Friday, May 25, 2012

You Do The Best That You Can

This morning I had to make an HEB run with both kids.  I normally go when Maddie is in school, but Jon needed stuff for a fishing trip this weekend and I needed a few other things so I decided to make the grocery trip our daily outing (sad, I know). 

I get to the store, and as I start getting things I'm instantly irritated by the items on my list and the amount of space I had in the cart to accommodate it.  Let me explain: When I bring Madeline to HEB, she won't sit in a regular cart.  She knows the grocery store has carts shaped like cars, the ones that weigh 51405484 pounds (I wear my running shoes in only two situations.  One is on the rare occasion I work out.  The other is when I know I'll have to push the giant car around HEB).  The stinkin' carts don't have a rack underneath to put things and the baby seat takes up most of the basket (Andrew won't stay in a carrier for very long), which leaves minimal room for stuff. 

After the produce my space was half taken and next on the list was two 18 packs of beer.  I was pissed.  Not only was this going to hog the entire cart, but the beer wasn't even for me.  It was for my lovely husband to enjoy on a 3 day fishing trip while I was trying to balance raw chicken on a handle bar, and trying to keep grapes from falling on Andrew's face.  My blood was boiling and I wanted to cry (I'm crazy, remember?). 

I started asking Maddie to hold stuff and an older woman stopped me. 

Lady: "Wow, she's well behaved" (looking at Maddie)
Me: "Yeah, she has something to keep her occupied (Lady looks at Madeline playing with the iphone)

Lady looks at Andrew hidden under produce.

Lady: "Oh wow, you have a baby too."
Me: "Yup" (crappy mood, remember?)
Lady: "Well honey, you have your hands full.  You sure look busy"
Me: "Yeah"
Lady: "Honey, you just need to remember that you're doing the best that you can. You probably try real hard to do it all, but just do the best that you can and that's good enough."
Me: "Thanks"

Um, hello....did that lady just fall out of the sky to tell me exactly what I need to hear?  She must have sensed my distress, and it was exactly what I needed.  Something tells me she was in my place at one time.  Little does she know how nice it was to hear that.  I didn't even react when the lady behind me in the checkout line was giving my child dirty looks as she tried to get a beer can out of the box.

And when we got home Madeline decided to take off her diaper and pee on the carpet (just thought I'd share that little tidbit to bring things back down to earth :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Please excuse my blogging absence.  We decided to switch internet service providers and were without internet for over a week.  Somehow I survived. 

Anywhoo, the little mouth from the south has been at it again:
This evening she was squatting and saying, "Eeeee.  Oooooh.  Eeee" like she was trying to go to the bathroom. 
Me: "Madeline, what are you doing?"
Madeline: "I'm growing!"

Here's one with a little Catholic humor:
Jon usually puts Madeline to bed but the other night it was my turn.  She is very serious about her nighttime prayer routine which goes in this order: The Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and it ends with a special one that we say to pray for other people.  Apparently I did something something wrong because she starts saying, "No mommy, Jesus God." Halfway through the Hail Mary she's yelling, "Jesus God Mommy!"  It took me a minute to figure it out, but I forgot to do the sign of the cross at the beginning.  Oops.  We continue on with prayers and get to our special one.  We pray for Mommy, Daddy, Madeline, Andrew and Fergie and then ask Maddie who else she wants to add.  She always says Niki and Peter first, then usually names her grandparents, aunts and uncles.  On this particular night she said Niki and Peter, then pauses.  After some thought she adds Emily (Aimee's best friend) and Gabe (Aimee's ex boyfriend).  And no one else.  Little Stinker!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy 4 Months Andrew!

  • Stats: Height - 24 inches (20%); Weight - 15 lbs 11 oz (70%); Head - 15.5 inches (3%)
  • He's wearing a size 2 diaper and 6 month clothes
  • He eats every 2-3 hours during the day
  • He is still sleeping though the night, from about 8:30 - 6:30.   I'll have to put his pacifier in his mouth a few times during the night, so I'm using that to justify why he's still sleeping in our room. 
  • I've tried moving him to the sleep sack, but he still prefers the miracle blanket even though he's too big for it.
  • We are getting much better with naps and a schedule.  In the morning, he naps around 8 or 8:30 for about an hour, cat naps around lunch time, will take another good nap in the afternoon, and cat nap again around 5:30.
  • He is just so cuddly and loveable.  I could snuggle with him all day long!
  • The boy is ALL about his hands.  He loves to constantly  munch on them and anything else he can get to his mouth.
  • Whenever I give him kisses he opens his mouth like he wants to kiss me back.
  • He loves looking at himself in the mirror, and smiles like he knows how cute he is!
  • He's having fun with small infant toys.  His favorite toys are Sophie and a round ball with holes in it that's easy for him to hold.
  • When laying on his back, he can scoot around quite a bit by getting his legs under his back and pushing out.  He's moved up to 3 feet from where I originally put him down. 
  • He is no longer a fan of his bouncy seat, and will try to push his legs up to get out of it.
  • He loves sitting up in his bumbo and it's really helping with his head control.  We have a tray for it that we'll put toys on and he likes to knock the toys off of it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

We spent Mother's Day in Bryan this year.  The entire Kleckley crew was in town for Mark's graduation (more on that in another post) so it worked out well.  Sunday morning we went to Mass and headed to campus to take a big Kleckley family picture under the giant Aggie Ring.  I don't have a copy of one, but here's one of us:
(Yes, my hair is 6 inches shorter and way too dark.  The summer tan should have come before the hair color. Oh well)
After pictures Jon's parents to the kids back to their house and some of us went to tour the renovated MSC.  

While on our tour, Mark decided to take us through some restricted areas.  We may or may not have stumbled across the Regents' wing.  I had no idea this existed in the MSC.  The rooms looked  incredibly ornate and expensive, with very high ceilings.  This was the hallway... the only good pic I got.  We saw the giant boardroom and dining room which reminded me of something that would be in a small castle.

After Mark's totally unapproved by Texas A&M but way fun for us tour, we headed back to the Kleckleys for lunch.  After we ate the boys installed a new ceiling fan in the kitchen for their mom.  It took them TWO hours. 

This picture cracks me up.  Ben looks bored out of his mind holding the light, the fan unit sitting on Jon's head while Paul attaches wires, and Mark (the tallest of them all) is observing the operation.  It was quite amusing.  After the fan debacle we headed back home. 

My wonderful husband unpacked everything, sorted clothes and started laundry (God bless you, Mother's Day).  I (more like Madeline) got to open a few presents.  Jon went shopping on his own (no help from my sisters!) and picked out some cute clothes and shoes for me.  They also made this shirt, which he does with the offspring every year.  I just love it and want to make a t-shirt quilt with them one day.  Jon - You better make these kids do this when they are teenagers.  You might have to utilize the back of the shirt by then. 

Being a mom is hard.  Really hard.  But it's also so much fun and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I've never been so exhausted, grateful, frustrated or happy in my entire life (And sometimes all of these at once.  I have issues.)  I might not get a paycheck every week, but the hugs, kisses, snuggles and watching these two grow and change make it all worth it! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Entertainment

In honor of Mother's Day weekend, I thought I'd share some funny "mommy" related things I've found on Pinterest:

(You might have to click on this to read everything, but it's SO true!)

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Madeline wanted her toes painted, so we painted them.  As soon as I was finished she said, "mommy, foot green."  She wanted the toe seperators that I use when I paint my toes (which happen to be green).  I pull them out and ask if that's what she wanted.  My child responds "I'll give it a shot."

I seriously need to pay more attention to Sesame Street.  I'm not sure where this child comes up with these things, especially after she called a flashlight a magnifying glass.  I don't think I could say that word until I was in kindergarden. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I saw this on another blog and thought it was a funny idea.  Besides, a blog about "we did bla bla bla today and my life is perfect" is pretty boring.  No one wants to read that!  So here we first edition of confessions.  I'm sure there will be plenty more in the future.
  • I bought Madeline's Easter candy 2 weeks in advance and ate it all before Easter.  Jon was not happy that I had not mentioned my, I mean Madeline's, secret stash.  I had to run and buy some a few days before and hide it from myself. 
  • Occasionally when Madeline wakes up from her nap I forget to change her diaper and don't realize it until dinner time.
  • Since I've had Andrew I now like Chardonnay and peas.  Not really a confession, but to me it's just weird!  I've always disliked both.
  • The other day I was getting Madeline dressed.  I put khaki shorts on her and she started screaming that they were too tight and grabbing the crotch on them.  A toddler vs. mother argument followed.  I gave in and told her to go upstairs and pick out her own clothes.  I then look at the shorts and realize I was trying to put Andrew's 6 month shorts on her.  The sad part was the waist actually fit her.  She came downstairs with a dress (smart child)
  • My baby boy still doesn't have a nursery.  He has a room that's painted a lovely color with a closet full of decor, but the room itself currently looks like Hobby Lobby threw up.  I'm scrambling to get baby books/scrapbooks etc. finished before they get banished to my five year project plan (Digression: When Jon and I got married he wanted a scrapbook from our first year of marriage.  He got it on our 5th Anniversary.  I also have a box of stuff from when my in-laws won Texas A&M parents of the year in 2008 that needs to be scrapbooked.  See?  Not kidding about the 5 year plan.  On the flip side, project ideas I find on Pinterest somehow must take priority over everything else in my life.  Wait until you see Madeline's big girl headboard.  There's a reason my house is a mess right now.)
  • If Andrew is asleep when we get home from running errands, I move his car seat to the foyer of our house and let him sleep until he wakes up.  This happens at least 4 times a week and has lasted over an hour before. 
  • It makes me C.R.A.Z.Y. when people go to check out at the store and wait until the cashier gives them their total before they start digging in their purse or pockets for their wallet.  You know you have to pay for the stuff, so pull out your wallet and be prepared! 

And finally, this one is for my hardworking husband who now gets these blog posts immediately via email after I post them:

I've been sitting in a chair for 45 minutes creepin' on other blogs and looking at MLS listings online, not because we are moving, but because I don't want to fold clothes or entertain my child who just spent 5.5 hrs at school.
(she's just SO happy watching Sesame Street...why would I want to interrrupt that? :)

There.  I feel better.  Your turn!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This afternoon Andrew was being fussy in his bouncy seat.  Madeline walks over to him, points her finger in his face and says, "Stop crying.  You have no reason to cry."

She was playing with her toys earlier and I overheard her saying, "Don't be ridiculous."

The other night I went out with my friends.  Jon said she was walking around the house saying, "I lost my mommy."

A few current favorites: "Oh, sure!"  (whenever I ask if she wants to do something); "This is going to be great." (On the way to school, going to my parents' house, seeing the cows in Bryan, going outside, etc);