Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Activities

We've been keeping busy with Christmas activities and lots of cute pictures in front of the tree!
At the beginning of the month Madeline made a trip to Bryan.  She decorated a gingerbread house, went to Santa's Wonderland (where she played in the "snow"), and went to a Christmas party at St. Joseph's Church.

This was the third year that we went to Lights in the Heights.  My friend Arielle hosts a party every year and it's always so much fun!  I didn't take any pics, but both kids had a blast...especially Andrew.  We brought the wagon and he was dancing and clapping along to the music.
We had a surprisingly successful trip to see Santa.  Andrew loved him, kept laughing and wanting to pull off his hat.  We did have a slight misunderstanding...When we got in the car, Madeline started crying.  I asked what was wrong, and she said she thought she was supposed to get presents from Santa.  We had to explain that Santa comes on Christmas Day/Jesus' Birthday. 

Last weekend we hosted the 3rd Annual Christmas Party for our play group friends.  The kids wore matching reindeer shirts that Granny made.

Valerie's dad/Santa made another appearance this year!

Monday was Madeline's Christmas Party at school.  We took some pictures before she left because I knew she'd be a mess (and on a sugar high) by the time she came home.

 Opening class presents

Yesterday we took the kids to Breakfast with Santa at the Country Club by my parents' house.  We had another misunderstanding when we told her we were going to eat breakfast with Santa.  When Madeline kept asking how we were getting there, I realized she thought we were going to the North Pole!  We had to explain that Santa was coming to Texas to see us.  All of this extending the truth is wearing me out.
So handsome.
The buffet was set at kids' height.  So cute!
 Ice cream for breakfast?  Sure, why not?

Playing games outside

Seriously, what almost one year old loves Santa this much?  Andrew could hardly contain his excitement, and he doesn't even understand that Santa usually comes with presents!  And yes, I realize this Santa looks creepy.  He was actually very nice but doesn't look too excited in this picture.

 I think we've crammed more activities into the last 3 weeks than we did the first half of the year.  Luckily the kids are having fun!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy 11 Months Andrew!

  • He weighs 22 lbs 5 oz (85%) and is 29.5 inches long (80%)
  • He wears size 5 diapers and 12/18 month clothes
  • He takes sippy cups with formula with breakfast, lunch and dinner and bottles after his morning   nap and at night.
  • He's been eating really well, especially turkey, pasta, peaches and pears.  I also started giving him cheese.  He's not a fan of peas, strawberries or cantaloupe.
  • He sleeps from 8pm until 6:30/7am.  Hopefully this "sleeping in" habit continues.  We were not fans of a 6 am wakeup time!  He still naps for an hour in the morning and 1/1.5 hrs in the afternoon.
  • He cries at the sight of his stroller but gets so excited when he sees a shopping cart.  He loves to ride in carts.
  • He likes to play peek-a-boo
  • With all the Christmas music, he's really perfecting his dancing skills.  When we're in a store playing music, he'll rock from side to side and clap.  It's super cute.
  • The squealing: Oh my goodness!  I think it's his way of communicating, mainly with his sister.  They love to squeal back and forth then laugh at each other.
  •  I know I said it last month, but seriously, the child is into everything.  As soon as he discovers something makes noise (throwing things on the floor, banging on something) he'll do it repeatedly until we stop him.
  •  When we say, "Are you a sweet boy?" or  "night night" he'll put his head on our shoulder.  He knows he's being cute.
  • He can wave bye bye
  • His favorite toys are books (he'll sit and flip through them), the cozy coupe and little people play sets.

  • Tuesday, December 18, 2012

    WWE: Kleckley Edition

    For the most part, Madeline and Andrew play very well together, unless he's trying to steal her toys, which results in meltdowns of epic proportions on both ends.  One thing they love to do is tackle each other.  All the time.  I used to stop it, but they both think it's hilarious, until Andrew pulls her hair.  The kid has a grip.  He'll pounce on her out nowhere and attack.

    Example:  The other morning I wanted to take pictures of them being cute in their Christmas PJ's.  Not quite the results I was expecting, but at least they love each other.

    Saturday, December 15, 2012

    Madeline's Birthday

    Madeline's birthday was on a Tuesday, so Sunday night we make cupcakes to bring to her class on Monday.  She requested pink princess cupcakes.

    (Don't worry...all the cupcakes after this were left at our house)

    The birthday girl was up bright and early, and was excited to open her presents.

    We got her a dollhouse.  She's been playing with it so much since her birthday and loves to set up the "little people and their things."
    Most of her friends are free on Tuesday afternoons so we had her party on her actual birthday.  At Madeline's request, she had an "Ariel the Mermaid" party at Lone Star Bounce Town. 
    Having the party on a weekday was a great decision.  We practically had the place to ourselves and the kids had so much fun running everywhere.


    The pizza was running late and the kids were starving.  They were like pigeons and devoured a bag of cheetos.

    Singing "Happy Birthday" to herself

    After the party our families came back to our house.  This is Madeline and her Godmother Weasel (I don't think I've ever heard her call her Maria! haha)
     Overall, I think she had a very fun birthday!  She likes to ask, "Who's birthday is next?"  I told her it was going to be Jesus' birthday on Christmas.  She said, "Jesus' birthday?  It's going to be so much fun!"  I can only wonder what that looks like in the imagination of a three year old. :)