Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Life Is Like An Episode of Modern Family

Do you watch Modern Family?  If not, you should.  Greatest. Show. Ever. 

The show has you laughing from beginning to end.  While I'd like to think my family is not as dysfunctional at they are, I do find quite a few parallels with Cameron, Mitchell and what they experience with their adopted toddler Lily.  For example: the biting episode.  Lily is biting kids on the playground and the couple claims they have no idea where Lily learned it from.  Enter flashbacks of them biting her toes, nibbling food out of her hands, etc. Oops.  Been there, done that.

Enter a few weeks ago.  We wanted to register Madeline for Mother's Day Out in the fall.  A program that starts in September has registration in February.  This is an entirely new world to me, but luckily my friend Emily was there to guide me through the process.  There is one good program that's close to our neighborhood...all others are a good 20 minutes away in no traffic.  Needless to say, there are few spots available.   There was one registration day/time for new students and it was on a first come, first serve basis.  It started at 9 am, but the Director suggested I get there at 6:30 since there were only a few spots.

Enter Monday morning at 6:30 am.  I pull into the parking lot and see 2 other cars.  As soon as they see me pull in they hop out of their cars and get in line.  So at 6:32 am there are 3 of us sitting in the dark outside of the school.  The other two had been sitting in their cars since 5:55 am.  I immediately thought of the Modern Family episode where Cam and Mitchell are trying to get Lily into a good school (you must watch it funny).  Long story long, Madeline got into the program.  I was glad I got there early, because the line ended up being super long.  Next year she'll be attending Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30-2....whoo hoo!  I've already been scoping Pottery Barn Kids and Etsy for a backpack, lunch box and nap mat.  It's so much fun.  I'm a little concerned about her lack of ability to sit still but hopefully that will improve by the fall. Or not. :)

UPDATE: We are currently watching the most recent episode of Modern Family.  Cam and Mitchell have the same Pottery Barn curtains that we have in our living room. Ha.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Galveston Half Marathon

This morning Jon and his brother Ben ran in the Galveston half marathon.  They decided a few months ago that they wanted to run in one and it was the first for both.  My parents, Aimee and Gabe came with Madeline and I to cheer them on.  It was SO foggy and there were hardly any spectators out at the start of the race.  As the fog cleared more people came out to watch.

Action shots

My favorite...Jon giving Madeline a high five while she's sitting on Gabe's shoulders

Jon finished in 1:58, under his 2 hour goal.  Ben ran it in 1:48 and he came in 3rd for his age group! We are so proud of them!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We are not a basketball family, but will make an exception for Maria cheering with the Rockets and Gabe's high school games. :) 

Last night was Gabe's last regular season basketball game.  They won and will now advance to the playoffs!  He played great and we were so proud of him!

Madeline was VERY into the game.  She kept saying "ball" and we had the debut of a new word: "Go".  She would clap and say "go."  Normally she'll last 10 minutes before she gets bored but she enjoyed the whole thing!  Aimee also taught her how to growl (random, I know) and it was hilarious.  I'll try to get a video of it tonight.

PS - Maria was chosen to cheer at the NBA All Star Festivities this weekend in LA!!!  If you're watching the All Star game/ Dunk Contest/ Rookie Game keep an eye out for her! 

Advanced Reading

Madeline has decided that books with pictures are childish and therefore has advanced to grown up books.

She's starting with the literary classics.

Valentine's Day

On Sunday I made a Valentine's Day themed breakfast since we all had to leave the house early Monday morning.  I love having holidays to do cheesy stuff like this. :) 

On Monday evening we gave Madeline her present.  She was very excited.

"Ooooh, what's this?"

"A book about ducks!"

"And a pretty dress that mommy got on sale!" (I love how she's checking out the price :)

That night we decided to go all out for dinner...Cracker Barrel baby!! Breakfast for dinner! Woo hoo! (No, really, I was excited. It was my idea because I LOVE that place and we wanted to go somewhere that would not stare at us funny for eating out with a toddler on Valentine's Day). Unfortunately the little stinker was not well behaved (throwing food, screaming, climbing out of the high chair, smashing food in her hair, etc) so we got our food to go and ate at home.

When we got home I tried to get a good Valentine's Day picture of her but she wouldn't sit still.  This was the best one I could get.

For this pic, we said "Madeline, say cheese" and this is the smile we got. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week in Review

Here's what we've been up to this past week:
Madeline will bring us a book when she wants us to read it to her.  Cute, yes, but this usually means she'll pick one book in the morning and then follow us around with it all. day. long.  Appropriately enough, on Super Bowl Sunday she chose "One Dat, Two Dat, Are You A Who Dat?"  The book is about Saints Fans.

We had family over to our house for the big game.  We didn't really care who won, but Peter and Niki definitely won for best outfits! (Us Notos obviously claim the Saints and Niki is from Fort Worth)

Our friends Kelly and Jack were in town this week and I even got to babysit Jack for a little while.  It was so cute to watch them interact.  I would tell Madeline to be nice to Jack and she would pat him on the head.

I've decided my child is like a Mexican jumping bean.  She never sits still unless she's sick, sleeping or flipping through books.  We should have known what we were in for when she could wiggle out of a swaddle when she was a few days old.  Here are her latest antics:

For the past month we've been attending a "Wiggles and Gigglies" class with some of our friends.  It's a great opportunity for Madeline to burn some energy but he has a major issue with organized activities.  She pitches a hissy fit when we all have to sit still around the mat and sing songs (unless the song is Itsy Bitsy Spider).  She'd rather be jumping on the trampoline.  

 (PS - Notice the hair bow...It lasted almost 30 minutes!  Victory!)

Trying to catch the bubbles

Yesterday I had a mommy day ALL to myself!  Saturday morning I went to my friend Jenny's baby shower.  Baby Drew will be here in April and we can't wait to meet him!  After the shower I met some of my high school friends (Stephanie, Will and Daniel) to play golf.  Stephanie and I were on the high school golf team and the boys would sometimes join us for practice rounds.  We had so much fun spending time together and agreed that we should get together more often.  My golf game was another story.  I hadn't touched a golf club in 3 years and it showed!  I did get some good shots in though, so I know I'm not a hopeless case. :)  Jon had daddy duty all day long and did a great job!  They went to get the oil changed in his truck, had lunch with Huntleigh and Hunt, went to the grocery store and even cleaned up! 

And finally, because it's cute:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mother of the Year

Madeline and I decided to take a little trip to Target today on what happens to be a very windy day.  We left with quite a few bags, so I leave her in the cart as I unload them into the back of my car.  I grab the last bag, put it in the car, close the door, turn around, and the cart (with my child in it) is GONE!
I just about had a heart attack until I see her flying through the parking lot, still strapped into the cart with  a big smile on her face.  I must have had the cart angled in the exact direction the wind was blowing, and it took the basket like a cannonball out of a cannon.  I chased after her and caught the cart.  Luckily the parking lot was not crowded but I can only imagine the kind of looks I must have got. 

So there's my piece of advice for the day: always keep one hand on the cart!  I couldn't have been turned around for more than 2 seconds and I was mortified at what happened.  So, add another black star to my mother of the year plaque.  You live and you learn, right? :)

Houston Marathon

I'm a week late on this one, but last Sunday we went with our Boot Camp friends to cheer on our friend Sara as she ran the Houston Marathon.  I'm pretty sure we were more excited than she was.  In case you missed the previous post, here are the signs we made:

There was an 80% chance of rain, which made for interesting conditions.  Luckily it wasn't a washout.  We were able to stop at 7 different places along the Marathon route.  We missed her twice but got to cheer her on at 5 different spots.  I had never done anything like this and had SO much fun!   A big shout out to Valerie and Mike for navigating the streets (they are marathon pros) and Kim for driving us around! 

Stop #1 off of I-10.  My friends Kelly and Jamie were running the half marathon, so we were able to see them at stops #1 and 2. 

The mob at stop #1.  After this pic was taken it became a sea of people!

Stop #2 off of Washington

Sara at stop #2.  She's in the highlighter yellow shirt. 

We forgot to tell her something, so Kim chased after her...backpack, sign and all!

Stop #3 near Rice was raining pretty hard by then.

Valerie and Mike ran with her for part of it.

Yay Sara!

Jon, Madeline, Huntleigh and Hunt stopped at a few places in between where we stopped.  We all met up at mile 25.

Madeline loved all the commotion and spending time with her daddy. :)

He even dressed her in a cute outfit, put a bow in her hair and she didn't pull it out!!  Major brownie points. 
Almost there with a smile on her face!
Our group at mile 25

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowmageddon: NOT!

Let me set the stage: ALL week the news has been pumping up snow in the weather forecast for Friday.  Usually they'll take it away, but by Thursday night we were given an 80% chance of snow.  To say you would think the world was ending is an understatement.  Not to be a weather snob, but after enduring 2 Chicago winters, Jon and I found all the drama associated with this "snow" entertaining.  Our poor friends up north were dealing with feet of snow and Houston had round the clock coverage of a 1-3" forecast.

We were watching the news Thursday night and just about died laughing when we saw this clip...someone give this lady an Oscar. 
The snorting was Jon trying not to laugh...

Jon decided to test the weather himself.  Our neighbors probably thought we were nuts, being outside at 10:30 pm when it was 25 degrees, cracking up and being goofy like annoying teenagers. 

We even set the alarm for 6 am so we could play in all the snow.  Imagine our disappointment when we saw NOTHING.  Not a flake. :(  Living in Chicago made me appreciate the magic of snow and we were really looking forward to letting Madeline play in it.  The last snowfall in Houston was on the day she was born.  We obviously missed playing in that one so maybe we'll get lucky next winter season. 

In all seriousness, Houston did end up icing over so it was good that all school/work was cancelled.  We have cabin fever big time and are ready for Spring!