Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Trip to Isla Mujeres: Lindsay and Mel's Wedding

Two weeks ago Jon and I made the trip to Isla Mujeres (an island off of Cancun) for Lindsay and Mel's wedding.  My parents and Maria also went and we had a blast.  First, a background story on the couple.  It's long, but one of my favorite "how we met" stories.

Mel and his twin brother Jerry grew up behind my parents' house.  They are two years older than me, and were some of those "cute baseball boys" in high school.  My bedroom window overlooked their backyard, and when the twins and their friends would be in the backyard, I would call my best friends Kelly and Stephanie over.  We would peek through my window and spy on them.  Yes, we were creepers.   The twins eventually bought their parents' house, and still live behind my mom and dad.  When Jon first met them, the first thing he said was "Oh, you're the guys my wife used to spy on." True story.  Embarrassing. 

Lindsay grew up around the corner from us.  She also happens to be my best friend Kelly's little sister.  Follow that?  If you did, it's a pretty funny and ironic story.  Even better is how Mel and Lindsay first met.  Hurricane Ike blew down the back fence that separates my parents' house from Mel's.  While the fence was down, my parents had many BBQs and gatherings with Mel, his twin brother, and the neighbors, including Lindsay.  When they rebuilt the fence they included a gate to go back and forth between the houses because everyone was hanging out so much.  Now 4 1/2 years later, my BFF's little sister marries the boy we spied on in high school.  Fun stuff.

ANYWHOO.....to the trip...

We flew into Cancun and took a ferry to Isla Mujeres.  The water was beautiful!
The island itself is small... 1/2 mile x 5 miles.   It kind of reminded me of a Mexican version of the French Quarter, except it smelled better and had a nice beach. :)  The resort was a great size.  There were over 100 people there for the wedding, and you never had to look far for someone in the group.  You basically had three options: pool, bar or beach.  Most of my three days looked like this.
Friday night was the rehearsal dinner.  We (as in all 100 wedding guests) met at one restaurant for drinks and appetizers, and were then led by a mariachi band to another restaurant for dinner.

I think four of us shared this drink.

Maria, Big Mel (father of the groom and the ultimate party animal), and Dad

Kelly's daughter, Brooke

Kelly asked for a high chair for Jack and this is what she got.  It didn't last long.

Homemade tortillas for 100 people!

Mel and Lindsay

Mariachi Band...These guys played for almost 3 hours.

As favors we all got hats that said "Isla Mujeres: Nowhere to Run." haha

Hidalgo Street

On Saturday we went on a snorkeling trip.  We went to three different places around the island.  I wish I had an underwater camera, because the fish were so pretty.  We also saw an underwater museum (statues under water), squid and a bunch of barracudas.

This house is located on a small peninsula that's now protected from further development.  It's owned by the Mexican beer mogul who distributes Corona, Tecate and Dos Equis.  

One of the stops had a sea turtle farm.
 We also held a shark.  Pretty cool.  It was a nurse shark so it had no teeth.
 After snorkeling our group had a BBQ fish lunch.  They literally catch a fish, slice it in half and put it on the grill. 

It was all good until my mom tried to eat this.  Oops.
The wedding was Saturday night.

 Pre-wedding cocktails.  Perk #154084 of having a beach wedding: drinking during the ceremony is encouraged.


Becky (Lindsay's sister) and Jerry (Mel's twin)

Jack carried a sign that said, "Uncle Mel, here comes your bride."

Sunset (and a little sunburned)

Pops and I
BFFs for 22 years!
This is where the pretty pictures end.  Let's just say there was lots of dancing in 80 degree weather followed by a late night out on Hidalgo street.  We (as in over half of the wedding guests) took over a bar.  Jon and I left around 1:30 am and the place was still packed.  It was the latest I have stayed up by choice in a LONG time.
On Sunday we rented golf carts and drove around the island.  Golf carts seemed to be a more popular form of transportation than cars.
Drive through liquor store/snack shop

 Gorgeous views

Someone was zip-lining across the water.

There was a beautiful Catholic church overlooking the water. Downside: No air conditioning.

Sunday night we went to a Thai restaurant at the hotel...
...and then to Mass with the locals.  One thing (amongst many) that I love about the Catholic church is that no matter where you go, in whatever language, you can always follow along and feel at home.
One last walk down Hidalgo Street
Overall we had a wonderful trip.  I highly suggest Isla Mujeres for anyone looking for a fun, quick and super pretty getaway!
Now, for the munchkins...a BIG, HUGE thank you to Granny and Papa K for taking care of our babies while we were gone!  When we picked them up Madeline said, "Mommy, can I go back to Granny's house?"  We were obviously not missed very much.  They kept very busy!

Madeline's new baby cow that she named Minnie.  She said the mom's name is Daisy.