

My little pumpkin

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gig Em'

Last weekend we traveled to Dallas to watch Texas A&M play Arkansas at Cowboys Stadium (aka "Jerry World").  Jon's company owns a box suite, so the COO invited some Aggie graduates and their spouses to the game.  Jon had a conference in San Antonio through Friday, so Madeline and I flew to Dallas to meet him there.  This was also Madeline's first commercial airline flight, and I was nervous about lugging everything and handling her by myself.  She was extra squirmy and it was a full flight, so I immediately apologized to the old man sitting next to us.  Luckily he said he loved babies, kept Madeline entertained and even held her for half the flight!  When he first sat down I noticed the Aggie bling on his right hand: Class of '52. :)  Thank you, Mr. Barrett, for keeping my child entertained! 
We all survived thanks to our seat neighbor and lots of treats. 
My Aunt Dianne picked us up at the airport and we spent the afternoon with her, my Uncle Mike, Cousin Emily and their dog Monkey.  Friday night we went to dinner in Highland Park with Karen, a friend from college, and her baby Claire.  We decided that if we lived in the same city, these two would be best friends.  It was fun catching up!    I love having the kind of friends that you don't see for years, but you can pick up right where you left off.
Saturday morning we left Madeline with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin and headed to Arlington for the game.  The suite was definitely a neat way to experience the game: free food, drinks and fun people.  The stadium is nuts and the food (at least where we were sitting) was really good.  As suite ticket holders we also had access to a few bars that better resembled a really nice hotel lobby. 

Jon and I outside of Jerry World

Thank you, SRS/Southern Shingles!

View from the box

Unfortunately for the Aggies they did not play good football, but at least we had fun.  After the game we all went to dinner and stayed at a hotel for the night (still woke up early...the joys of being a parent).  According to my Aunt, Madeline was perfect.  It was the 3rd time we left her overnight.  We are getting her geared up, because in November Jon and I will be traveling to the Bahamas for 3 nights to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Until now, Madeline has had about 3 pairs of shoes because:
a.  I think it's ridiculous to pay $20+ for a pair of shoes for an infant who doesn't need them
b:  It was SO hot this summer and those little toes needed air! 

This week, Madeline has started to stand on her own.  She'll do it for up to 15 seconds and has great balance.  Now we see walking in our near future, which means it's time for some shoe shopping!!! :) :) :)

Those who know me well know I absolutely love shoes.  Although these days I don't need as many, I refuse to get rid of all my heels because they are just fun to look at.  Well, it looks like my child has inherited my love of footwear.  We started putting them on her this week and she's in love.

She's especially fascinated by the hot pink All-Stars.  Can you blame her? 

On another note, she's started to make monkey noises: "ooh ooh, aah ahh".   Not sure where she got that from but she sure likes hearing herself say it. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Moi

(yes, I'm on a bloggy roll this evening)

Friday was my 28th birthday.  Not going to lie, I woke up a little bummed.  28 just seems so close to 30, and 30 makes me think of 40 and that makes me feel like a "grown up".  Sometimes I still just feel like a kid doing grown up things, like being a mom, wife and having a mortgage...haha.  I digress...anyway...

Although I woke up bummed, the feeling quickly passed and I had a great day.  Madeline and I had lunch at Ruggles in Rice Village with my mom and sister Maria.  My dad even drove up from League City to surprise me.
 After lunch, we shopped around Rice Village and ended up at Crave Cupcakes.  They were super yummy and so pretty.  I would have taken a pic but we gobbled them up too fast!  After shopping and cupcake madness, we came back to my house and packed up Madeline's overnight bag for her sleepover at GiGi and Poppy's house.  After my mom and Madeline left I got to take a NAP (a birthday present in itself)!  When Jon got home I opened presents.  I told him all I wanted was stuff to make me not look like a frumpy housewife, so he took a little elf (Maria) and bought me a bunch of new clothes! 

Friday night Jon and I went to eat at Sambuca in downtown Houston.  They sat us at a table that was more like a cave, and they gave us flashlights so we could see the menu.

The food was awesome and I enjoyed stuffing myself with dinner, drinks and dessert guilt free. :)  Saturday morning we got to sleep in past 7 am (woohoo!) and Jon cooked Eggs Benedict (one of my faves) for breakfast.  The rest of the weekend was pretty chill.  Jon even baked me a cake...so domestic.

 Our church was having a fall festival, so we took Madeline.  It was her first experience with a petting zoo and she loved the animals.

We let her have a coconut sno cone and she loved that too!

All in all, it was a great birthday weekend.  I feel very blessed!