Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mother of the Year Award #465415

We've been debating taking away Madeline's pacifier since her first birthday.  She only takes it at night and during naps, but I figured it would be easier to fight the battle now rather than when she's older.  I wanted to wait until after her next round of teeth came in, but after 3 months of no teeth, we decided to take the pacifier away Sunday night.  I did a quick mouth impending teeth.  Sunday night and Monday, she would cry 30-45 minutes before falling asleep and would wake up some at night.  She was so upset Monday afternoon than she skipped her nap.  The fussiness improved on Tuesday/Wednesday, but we could tell she was still upset about it. 

Fast forward to yesterday (Thursday).  We are playing and  start tickling her, and while laughing she opens up her mouth really wide.  I thought I saw evidence of a pretzel she ate earlier so I stick my finger in her mouth to get it out.  Only it doesn't come out and it's sharp.  Oh yes...the child sprung TWO molars in a matter of 4 days!  Completely surfaced.  Talk about perfect timing.  Ugh.  God must be seriously laughing at me right about now!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Paranoid Parent Catalog

Jon and I always look forward to the delivery of a catalog we occasionaly get called One Step Ahead

Description from the cover: "Thoughtfully selected products to help with babies, toddlers and kids...every step of the way." 

Our description: The Paranoid Parent Catalog

I realize this seems hypocritical since I'm the definition of a paranoid person but some of these products make me laugh.  In all fairness, most of the products seem like they'd be useful, but there are some things that make you think: "Seriously??"  My apoligies if anyone owns these things.  I still think they are funny.

And now I present the best (or worst) of Spring 2011:

The "Dripstick"

Chair locks: Attaches your chairs to the kitchen table

Nasal aspirator: This just looks nasty.

Crib Tent: I'm sure I'll be eating my words on this one. 
The bottom picture of the kid trying to get out of it cracks me up.

 Home shoe sizer: I'd rather spend the money on a pair of shoes for my child.  In a store.  Where you can use one of these things for free.

Safety tower: This thing looks funny.  Couldn't they crawl out the back of it?  I'm pretty sure that's the first thing Madeline would do.  It looks like a crib that's not big enough for your child to lay down in.  What a tease.

And now, for the absolute worst: potty gagets. Not because of the products, but beacause of the poor children that have to model them.

Can you say Therapy??

Monday, March 21, 2011

Yard Work, Food and Warrior Dash... Oh My!

This weekend Granny and Papa K came to Houston so Papa K could judge Ag Mechanics at the HLSR.  Jon and I were happy to have them here, of course because we love the company, but that also means automatic babysitters!!! :)  Fully taking advantage of the situation, Jon and I did yard work ALL day on Saturday.  We had 12 big garbage bags full of stuff we cleared out from the flower beds.  I love our landscaping but unfortunately there is lots of it and it requires tons of work.  We were able to prep everything for planting new flowers and mulching.  While were working in the backyard, Madeline and Granny came outside to keep us company. 

What happens when Granny is babysitting?

You get one happy camper who LOVED playing in the dirt!  She had a bowl and spoon to dig with and she was in toddler heaven.

Saturday night we met our friends Jenny and Jason for dinner at Beaver's.  Great food and great company.  Baby Drew is due in April, so we had fun talking about things that only parents/future parents could appreciate.  We are so excited for them and can't wait for Madeline to have another friend. 

Sunday morning we had a very important task.  Gerilyn will be entering the million dollar Pillsbury Bake-Off contest, and we had a trial bake of her recipe.  There are still a few tweaks that need to be made.  Once it's submitted I'll share it with all of you because it's awesome.  She serves the dish at her Bed and Breakfast and it's always the biggest hit.  The only info I'll share thus far: the family name for this dish is Death Rolls (referencing what it'll do to your cholesterol level).  The official name is a little more appropriate. :)

Sunday afternoon we went to see Uncle Ben's new townhouse off  Washington St. in the loop.  We are very excited for him but I'm also excited for our gameroom.  Why?  Ben will be taking our pool table that's collecting dust to put in his giant dining room.  Oh, the life of a bachelor. :)  Since the pool table was given to us by his parents, I have a feeling this thing will be making the rounds in the homes of Kleckleys for years to come.  It's become a joke...a really big, heavy, takes up way too much space joke. 

On Sunday late afternoon Ben and Jon participated in the Warrior Dash.  See the link for an explanation of this event.  Friggin' hilarious.  They loved it.  Jon said it reminded him of his Corps of Cadets days. 

Before pic...I love Jon's "mean" face.  He's trying not to laugh.


Visit from Chicago Friends

A few of our Chicago friends were in Houston to visit two weeks ago. Sheila and Graham were here Tuesday-Saturday and Dennis and Goran were in town from Friday - Monday.   I felt like a tourist in my own town and we had lots of fun.

Sheila was speaking at a conference, but we managed to sneak in a few different activities, mostly eating (suprise, suprise).  On Wednesday we went to the Galleria and hit up Canyon Cafe (best chips ever) for lunch.
Madeline and Graham

On Thursday the boys played golf.  Sheila, Madeline, Maria and I went to Buffalo Grille for lunch, shopped at Rice Village, and took Madeline on a train ride at Hermann Park.  Someone was very excited.   She kept pointing at the squirrels and saying "dog."

Thursday night we decided to try something new for dinner.  We went to Sophia, a BYOB place my friend Jamie reccommended on her blog.  It looks like a house with a restaurant inside and it was so yummy!  Ben and our sister in law Dayna joined us.

Dennis and Goran flew in at 2 AM Friday morning, so we took it easy then went to lunch at Lupe Tortialla.  No trip to Texas is complete without some Mexican food! Friday night we took them to the Rodeo.  As I previously mentioned, I think the HLSR is the coolest thing H-town has to offer so I was thrilled that our friends planed the trip during Rodeo time.  We did the usual: pig races, walked around the Livestock Show, ate fried food, watched chickens hatch out of eggs and stopped by the Birthing Center to see the baby animals.

Everyone enjoyed the main event, especially Bull Riding and Mutton Bustin'.  Lady Antebellum put on a great show.  (FYI - Jon has decided Madeline's 5th birthday party will be Mutton Bustin', to be held in Bryan, Tx. Duh. Can't you picture a bunch of sheep in our suburban Pearland backyard? haha)

On Saturday we headed to the Noto compound (aka my parents house) for tons of seafood.  We had grilled oysters, boiled crabs, boiled shrimp, and fried oyster po-boys, ALL of which my wonderful parents made for us!  Words cannot describe my love for this stuff...A-mazing! 

Goran getting a lesson on how to boil crabs


Jon brought Sheila and Graham to the airport Saturday afternoon and I took Dennis and Goran to NASA.  Saturday evening, D &G wanted to see our public transportation system.  Keep in mind, in Chicago public transportation is a way of life.  For the mass majority of the people in Houston it's a joke.  We rode the Metro train from downtown to the Med Center and back.  Other than the cleanliness of the train, I don't think they were impressed. :)

On Sunday we headed to B/CS for a tour of Texas A&M and a trip to the Kleckley Ranch.  Dennis insisted we stop by the Theta house.  He also requested that the "sisters" give us a house tour but I told him no. :)
(lots of wind = hair in face)

Dennis in front of the Bush Library

Next stop: Kleckley house.  A Texas initiation is not complete without tagging cows and a big lasagna lunch at the Kleckleys!

Granny and Papa K with the cowgirl

Helping out

Farm dogs...don't let Fergie fool you, she was terrified of the cows!

Yee Haw!

Luckily these city boys did a great job and therefore earned Granny's lasagna for lunch. :) 

They flew out Monday morning and we were sad to see them go.  Finally:  I don't know why Graham took this picture, but it makes me a little melancholy.  When we were living in Chicago we would often have parties where everyone would show up in their PJ's or Sweats to watch movies, play Wii, or Rockband for hours.  This picture reminded me of that.  It's great to have friends where you can just BE yourself!
We missed you Cindy, Dan, Melanie and Harrison!!

Dennis - We forgot to name my car.  I'll be looking for suggestions in my email inbox. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easily Entertained

I have to shake out my purse every few days to get rid of the massive amounts of graham cracker crumbs and mum mum wrappers that tend to collect in the pockets.  Apparently it's a funny activity...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras!

We have no specific plans, except to eat too much and devour the King Cake that my Aunt brought us from Louisiana.
A tradition in New Orleans is to dress up for Mardi Gras parades (similar to Halloween).  One year when we lived in Louisiana, the entire Noto family dressed up like Starbursts.  Apparently things have changed since then, as some members of the family now steer towards pop culture. 

My Aunt Julie sent me these pictures this morning of her and her friend Nidia.

Any of you who have met either one of them are probably dying of laughter right about now.  Imagine the self control trying to keep a straight face in the second picture.
Happy Mardi Gras everyone! 

Recap in IPhone Pictures

My camera decided to stop working, so while it's at the camera hospital, I've been trying to get pics with my IPhone...

First things first: Check out what we're getting in Pearland!!  In my "professional" days, I could have lived here.  My collection of fun heels still sits in my closet even though I haven't touched most of them in                2 1/2 years.  I told Jon I refuse to get rid of any of them.  Some people keep their childhood baseball trophies...I will keep my shoes. 

Last week we went with our friends to the Houston Livestock show.  They loved looking at all of the animals.  Madeline especially loved the petting zoo and wanted to pet all of the animals, especially the baby ones.

She also enjoyed the pig races.

This weekend we went to Bryan for Allison Martin's wedding.  Allison is a very good family friend of the Kleckleys and it was such a joy to be present for her wedding day.  She looked beautiful!
(sorry for the poor iphone pic quality)

Madeline and Granny

Madeline was SO good at the reception, and just like her mommy and daddy, she didn't want to leave the dance floor!  Everytime we put her down she'd run to the dance floor and never looked back.  She had fun dancing with her friend Audrey Fontana.

My Aunt Peggy and Cousin Alaina came to visit for a few days.  Today we went to lunch at Hungry's and stopped at Crave for some cupcakes...YUM!  I let Madeline sit on a stool like a big girl and she was so proud of herself.

Friday, March 4, 2011

15 Months!

  • She weighs 20 lbs 14 oz (20%) and is 30" (37%) tall
  • Not much has changed since last month.  She is still all over the place and won't sit still unless she's sleepy or sick.
  • She's very friendly to cashiers.  Anytime we are checking out she waves and says "hi"
  • She's starting to be more observant and will repeat things we do.  I talk with my hands quite a bit and she'll imitate me.  When I say "where is _____",  I'll put my hands out to the side.  She will do the same thing with her hands as I'm saying it.  When Jon gets frustrated about something he'll sigh and say "ugh".  She's started to do the same thing after he does it. 
  • Books are still her favorite toy.  She will usually pick out a favorite each day and bring it to us to read to her ALLLLLL day long. 
  • She likes to brush her hair now she finally has some!  Bring on the little bows!
  • Her new favorite games are hide and go seek and playing peek a boo behind furniture.  If I can't find her, she's usually hiding behind a chair or under the dining room table with her head in her hands.  She's also started to hide behind the chair in her room and will bring her books there to read them.
  • The temper tantrums have started...lord have mercy on my patience!  She needs to learn she does not get everything she wants.  I bought the DVD of "Happiest Toddler on the Block" the other day.  It claims to cure 90% of temper tantrums.  We'll see if it actually works.  The pediatrician said we should also start utilizing time out.  Should be interesting...I have a feeling we are all in for it.
  • She plays very well with other kids...but her idea of sharing is "I'll give you my toy if you give me yours". 
  • She loves to play fetch with Fergie and give her treats.
  • She likes to dance.
  • She points to her hair, head, eyes, ears, teeth, tummy, knees and toes.