Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I'm Loving

Now that the mad rush of holidays and kids' birthdays are over, I feel like I can function like a normal person again.  The downside:  I take WAY less pictures.  In December I took 353 photos.  So far in January (not counting Andrew's birthday) I've taken 16.  I think it's time for me to buy them some matching outfits and find a scenic background.  I kid, I kid (maybe).

So since I have nothing of substance to blog about, you get my brain overflow instead.  The slower month of January has allowed me to appreciate the little things in life, such as...
  • Pandora - Hootie and the Blowfish Station: What's that?  Oh, its the mid 90's calling my name!  This station plays more than HATB...lots of Matchbox 20, Goo Goo Dolls and Sister Hazel.  I can listen to it for hours and can sing along to most of the songs, which I will not apologize for.  I'm sure my 20 year old sister is confused and has no idea who these people are.  I don't care because it's awesome, and certainly beats the heck out of Disney Princess radio, which my kids would listen to 24/7 if I let them.  Although Disney Princess radio has been throwing in "Royals" by Lorde so much that Madeline can sing the chorus.  I don't mind that as much as her singing "I came in like a wrecking ball....".  Parenting fail.  I'm hoping she doesn't sing this at school.  I digress.  If you're 30 something, listen to HATB on Pandora and thank me later.
  • The Container Store:  After the holiday/birthday toy rush, I got panicky just looking at the kids' toys.  Two trips to the Container Store later, and I feel like a new person.  Who knew massive amounts of $1.89 clear shoe boxes could cause so much happiness?  Welcome to my world.  I couldn't go to the store without browsing, which immediately made me want to re-organize my entire kitchen and every cabinet in this house.  I'd be embarrassed by the amount of containers I've accumulated this month if they didn't make life SO much easier and organized.  When I pull up to the Container Store the angels start singing and light radiates from the windows.  Maybe because they know how much I'll be spending that day.  Oops.
  • Honest Toddler: If you're a parent of little ones, you must follow Honest Toddler on Facebook.  He post things like: "If you want to know how someone really feels about you, wake up from your nap early" or "4:45. Time to watch her try and do a day's worth of cleaning in 15 minutes" or "Go back to bed." With one sock? Well I guess I could pretend I'm researching a role for a NEGLECTED child.   This "toddler" must live in my house.  My favorite?  When a child's parent is expecting another child, he calls it "Infant Sibling Disease."
  • Spastic Weather: I'll admit I was a little annoyed with cancelled school on Friday because of ice.  My annoyance with the weather stops there.  I actually like the back and forth temps.  Because I live in Houston, I know an entire "winter" where the average temp is 70 degrees is usually followed by a summer with lots of days over 100 degrees.   I'd rather something that partially resembles winter (like this year) followed by a milder summer (fingers crossed).  I will say, after living through two Chicago winters, I'm VERY thankful that we do not have to deal with snow and ice on a regular basis.  
  • O.P.I. nail polish names: I needed a new shade for our upcoming trip to Jamaica because "Lincoln Park After Dark" (dark maroon) does not say "take me to a beach."  I might have picked a shade of pink strictly based on the name: Italian Love Affair.  It was a toss up between that and "I Eat Mainely Lobster."
  • Amazon Prime: Duh.  Minimal explanation needed, but here's my latest reason why I love it so much.  I ordered a pair of boots from Amazon over the holidays.  Last week, a button on the side fell off.  I emailed Amazon, and they sent me a brand new pair of boots the next day! LOVE them!  
  • The other day I came across this blogger's take on the Pottery Barn Kids catalog.  I'm a big PBK fan, but sometimes I wonder about the catalog, specifically the amount of white bedding made for babies.  On a similar note, I also have questioned the J. Crew catalog.  Cute clothes, but... A: Would it be appropriate for me to send the models a hamburger? and B: Could someone please explain this outfit to me?  Either I'm really confused or really not "with it."
Have a good one, friends.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Andrew's 2nd Birthday and Party

Last Saturday our little man turned TWO!

Earlier in the week we (I) made cupcakes for him to bring to class.  He enjoyed stirring for about 10 seconds and moved on to bigger and better things, like sticking his fingers in the batter.

The morning of his birthday he was up bright and early singing to himself.  We asked, "How old are you today?" His said, "Two. Five, four, three, two, one, blastoff!"

Andrew had a "helper" to assist him in opening presents.  She kept saying, "I'm just getting it started for him."

Trains, trains and more trains!

I love the look on Andrew's face in this one.

Side note about the plate: When I was growing up my mom had a plate that said, "Today is your special day"  that was only used on our birthdays.  I couldn't find a replica, so I had one made through a shop on Etsy to use for my kiddos.

We had his birthday party at Lone Star Bounce Town at 9:30 am, so it was a quick turnaround.  The theme was Thomas the Train.  I was all about "Choo Choo Andrew is Two."

Kleckley SILs

Andrew and Graham sliding with Uncle Paul


Some of our friends

Cousin Will with Papa K

Jumping with Uncle Peter

He loved being the center of attention!

 He wanted to lick the bottom of the candle.  What the birthday boy wants, he gets.

Thank you to all of our friends who came out to celebrate with us.  We had a great time!

After Andrew's party our families came back to the house to open presents and eat lunch. 

 Andrew took a nap, then we went to church and ended the day with hamburgers, milkshakes and more cake.  I think it's safe to say that Andrew had a fun filled 2nd birthday!

Andrew is TWO + Birthday Questions

On the day Andrew was born we kept saying, "He's so tiny!  He's so little!"  

And he was.

 But that didn't last long.

Now this big boy is TWO!

Here are the things I'd like to remember about him at this age:
  • We'll get his stats at his 2 year appt in a few weeks. His appt was today but was cancelled because of the great Houston ice-pocalypse of 2014. Update: Height - 34.5 inches (66%) Weight - 28.7 lbs (58%)
  • He wears 2T tops, 2T bottoms, size 5 diaper and size 6.5 shoes.
  • He sleeps from 8pm - 6am, where he sings and talks to himself until we get him out of bed at 6:45.  He still sleeps in his crib (he hasn't tried to climb out yet) and and won't sleep without his lovey.  He naps from 1-3 pm.
  • His favorite foods are eggs for breakfast, turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch and pasta or mexican food for dinner.  The only fruit he'll eat are bananas and the closest he comes to eating vegetables is veggie chips.
  • He keeps adding words and phrases to his vocabulary. It has made communication MUCH easier, but unfortunately the two year old attitude has arrived since he can express how he feels. 
  • He is still a sweet boy, but in the little things I notice him growing out of it (for lack of a better term).  He's becoming more independent and doesn't like to be snuggly as much.  He still likes to sit next to me if we're watching TV and wants to sit in my lap if we're sitting on the floor playing, so I'll hang on to that for now. :)
  • He really enjoys school and playing outside.
  • His nicknames are little buddy, bud and little man.  I call him lovebug, but that probably won't fly when he's 13.
  • He has zero interest in potty training, but if he needs his diaper changed he'll come up to me and say "hiney itch."
  • He can identify most letters, and about half of the basic colors and numbers.
  • He can count to 15, and backwards from 10.
  • His favorite songs right now are from the Sound of Music soundtrack (thank you, Carrie Underwood). His favorite is Doe a Deer.  He's also been singing "I love you, a bushel and a peck.."
  • His favorite TV shows are Paw Patrol and Bubble Guppies.
  • His favorite toys are Lego Duplos, books and his trains/train table.
We attempted an abbreviated version of the birthday questions...
  • How old are you? Five (Then he laughs.  Madeline has been asking when she turns five.  He hears this, and when we've been asking him how old his is he says "Two. Five."  I think he's figured out it it makes me crazy)
  • What's your favorite animal? Elephant.  Monkey. Who-Who-Ahh-Ahh (monkey noise)
  • What's your favorite thing to eat? Duck. (We said, "No Andrew.  New question.  What food do you like?") Bananas
  • What's your favorite TV show? Paw Patrol
  • What's your favorite color? Paw Patrol (We said, "Andrew.  New question.  What's your favorite color?") Yellow
  • What's your favorite song? No.  (he then starts singing "Doe A Deer")
  • Who is your best friend? Madeline 
The end.  Happy birthday, buddy!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to 2014!  We've had a low key start to the new year, which has been wonderful.

Rewind to New Year's Eve...
We have decided to make it our family's tradition to go to El Tiempo for dinner on New Year's Eve.  We stopped by Uncle Mark's new apartment to say hi and he took a family picture for us.

At dinner Madeline insisted that we "do cheers" for the Aggies.

After dinner we took the kids to Sprinkles cupcakes.  These two (and this mommy) were very happy!

We rushed home to watch the Aggie football team BTHO Duke!  And what a game that was.  OH my goodness.  I was in full panic attack mode throughout the 4th quarter.  It was seriously one of the best football games I've ever seen, and we watch LOTS of football around here.  What a way for Johnny Football to end his career.  There might be an "ode to Johnny" post in my future.  Take this as your warning.

I'm not big on New Year "resolutions".  I feel like that word says "I'm going to try and do something for 15 days while I'm motivated and just forget about it later on."  On lots of the blogs I follow, people have been choosing a "word of the year" and/or "phrase of the year."  I think this is a GREAT idea, and puts a different spin on re-focusing for a new year.  I'd come up with some myself, but since imitation is the best form of flattery, I'll share with you my favorites:

Kelly from "Kelly's Korner" chose the phrase "be intentional" for 2014.  I LOVE this.  Since reading her post it has caused me to really think about the reason behind everything I say/do, and it helps prioritize my day.

Ann Marie picked a phrase that I need tattooed on my arm: "Put on your big girl panties."  For me, this means stop whining about silly stuff.

Finally, a little less deep but something else I read and liked:  I've started following  Shay of "Mix and Match Mama".  She was writing about organization, and said something that stuck with me: "I don't have junk drawers because I don't have junk." Wow.  So simple.  Yes, we need some of our "junk", but do I really need 2 junk drawers in the kitchen (yes, TWO)?  Cue the massive purging of my house. (Sorry, Jon)

Thank you ladies for the inspiration!