Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Weekend

We spent this Easter with Jon's parents and his family in Bryan. We weren't able to go until Saturday afternoon because Jon had to work and Madeline had a soccer game.  Saturday evening the boys boiled crawfish, and I must say they did a pretty good job for a bunch of Texans. :) The weather was great, and it was nice to just sit outside, chat and enjoy the fresh country air.

Cousins in their Granny-made shirts

buggy rides


On Sunday morning we went to 8 am Mass.  In some sort of Easter miracle, the kids were well behaved, although I think they annoyed the family with the amount of crawling they did over everyone.

  Andrew just loves his Uncle Marky!

In Easter miracle #2, we took a family picture with both kids looking AND smiling.  Best day ever.

While we were at church the Easter bunny came to visit!  The kids each got a small toy, books, bubbles, coloring books and a couple pieces of candy.

When Andrew saw his basket he ran to it and said, "Buzz!  Buzz!"  He's been really into Toy Story books.

Madeline got an Elsa doll, which reminds me I need to do a post how obsessed this child is, mainly with the songs from Frozen.  I'm convinced "Let it Go" will finally NOT be stuck in my head by the time she goes to college.

 Later that morning we had some extended family come over.  Granny read a story about cascarones (confetti eggs) and then we smashed them on each other's heads.

Someone was not a fan of getting eggs smashed on his head.

After the cascarones the kids did an egg hunt.

 Ribardo cousins

 That afternoon we hung out, ate lunch and had a caffeine - assisted drive back home.  It was a great Easter weekend!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Activities

Our Easter activities were not as numerous as previous years, but we still had an enjoyable week preparing for Easter Sunday.  First up:  Our annual pilgrimage to visit the Easter bunny.  Out of all our bunny/Santa Claus pictures, Madeline has cried once and Andrew hasn't cried at all.  My kids love dressed up characters.  They just loved the bunny.

Andrew was not a fan of bunny ears.  They insisted on taking pictures with their loveys.

On Wednesday Madeline was supposed to have a school Easter party at a local park, but after a crazy storm that morning they moved the party to the school.  The teachers went over the entire Easter story at the party.  They had already discussed it, but I was still impressed with how much the kids knew and the amount of information they retain. 

Madeline's teacher is wonderful, and always includes siblings in their activities.

On Friday we decorated eggs.

Disclaimer: I'm well aware that my children are dunking eggs in a Jack Daniels glass.  We ran out of plastic cups.  At least Madeline can't read yet. 

I decided to actually follow through with one of those fun Pinterest crafts I always pin for the kids but never do.  One of my children took the project more seriously than the other.

I was trying to pack some things for our weekend while they were gluing cotton balls.  In the 3 minutes I was gone Andrew pulled off all his gluey cotton balls, stuck them to the kitchen floor, then wiped his gluey hands on the couch.   All in the name of being festive, right? 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


She often asks if she can bring her lovey to school.  My answer is no because I don't want lovey to get lost.  The other morning she asked, "Mommy, can I bring lovey to school when I'm older, like 17?"

"I brushed my hair with a toothbrush."

Jon was talking to his mom on speaker phone.  Madeline says, "Hel-looo Gerilyn."

We found a bird's nest in the backyard with two eggs in it.  Madeline said, "I wish I could have eggs when I'm a chicken."

Jon was talking about work and mentioned the word boss.
Madeline:  "Daddy, what's a boss?"
Jon: "It's someone who tells you what to do at work."
Madeline: "When I get older I'm going to be Andrew's boss."

"Mommy, I had an accident because I was talking too much."  She's had maybe 3 accidents in a year in a half, so I believe her on this one.  Girlfriend gets so wrapped up in her imagination during playtime, that I'll hear her playing one minute and footsteps running full speed to the bathroom the next.  This time she didn't make it.

The kids' school had a "Donuts with Dad" breakfast.  On the way home from school I was talking to Madeline about the breakfast.
Me to Madeline: "I heard you drew Daddy a special picture."
Madeline: "Yes, a beer."
Me: "A WHAT?"
Madeline: "A beer that he can take to work because he likes it."
Me: While slowly dying on the inside, I call Jon to get the scoop.  Apparently her class had cut out their handprints, and glued them to a glass bottle of coke with a note that said, "You're the best pop."  Slight misunderstanding.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jon's 32nd Birthday

On Tuesday my main man turned 32!  The Sunday before we met his family at Goode Company BBQ.  It was nice to have everyone there to celebrate.  (side note: Goode Company has amazing pecan pie)

 Poor Will was victim of some overly enthusiastic cousins.  My kids just love him.  Andrew was wiping Will's mouth after dinner!

On Tuesday (Jon's actual birthday) we had a pretty normal day.  I will, however, take a timeout from birthday chat to discuss Andrew's potty milestone that happened.  Little man went #2 in the potty for the first time.  Happy birthday, daddy! :)  We made a big deal out of it and called both grandmas.  I asked, "Who else do you want to call?"  Andrew said, "Call Harris."  Mrs. Harris is his teacher.  That cracked me up.  I think it might be a one hit wonder, but we'll keep working with him until he's ready.  Anywhoo...

The kids drew pictures to go with his presents.  Madeline said she drew a picture of "me and my daddy." Andrew said he drew a picture of squares. 

Tuesday night my family and Uncle Marky came over.  We grilled burgers and it was nice to spend some time with everyone on a weeknight.  Nothing beats family time! Somehow I just ended up with pictures of the four of us, but I promise everyone else was there.

Andrew (and Madeline) enjoyed an ice cream treat that GiGi brought to congratulate Andrew.  Ice cream on a weeknight?  It might as well have been their birthdays.

I ordered a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  They opened a store by our house, and they are the best!  If you've never been to one, go. Now.  It will change your life, or at the very least create a new, unhealthy addiction.  Confession: I ordered the biggest size so we'd have leftovers.

This was the 12th birthday of his that we've gotten to spend together!  The first was his 21st birthday and we had just met a few weeks before.  I think it's safe to say things have changed quite a bit since then, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!  Happy birthday, Jon!