Saturday, January 21, 2012

Introducing Andrew Lawson Kleckley!

In case you haven't heard, our little boy surprised us 2 1/2 weeks early! He was born Wednesday, January 18th at 8:06 am.  He weighed 6 lbs 6 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.  Andrew is just precious and we're so in love! 

Houston Marathon

Last Sunday was the long anticipated Houston Marathon!  Jon had been training for awhile and was ready for the challenge. 
Ready to go at 5:30 am! 

Our caravan of cheerleaders left at 7 am to cheer on Jon and his brother Ben.  My parents, Aimee, Jon's parents, Madeline and I rode together. 

If you were a participant in the marathon or half marathon, you might have seen this at mile 6:

Sporting our most popular sign.  We had lots of runners say "that's so true" and one guy said "that's not true."

There were so many people that we almost missed Jon!  Ben was running ahead of pace so we weren't quick enough to get a picture of him.

In case you're wondering what the yellow outfit above was all about...

That would be my mother in law dressed as a giant banana!  She was handing bananas out to runners until she got in trouble by race officials.  It was so much fun and the runners loved it. 

Pics from mile 14...

 There goes Ben!

Mile 22...almost there!!

My OB, Dr. Ball, was working the medical tent at mile 22 so we stopped by to say hi.

This sign is SO not true.  I'd go through L&D any day over running 26.2 miles!

Marathon Finishers!

Our Group

Attempt at a family pic

Ben's time was 4:12, and Jon ran it in 4:30, 15 minutes better than expected. 
I'm so proud of both of them!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

37 Weeks!

How far along: 37 weeks
Size of baby: 19 inches long and somewhere over 6 pounds.  I had an ultrasound a week ago because my tummy was measuring small (seriously?? this belly?).  Turns out he was fine, 6 lbs in the 60% tile.  Now I'm worried he might be big, considering they grow 1/2 a pound a week at this point!
Weight gain: 36 pounds  
Maternity Clothes: Yup. I can't wear half of my maternity shirts because they are too short.
Gender: It's a BOY!! 
Movement: Yes, but not as much.  He's running out of room!
Sleep: Good nights and bad. 
Symptoms: Back pain, shortness of breath and major pregnancy waddle 
What I miss: Sleeping on my back, drinking wine, wearing normal clothes and being able to breathe and walk like a normal person.
Cravings: Fruit, anything cold and sweets.  I've also picked up a bad habit of chewing ice the past few weeks. 
Best Moment this week: Having a great ultrasound report, finally reading up on labor/delivery stuff, and getting closer to the end!
What I am looking forward to:  Final baby packing for the hospital. :) I'm hoping he stays put for one more week so I can finish everything. 

Fairly Odd Parent

Last week I met my parents and Maria in Houston for lunch.  My dad drove my sister's car up from League City to meet us.  As we were leaving for lunch and my sister was taking her car back, my dad says, "Hold on, I need to get something out of Maria's car." 

A chainsaw.

Does anyone else think this is weird?  Apparently he was going to stop on the way to have it fixed but changed his mind.  The best part?  My mom's car was parked on the complete opposite side of the shopping center so he walked through Highland Village with a chainsaw.  Sweet.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baby Prep

I love nesting.  For all the aches, pains, and not so fun aspects of being pregnant, I'm convinced that nesting is God's gift to pregnant women at a time when all we want to do is sit and complain about being fat.  I wish I could bottle up these bursts of energy and use them after the baby is born!  Every few days I get a new nesting obsession.  Last week was cleaning.  I scrubbed the kitchen trashcan for 45 minutes, cleaned out and organized the pantry, and started cleaning baseboards.  This week has been cooking freezer meals for after the baby is born.  So far I've done Sour Cream Enchiladas, Healthy BBQ Chicken with Veggies, Chili and Cranberry Chicken.  Tomorrow I'll be making Italian Beef and Broccoli Cheese Chicken.  Hopefully next week will include important things, like packing for the hospital and deciding on the child's name.  I'll be full term on Saturday, yet somehow cleaning baseboards trumped these two important tasks. 

We've also been working hard to prepare Madeline for baby brother, but I don't know how much you can prepare a two year old for a new sibling. 

Last Saturday we took her to Women's Hospital for a toddler tour.  They took us to the nursery and a postpartum room.  At the nursery, a nurse held up two babies for the kids to look at.  Madeline would say (in her "sweet" voice), "Baby soooo cute. Sooo sweet.  Hi baby."  We asked her if she wanted one and she just gave the babies a glare.  I guess it's better than saying no.  The most excited she got was receiving a big sister shirt at the end because it had animals on it.

We tried to get her to take a picture next to the baby cart with a baby doll in it.  Obviously did not go over well.

We've also been trying to incorporate "baby brother" into our conversations with Madeline.   At night we pray for him.  We ask if she wants to talk to him, and she'll talk into my belly button like it's some sort of communication device and in her sweet, quiet voice say, "hi baby broder" and pat my tummy.  The other morning she was up early so we put her in bed with us.  She was talking to my tummy, puts her lovey on it, and says "borrow".  It was so sweet....she already wants to share her most treasured possession with him.  This gave me home that our little conversations are helping prepare her for her new best friend. :)

I'd like to think that it will be an easy transition, but I know better.  I asked, "Madeline, are you excited about baby brother? "  Her response: "Baby Sister." 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Zoo and New Year's Eve

Zoo TripKelly and Jack were in town the last week of December so we decided to take the kids to the zoo.  They are at the age where they recognize the animals and will make animal sounds, so it was pretty cute.  It was pretty chilly outside and the animals were being boring, but we still had a great time. 

The monkey was not liking the cold weather.

Checking out the "whineocerous"

New Year's Eve

This sums up our New Year's Eve:

Oreo balls with the munchkin:  It doesn't get any better than this!

After years of having festive New Year's plans, this was our second year in a row to be lame.  Well, not totally lame.  We let Madeline stay up until 9 pm and Jon and I stayed awake until 11 pm to watch the ball drop in NYC. :)  The best part?  Waking up without a hangover. 

And this concludes Holiday blog-a-thon 2011!  Whew!

Christmas with the Kleckleys

We celebrated Christmas with the Kleckleys in Bryan the Thursday before New Year's Eve.  We spent the day doing two of Madeline's  favorite activities in Bryan:

Watching/Feeding/Talking to/Staring at the cows

And chasing the dogs around while laughing hysterically.

Thursday night we had steaks for dinner and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  Someone obviously had first dibs on the cake icing...

After dinner and cake it was present time.  Granny made Madeline this amazing play house.  It's a cover that fits over a card table.  She thought of everything, including letters to keep in the mailbox!

Papa K and Lizzie were obviously jealous and decided they wanted to live in the play house too.

Gift giving with 11 people can get a little ridiculous.  Poor Fergie didn't know where to go!

We concluded the night with the traditional Kleckley family Christmas game.  Gerilyn will wrap a present in a bunch of boxes.  We take turns rolling a pair of dice, and when you hit doubles it's your turn to open the gift.  The catch?  The person trying to unwrap all the boxes must be wearing oven mitts!  It's always loads of fun and highly entertaining.  I encourage you to copy this idea for your next festive gathering.  It was a huge hit at my SIL Niki's Bridal Shower a few years ago. :)


This year we spent Christmas weekend with my family.  They have the same routine every Christmas, and it was fun to include a spunky toddler into the mix of all the craziness.  However, as karma would have it, Madeline had a fever most of Christmas Eve/Day.  She was a trooper even though she wasn't feeling well.  Peter and Niki spent Christmas in Fort Worth and we certainly missed having them around to share in the fun!

Pictures before Christmas Eve Mass: Poppy, GiGi and Madeline

Our little (getting bigger) family
Mom and Sisters

Little Princess

Madeline was actually well behaved for the almost 2 hours that we were in Church.  She is fascinated with the manger scene (thank you, Little People) and kept pointing out Baby Jesus, Mary and the angels in a not so quiet voice.  The people sitting around us were cracking up.  "Look Mommy/Daddy/Poppy/anyone who will listen, I see Baby Jesus!"  It was cute.

Every Christmas Eve, our family friends (the Bekeljas) host a party. You know it's time to celebrate when the living room furniture gets moved so you can teach the "old people" (aka parents) to do the Wobble. 

My BFF Kelly and I enjoying a moment of child free bliss.  Our kiddos were upstairs sleeping in their pack n' plays.

Kleckley boys, my mom and Big Mel

Jon and I called it an "early" night around midnight and warned the rest of my family that our Christmas morning wake up time would be determined by Maddie.  Surprisingly no one complained and everyone had smiles on their face the next morning.  An even bigger surprise?  Madeline slept until 7:30! 

Santa was here!

Throughout the month as I had been wrapping presents, I've been telling Madeline that they were for other people.  As she was walking down the stairs, she said, "other people's presents."  Poor thing didn't think any of it was for her.  We told her she could open the green ones and she was happy. 

Santa brought her a small table with tea set, a box of dress up clothes and a crib for her baby doll. 

Tea time with baby and Daddy

Daddy putting together baby's crib

Dress Up time

Adult Christmas presents seem lame compared to toddler ones, so I'll partially spare you that. :)  I did, however, give select family members golden horseshoes.  My MiMi used to say that my dad has a golden horseshoe shoved up his @*&.  He always finds front row parking in a crowded lot, and seems to have the best of luck with many things without even trying.  It's a huge family joke (mainly because we are jealous) and my brother Peter seems to be following in his footsteps.  I decided enough was enough, and gave everyone except for my dad and brother a golden horseshoe. 

Family Christmas Day pic

We had a traditional Christmas lunch with Jon's parents, his brothers Mark and Ben, and our family friends the Baptiste's.

What a good little helper!

We had such a fun day and anticipate even more madness next year with a 3 year and
almost 1 year old!  (woah!)