Friday, October 25, 2013


One afternoon I fell asleep on the couch while the kids were napping.  Madeline woke me up and I said, "Mommy was sleepy!"  She patted my head and said, "I know, baby."

We were at the grocery store and the cashier asked to see my ID for buying a bottle of wine.  I showed it to her, and she asks "How old are you?" (guess she didn't feel like doing math)
I told her I was 31 and Madeline says, "31, that's like a thousand!"

While driving in the neighborhood:
Madeline: "Mommy, look at that guy walking the puppies!  They are SO cute!"
Me: "Yes, they are cute!"
Madeline: "If they run in front of your car they're going to get squished."
Me: (Speechless)

"My eyebrow hurts"

While watching Disney Jr:
"Mommy, if only I had a magic amulet to be a mermaid like Ariel."
HUH?  I googled "amulet" and it means "alleged power to protect its owner from danger or harm." I'm assuming she heard this on a Disney Jr commercial...

After "community helper" day at school she came home with a sticker police badge.  I said, "Maddie, I like your sticker!" She says, "Mommy, it's not a sticker its a BADGE." Excuse me.

Andrew funny:
He was throwing toys through a banister from the game room to the foyer, which he knows is not allowed. I used a stern voice to correct him and he started crying.
Me: "Now what do you tell Mommy?"
Andrew: (while crying) "Thank you."
I was expecting sorry...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

21 Months!

  • He weighs 27 lbs
  • He's wearing 2T tops, 18-24 month bottoms, size 5 diapers and 5.5 shoes
  • He sleeps from 7:30am - 6/7 am.  He wakes up most mornings at 6 ish but we leave him in his crib and he'll usually go back to sleep.  He had a cold last month, so we put a "grown up" pillow in his crib to help him breathe.  He now loves the pillow, and will usually end up sleeping with his entire body on top of it instead of just his head. 
  • He has the same food favorites: turkey, pasta, bananas, cheese and graham crackers.  The kid would live off of graham crackers.  He also recently decided that he loves rice and will ask for it.  "wice? wice?"
  • It's so cute listening to him try to pronounce words and identifying things.  This month he has been consistently pointing out "puck-ins".
  • He got his two bottom vampire teeth. 
  • Two months into school and he finally stopped crying when I drop him off.  His teachers have written that he's such a sweet boy on many of his daily report cards.  I would have to agree with them.  The kid is a charmer.
  • He's moved into the phase where he hates to get dressed and sit in the car seat. 
  • He's been playing really well by himself.  He has been carefully observing Madeline setting up her Little People/Princess "villages" and now he is trying to do the same thing. 
  • When I get him out of bed in the morning, the first thing he does is ask for Madeline.
  • We made the switch from the high chair to a booster seat at the table.  This also means he's eating off a small plate instead of a tray.  Surprisingly he has yet to throw a plate on the floor.  He likes using a fork. 
  • We put an easel in the kitchen where we kept the high chair and he loves to color on it with chalk.  He'll make a few scribbles and then say a letter, like he's practicing writing his ABC's.
  • Now that the weather is cooling off he is sleeping in one piece PJ's.  He'll look at his foot (at the footie part) and say, "Oh no, socks!" and keep repeating it.  He's so confused by the fact that his feet are covered by something he can't remove.
  • His favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Bubble Guppies and Paw Patrol.  If Dora comes on TV (a commercial or anything related) he starts to cry really hard.  For some reason I find this hilarious.
  • His favorite toys are Little People play sets, books and coloring.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Planning a trip to Disney World: An OCD Planner's Nightmare

Disclaimer: This post contains what we refer to as "first world problems."  Read on.

Jon and I like to travel.  A lot.  Traveling when you have kids presents an entirely different dynamic. That's why we call it "traveling" and not "vacation."  No way I'm taking a 3 and 1 year old to NYC or Europe.  So somehow over the summer I convinced my wonderful husband that now was the perfect time to take our kids to Disney World.  Madeline is obsessed with princesses and you only live once, right?

Now, my dear readers, you all know how I love me a good spreadsheet.  You can only imagine the workout my Excel spreadsheets are getting.  It's embarrassingly nerdy and awesome. 

Note: I use "I" for all of these things, because Jon has happily washed his hands of any planning.  It's my goal to make him proud in my trip planning and organizational abilities.  After all, he was the one who planned our NYC trip in 2007, made a list and scheduled FIFTY TWO things for us to do for a 4 day/3 night trip and we did I've offered to share this itinerary with multiple parties but no one seems interested.  I digress.

Decision #1: When to go?
I consulted numerous blogs and websites, and decided on the end of October.  It was ranked as the 5th best week to go according to my favorite Disney planning blog so far,  I'm slightly nervous because it's the tail end of hurricane season, which is why we will not be telling Madeline about this trip until the day before we leave.  In the meantime, I'll be praying to the Patron Saint of Hurricane Prevention (does that person even exist?). 

Decision #2: Who's going?
In addition to our crew of four, both Granny and GiGi are coming with us!  I'm happy that we'll get to experience this together.  Once they were committed Jon says, "Oh, good.  I didn't want to go unless we had extra babysitters." 

Decision #3: Flights
One word: Nonstop, via Southwest.  Easy peasy.  The flights we wanted happened to be operated by Air Tran. No big deal, right?  WRONG.  I found out this week that AirTran assigns seats 24 hours in advance, and because we booked through, there is no way for us to secure seats together, even if I paid them.  When I called both airlines they assured me it would not be a problem to get three seats in the same row at check in.  SERIOUSLY?  You expect me to believe that?  I will now be having a mild panic attack until the trip.  Unless a stranger wants to entertain my three year old on a 2.5 hour flight.  I'm now also praying to the Patron Saint of Seat Assignments, and that I don't get arrested by TSA at the airport when the gate agent tells me there's nothing they can do about a child sitting alone on a plane.

Decision #4: Where to Stay
Considering our party consists of 4 adults and two children, this decision was easy.  We'll be staying at the Art of Animation, a new Disney property that has all family suites.  Done.

Decision #5:  What parks to attend, where to eat, what to do...
I lump these together because for an OCD planner, the next set of decisions is nothing short of a cluster.  Those familiar with Disney know that dining reservations can be made up to 180 days before your visit.  6 MONTHS in advance. In mid JULY (90 ish days before the trip) I  finally decided what would be the best places/times to eat with the kids.  Early enough, right? NO!  Call this being behind in the Disney planning process.  Instant panic attack for OCD planner.  We were able to get some reservations for what we wanted but are still crossing our fingers for others. 

Using crowd calendars on and, I picked which parks we're going to attend based on the days they will be the least crowded.  Easy.  Next part: Planning the day.  It would be easy enough to show up to the park and have fun, but NO.  Disney is changing their FastPass process so you can "reserve" times for rides and shows 60 days in advance.  I realized this on day 58, and was able to get what we wanted.  Take THAT, nutty Disney people trying to make mommies crazy.  It's nice that we won't have to wait in line for the most popular things, but it also required me to make a RIDE BY RIDE schedule so we don't miss what we've signed up for.  Yes, it's on a spreadsheet.  Yes, it's nerdy which means I'm extra proud of it.  No, I will not post it on here because you will just be jealous at the amount of time I wasted creating this thing. 

Decision #6: Packing
I don't even know what to say about this.  I was a Girl Scout for years, and we were taught to "always be prepared".  My room is packed with so many Target and Dollar Store bags that I could open my own resale shop.  You name it, it's probably sitting on the floor waiting to be taken to Orlando.  Snacks, sunscreen, princess costumes, Lysol wipes, baby soap, Tinkerbell goggles (for the hotel pool, DUH), a book of 10000000 stickers to keep children occupied on the plane, and Xanex (I'm kidding. But I probably need some).

Now before you think I've gone completely nuts I truly am excited about the trip and have set LOW expectations.  There are only a few "must do's" each day, and everything else will be icing on the cake.  We've spent the past few months forcing the kids to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Disney movies instead of PBS.  (Such good parents, right?) Andrew knows most of the classic characters and Madeline could get an advanced degree in Princesses, so we should be good to go.  I can't wait to share the news with them!  Now back to packing.  And drinking wine.  LOTS of wine.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

On Friday Madeline's class to a trip to the pumpkin patch.  They were each supposed to pick out a pumpkin for a project they are going to work on this week.  Madeline was convinced that she needed to find the smallest pumpkin possible because they were "so cute".  It took some convincing that she needed a bigger one for school. 

 On Saturday we took the kids back to the pumpkin patch for pictures and to pick out family pumpkins.  Yes, I bought by children matching smocked pumpkin outfits and I will not apologize for them.  I hail from the south. 

The church where the pumpkin patch is has a little train.   The kids were in heaven!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Photo Gems

With Fall being my favorite season, I usually have Fall d├ęcor set up by mid-September.  I'm behind the ball this year and was just searching through previous years' photos to see how I've set up things in the past while Jon gets down the fall plastic bins from the attic. While searching through pics I came across these two gems:

This was a birthday card that Aimee wrote for Jon's 22nd birthday.  She was 10. 

This is one of my top 3 favorite pictures of Madeline.  She was a few months older than Andrew.  The child LOVED to sweep.  Dress up consisted of dog ears from her first birthday and a "bracelet" that came from a set of Fisher Price stacking rings. She would put all of her "treasures" in the basket of the baby stroller and push it around like she was parading the crown jewels of England.  Sometimes I forget these little things and I'm glad I have pictures to help me remember! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Disclaimer: I'm going to go ahead and admit that half of these revolve around JJ Watt.  If there's a football game on, so is our TV, and so are the ridiculous amount of HEB/JJ Watt commercials.  That's what I'm blaming it on this week. :)

Each week Madeline has homework where we have to find pictures that correspond to the letter that they'll be working on the next week.  One week was "f" and she said "fish." We asked her for another word.  It happened to be Sunday and we had the Texans game on.  Jon says, "Madeline, what are we watching?" She says, "F...F...JJ Watt."

We were watching the Texans game and Madeline let out a big sigh.  Jon asked her what was wrong. She said, "I wish I could meet JJ Watt."  So I asked her, "What would you tell him?"  She let out another big sigh and said, "I'd tell him I like rainbows."

Madeline and Papa K were riding on the tractor in Bryan looking at the cows.  She said, "Papa K!  I see the JJ Watt cow!  Number 99!"  The cow had a #99 tag.

Ok.  Enough of that.  On to school related funnies... 

Madeline needed to bring a picture of her family to school.  We were going through the computer looking at photos and came across our family picture (the four of us) from the beach.  I asked her if she wanted to bring that one.  She said, "No Mom, I want ALL of my family."  She was referring to the big group picture we took of my extended family at the beach.  I showed it to her and she said, "Yes, that one.  That's my family."

We were going over some of Madeline's school papers from the previous week.  She had colored a picture of Adam and Eve eating an apple.  I asked her, "What happened after they ate the apple?" She says, "Adam and Eve died!" Come to find out her class did not correctly interpret the story as was told by her teacher.  This was almost a month ago, and in her teacher's weekly email on Sunday she ended it with "NO I did not tell all my kids that Adam an Eve died".  I guess Madeline wasn't the only one confused.  The kids are STILL talking about how Adam and Eve died. Oh, the mind of a 3 year old...

Madeline: "Mommy, it's not good to disobey your Granny or GiGi"
Me: "It's not good to disobey your Mommy or Daddy either."
Madeline: "Or your Poppy or Papa K"

And finally, an Andrew funny....

We started saying prayers with him at night.  At the end we say, "God bless Mommy, Daddy, Madeline, Andrew, Fergie and everyone else we love." (Yes, we pray for the dog.)  The other night I said Mommy and Daddy and asked him "Who else?"  He said Madeline and "cup".  He was holding his sippy cup and raised it up.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Last week was my 31st birthday.  It didn't bother me one bit, unlike turning 30...until Aimee reminded me that I could legally start drinking 10 years ago.  And the day after my birthday a guy at Starbucks asked how old I was (long story) and he laughed when I told him 31. 

I think Facebook/the blog world has just opened my eyes to just how precious life is, how quickly things can change, and that turning another year older is something that should be celebrated and not met with grow old is a privilege.  Sad that it took social media to help teach me this important lesson, but whatever.  Let's just say my 40th birthday will be one heck of a party (which Jon reminded me at that point we'll be married for 17 years).  With that being said, I'm not going to stop using my extensive collection of anti-aging products.  I'm meeting myself in the middle.  Anywhoo, enough of the sappiness...

I woke up to two very excited kids wanting to open my presents.  Yes, it was still dark outside.  These two get up early. 

My big present was that I can hire someone to paint the common areas of the house.  The white walls drive me crazy and we would have done them ourselves by now if they weren't two story....I've only been whining about it for almost 5 years. :)  Jon wrapped up two paint stirring sticks and some paint samples.  Madeline opened it and said, "Daddy got you two sticks!  That's so great!"  
My birthday was on a Tuesday so we had our usual ritual of dance class for Madeline and lunch.  My mom came over so I was able to take an afternoon nap while she cooked dinner.  It was awesome.  That night Maria, Peter and Niki came over to eat.  It was much easier just chill at home than try to entertain the kids at a restaurant.

(Note on Madeline's outfit: On dance days she wants to wear her leotard and tights all day.  On this day she chose to layer it with an Ariel costume)

 My birthday cake was a Milky Way cake...3 candles on one side and one candle on the other.  It looks plain, but this was without the Milky Way sauce and Blue Bell ice cream!  I was introduced to this recipe by my friend Kelly's family in third grade.  I think I've had Milky Way cake for 20 out of my 22 birthdays since then.

He did not fall asleep...the child was licking the crumbs off the tray.  He's a Kleckley.

We missed Aimee and my dad who was out of town for work. Lucky for me Aimee came into town this weekend from LSU so we could celebrate both of our birthdays...hers is October 4th.  She turned the big 2-0.  When my mom was pregnant with her I cried because I didn't want to share my birthday.  Twenty years down the road, I wouldn't mind having a birthday buddy!  October birthdays are the best!