Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meet the Aggies and Meet Our New Cousin!

Last weekend we went to Bryan/College Station for "Meet the Aggies" so we could meet the football team, take pictures and get autographs.  When Jon was growing up, his parents used to take him and his brothers to this event.  Back then, the players roamed around Kyle Fiend and you could just go up to them, have a chat, and take some pictures.

Oh, how things have changed.  The event took place inside the indoor track complex. It started at 1:30, but we got there with the kids at 12:30 to get in line.  There were about 1500 people in line before us!  By the time it started at 1:30, there were another 1500-2000 behind us.  Madness.  The kids were troopers in line, and made some friends. 

Once 1:30 hit, the line was slowly let into the complex.  In light of the Johnny Manziel autograph scandal, we were each given one picture for the players/coaches to sign.  They were all seated around the perimeter of the building, with some sitting in the middle.  Of course, they stuck Johnny in the far back corner.  His line went to the opposite side of the building.  Jon and Andrew stood in the Johnny line while Madeline and I ran around to meet some of the others. 

I must say ALL of the players/coaches were SO nice.  Maybe they sucked it up for 1.5 hrs for the fans, but they all seemed to genuinely happy to be there.  Most chatted it up with Madeline.  It was cute.
Coach Sumlin

 Clay Honeycutt, a defensive back.  He chatted with Madeline for awhile, maybe because his line wasn't long yet! 
 Mike Evans

At this point, all the lines were long, so I gambled at the backup QB table.  I went with Matt Joeckel over Kenny Hill (pictured on the left end).  Why?  MJ is a major cutie.  Is that bad for a wife and mother of 2 to say?  I'm going with no, mainly because I'm 10 years older than him.  We'll find out in the first half of the game on Saturday if I made the right choice.  At this point, my gut says they'll go with Kenny Hill.  Boo.
 My troopers waiting for Johnny.
Now for the big event: Meeting Mr. JFF himself. I had THE vision of how perfect the meeting would go.  Bad boy behavior or not, the kid is a legend.  I was nervous, mainly about how my kids were going to act.  I had the camera and Jon was taking video with his phone.  We handed the kids their pictures to hand to Johnny.  Madeline does as she's told. I snap pictures. 

I wish I heard what Johnny was telling Madeline.  She was supposed to tell him, "Thanks Johnny.  Have a good season" and I'm guessing this was his reaction to whatever she said.  I was a little distracted because...

Right after this one, Andrew decides to run to the side where Johnny is sitting and crawl under his table, while I'm trying to take pics and Jon is taking video.  I try to crawl under the table to get my child but the cop (pictured above) got to him first.  Johnny and the cop laughed, but I wanted to die.  The entire thing lasted 19 seconds.  How do I know?  Jon attempted to video the whole thing, but it ended up being a video of my feet chasing after my child, the stroller and Andrew crying because he wanted to crawl under the table. At least Johnny made the last second of it.  There.  We have proof. And no, the video did not upload upside down. 
 By this time there were 5 minutes left in the autograph session. Madeline and I stood in line to meet Ricky Seals-Jones and Jon and Andrew waited for Ben Malena.  We were next in line to meet Ricky when a buzzer sounded and Ricky's helper yanked the sharpie from his hand right as we walked up.  At least I got to shake his hand and tell him to have a good season.

Same thing happened with Jon and Ben Malina, but Ben decided he was just going to walk around.

He was swarmed by people, so this is the best picture I could get of him giving a high-five to Andrew.

While the crowds were a pain, it was definitely a fun experience.  To my children: Don't ever say your parents didn't love you.  We took you to meet the Aggies. 

NOW...on to very exciting family news....

While we were meeting the Aggies, Luke and Jordan were in the hospital (in Bryan) preparing for the arrival of Baby Will.  He was born at 11:52 Saturday night, so on Sunday we got to go to the hospital and meet him!  Will is the kids "first" first cousin.  Madeline was SO excited and kept asking questions about him.  She hadn't been around a newborn baby since she was old enough/"mature" enough to care, and she so happy that she got to hold him! Andrew kept pointing at him and saying "baby".  I wonder which boy will be bigger when they grow up? As a Kleckley male, a minimum height requirement of 6'3" is required. :)

Will was wide awake the entire time we were there, checking everyone out.

Not even 12 hours old and he was already smiling for pictures.
 Check out the hair!

Congrats to Luke and Jordan, and thank you for letting us visit!  Hopefully our kids will make lots of fun memories in the future!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pensacola Beach 2013

I have a horrible blogging habit: when a certain blog worthy event involves numerous pictures to sift through, I become a major procrastinator.  Therefore, may I present a recap of our picture packed vacation from last month.....

In mid-July we headed to Pensacola Beach, FL for the annual trip we make with my dad's side of the family.  As usual, an amazing time was had by all.  Maria's boyfriend, Ryan, made his Noto family beach trip debut and Ben joined us for a second year. 

We thought leaving Houston at 3:45 am would be a good idea so the kids could sleep for some of the drive.  Wrong.  The nosy little stinkers were wide-eyed and chatter boxes until 5 am.  In fact, Andrew slept for only 30 minutes the entire trip. Thank goodness for  DVD players and the iPad.  Between Houston and New Orleans we stopped once.  Between New Orleans and Pensacola we stopped 4 times thanks to a certain little man that got the runs.  No bueno.

Overall, the weather was pretty fabulous.  The first few days we battled some rain. There is nothing like a good beach storm (especially during nap time) but we didn't let it cramp our style!

 All week we had essential activities, like:
...snuggling with my sisters
...celebrating Prince George's birth by wearing tiaras
...launching water balloons off the 19th floor balcony for the boys
...playing on the beach with family and new friends



(my happy place)
....having drinks from a sippy cup when we ran out of plastic ones
 ...hanging out on the balcony

and naps on the beach.
There was a great beach bar across the street from our condo.  One afternoon the group Biscuit Miller was playing and featured their hit song "Black Eyed Peas and Corn Bread".  Gotta love the south.  We had so much fun dancing and having a good time.  The bar is famous for their bushwhacker frozen drinks.  Some members of our party found out the hard way that the drinks were made with 151.  Oops.
The girls

Andrew made a new friend. Hahahahaha

Walking back to the condo with JuJu

Madeline chatting with Aunt Weezie

Madeline is such a beach bum and wore herself out.  She didn't nap all week.  By the end of the day she was literally walking around with her eyes half open out of exhaustion, but refused to leave the sand.  That's my girl!  She slept like a rock at night.

She learned her beach bum ways from one of the best: JuJu.
Madeline and Elle
 Me and my beach babies!



She had a massive case of beach bedhead.
Andrew had a harder time adjusting.  The first half of the week he didn't feel well and didn't sleep well at night ANY night, which means Jon and I didn't sleep much all week.  And he cried anytime he touched the sand.  Thank God for coffee and a big family to help keep him entertained.  Jon and I calculated that we got 3 nights worth of sleep in 7 nights there.  Luckily Madeline was so worn out that he rarely woke her up, except for the occasional "Andrew, stop crying!  All he does is cry!  Let me sleep!"  The second half of the week he was much happier, and of course on the last day he was such a happy boy and was loving life.

One of my favorite parts of the beach is not having to get prettied up every day: no makeup, hair dryer or spanks required!  We did make an exception for taking family pictures.  Thank you, Aunt Ronda for taking them for us! 

Another essential element to a successful beach trip is the food.  Almost everyone in the extended family likes to cook.  Here's a peek of what we ate this year.  Unfortunately I have still not gotten rid of the 7 pounds I gained in one WEEK.  This might have a little something to do with my baking during Andrew's nap time every day.  I will not be listing the amount or variety of adult beverages consumed.  It's either embarrassing or awesome, depending on how you feel about that sort of thing.  I'll stick to awesome.  We do have a former bar tender in the family. (Love you, Tay Tay!)

Eggs Benedict
Quiches with Fruit
Banana Nut French Toast
Eggs with Salsa and Tortillas

Portabella Mushrooms Sandwiches
Ham and Turkey Sliders
Spinach Salad with Chicken and Tortilla Strips
Chicken Salad sandwiches

BBQ Shrimp (2 giant pans made with 90 toes of garlic!)
Crawfish Casserole
Flank Steak with Chimichura Sauce, Corn Casserole, Green Beans
Dobe with Spaghetti
Chicken Enchiladas
Pasta Jambalaya

Heath Truffle
4 Layer Delight Pie
Texas Sheet Cake
Smores Cake

Now I'm hungry.

Next summer we rented a beach house rather than multiple condos so the entire extended family can stay in one place!  We are already looking forward to Pensacola Beach 2014!