Thursday, July 18, 2013

18 Months!

  • He weighs 25 lbs 6 oz (63%), is 33 inches tall (64%) and has his head is 18" (11%).
  • He's wearing 24 month clothes, some 2T tops, size 5 diaper and size 5 shoe.
  • He sleeps from 8pm-7am, and has pretty much dropped his morning nap.  Some days I think he still needs it, but even if I put him down he won't sleep.  In the afternoons he'll sleep for 2-3 hours.
  • He still has his favorite foods: bananas, cheese, turkey, raisins and his beloved milk.  He will bang on the refrigerator and scream "Mo! Mo! (milk)" All. Day. Long.
  • His vocabulary has expanded to "apple", "Elmo" and my new favorite, "share."  He hears me say it all the time, and the first time he said it he looked at Madeline and said "Share!" hehe
  • He has started to boycott carts (grocery, Target, ect).  He pitches a fit unless he has a snack or has the iPad.  I'll have to send him to iPad rehab one day, but for now it gets us through many non-toddler friendly situations (appointments, errands, eating out).
  • He has become a very whiny toddler, and I hope this is temporary because it's driving me nuts.  I guess he's making up for his first year of life, when he hardly every cried.  Now he cries/whines in the car, at the pool, while running errands, at least 30 minutes before meal name it.  Madeline will look at him and say, "Baby Andrew, why do you cry so much?"   Despite the whining he is still a very sweet, lovable boy and loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses.
  • He has started to pick out his favorite books and will bring them to me.  He likes "I Love You Through and Through", anything with flaps and anything with trucks.  This week he has spending lots of time flipping through the "Who Dat" book.  We must have 100 books, but this was always one of Madeline's favorites.  I guess they were just born to be Saints fans.
  • We ask him, "Who's a sweet boy?" He'll say "Andrew!" and point to himself. 
  • If we say, "Show us your muscles" he'll lift his arms and say "arrrr".  It's so funny.
  • He waves at everyone in public.
  • He climbs on anything he can get his legs on.  I catch him standing on the coffee table in our front room at least twice a day.
  • He favorite game to play is "Surprise".  We'll hide behind a door or wall until he walks around the corner and say "surprise!" He will go hide, and say "surprise" when we find him.  He thinks it's hilarious.  His favorite hiding places are behind curtains and the laundry room. 
  • My little one who started out the summer loving the pool now hates it.  Except for swimming lessons, which he absolutely loves.  I haven't figured him out, but he spends most of the pool time eating snacks or sitting on the side of the pool crying. 
  • His favorite toys are Little People play sets, books and coloring.  He also likes hiding out and looking at books in the little house/tent we have set up in the game room. 

How to Raise a Kid Who Isn't Whiny and Annoying

I found this article on Facebook about How to Raise a Kid Who Isn't Whiny and Annoying.  The article doesn't really provide a solution, but rather gives an interesting insight about how as parents we have to look at our own whiny behaviors before we complain about our kids' attitudes.  It references a phrase we use a lot in this house: "first world problems."

For bonus points, check out the pictures at the bottom of the page under the title "Why is your kid crying?"  Here is a favorite from my household: When Madeline was learning how to spell/write her name, I told her it was "MaDeline" and she thought it was "MaPeline." She cried for a good hour over that one.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

36 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home Source of (mostly) useless, but entertaining information.  I highly suggest looking at
36 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home.  My favorites are the library staircase/slide and the glass-encased basement pool, because they are both awesome.  Let's be honest: this entire list is awesome.  The "swimpond" was one of my very first pins on Pinterest. 

You may have seen this next BuzzFeed link floating around the Facebook world:
 Thirty Signs You're Almost 30.  My favorites here are:
5. You start a story with “when I was in college” and realize that was 10 years ago.
13. You’d rather pay a little more for a “nice, clean” hotel room than cram into a hostel with 12 of your friends. SO. TRUE.

And finally, 26 Things On Etsy You Need To Buy Right Now.  As if I didn't have an Etsy addiction before, how can I pass on sprinkle print leggings or the tiny crown pin?

For all my friends reading this while bored at work (or while your kids are napping), you're welcome. :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July

We started our July 4th by attending the City of Friendswood parade.  We didn't know what to expect, but it was so much fun!  The kids had a great time, and we enjoyed spending the day with our friends.

Andrew and Bella.  The Stones were in town from Burleson, and we loved catching up with them.
Madeline stealing donuts from Adam and Jack. ha.
Sibling love


 A very enthusiastic spectator :)

After the parade we went swimming at the Roll's house, then back to our house for naps. 
 And festive pictures, of course.  These kids crack me up.

That night my friend Katie invited us to watch fireworks at her mom's house, which backed up to the park where the fireworks were being set off.  We literally had to lean back to see them instead of just looking at the sky.  Both kids did really well considering how loud it was. 

This one cracks me up.

Watching fireworks

We had such a fun day. The kids stayed up until 10 and were troopers.  They are both social butterflies and it was neat to watch them enjoying the festivities!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Oh, this child.  She has said all these things just in the last week.  I see many more "Maddieisms" posts in my future...

While digging through her doctor kit: "Mommy, I found my telescope!" (stethoscope)

While riding in the car: "Mommy, you're the best driver ever."

"You're not my parents.  Peter and Niki are my parents." She wishes! haha

I'm putting her to bed and she let out a big sigh.  I asked what she was thinking about, and she says, "just rainbows."

The next two happened within 3 minutes of each other at HEB-
Madeline, looking at two little boys in a cart next to us: "Hey boys.  HEY boys.  HEY BOYS, why aren't you talking to me??"
Me: "Not everyone has to talk to you all the time."
Madeline: "But I talk all the time." (understatement of the year)

Madeline, looking at a baby in a cart: "Mommy, why is that baby wearing her pajamas?" (she was wearing a onesie with shorts-not pajamas)
The baby's mother, while giving me a weird look: "Because her mommy was too lazy to dress her this morning."
Me: Dying on the inside.

While in the car-
Madeline: "Oh no! It's cracking!  It's broken!"
Me: "What's broken?"
Madeline: "The sky!"
The sun was peeking through the clouds.

"Daddy, you have a unicorn on your shirt!" He was wearing a Ralph Lauren polo.

We were at the pool and Madeline swam over to a group of kids we didn't know. She says really loud, "Ok guys, we're going to sing 'Five Speckled Frogs'." She proceeded to yell/sing the entire song, down to one speckled frog. The entire time they were looking at her like she was crazy.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Red, White, Blue And Awkward

If you've never been to you are seriously missing out.  Click on the link and enjoy their tribute to the Fourth of July!

Little Man Baby Shower

In June I helped host a couples baby shower for Jon's brother Luke and his wife Jordan at the Kleckley Estate in Bryan.  They'll be having a boy at the end of August.  The theme was "Little Man" and we had so much fun planning it!
 We had guests write funny notes on diapers that Luke and Jordan can read during late night diaper changes.

Drink table

Peach Sangria: This recipe is SO refreshing.  It was the perfect adult beverage for a hot summer day.

At the pavilion we hung tissue paper pom poms and bow ties made out of cloth diapers and ribbon.

As with any Kleckley gathering, we had tons of food: baby back ribs, ham and cheese sliders, mini hot dogs, mini chicken wings, fruit, potato salad and creamed corn.

Cupcakes from Cake Junkie
Etsy seller "Desserts & Designs" made the invitations, water bottle labels and food labels.  She did such a good job customizing everything to the colors we wanted.  On an unrelated note, I think I have an Etsy addiction.

We opted for non-traditional shower games.  Let's be honest: What pregnant woman enjoys getting her belly measured by toilet paper?  It's WAY more fun to watch people have a beer chugging contest out of baby bottles!
All the Kleckleys boys.  I'm sure none of their college beer chugging included bottles.

Ben was the winner.
Our other game was "guess what candy bar is in the diaper."  Melted candy bars.  Yes, it looks gross.  Most people guessed based off of visuals, but the brave ones tasted it.

Winners.  Out of 20+ people only two guessed all 5 correctly!
Present time!  What is it about small clothes that make everything so adorable?

I had never seen a Blooming Bath until Jordan opened it.  This thing looks awesome.  
 The Grandpas

The Grandmas
We are so excited that Madeline and Andrew will finally have a first cousin!  Congrats, Luke and Jordan!