Monday, September 24, 2012


I love, love, love this time of year.  Cooler temps (sort of), fall decor and the return of FOOTBALL!!  Fantasy Football is in full swing.  After winning 3rd place and 2nd in previous years, my Pink Flamingos are 3-0...and that's after I had the last pick in our draft.  It must be my mad skills.  I also joined another league run by my friend Sara and her husband.  The Pink Flamingos are 2-1 in this league so we have some work to do.

Anywhoo, this fall has brought on a new, exciting tradition for us: Kleckley family tailgating at Texas A&M football games.  Since nothing with the word "Kleckley" is done on a small scale, Luke built a super trailer for tailgating use.
Gig Em'!

It has a BBQ pit, smoker, two gas burners, a wok, sink with running water (thanks to a water tank), storage bin, satellite for the TV and four 40-ft flag poles.  If anyone wants to stop by we're in the grass by Reed Arena facing the Rec. 
Luke was interviewed by Fox Sports Southwest.
Some people bring their dogs out to tailgate.  Others bring their pet goat.  It even did tricks! 
This year we have NFL Sunday ticket, so we were very excited to watch the New Orleans Saints play on Sunday.
Unfortunately the Saints played a terrible, long game filled with too many controversial calls (replacement refs = ugh).  The Saints are now 0-3, but we'll keep watching and keep our hopes up!  God Bless football season!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


September, October and March are a very busy time for our families.  Between the 18 of us, 11 of the birthdays fall in these 3 months!

Last weekend we went to Bryan to celebrate Kenneth and Jordan's birthdays. 

Before church: Boys in Ralph Lauren

Girls in stripes
After church we all went to the driving range!  My parents came into town to join the fun so Madeline got her first golf lesson from Poppy.  She was more interested in picking up the golf balls than learning proper golf techniques.

Our dads

The three boys were all wearing yellow Ralph Lauren.  Time to branch out a little, guys. :)

Madeline was instructing Papa K on how to give her baby a bottle. 

No trip to Bryan is complete without a visit to the cows.  

Andrew was staring them down.

"You better not touch me, Mr. Cow"

My daddy and I :)

I have no pics of birthday gathering #2, but yesterday was my sister in law Niki's birthday.  I felt special because we got to have lunch and dinner together. For dinner the entire fam (minus Aimee) had a chill dinner at New York Pizza then back to my house for cookie cake and presents.  It was Maria's boyfriend Ryan's birthday the day before Niki's, so we had a double celebration! Whew!  All these birthdays are so much fun!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy 8 Months Andrew!

  • He weighs 20 pounds and wears 12/12-18 month clothes
  • He's wearing size 5 diapers...same size as Madeline!
  • This month we transitioned him to formula (Similac).  He gets SO excited when he sees his bottles and is taking them like a champ.  He takes five 6 oz bottles a day.
  • I feel like in the past month he's really moved past being an infant and started to do "big boy" things
  • He still has the same baby food routine (breakfast-2 oz of fruit with oatmeal, lunch-2 oz of veggies with rice cereal, dinner -2 oz of each).  After each meal I try to give him some sort of finger food to work on feeding himself.  He loves feeding himself bananas, pieces of bread, mum mums, black beans and puffs.  He has trouble with the veggies but we're working on it.  So far he's not too fond of yogurt melts (unlike his sister who could devour half a bag in one sitting).
  • He sleeps from 8pm-6:30 am, sleeping mostly through the night. 
  • He naps from 8:30-10 am, and 1-2:30 pm.
  • He can drink out of sippy cups and prefers ones with straws
  • After months of chewing his hands and swollen gums, his lower left tooth finally came in!  It looks like the other bottom tooth will follow shortly.
  • When playing on the floor he likes to do planks...strong kid!  He can finally roll from his tummy to back, and scoots around on his tummy.
  • He's in the beginning stages of crawling.  He'll get up on all fours and move a couple times.
  • He says DaDa and BaBa, although I don't think he knows what he's saying yet
  • He likes riding in the wagon and cozy coupe
  • Andrew and Madeline have started to play together, and by play I mean Madeline knocks him down, lays on top of him, sits on him, and tries to push him when he's laying on the floor because in her words "he needs to move."  Its hard to stop it all because he thinks it's all hilarious and laughs.
  • He is still SUCH a happy, sweet, lovable boy.  He'll let anyone hold him and loves smiling at people when we're out and about.
  • His favorite toys are Sophie, the Little People Zoo with animals and any toy that makes a noise.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jamie and Luke's Wedding

Last weekend we went to Austin to celebrate the wedding of Maria's best friend, Jamie, and her husband Luke.  It was also Madeline's flower girl debut.  The weekend was so much fun and the kiddos did great living out of a hotel room for the weekend.  Madeline was especially excited to ride the "alligator" (elevator).  She also felt the need to greet everyone in her presence: people in the hotel/elevator/doorman/waiter/wedding guests, etc.  She would stick out her hand and say, "Hi guys, I'm Madeline. This is so much fun!"

Our hotel overlooked the famous Congress Ave/Bat Bridge in Austin.

Andrew liked his view.

Rehearsal Dinner at Perry's

Keepin' it classy: Wheeling a cooler between hotels.  Yes, it's pink.

Even classier: Having your toddler push the cooler through the Four Seasons Hotel

Love, love, LOVE this picture!  I can't wait to see the professional one!

Taking a picture break with the ring bearer

BFFs Maria, Jamie, and Emily with Madeline

The ceremony was outside at the Four Seasons.  So pretty!

Throwing flowers in one big throw

After she threw them all she said, "My flowers!"

She wanted to pick them all up, but the ring bearer turned around and said, "Come on!"  


The arrangements were gorgeous! You can tell how big they care compared to Peter sitting in the chair.

Family pic minus Andrew.  Niki's good friend babysat him Friday and Saturday night at our hotel.  Thank you, Christy!!

She waited very patiently for her turn to dance.  Once she hit the dance floor she didn't get off.  Jon had to drag her off when it was time to leave.  I'm glad that she inherited the Noto family trait of being a dancing queen at weddings.

We were so happy Aunt Aimee flew in from Baton Rouge!

She loved dancing with the big girls!
Sib pic

Sororities represent, unless you're my mom or sister, then make a weird face and laugh at the rest of us.
Maria caught the bouquet.  

Congrats Jamie and Luke!  The wedding was beautiful and SO much fun!!