Monday, June 24, 2013


Madeline was 3 1/2 a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd write about some of the things I want to remember about her at this age.  I know it's long, so feel free to skip over it.  She just seems to grow so much each day, that I don't want to forget these little things!
  • She is ALL girl: pink, dresses, princesses galore.  She'll pick a dress over shorts/pants and refused to wear jeans during the winter.  She'd only wear jeggings. 
  • She sleeps from 8pm-6:45 am.  If she naps, it's usually for 1.5 hrs.
  • She wears size 4/5 tops and dresses, size 3/4 shorts (long torso, tiny waist) and 8 1/2 shoes. 
  • She sleeps with her lovey at night.  She sleeps like a rock, except on the rare occasion that she needs to use the restroom.  I think that's happened 5 times since she's been potty trained at night (December). 
  • She likes to eat cereal with peanut butter for breakfast (a habit picked up from Jon), a heart sandwich (pb&j cut with a heart shaped cookie cutter) and fruit for lunch and chicken with frozen peas for dinner.  Yes, frozen.  She likes her food cold, and won't touch anything that's even lukewarm.  She'll eat most kinds of fruit, but not cantaloupe.  She loves mexican food: soft tacos, chips, avocado and black beans.  Her favorite snacks are apples with peanut butter, peanut butter crackers and smoothies.
  • Her obsession with blueberries deserves a mention of it's own.  She has loved them since Andrew's age, and it continues to easily be her favorite food.  When they are in season (and cheap) she eats a pint each DAY on her own.  When they go out of season (and are ridiculously expensive) it takes two months for her to stop asking about them.
  • She's taken dance, swimming lessons and gymnastics, and enjoys it all.
  • She can dress herself, write her name, drinks from a cup with no lid, knows left from right, can count to fifty, knows her birthday and can write most letters.
  • In February she finally started to let me put her hair in a ponytail, although she still prefers to wear her hair "straight" (down with nothing in it).  She like to have her hair dried with a hair dryer, then says her hair is "yellow like Rapunzel". 
  • Sometimes she'll say, "Mommy, I'm a little sad. I need (blueberries, ice cream, milk, etc) to make me feel better."
  • We got her a clock that turns green when she can get out of bed in the mornings (she was waking up WAY too early).  She'll run into our room and say, "Mommy, I waited for the green light to come on!  I slept good!  I'm going to give you 5 hugs and 3 kisses" (or whatever number of each she decides to come up with).  If we ask her what she dreamed about, she'll say, "I dreamed about yoooouuuuu!  And lovey." 
  • Her favorite TV shows are Dora, Sofia the First, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi and anything on Disney Jr.
  • She loves the ipad.  Her favorite apps are PBS kids, Monkey Lunchbox and anything with princesses.
  • She talks non-stop.  I don't know where she gets that from (wink wink).  She has questions for everything.
  • She likes to tell us "Mom, you're my best girl." "Dad, you're my best boy." 
  • She loves to be on the go and always asks, "Where are we going next?  What are we doing after that?"
  • One of her favorite toys has been her Disney Princess castle that sings all of the princess songs.  As I mentioned in Andrew's post, Madeline guards the princesses with her life.  The funny part is she really doesn't watch the movies.  She knows the songs from the princess castle toy and stories from books (thank you Uncle Peter and Aunt Niki).  She loves to dress up in her princess costumes. 
  • Her other favorite toy is her dollhouse.  She likes to put the family around the table and have "parties".  She also likes to pile them in their car so they can go "tailgate in College Station." The dollhouse family came with an extra girl, which she named Samantha, after her best friend.
  • Sometimes it amazes me how her mind works.  For example: She's obsessed with the number 3 because she's three years old.  Therefore, she either has to have her turn (like going down the slide) either first or third.  She will not do anything second.  So if Andrew goes first, he must go second again so she can go third.  If she goes first, Andrew has to go second so she can go third.
Madeline is a firecracker, but she sure is a sweet girl!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

17 Months

I might be biased, but this is one cute little man.  He got a big boy haircut this month. 
  • Andrew weighs 25.5 lbs, is wearing 24 month clothes, some 2T tops, size 5 diaper and size 5 shoe
  • He sleeps from 8 pm-7 am.  His morning nap is getting dropped as a result of summer morning activities, which sometimes makes for a cranky boy, but he has been napping for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. 
  • He eats a banana with cheerios for breakfast, turkey/grapes/cheese/veggie chips for lunch and some sort of meat/pasta for dinner.  The kid is not a fan of veggies.  We can get him to eat sweet potatoes and sometimes avocado, but that's about it.  His favorite snack is raisins, and he still LOVES his milk.  
  • He is developing quite the attitude when he doesn't get his way.  Example: At the grocery store yesterday, he saw me put raisins in the cart and proceeded to scream and cry until we left the store because I wouldn't give it to him.   I was the mom with 'that' kid.  Oh well.  Definitely wasn't the first time and won't be the last.
  • His favorite show to watch is Bubble Guppies.  As soon as he's done eating breakfast, he'll start saying "Bub.  Bub. Bub."  I think he likes the show because there's lots of songs and he can dance to them.
  • He is doing so much better in the communication department.  He's pretty much mastered using yes/no correctly.  Instead of a simple "yes", he says "yahhh" in a high pitched voice.
  • He is also improving on word pronunciation.  He doesn't say many coherent things on his own (just a ton of squealing/yelling/grunting) but if we ask him to repeat something simple he can usually do it.  At swimming lessons they had a duck toy, and he reached for it and said "uck" on his own. 
  • He's having fun learning animals sounds, he knows a cow ("moo"), duck ("ack"), horse ("nay") and dog ("arf").  If you ask him any animal he doesn't know, he'll say "moo". 
  • He's in the process of getting four new teeth: bottom left molar, fourth little tooth on the bottom right, and little teeth on either side of his front teeth. 
  • He loves the pool, swimming and swimming lessons.
  • He loves to terrorize his sister by pulling her hair.  He'll pull her hair while saying no, then watch to see what I'll do.  I tell him to go sit in time out, then he'll walk over and sit in the corner. 
  • His nicknames include: little buddy, bud, and lovebug.
  • There is one major thing that will cause WW III in our house quicker than anything: Andrew stealing Madeline's little people princesses.  She carries them everywhere, eats with them, naps with them and is constantly playing with them.  On the rare occasion where she is not guarding them, Andrew will take as many as he can and run the other way as fast as he can, looking back to see if she noticed.  This is become a bigger problem since Andrew discovered that when you put the princesses in the proper place in the castle, they sing songs that he can dance to.  Prince Eric, the Beast, Aladdin and Prince Charming do not sing songs and therefore are not acceptable to my 17 month old son.  Time to break out more cars in this house.
  • He likes to take walks in the stroller and gets excited when he sees it.  Quite a change from  my other child, who ditched the stroller at 13 months.
  • His favorite toys are little people sets, books (especially with flaps) and the iPad.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Won't you be my neighbor, JJ?

I've been boring myself with blog posts lately.  Not to knock Father's Day or my children, but I seriously doubt that most of my readers are saying, "Oh, goodie!  I can't WAIT to see what Andrew's favorite food is this month!"  I love doing updates on my family to go back and relive those memories and times in my life.  However - I do enjoy writing the more off-the-wall posts when inspired. 

SO.  With that being said....

JJ Watt lives in my neighborhood.  Like, exactly 0.9 miles from my house.  Not that I drove it for accuracy or anything.
For those of you who don't keep up with professional football (my condolences), he is the best defensive player in the NFL.  He's kind of a big deal.

I learned this bit of a joy from the shoe guy at our local Macy's.  I gave him my drivers' license to order a pair of shoes and he says, "So, you live up in that Shadow Creek Ranch?" 
Me: "Um, yeah...." (thinking why does it matter)
Shoe Guy: "You know who else lives up in there?"  (UP in there? Seriously?)
Me: "Ummm..."
Shoe Guy: "JJ Watt, you know who that football guy is?"

So of course I come home and get to googling.  In my second life I'm going to be a private investigator. Seriously...ask my family.  I can find some stuff out. Sure enough, he lives around the corner.  Thank you, appraisal district, for your public records. :)  At first I assumed it was the gated part of our neighborhood with ginormous houses, but no.  A random, nice two story house that I can see whenever I stop at a stop sign on the way out of the neighborhood with a nice backyard that is viewable on my way home.  Not that I look or anything.  Or drive by his house.  That would just be creepy.  But there has been a new SUV in his driveway lately.  Someone must be getting a pay raise.  Or a girlfriend, which would be tragic to half the female population of Houston.

One of these days (when I may or may not be driving by his house) I'm hoping for a run in, where I will casually roll down my window and and wave like it's totally normal and thank him for being such an awesome football player, role model and charitable dude. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

We had a nice, relaxing and pool-dominated Father's Day.  The kids slept until 7:30, so we went to a different church for Mass, where Andrew proceeded to squeal like a pig for half of it.  Luckily this church is filled with kids, so he fit right in. 

After church we came home and (the kids) opened presents. 

Every Father's Day we make a garden stone with the kids' hand prints.  They love to look at them when we're outside playing. 

After presents we went to my parents' house for some pool time.  And by some, I mean Madeline was in the pool for FIVE hours.  The adults kept taking turns keeping her entertained.  Thank you to my sisters for taking shifts. :)  I do not know where the child gets her energy, but I am jealous!  Sunday evening we did a Father's Day "interview" with Madeline, where we asked her questions about her daddy.  Here were a few:
 Q: What is daddy's favorite thing to do? A: Go to work
 Q: What does daddy do for work? A: He makes money (yes, she said this..haha) 
Q: What is daddy's favorite food? A: Broccoli

The only other picture I took involves Madeline and Jon basking in the sun, but I promised to leave that one off the blog. Instead I will share these from Saturday:

Everytime Jon cuts the grass the kids love to watch him from the window.  On Saturday Madeline asked if they could sit outside and watch him, and that's what they did, completely fascinated.  They just love him so much.  Madeline asks daily (during the week): "Where is daddy my prince?  What is he doing today?"
I'm also especially thankful for my own dad, for being such a great role model, advisor, grandparent and all around good person!  Even though I'm "grown-up,"  I still appreciate him as much (and probably more) as I did when I was on his payroll (aka: living at home).  I'm also grateful to my father in law for helping raise such a great son, because he sure turned out to be a wonderful dad to his own kids.  We sure do have some keepers! :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


One morning after she woke up:
Madeline: "Mommy, where's daddy?"
Me: "He's at work."
Madeline: "Then who's going to be my prince?"

While putting Andrew to bed:
Madeline: "Good night little buddy." (sigh) "He's soooo cute."

Madeline: "Mommy, can we get a kitty?"
Me: "NO."
(10 minutes later)
Madeline: "Mommy, can we get a kitty at the store when we go to Louisiana?"

"When I grow up, I want to use knives!  Big knives!"(said with WAY too much enthusiasm)

(You might only get this one if you listen to Top 40 radio)
We were at a friends house and Madeline was playing nicely, when all of a sudden she looks up and says, "I. Don't. Care." in a sassy voice.  I started to correct her for the tone of voice she used, and then she says, "I love it!  I love it!" 

We've been working on the proper way to interrupt when she has something to say and adults are talking, by saying "excuse me".  If she notices me engaged in a spirited conversation with another adult, that she's not a part of, she yell "excuse me" until I acknowledge her.  When I finally say, "What Madeline?" She'll say, "I like rainbows."  EVERY time, it's "I like rainbows." I don't get it.

Aimee asks Madeline, "Who is your favorite Aunt?"  Madeline thought for awhile and says, "Hmmm, I think a ladybug."  She thought Aimee was asking for her favorite ant/bug.

At Jon's parents' house they have flag poles with the American, Texas and a Texas A&M flag.  Niki asks Madeline, "Can you tell me what flags those are?"  Madeline says, "An Aggie flag, one with stripes and one with a star."  Clearly her priorities are in order....right? :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Madeline's Last Week of School

Madeline's "official" last day of school was two Wednesdays ago, and that Friday her school held a last day of school carnival.  Double fun for little missy! 

First Day of School
Last Day of School
 (Please excuse the deer in the headlights look.  We were having a hair crisis that morning and she was not happy.)
FINALLY, a real smile! Pretty sure I said the word booger 5 times to get that smile.  Shout out to Fergie who actually made the blog in this picture. 
Madeline's teacher organized a carnival on the school's official last day.  There were lots of activities for all the kids!
 She took the bicycle race very seriously.
Madeline and her teacher, Ms. Sandra.

Most of the class (missing 3 kids).  This was a crazy bunch but I know they had fun together!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Family Reunion and Memorial Day

On Memorial Day weekend we traveled to Lafayette, LA for a family reunion. The reunion celebrated my grandfather (Mom's dad), his siblings and all the kids/grand kids/great-grand kids in between!  We had a wonderful time catching up with family.  Madeline and Andrew had a blast playing with my cousin Ann Marie's kids, Evan and Gavin.  Luckily the hotel had a small park where they could burn off some energy.

 Aimee was jealous that Andrew was getting all the snuggles.
Saturday afternoon was the actual reunion.  The centerpieces were boxes filled with items that were some of my great-grandparents favorite things, and quotes from them printed on bookmarks.  They passed away when I was younger, so it was interesting to learn more about them.

Great-great grandchildren enjoying their chicken fingers and fries

My mom with her parents and siblings.  We were missing my Aunt Cathy, who passed away in 2002.
The Noto branch
The Ferris Romaire branch of the tree.  We were missing a few, but it was still fun to catch up with those who were there.
My mom with her cousins, also known as "the grandchildren"

The great-grandchildren (I think only half of us were there)
The great-great grandchildren.  This was a good as it was going to get.
 My grandpa with his siblings
On Sunday we came home.  We spent Monday (Memorial Day) by the pool at my parents house with family and friends.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but I did want to document Andrew's first time using the puddle jumper (floatie).  He loves that he can float around by himself (with close supervision).  He is such a happy boy, especially in the pool.  He is loving summertime!