Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Activities

Rather than do individual posts about all of our Christmas activities, I figured I'd work them all into one obnoxiously long, picture overload post. :)   The holidays are so much more fun and festive when you have a kid!
Breakfast with Santa
We started off the month at Breakfast with Santa at my parents' church, St. Pauls, with GiGi and Aimee.  Madeline surprisingly was intrigued for most of the two hours with coloring, eating pancakes like a big girl and listening to the Children's choir sing.

 She didn't want to sit with Santa, but still told him hi with the assistance of Santa's helpers.

Lights in the Heights
The 2nd weekend in December we ventured to The Heights for Lights in the Heights.  The streets are blocked off so everyone can walk around and enjoy the lights, and there are numerous singers and bands performing on the front porches.  Our friends Arielle and Nick have an adorable house in the area, and hosted a great party for everyone to enjoy the festivities. 

This is the only pic I took at the house...a popcorn machine and hot chocolate station!

Madeline checking out the lights.  She lasted about 5 minutes in the wagon.  

Madeline's School Christmas Show
Madeline's class put on a little Christmas show on her last day of school before the break.  I'm sure you can imagine a bunch of two year olds trying to sing songs with hand motions.  It was an adorable hot mess.  Most of the kids stood on the wall.  Madeline was more interested in dancing around to the music in front of everyone, and clapping and saying "yay!" when the songs were finished.  Her friend Samantha was the star of the show.  She knew all of the songs with hand motions.  It was so cute!

Madeline's audience for the show

Madeline and her teacher, Ms. Young.

Pictures with Santa
After breakfast with Santa and our playgroup Christmas party, I think Maddie finally got the hang of the Santa thing.  We took her to Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa and she did great!  We couldn't get a smile out of her, but she talked to Santa and was happy to sit on his lap. 

Think I'm a little obsessed with this dress?  Yes, she does have other Christmas clothes but I think this dress is so much fun. 

We tried to get a smiling picture, but she was more interested in showing us the colors of the lights.

Decorating cookies...she was very proud of her gingerbread man.

The Christmas Train
Last night we went with the Boesslings to ride the Christmas Train in Alvin.   They have a train (similar to the one in Hermann Park) that goes through a bunch of different light displays. 

Watching the trains

Maddie trying to give Brock a hug 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Tale of our Christmas Card

Those of you who have received our Christmas card have probably thought, "hmmm, why would they send out a card where Madeline is not looking?"  Let me tell you, my friends, the finished product was a huge accomplishment for us.  Let me explain...

Our sister in law Jordan graciously agreed to take Christmas pictures for us on Thanksgiving morning.  As mentioned in a previous post, Madeline was not feeling well, but we decided to take them anyway.  (We found out the next week that she had strep and a double ear infection, but that's another story.  Mother of the Year award #54104846.)  Needless to say, she did NOT want to cooperate.  I had THE Christmas card vision (my fellow control freaks can relate), which was quickly thrown out the window when she refused to smile and kept screaming "NO". 

Jordan kept snapping pictures throughout the ordeal, and I found the results entertaining...

 "Look at the camera, child!"

"What in the world are you looking at?"

"Look, Maddie.  Daddy and Fergie are taking pretty pictures."  (We have lots of these)

Of course she had a huge (hidden) smile while hugging Fergie.

Obviously over it at this point

"Want a flower, Aunt Jordan?"

 Eventually we had great picture in which neither our human child or dog child were looking at the camera.  Jon thought he could fix half the problem himself.  Not so much.

In the end, our sister in law Niki came to the rescue, and Fergie magically was looking at the camera. 

On that note, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas from the Kleckley Family!

(and a HUGE thank you to Jordan and Niki for helping us out!)

Madeline's Birthday and Party

(2 weeks late on this, but it's the thought that counts, right?)
Madeline's birthday was on a Sunday, but on Saturday night we met Papa K, Granny and Uncle Ben for dinner because Papa K could not make it to her birthday festivities.

Look at those eyes...she was very excited about the icing.

Mmmm, cake!

On Sunday she woke up happy and singing the ABC's. I think she knew it was her special day!

Trying really hard to show us that she's two

Blowing out candles on her sugar bread breakfast (Daddy's specialty that she gets on the weekends)

We went to church and out to lunch at Red Robin so she could have sweet potato fries.  Someone was NOT into having her picture taken.

Good thing she changed her attitude, because after nap time it was party time!  With everything going on in our world, we opted to have her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.  I decided on a Sunday afternoon because the staff at Chuck E Cheese assured me that hosting a party on a Sunday afternoon wouldn't be that crowded (liars!!).  The place was beyond packed, but the birthday girl and her friends had a blast, and that's what matters! 

Now since I have to make everything more difficult, I could not just show up at a party place that does everything for you and not do anything myself.  Therefore, I decided on an "Elmo" theme since it's her current obsession.


The Birthday Girl (thank you Granny for making her dress!)

The table at Chuck E Cheese.  We had 8 kids and 25 adults!  I guess that's what happens when you're the only grandchild on both sides and you have 5 Aunts and 5 Uncles!

Maddie and Aunt Aimee

Uncle Peter and Aunt Niki

Jon, Peter and Poppy

Aimee, Jordan and Luke



Birthday Girl



Maddie and Rebecca

Mason and Samantha

Playing Games

This picture cracked me up.  Somewhere in the middle of the entourage of 8 people is Madeline playing games.  We told all of our siblings that they shouldn't feel obligated to attend, but all who were able to showed up.  What a special little girl!

After some playtime, it was time for pizza and cupcakes.

She was so excited about the Elmo cupcake and stuck her finger right in it.

After the party our families came back to our house to open presents.  We gave her a high chair for Bitty Baby, a Bitty Baby outfit, puzzles and some Elmo DVDs.  My parents gave her a custom painted rocking chair, and she got a Cozy Coupe and floor puzzles from Granny and Papa K.

By the end of the day, the child was exhausted and so were we!  I think she understood that it was her birthday, but now she's getting it confused with Christmas.  This morning she was singing Happy Birthday to herself.  I'm trying to explain that now it's Jesus' turn to have a birthday, but I'm not sure if that's sinking in yet. :)