Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sarah's Bachelorette Party

My friend from college, Sarah, is getting married in a few weeks!  We met as Thetas, and I couldn't be happier for her and soon-to-be husband, Scott.  At the beginning of the month her Bachelorette Party was held in Houston. 

Friday night we met at the Magnolia Hotel downtown for drinks.  After drinks we had dinner at Hugo's.  I had never been there, and the food was fab: Mexican food without feeling like another Lupe's/Gringos/On the Border meal.  And the chairs were huge...perfect for those who are taller than average.  I see a Kleckley dinner here in the near future.  (No pics. I was lazy that night and more focused on drinking a margarita and catching up with my friends.)

On Saturday we had a spa day at Bliss Day Spa near Rice Military.  It was a fun place for any girly gathering! 

 Sarah had quite the group!  Friends from childhood, high school, college and work friends.
Theta friends: I have so much fun with these girls.  We had lots of laughs that weekend!
Although the fun bachelorette weekend continued, I had other obligations that weekend and had to miss the rest.  'Tis the season for birthdays, various showers and WEDDINGS!! 

Monday, March 25, 2013


Here are some of the things we've been up to:

September/October and March are super birthday months for our families.  Madeline is constantly asking, "Who's birthday is next?"  The Kleckley clan met for Mexican food to celebrate Gerilyn, Mark and Paul's birthdays.  The next weekend Gerilyn hosted an extended birthday celebration by having a murder mystery dinner party in Bryan.  Everyone dressed up in 30's/Mafia attire and it was so much fun.  That weekend we also drove to Grapeland, TX to celebrate Jon's Grandma's 89th birthday.  Someone had the neatest idea, to release 89 balloons to honor her!  We also celebrated my dad's birthday with a party at their house in League City.  Up next is Jon's 31st birthday. Yikes!! :)

Playing Outside
I am LOVING this March weather!  A perfect mix of cool, warm, and sunny days.  The kids have been enjoying lots of park and backyard time.

This was Madeline playing "Ring Around the Rosie" with some of her friends.  It was one of those storybook moments that you picture before having kids, of what having kids would be like.  It was so sweet.
We cleaned out the flower beds and planted new flowers.  My goal this year is to keep them alive.  Madeline likes to help water them, and Andrew like running in the hose and getting wet.

House Updates
We decided it's time to put some updates into our house.  We're in the process of re-doing the kitchen, which left us without water in the kitchen sink for 10 days .  The whole process has been a reminder to Jon and I that we could never move into a house that needed to be completely redone.  I am tired of going to Home Depot and bumming around the house waiting for contractors.  First World problems.  With that being said, it certainly is fun once everything is finished. :)

Who, me? hahahahaha.  (Well, I am doing a squat challenge that will have me doing 325/day by the time we take our trip to Mexico.  But that madness is for another post.) 

 Last Sunday Jon ran in a half marathon.  I will never understand how people consider these things "fun".  Probably because I'm jealous that I can't run. My idea of fun is sitting on the beach with a frozen drink in my hand.  Too bad there aren't any competitions for that.

Anywhoo, I was super proud of him for finishing third in his age group!  Madeline was so cute, giving him high fives along the way.  It was a looped course so we were able to see him quite a bit.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Houston Rodeo

I love, love, LOVE Rodeo time in Houston!  This year we only made it twice (boo): once with the kids to the Livestock Show, and once without the kids to the actual Rodeo.

Thank you, Granny for making the super cute shirts!

Madeline and our friend Brock

Andrew loved the bus ride!
There were lots of animals at the petting zoo, but Andrew wouldn't take his eyes off the Llama.

Madeline enjoyed brushing the animals.

Our friend Brody happened to be at the Livestock Show practicing his Mutton Bustin' for his big debut at the Rodeo the next evening.

When the rodeo lineup first came out, I knew immediately who I wanted to see: Pitbull.  Luckily my parents, Maria and her boyfriend Ryan felt the same way, so the 6 of us went to see Mr. Worldwide.
Surprised?  Don't judge.  I'd much rather go to a concert where I can dance in my seat (like the year we saw the Black Eyed Peas) rather than fall asleep out of boredom (like the year we saw Lady Antebellum).  I don't know where I get it from (ahem...)

Call me ghetto, but I thought the Pitbull concert was AWESOME!!  Although Pitbull is better known for his collaborations, he only sang a minute of each of his "radio" songs.  Most of the concert would could be better described as dance music in Spanish and it was SO fun (even though we couldn't understand anything).  I'll definitely be downloading more of his traditional music.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

14 Months

  • He weighs 24 lbs, wears a size 5 diaper, 18 month clothes and size 4.5 shoe
  • He sleeps from 7:30 pm-7 am (thank you, time change!)  Naps are 1 hr in the morning and 2 hrs in the afternoon
  •  This kid can eat.  I serve him twice as much food as Madeline for every meal.  She never finishes and he always wants seconds.  He's still not a fan of most veggies, but loves meat, cheese, beans, bananas and his "mo" (milk).
  •  He's become quite the little stinker this month.  If he sees an open door, he must go on the other side of the door to shut it, then starts squealing because he's so proud of himself.  He's locked himself in the laundry room, pantry, bathroom, bedrooms and closets.
  •  If I tell him it's time to change his diaper he'll run away from me, squealing because he thinks it's funny. 
  •  He likes to hide behind curtains
  • When he wants to be held he'll walk up to me with his arms down and palms up.  It's so sweet.
  •  He got tooth #5 (bottom left)
  •  He'll let anyone hold him, but if I'm in the room he's a total mama's boy
  •  He waves bye bye and blows kisses to people when we're out shopping
  •  He loves to be outside.  If we open the back door and don't let him out, he starts crying.
  •  It looks like we are on the verge of entering the "temper tantrum" stage.  He screams if he doesn't get something he wants.
  •  He says "ni ni" (night night), mama, dada, "mo" (milk) and "duh" (dog)
  •  He can point to his, eyes, nose, hair and teeth.
  • He thinks our hall bathroom is the most entertaining place to be.  If we accidentally leave the door open, he'll slam the toilet lid up and down, flush the toilet, and unroll the toilet paper by the time we realize he's in there (because he'll always close the door after he goes in there...haha)
  • His favorite toys are books, the cozy coupe, the Laugh n' Learn puppy and banging on anything that makes noise.

  • Wednesday, March 20, 2013

    Tidbits from Social Media

    Oh, social media.  How did a person waste time before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?  I'll admit to loving all three.  I'm not a very patient person, and I love the stream of "on demand" news (I'm a major news junkie) and other important information, like what Johnny Football is doing for Spring Break.  Here are a few of the more inspirational and funny things I've come across lately.  Thank you, iPhone.  This could never have been accomplished with a Motorola Razr.  Anywhoo, here are some of my faves:

    Thought provoking.

    SO. TRUE.

    Another good one.

     For those who think a stay at home mom does nothing.  I love the part that mentions a 94.7 hour work week. 

    I sent this one to my husband, whose immediate response was that the article was probably written by a woman.  I will refrain from sharing the not nice responses that were brewing in my head.
    Last, but probably the most important, here is the final tweet from Pope Benedict XVI...
    ...and the first tweet from Pope Francis. 

    I've read tons on the new Pope this past week (seriously, I think I've read 870878 articles on him) and I must say he is truly inspirational.  He is such an example of humility, and has given us quite a bit to think about.  I was on board with everything until he mentioned at his installation Mass that we should  "protect the environment."  Does that mean I have to start using my recycle bin for its rightful purpose rather than a place to store beach toys?

    Wednesday, March 13, 2013


    I took Madeline into Macy's with me.  As we passed the various mannequins, she would say, "Look at all the girls!"  We passed the lingerie department and Madeline says, "Mommy, she's wearing big girl panties just like me!"

    She's been calling people her "customers".  We had contractors working on our kitchen today, and when they left she said, "Where did my customers go?"  She also said the same thing about kids at the park and her friends. 

    "Mommy, you're my best girl."

    "I love my leg! It's my favorite!"

    When she's mad at me, she says this with a pouty lip: "Mommy, that's not unbelievable." (makes no sense)

    My parents took a trip to New Mexico.  This was my mom and Madeline's phone conversation:
    GiGi: "I wish you could see all the snow!"
    Madeline: "But GiGi, it's not Christmas. It's Valentines Day."
    GiGi: "I just saw a deer."
    Madeline: "A reindeer? Did you see Santa Santa Claus?"

    Tuesday, March 5, 2013

    Andrew's First Haircut

    Our not so little man got his first haircut!  He was an absolute angel and seemed entertained by the process.

    I could seriously eat those cheeks.  They get 154060 kisses a day!



    After: You can't really tell in this picture, but he looks like such a big boy now!

    Monday, March 4, 2013


    After picking Madeline up from school last Monday, I was suprised to see Jon had come home.  When I asked why he was home, he said he had scheduled me an appointment to get a massage by the Galleria and I had to leave.   Me: Um, ok.  If you insist. (as I bolt out the door).

    After the massage I looked out in the parking lot and saw his truck, which I had driven, gone.  I immediately knew this was a set up and texted him as he drove back to pick me up.  My surprise was a mini stay-cation: 24 hours without the little people!  Woo hoo!  Don't get me wrong: I love my kids and being a stay at home mom, but it can get very monotonus.  A few weeks ago there might have been a mild tantrum thrown by yours truly about how I felt the walls in my house were closing in, and how I couldn't run any errands without being covered in graham cracker crumbs.  I guess he got the hint that I needed a little break, athough I wasn't expecting this!

    We stayed at the Omni near the Galleria.  It has an awesome pool area...great for the summer, otherwise known as April-October in this town.  On the way to dinner I snapped this pic (which was way cooler in person) at the corner of Westheimer and Post Oak. Look right below the stop lights.  The white circle is a full moon.
    For dinner we went to eat at Mark's.  For non-Houstonians, Mark's is a restaurant located in an old church.  We've been wanting to go, and it was fun to go somewhere fancy on a random Monday night.  The food was amazing and totally worth all the hype.

    On Tuesday morning I got to spend all day SHOPPING! By MYSELF!!  I got more shopping and errands done in that one day than I have in the past three months.  A huge thank you to my wonderful husband and mother in law (who watched the kids) for scheming so I could have a nice little stay-cation!