Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Very Kleckley Christmas

As a mommy, I was WAY more excited for this Christmas than in 2009.  Having a newborn last year, I was just proud of myself for getting our family dressed for church (luckily I had done all of my shopping before Madeline was born).   This year I had lots of fun deciding what to get for everyone and shopping around for kid things. 
In proper rotation order, we spent Christmas with Jon's family this year, so we celebrated with my family at our house Thursday night.  Highlights included a mini kitchen from GiGi and Poppy and a "Godchild" ornament from Aunt Weasie (seriously...she didn't want to let go of the thing).

And now for the amusing parts of Noto family Christmas:
Maria ran out of Christmas gift bags and thought it would be appropriate to wrap my gift in a store bag with Christmas wrapping paper taped on it.  I saved it and she'll be getting it for her birthday or next Christmas. :)

Sticking with the creative wrapping theme, where do you think Jon had this one gift wrapped?  My guess: Southern Shingles copy machine.  Like the hand drawn Christmas tree?

Aimee thought she'd be clever and get Madeline an LSU t-shirt.  Maddie showed us all how she really felt about it.

Jon also opened one of his presents from me. I framed this US map and mounted it on foam board. The plan is to put pins in the cities we've visited.

On Friday morning we headed to Bryan to spend a few days with Jon's family.  We went to Mass Christmas Eve. 

All of the Kleckleys minus Paul and Dayna

Someone must have known Santa was coming because she did not sleep well Friday night!  I was more excited than she was to open presents.  We kept trying to get her to rip into them but all she wanted to do was chew on a coaster his parents had on their coffee table. 

Mommy was WAY more excited about her 3 in 1 trike at first...

 It took her daddy a little while to put the the trike together..

 But eventually she loved it!  Unfortunately it was too cold to ride outside so she settled for laps indoors.

I like this incorporates 3 different gifts: a mini chair from Mommy and Daddy, a dress that Granny made, and an "Aggie Baby" DVD. 

Eventually she caught on to opening gifts.

Oh, look! Another Southern Shingles gift wrapped package for me. :)

Lizzie even got in on the present action.

Another hit:  A Radio Flyer wagon (which now come with seat belts and cup holders).

Santa was good to us as well.  I finally got to open my Cricut, and Jon even bought me a pair of skinny jeans that FIT!  AND a new curling iron!  ALL by himself! (unless the little elves, aka my sisters, assisted.  If so don't tell me.  It'll kill the buzz).    Jon got new running shoes, clothes and my personal favorite: the book "The Cheapskate Next Door." 

All weekend I kept thinking to myself...this is nuts and there's only ONE grandchild!  I can't imagine all the commotion once all of Jon's brothers (or most of them) are married and have kids. 
 It's going to be so much fun! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boot Camp Christmas Party

Last night we had our Boot Camp friends over for a Christmas Party.   As the kids get older it's so much fun to celebrate these things as a group.  Although it was 75 degrees outside, we did our best to get into the Christmas spirit.

We met a few days before to decorate all the cookies...yum!

Out of all the toys, they loved playing with the purple ball.  Thanks, Uncle Marky! :)

There was also an appearance by Santa!  Side note: The party was supposed to be Sunday night, but Madeline had a fever so we rescheduled for Tuesday.  Valerie's dad actually looks like Santa and had the costume, so he was going to come to the party.  When we rescueduled Valerie's dad couldn't make it, so my brother ever so graciously agreed to be Santa for us!  He did a fabulous job, but unfortunately most of the kids wern't having it!  They all cried except for Laila (she's 7 months) and Mason (3 years).  Being the wonderful parents we all are, we were laughing hysterically the whole time.  As in "I can't breathe because this is so friggin' funny".  We have it all on video but Blogger can't support 7 min worth of HD goodness.  If you ever need a good laugh come over to my house and watch this thing.  We did a gift exchange with the kids so Santa had a present to give everyone.

Fergie wasn't fooled...she knew it was Uncle Peter!



 Laila and Santa were BFF


Mason loved Santa!



All she wanted for Christmas was Aunt Niki!

Peter and Niki

We didn't think it was fair for the kids to have all the fun, so we did an adult "Re-Gift" exchange.   The rule was the gift had to be something you already had in your house but didn't want anymore, so there were plenty of unwanted, old wedding gifts.  We exchanged them white-elephant style. 

We feel very lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends that encourage each other and are fun to hang out with!

Our attempt at a kid pic

Mommy and kid pic

"Tis the Season

I thought I partied in college.  Then I had a child.  Oh goodness, this month has been one big celebration and I love it!  The day after her birthday we put up Christmas decorations and it hasn't stopped since. 

Jon and I took Madeline to Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa.  We took her last year when she was 2 weeks old, and Santa said it was the smallest baby he'd ever held.  Last year went much better than this year!  She seemed really interested at first.

And then she got a good look at him!

Last Thursday was Madeline's BBB Graduation and Christmas Party. (Birth, Baby and Beyond is the playgroup at Texas Women's Hospital.)  They kick you out after you kid turns a year so they don't start trampling on the 4 week olds.  It's happened.   I digress.  Anyway, it was a busy day at BBB!  Madeline's first boyfriend Hunt was sick that day, but luckily we had taken a picture of them right before Madeline's birthday at BBB. 
Maddie and Hunt when they were 6 weeks/3 weeks old

Almost 1 year old!

The actual Graduation consisted more of "try to keep this hat on your kid while we take a group picture."

Sara and Rich, Me and Maddie, Valerie and Brock

I like this picture because you can see Maddie acutally has hair!

Santa decided to pop in as well.  Santa #2 did not go much better than Santa #1, but at least I got to join in on the picture. :)

Digital Story of the Nativity

This reminds us of the reason for the season in an updated techy form.  Super cute!

Digital Story of the Nativity

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas to Me/ I Have Emotional Issues

Yesterday was a big day for us because of this....

I got a new car!!!  For the past 3 years, we've been thinking it would be THE year that I'd have to get a new car.  We kept stretching it and had minimal issues, but after 10 1/2 years and a few scares this year, we decided it was time.  In true Kleckley fashion, we waited until the end of the year in order to maximize our negotiating and deal finding power (so technically it wasn't bought as a Christmas present, it's just fun to say since the holiday coincides with year end).  I'm pleased to report we succeeded.  I knew it was a good deal when Jon said he felt like he could have only gotten $100 more out of  It only took him harassing 8 Honda dealers for a week but I think it was well worth it. :) 

Represent.  It wasn't until I was putting the Texas A&M sticker on it that I realized we now own maroon and white cars...kind of by default.  Pretty funny.  They better win the Cotton Bowl!

Eight seats.  We'll keep the back row down most of the time.

What I wasn't expecting was how emotional I was about leaving my Jeep.  As I was going through it one last time to make sure I got everything out of it, I had tears welling in my eyes.  I mean, SERIOUSLY?   It's a CAR! The first and only one I've ever had.  I drove it my senior year of high school, the night I got engaged, when I moved to college, moving to Dallas, carrying wedding gifts, moving to Chicago, driving (and crying) in my first blizzard, moving into our home in Texas, and bringing our baby girl home from the hospital.  When the car salesman handed me the license plates and we got in the new car to leave, I started bawling.  Oh my goodness, it was ridiculous!  I am thrilled with the new one, but I just got emotional thinking about all the good memories I had with my Jeep.  I told Jon I felt like I was trading in one child for a newer one. (I know, I need serious mental help). 

SO, in honor of Consuela Jackson (the Jeep's name...ditto to I need serious mental help) thanks for the ride!!  It's been a good one!

PS - me think of a name for the new car since we did so well naming the last one :)