Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Keeping it Classy: Maternity Clothes Edition

I do not particularly enjoy pregnancy.  Sure, I love the feeling the baby moving, the circle of life, yada yada yada...I'm just not one of those people that'll say, "Oh, I loved being pregnant!"  The nausea, weight gain, numerous bathroom trips, exhaustion, etc can all take a hike.  And 9 months?  For. Ev. Er.  All worth it, of course, I just prefer my babies outside of my tummy. :)

 Another pregnancy grievance? Maternity clothes. 

(Sorry if you own this shirt or like it.)

Ugggghhh.  Most make you look like a blimp/tent and the selection stinks.  I also have a major issue with maternity shirts that tie in the back.

WHY is the necessary??  I cut a few ties off the back of maternity shirts with Maddie and they worked out just fine.  For some reason they instantly make me feel like a frumpy mommy.  There are quite a few cute things online, but you never know how something will fit.  It's so much more work to dress cute when pregnant. 

My 10 year high school reunion is next weekend and my bump is getting past the point where I can wear normal dresses, so this morning I dreadfully set out to find something cute made for a growing belly. Ha.  I found a "maybe" dress at Old Navy (in the regular clothes section, go figure) but it borders on the line of a tent.  I then headed to Motherhood Maternity.  I have mixed feelings about this store.  Some things are cute, but over 50% of what they carry has the dreaded tie in the back.  I was browsing through the racks when I saw a very unconventional piece of maternity wear: a super short sequined mini skirt.
 If it was less than $20 I would have bought it because it was so ridiculous.  When I say "mini", I don't mean "conservative mini".  I mean if my 17 year old sister was wearing it with heels my dad would not let her out of the house.  And sequins?  I was laughing SO hard.  I might have to go back this weekend just to take a picture.  Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm not a cute pregnant person.  More power to the person who can look good in this thing while trying to cover a basketball belly. 

Motherhood Maternity, thank you for providing a good laugh today.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Madeline's First Day of School!

Monday was Madeline's first day of school!  She's attending a Mother's Day Out program on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30-2. 

At first she would only take a picture with Fergie in it (go figure). 
She loves her "pack-back", although when it's completely packed (lunch, diapers, lovey and 2 sippy cups) it weighs 7 lbs and is too heavy for her to carry. 

Finally got a good pic with Jon's phone

She did great!  When we dropped her off she wouldn't even kiss us bye.  She was much more interested in the toys.  On Monday she took a 1 hr nap and today she took a 2 hr nap!  It must be the cute nap mat Granny made her, considering she usually doesn't nap for 2 hours at home.  

When I picked her up Monday, our conversation went like this:

Me: Maddie, did you have a good day at school?
Madeline: Teacher fun.
Me:  What did you do today?
Madeline: Samantha, bird.  (Samantha is her friend)

One minute of silence.

Madeline: (singing) Fer Jacka. Don voo. Ding dong.

That's right, friends.  The child busts out with "Frere Jacque", a song we have never sung to her.  A toddler attempting to sing in French is quite amusing.  I was laughing so hard.  We have video of her singing it but it's on Jon's phone...I'll post later.

Today's trick? "Cock-a-doodle-doooooo!" 

Not a refined as French, but at least I know she's learning something.

16 Weeks

How far along: 16 weeks
Size of baby: 4 1/2 inches long and 3 1/2 ounces (about the size of an avocado)
Weight gain: 2 pounds
Maternity Clothes:  Shorts and pants, but I'm still wearing regular tops.  I try to wear lots of dresses because they're comfortable.  My belly has really "popped" this week so there's no more regular pants for awhile!
Gender: We find out September 6th!
Movement: I started feeling flutters last week.  It's nice to know there's actually someone in there. :)
Sleep:  MUCH, MUCH better! I'm only getting up once or twice to go to the bathroom.  I also started taking calcium supplements for the restless legs, and that's really helping.
Symptoms: My tummy is feeling much better.  I only have to take Zofran a few times a week....I just have to be sure to stay on top of eating well and often.  On the downside, the exhaustion (which I thought was improving) has not gotten much better, despite better sleep at night.  I also get tired, short of breath and light headed really easily.  It's WAY too early in the pregnancy for this business, so I'm making some changes to my diet and hoping it improves. 
What I miss: My energy and normal appetite.  Unfortunately the foods that make me feel better are not appetizing to me, and it's annoying.
Cravings: Fruit, salad, Chipotle, ice water, anything cold
Best Moment this week: Feeling little flutters
What I am looking forward to: Finding out in 2 weeks if nugget is a boy or girl, and hopefully getting some of my energy back.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Jon and his brother Ben are very competitive.  They like to discuss how much weight they've lost, how many push ups they can do, workout routines, etc.  They ran a  half marathon together in March, then got the bright idea to run a full marathon.  They both applied to the Houston Marathon, and decided if they both got in, they would run it.  If not, neither would do it. 

As luck would have it, they both got in.  And let me just say how proud I am of my husband.  He's been getting up super early to run at least 3 days a week.   Yesterday morning he got up and ran friggin' 13.2 miles after getting up with Madeline during the night.  Seriously?  I can hardly make myself get out of bed before our child wakes up.  During this training time, I hope I can have half the motivation he does.  He has always been more of a self motivator than I am (shall we thank the Corps of Cadets??), and I'm hoping I can step it up while he trains!

The date of the marathon is January 14, 2012.  I will be 37 weeks pregnant.  I'll ask for sign ideas at a later date, but I'm currently planning on "Run faster, my water broke!"  (This better be a joke.  If it really happens I'm going to freak out).  We're keeping our fingers crossed that Baby K realizes this weekend is for daddy and s(he) better wait a few days to officially join the world. 

We hope you'll join us in January to cheer Jon and Ben on as they take on this monumental task!  Even if you don't know anyone, it's a blast to go cheer people on. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Better with Age

A few weeks ago we went to visit my dad at his office and I found a picture of my mom and I between my Jr/Sr years of high school, 11 years ago.  The picture was taken at the Lunar Rendezvous Fashion Show.  My sister Aimee participated in the same fashion show this summer, so I thought it would be funny to compare the two pictures.   

My sisters and I were cracking up  for a few reasons: how styles change, my poofy bangs, how Aimee was 6 when the pic was taken, but most of much YOUNGER my mom looks 11 years later!  I will not reveal her age (you're welcome, mom) but let's just say the God has blessed the fam with good genes.  I don't have a recent picture of my grandma, but she is 85 years old, doesn't look anything near that age, and has more energy than I do.  I can only hope that I'll age as gracefully as they have  (with the help of my anti-aging skin care regimen, of course :). 

Poofy bangs, may you rest in peace!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mi casa es tu casa

On Friday, we concluded 9 consecutive nights with house guests!  It was a crazy busy week, but we had SO much fun visiting with our friends and family.

Last weekend, my friend Allison came to visit from Tyler.  Allison and I were Thetas together at Texas A&M, and we spent the weekend with Jenny and Arielle, some my other Theta friends that live in Houston.  Friday night we went to eat at Zoe's on Washington. 

Jenny, Me holding Drew (Jenny's baby), Arielle holding Madeline, and Allison

On Saturday the whole crew + husbands came over to our house for lunch.  We ate, hung out and went to our "boring" neighborhood pool since the fun waterpark was packed.  It was HOT!  We usually go to the pool at 10 am, so I forgot what 2 pm pool water felt like: a bathtub. 

Saturday night we went White Linen Night in the Heights.  It's a festival all over the Heights with food, bands, fun things to do, and you guessed it: everyone wears white (although I wore hot pink since I refuse to buy anything white.  Somehow Madeline can keep a white dress clean but she ends up smearing stuff all over me).  Madeline was a trooper.  She was good about sitting in her stroller and loved showing off her sunglasses.

She lasted until 9 pm...I was impressed!  At the end of the night we found ourselves far away from where we were parked, so Madeline had her first ride in a cab!  She was so excited and kept clapping her hands.

On Tuesday, our friends Kim and Hunt came to visit.  They moved to San Antonio in May and we miss them dearly!  It's fun to watch how the kids play and interact as they get older.  Kim and I kept treating them like monkeys and telling them to hug and kiss each other.  It was SO funny.

Tuesday afternoon we took them to the neighborhood waterpark: always a big hit.  On Wednesday we met our other friends at Jump n' Jungle and went to eat at Chick Fil A (if you ever want to know what stay at home moms do with's two good ones).   Wednesday night my girl friends came over for Drinks had to be changed from Wine night once people started getting pregnant.  This time we had an even field:  3 preggos, 3 non preggos. 

I'm posting this picture of our snack table to make an off topic comment: doesn't the table look SO much better with fresh flowers?  They cost $4 from HEB and last for 2 weeks.   Totally worth it!

My friend Robyn made these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes.  They taste even better than they sound.  Be jealous.

On Thursday we went to Valerie's house for our usual Thursday bootcamp workout.  Kim and Hunt left town soon after, and we prepared for our next house guest...

My cousin Melissa!  She flew in Thursday afternoon.  She just graduated with a PhD from the University of Washington in Seattle, and we hadn't seen each other since Peter and Niki's wedding last year.  She was making her rounds visiting family across the country, and we were honored to be part of her "victory tour."  Thursday night my family came over for dinner so we could all spend some time together.  On Friday, Melissa got a taste of how to entertain a toddler, starting with a trip to the waterpark.  Friday afternoon we made a trip to Target to get nail polish to paint Maddie's toes and new sunglasses for her (Fergie used her old ones as a chew toy). 

Madeline was very excited about getting her toes painted.  We gave her an iphone to keep her entertained so she would sit still, but surprisingly she didn't need it.  She loves her pretty toes and still stares at them.  She wanted her fingernails painted too, but I opted against that one (for now).

Madeline's new favorite buddy, cousin Melissa!

We were worn out at the end of the week, but had the best time with everyone.  We love having visitors!

PS - After reading over this, I noticed we took everyone to the pool.  I'm sure we're going to have pool withdrawals when it closes in a few weeks!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Secrets of Real Moms

Last week, the Today show did a segment on "The Secrets of Real Moms".  Some of these statistics were so funny/shocking, I had to pause the DVR so I could take some pictures and share them. 

Hmmm.  What do you think? 

Friday, August 12, 2011

You know you're the parent of a toddler when...

You take notes for work with a crayon and refuse a pen when offered one...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

20 Months!

(I know, I know...5 days late.  Bad mommy.)

She insisted on holding Fergie's hand.  What can I makes for a cute picture. 
  • Same sleeping schedule... 8pm - 7am, with one nap a day.
  • If last month was an explosion of words, this month has been an explosion of phrases.  Alot of it is hard to understand, but she's adamant about repeating things until we get what she's saying. "Kiss me bye", "Please Mommy, Help", "I do it", "What's up, baby" (while talking on her play phone), "Pretty picture", "I need it", "Where'd it go?", "Silly Fergie", "Help me", "Oh wow", "spell Kleckley"
  • She sings "Abc's" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", although it's pretty hard to understand half of it
  • She loves playing fetch with Fergie and likes to give her treats
  • She is big on helping: "I help, Mommy".  She also really likes to sweep.
  • She is also big on doing things all by herself.  The latest battle is that she wants to put her shoes on by herself.
  • Her favorite things are puzzles, shape sorters, sunglasses and playing with shoes.  She can also repeat parts of her favorite books: Who Dat, Chica Chica Boom Boom, Big Birds Busy Day, and her nursery rhyme book.
  • She's starting to eat with a fork and spoon
  • This child has got an attitude.  We tell her to share quite a bit, so if we have something she wants she tells us to share.   We've also had a MAJOR issue with her not wanting to ride in the stroller or shopping cart.  She will scream and pitch a fit like I'm trying to cut her arm off, and will wiggle and throw her body to the point where we can't strap her in.  She'd rather run around than be confined.  It's embarrassing and not productive, because right now I pretty much can't take her anywhere by myself.  If anyone has any advice on how to deal with it I would be very appreciative. 
  • She knows how to unlock an iphone and find the games she wants.  Ex: She will look through any iphone for the Angry Birds ("Angy Bids") icon.  Jon and I have a new phone policy with her: she's only allowed to play with them in "emergency" (restaurant, etc) situations to keep her entertained.  I thought it would be fun to download some toddler games for her, but it turned her into an iphone addict, and she likes Angry Birds more than her games. Fail.
  • She loves to dip things in sauce
  • She is really enjoying coloring, but we are still working on identifying colors.  Right now everything is still blue or yellow

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I was just online looking up books for "disciplining a toddler" (more on that later).  What is the search engine's first suggestion? Disciplining your husband.
Do people really google that??? hahahaha

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Very Proud Mommy Moment and New Dance Moves

Yeah, I know what you're thinking...this must be something so sweet!  Not so much... more like proud mommy moment that's TMI.  Let me give you a hint: potty training.  Read at your own risk.

A few weeks ago we were at a friend's house, where I learned her 17 month old was potty trained at home. When we got home I immediately pulled out Maddie's little potty that we had gotten for a present before she was born (thanks Nid!).  I explanied to her what it's used for and we even had a few trial runs.  She would tell me "tee tee" or "poo poo", run to her potty, take off her diaper, sit on the potty and repeat those lovely words without doing anything. 

This afternoon Madeline was standing still, making her #2 face (those with little ones know what I'm talking about).  I took her to her potty and she actually went #2 in it!!!!  I was so proud!  Poor thing seemed a little traumatized by the experience, until she realized she got a piece of candy for it. :)  We have a long way to go before she feels comfortable with the concept. 

I don't plan on pushing the issue for now.  She still wakes up in the morning with a wet diaper so I know she isn't ready, but in the meantime it can't hurt to get her used to the idea.  Oh, the joys of being a parent.  I never knew we would be so excited about something so gross. 

On a totally unrelated note...

Friday night my family went over to Maria's apartment for dinner.   In honor of Madeline's renewed obsession with the "Who Dat" book, we played the "Who Dat" song for her for the first time to see what she would do.  Wouldn't you know...the child starting bouncing her butt like she knew how to drop it like its hot.  We had NEVER seen her do this. (and no, it is not something we do around here on a regular basis.  No idea where she got it from).  Up until that moment, her definition of dancing was twirling around in circles.  Now we have the booty shaking and stomping to add to the routine. 

By the time Jon got his phone out to record it, she was a couple of minutes into her routine.  Watch the first 20 seconds  for a demonstration.  PS - That would be her Poppy in the background mimicking her dance moves while holding a beer.  I'm sure the two were totally unrelated. :)