Friday, May 31, 2013

Worst End of School Year Mom Ever

Today was Madeline's last day of school (more on that later).  Having only one child in school (Mother's Day Out, not even "real" school), I still love all the little parties and celebrations that come along with it.  I know once she hits the big time (aka, elementary school) and I have multiple kids' activities to keep up with, my attitude might change.  Like Jen Hatmaker, a blogger I follow.  This article is a trip, and I can totally see myself having these same thoughts in the future.  Enjoy! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dance and Strawberries

Madeline had her last dance class through Pearland Parks and Rec.  Next year, she'll be going to a "real" dance studio.

On the last day of class they put on a little show and danced to "Lollipop."


Last week we made our annual trip to Froberg's to pick strawberries.

Love this one of Madeline and Aimee.
Blast from the past: We love going to Froberg's!

 This picture makes me laugh (and want to cry) because at that time in my life I felt exactly like I looked in this picture: completely exhausted, overloaded and overwhelmed.  
This year was much better and much more fun!  Last year Andrew was a floppy infant in the Bjorn and this year he was running around and picking/squishing strawberries.  These little kiddos are growing up way too fast.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Orleans

Two weeks ago Jon had to go to New Orleans for work, so the kids and I decided to tag along.  We hadn't been to New Orleans or seen our family since Thanksgiving so we were super excited to see everyone.  We stayed with my Aunt Julie, who is always such a great hostess and cook!  We love our Aunt JuJu!

Wednesday night some of our extended family came over for dinner: Crawfish stew.  Somehow the only picture I have of that night is my Uncle Brian pulling Meredith, Bella and Madeline in a wagon.  Haha.  Meredith was a good sport.
On Thursday I took the kids to the aquarium in downtown New Orleans. 

Madeline in front of all the "Nemos"
 Funny enough, their favorite part of the outing was feeding the birds.  At an Aquarium.  Whatever works. :)  They had a cute little outdoor area with tons of birds.  You could feed them by holding out a stick covered in birdseed, and the kids LOVED it.  The birds would land on our arms.  Madeline would scream and Andrew would try to smack the bird.  It was hilarious.

Thursday evening Jon, JuJu and I took the kids on a Streetcar ride.  They were in awe.

 After the streetcar ride we stopped at Sal's for a traditional Louisiana sno-ball, which is 702424 times better than a sno-cone! 
Friday was a pretty yucky day so we hung out at the house most of the morning.  For lunch we met my Paw Paw for lunch at Jaeger's for oyster po-boys and char-grilled oysters.

 Friday night my dad's side of the family came over to JuJu's house for crawfish, muffalettas and roast beef po-boys.  (Yes, everything revolves around food and it's awesome.  I would weigh twice as much as I do now if I lived there.) 
 The newest member of the family, baby Lucas!

Madeline and Cousin Bella

Cousin movie night.
We had a wonderful trip, and it was so great to see everyone! I love New Orleans and all of our extended family.  It makes me so happy that the kids are loving it too! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

16 Months

  • He weighs 25 lbs, wears a size 5 diaper, size 5 shoe, and 18/24 month clothes.
  • He's been sleeping from 7:30 pm to 6:30 am.  He (sometimes) naps for an hour in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon.
  • It's looking like I now have two picky eaters. Boo.  If I give him something he doesn't like, he'll throw it on the floor and say "no."  After he does this I've stopped giving him additional food, so I think he's catching on that it's not ok.  His favorites are bananas, milk, raisins, grapes and cheese.
  • He loves using the word "no", as in every time I speak to him.  Example: I'll say, "Andrew, let's get in the car" and he'll say "no" as he's running toward the garage.  My favorite is when I tell him it's time to eat.  He'll get very excited, say "no" and start running to his high chair.
  • He's added a few new words to his list of things he'll say but only Jon and I can understand.  When we hand him something, like his cup, he'll say "Thanks" but it sounds more like "tis".
  • He is starting to learn songs.  He likes "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" (and says row row) and "Old MacDonald", where he says "e i e i oh".  He'll say "moo" for the cow and "ack" for the duck but that's about it.  When we play "Wheels on the Bus" he'll turn in circles and bounce up and down.
  • Poor kid got three molars in one week this month, with a 104.5 fever to go with it.  He cried for hours, and it was the most inconsolable he has ever been, even as a newborn.  The only thing that would keep him quiet was singing Row Row or Old MacDonald.  Apparently Jesus Loves Me and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star do not work for teething toddlers.
  • Although he's not using words to communicate, his pointing skills are right on.  He'll point to what he wants, and squeal until I get what he's pointing at. 
  • He likes to squat and say "woah."  I'm not sure where this came from, other than when I was doing massive amounts of squats in preparation for our beach trip.  Maybe he's trying to hint that I should get back to it.
  • He LOVES to be outside, especially with anything that involves playing with water.  He also learned how to put a baseball on a tee, pick up a bat and swing at it.  He his the ball 25% of the time.
  • He thinks pulling Madeline's hair and messing up her elaborate play set ups is hilarious.  She, on the other hand, does not and asks why Andrew doesn't have to go to time out.
  • His favorite toys are books, big puzzles and little people sets.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

This is Fashion??

I am currently on a mad hunt to replace my trusty Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack/diaper bag/purse.  It has served me well for 16 months, but I am OVER it.  The kids need less "stuff" when we are out and about, and frankly I'm tired of whacking people in public with the backpack when I turn. (True story.  It happened today at Madeline's dance class.)

Anyway, rather than spending the kids' nap time doing something productive, I've been combing the Internet looking for a purse that's durable, not a weird color, cute/trendy, and has side pockets to hold sippy cups.  Really, I don't ask for much.  I was looking on and came across this.
A Kate Spade "pack a picnic" wristlet. It can be yours for $198!
kate spade new york 'pack a picnic' apple wristlet

Seriously??  Someone would pay $200 to carry a wicker apple around their wrist?  I don't claim to be "with it" by any means, but if I saw someone actually carrying this I think I'd pass out.  Besides, I'm sure it wouldn't hold more than one diaper and a snack trap with goldfish.  Wristlets resembling fruit will now go into my category of things I find majorly tacky, right under holiday themed lawn ornaments.

Not to be outdone, Dillards has this Mary Frances wristlet bag for $295.

At least this one has hand-laid beading. 

This Mary Frances lady must have quite the imagination.  I can't wait for New Year's Eve, where I can sport the Mary Frances On Ice clutch.  $295 in case you want one for yourself.

Do yourself a favor and search for "Mary Frances Purse" on Google images.  Let me give you some hints: an owl, peacock, watermellon, guitar, and my personal favorite, the golf clubs.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

We had a very nice and relaxing Mother's Day.  Jon and the kids let me sleep past 8 am.  I don't think I've slept that late in months, even on our vacation to Mexico. 

The dress Madeline is wearing in this picture was mine when I was her age.  I told her it was my dress when I was little, and thought she'd be excited to wear it.  Backfire.  She insisted it was "mommy's dress" and therefore did not want to wear it.  A meltdown followed and she refused to smile for pictures.  This is real life, people.

After an outfit change for Madeline I opened presents.  The kids colored me pictures, and Madeline even wrote out "Happy Mother's Day" by herself (with spelling help, of course).  Below is a picture of her showing us her drawing of "all of the colors."
My yearly hand print shirt.  Little man decided to finger paint instead.
They also bought me a sewing machine.  The crafty part of me wants to learn, but looking at one still gives me a panic attack. (Warning: Graphic story ahead)  I sewed my finger in a sewing machine when I was 10.  True story.  I was literally stuck to it.  My mom had to unscrew the needle from the machine, and we walked down to the neighbor's house (who was a nurse) and she yanked it out.  Needless to say, I have successfully avoided them until now.  It's time to overcome my 20 year fear and get over it.  Anywhoo....
We met my family and SIL Niki's family for 10 am Mass at St. Paul's.  After church we went back to my parents house for lunch and pool time, which was followed by crawfish for dinner.  Sleeping in, pool time and crawfish: My idea of the perfect day.

The role of a mother is hard.  Really hard.  When I get tired, frustrated, annoyed or all of the above, I have to remind myself that these little people need me.  After all, 30 years later I still need this lady!
Lucky for me, the good parts of being a mom far outweigh the bad.  Oh, how life has changed in 3.5 years.  These two little stinkers make me laugh and melt my heart.  I feel very blessed!