Saturday, May 31, 2014


Update: So yesterday I realized I can't do math.  Madeline will not be 4.5 until this week.  Apparently a degree in Finance is no match for pregnancy brain.  The struggle is real.

Madeline was 4 1/2 at the beginning of May.  Here are some things we want to remember about her at this age:
  • She always has little treasures she'll attach herself to.  Recent ones have been: pet stick (literally a stick), little teddy (a small teddy bear) and the always trusty lovey
  • A month ago on our way to the kids' school we passed a school bus.  Madeline asked, "When can I ride a school bus?"  I answered with, "When you go to big kid school."  So she asks, "When do I go to big kid school?"  Me: "After one more year at HCA." Tear.  Madeline: "I can't wait until I go to big kid school! What will I learn?" M: "You'll learn things like science, math, social studies, how to read, things like that." M: "I'll learn SCIENCE and SOCIAL STUDIES?  I'm so excited!  I can't wait to learn those things!"  We get to school and she proceeds to tell everyone she sees that "One more year of HCA and then I get to go to big kid school and learn all sorts of new things!"  I'm SO very thankful that she loves to learn, and I hope that never changes.
  • Speaking of school: Her teacher said she could always count on Madeline to correct her.  Not in a disrespectful way, but more like "You said this last week, why is it this way this week?"
  • She sleeps from 8pm - 6:30 am.  She has stopped napping and now has "rest time", where she has to play or look at books in her room for at least an hour.
  • She is still picky when it comes to food and doesn't eat much.  Sometimes I wonder how she grows.  Her favorite foods are blueberries, apples, mac and cheese, pizza and carrots with ranch.
  • She plays really well by herself and sets up her own little cities/set ups.  Her favorites are camping and school.  She also has her "children" which consists of Lovey, Lily the cow, Anna, Elsa, bitty baby, Rapunzel, Tigey the tiger and Dolly (her American girl).  She'll tote one or two of them around during the day, and they "need" things like food (real food), a seat belt in the car, to be put down for naps, etc.  It got to the point where we discussed how mommy has two human kids I take care of, and I can't constantly be doing things for her kids, too.  I told her they were her children and she needed to take care of them. :)
  • She has gotten good at riding her bike and actually enjoys it now.
  • She sometimes talks to Andrew like she's his parent.  "Andrew, that is not allowed.  Go to time out."  It's usually followed up with, "It's ok Andrew. I forgive you."
  • Girlfriend will argue with us All. Day. Long.  Unfortunately for her arguing happens to be one of my strong points, and she is slowly learning that she will NOT win.
  • Her favorite color is pink and she loves wearing dresses.  If it's not pink or a dress, I have a tough time getting her to wear it.  Heavy bribery was involved to get her in the white shorts and blue shirt for these pictures.
  • Madeline's teacher told me that Madeline goes about her day like she's living in a Disney movie.  This couldn't be more accurate.  Constant songs, dramatic movements, and using her imagination.
  • She is very into our schedule, and what happens on what days.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We started our Memorial Day weekend with a Friday night movie.  As usual, if I'm sitting in the living room someone (or 3 someones) have to be right next to me.  Or in my lap.  Andrew likes to tell me, "Move over.  Too tight."  I think that's his nice way of saying I take up too much room.

Saturday began with a trip to the pool.  The kids had just as much fun eating their lunch and people watching as they did in the pool.  The good news is that Andrew seemed to like the neighborhood pool much better than last year.  The bad news is we have two over-confident fishes on our hands.  Time for me to grow eyes in the back of my head.

This kid.  

On Sunday the kids were up bright and early.  By 8:45 we had gone to breakfast at the Empire Cafe, made a trip to Trader Joe's and a quick stop at Auto Zone.  This kid ate everything on his plate except for the fruit!

Madeline thought the kitty pancake was the coolest thing ever.  

After some chores around the house Jon and Andrew washed my car.  One of my favorite things about little ones is how enthusiastic they are over chores.  

Madeline thought two of her "children", Rapunzel and Elsa, needed to have a picnic because it "was such a beautiful day outside."

That afternoon the kids graced us with 3 hour naps, which meant I got a 2 hour nap and Jon watched a movie.  Perfect afternoon all around.  We went to church Sunday night and little monster's behavior was less than stellar.  There was a group of teenage girls sitting a few rows behind us.  At the beginning of Mass he was waving and saying "hi girls."  They just ate it up and apparently he did too.  He kept doing it, and anytime we turned him the other way or told him to stop he'd begin one of his epic meltdowns.  Needless to say we were "that family" in church and he set a new record for a child being taken out of Mass.  This also happened to be on a Sunday when we tried to sit up close, and Madeline loudly said, "Why does the Priest get to do everything?"

On Monday we headed down to League City for a party at my parents' house.  As usual, we had too much food, including crawfish.  The weather was overcast so most of the adults stayed out of the pool.  The kids had fun splashing around with our friends Jack and Brody.  Somehow the only pictures I took was this one of the kids and one of my sisters eating crawfish.

The unfortunate part of the weekend was that my mom broke a bone near her shoulder two days before.  So after all the company left on Monday she enlisted us girls to wash her hair in the pool by leaning her back in a lawn chair.  And the boys sat there cracking up at the whole thing.  If a neighbor would have walked over they probably would have thought we were baptizing each other.  

A final Memorial Day thought....Lots of meaningful things were posted on social media that weekend.  My cousin, who was an Army Ranger in Operation Iraqi Freedom, posted this.  It brought tears to my eyes and was so incredibly written that I wanted to share:

"We all know we'll tell our kids a lot of stories as they grow up, but every once in a while you may just get the opportunity to tell them about a True American Hero that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our way of life. Today, I finally decided to take that journey. The most heart wrenching, yet greatest part was when my son looked up at me and asked, 'was he your friend?' and I had the Honor to say, Yes.  If you haven't already, I suggest that you pay tribute to those that gave all. If you do not know someone that has Die for our Country, then its Really Easy, just look up at the sky or at an American Flag or even at your children as they sleep and say, thank you for giving me my way of life. Trust me, our Fallen Heroes are listening." 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Madeline's Last Soccer Game, End of School Show and Dance Recital

Missy Prissy has had a very busy past few weeks!

Last Soccer Game
Although it was a challenge to get her to really participate in games, she was sad that the season was over and asked if she could play again next year.  In one game she kicked the ball 3 times, which was a huge accomplishment (like I was a challenge).  The next game she kicked it 4 times, and in the final game she kicked it quite a few times and even scored a goal!!  We didn't get a video of it, but it sure was a great way to send the season.  I think she even surprised herself.  She kicked the ball in, turned around with a big smile on her face and said, "MOM!  I KICKED A GOAL!!"  We were so proud of her.

Madeline and Sarina were running on the field holding hands.  Too cute.

End of School Year Show
The kids' school put on an end of year musical called "Camp Wise n' Up" based on the book of Proverbs.  Madeline had been singing the songs for weeks so I was curious to see how it was going to turn out.  The Mothers' Day Out classes didn't participate, but Andrew knew all the songs from Madeline singing them. The kids dressed like campers.  All of the kids did such a good job of singing, and I was very impressed with the show!  Here's a video of part of it:

Thanks to the fam who came to watch!

Dance Recital
Oh my goodness....saving the best for last.  As an extra-curricular activity, I really like dance.  One hour a week and you're done.  Except for recital weekend, which is madness.  It really was fun, but we were exhausted by Sunday night!  It was also my first experience being a dance mom: the hair, makeup, etc.  I enjoyed it, but you will NOT be finding me in a rhinestone "dance mom" shirt.  No offense to those who wear them, but it's just not my thing.  I don't think I'd have a problem with "baseball mom" or "football mom", but there was just something about the amount of rhinestone "dance mom" shirts that made me giggle.  I even saw a "dance Granny" shirt.  We will not be buying one for our Granny because we love her.  :)  Anywhoo...
 Tuesday was dance pictures, so this mommy got some hair and makeup practice. And before you freak out about the makeup (like Jon who said "this is NOT ok"), the crazy makeup is the norm in dance recital world.  Madeline loved it.

And y'all, these costumes.  I thought they were too cute!  The theme of the recital was "Circus".  They dressed as elephants for ballet, and they danced to "Lollipop" in the polka dot outfit for tap.

Saturday was the full dress rehearsal.  It was a long day, but keeping a bunch of four year old girls entertained was pretty easy.  Give them "Frozen" and some coloring books and you're good for hours.

Sunday was the recital.  Madeline was quiet on the ride over, which never happens.  I asked her what was wrong, and she said, "Well, I guess I'm a little nervous."  Bless her heart.  If she was nervous she didn't let it show.  She did great!  They wouldn't let us take videos, but here are videos from the rehearsal:

Such a big girl. 

Pictures were not allowed either but Jon snuck this one of Madeline doing an arabesque.  She'll smile throughout an entire performance, except when she's doing an arabesque.  She gets a serious look of concentration on her face and it's just hilarious.  As her parent it never gets old.  We crack up everytime.  

She insisted on holding her flowers like this.

Thank you to Granny, Papa K, GiGi, Poppy and Aimee who came to watch!  It was a long day for them too, but I know Madeline felt so special having family members there.  

Andrew was home with a babysitter.  Best decision ever.

On the way home Madeline asked, "When is my next recital?"  She is bummed that there's no dance over the summer, but I'm happy that she found and activity that she enjoys so much!

While this post has been about Madeline's accomplishments, I must say I'm very proud of her biggest fan.

At soccer games, he would cheer, "Go Madeline!  Go Orange!" and kicked the soccer ball around with her at home.  She taught him all of the songs from her school musical, which they proudly sing together.  And last but not least, he knows half of her dance routines as well.  He even helped her practice before the recital. 

"Andrew, I'm your teacher.  Hold up your lollipop and dance like me."

Although they fight like cats and dogs, I hope that they always remain supportive of each other.  I'm so proud of my little munchkins!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Thoughts on Pregnancy

For the first two kids, I didn't write very much on the first trimester (probably because I'd like these times to be permanently erased in my brain).  I thought I'd write down a few notes each week to remember how I felt and what was going on.  For the past few months I've been jotting down things each week.  It pretty much turned into complaining mixed in with pregnancy brain, but whatever.  Maybe baby #3 can use it in therapy one day.

Week 4: Find out I'm pregnant.  Yipee! I immediately call the doctor, schedule an appointment, and feel like a pro requesting my Zofran "just in case." I'm annoyed when they only give me 12 pills, but hoping I won't need them.  I feel pretty normal, just tired, which is probably "normal" for any mom of little ones.  I've also given up my afternoon cup of coffee, which I'm sure is contributing to the sleepiness.
Week 5:  One week of normal....really?  Is this a joke?  I started getting pregnancy tummy this week, meaning if I don't eat some sort of carb/protien at least every 2 hours I feel like I'll be sick and pass out.  Luckily, as long as I stay on this constant eating schedule, I don't feel nauseous.  It's just annoying to force feed yourself 544083 times a day.
Week 5.5: Pregnancy tummy, I hate you with the heat of 10,000 suns.  Nausea strikes.  I call the doctor and request the quick disolve Zofran, because the pills aren't working at all.  Standing in the kitchen makes me sick to my stomach.  And these children of mine, when did they hit a growth spurt and need to eat every 30 minutes?  I could swear they know how hard it is for me to look at food and they take some sort of joy in asking for it.  The taste of water makes me gag, so I ran into CVS and bought these drops that make water taste like lemonade.  I can feel the clean eating community shaking their heads at me and I don't care.
Week 6: Some relief from the new Zofran, and thanking God that I feel a little better to push through a busy weekend.  I felt bad missing Andrew's field trip and a birthday party for one of Madeline's friends, but mommy's gotta do what mommy's got to do.
Week 6.5:  I'm walking a fine line between food aversions and needed to eat every few hours.  It's annoying, but I can handle it.  The past few days I just eat what I feel like I'll handle the best, even though it's not the best for me.  I'm also not naive and realize we're only at week 6.5....chances are things will get worse before they get better.  And this sleepiness...I might have passed out cold in the gameroom while the kids were playing.  When I woke up I realized Andrew had locked himself in the closet.  Oops. 
Week 8: Happy day!  Today was our first doctor's appointment and everything looked great.  Baby is due November 13th, one day after our 9th wedding anniversary.  Also good news...I'm a few days further along than I thought which means I'm 8 weeks instead of a few days past 7.  It doesn't sound like a big deal, but ask any prego and they'll tell you otherwise.  I celebrated by coming home and taking a 2 hour nap.  Thank goodness the kids had school today.  On another note: The baby is the size of a grape, I'm not eating much and my pants are too tight.  Someone do that math for me.  I'm putting off the bag of maternity clothes for as long as possible, but if I could trade it for first trimester feelings I'll HAPPILY make that trade.
Week 8.5: Pregnancy  brain, so nice of you to join the party.  I was looking at a calendar, and freaked out thinking Jon's birthday was on Sunday, not Tuesday like I've been thinking all along.  He says, "Do you think my birthday is on the 6th?  It's on the 8th."  There are no words for the level of incompetence I felt at that moment.  On Sunday I wrote a check to the wrong church so they mailed it back to me this week.  Oops.
Week 8.75:  When not pregnant, I maybe cry once every six months.  I've cried twice  this morning and it's 9:30 am....all over happy things, fortunately.  There was the homeless man recording a song with a Christian singer, and then the movie trailer for a documentary titled "The American Blogger", where one of my favorite bloggers is featured.  Stupid internet.  On the bright side, I started taking B6 three times a day and it seems to help some with the nausea.
Week 9: On Jon's birthday we shared our news with the kids.  Andrew said "baby" and moved right along with life.  Madeline was excited and asked "What kind is it?"  We told her we find out in June, and she requested a sister.  We told her that God gets to pick what it is, not us.  She said, "I think God wants to pick a baby sister."  We also told her that this was our family secret, and she could talk about it with Mommy and Daddy, but shouldn't tell anyone else right now.  The next afternoon I picked her up from school and her teacher smiled at me and said, "Congratulations!"  I asked Madeline if she told her class and she said, "No Mommy, I didn't tell my friends. I told Mrs. Neelam you had a baby growing in your tummy and it was our family's secret."  That night she redeemed herself.  While saying prayers, she said she wanted to thank God for "the baby in November."
Week 9.5: My kids haven't eaten a vegetable since mid-March unless you count sweet potato fries.  I'm tired of eating cheese, crackers and plain baked potatoes, so this week I've attempted other foods.  Hot dogs for the win, but Greek yogurt is getting the boot.  My current diet would make a nutritionist's ears bleed.
Week 9.5:  This weekend Jon made a to-do list of 17 things (not exaggerating) and did almost all of them.  My goal for the weekend was to eat something and make it until bedtime.  I'm jealous and feel guilty, but still don't feel up to doing anything productive.  Energy, return soon. Like now.
Week 10:  Madeline has decided "the baby girl in mommy's tummy (as determined by her) should be named Rosie."  I should start thinking of ways to gently tell her A.  If the baby is a boy and/or B.  This kid will NOT be named Rosie.
Week 10.5:  I signed the kids up for swim lessons, starting in May.  I'll still have to get in the pool with Andrew, which brought up an issue that I haven't had to confront in previous pregnancies: the maternity swimsuit.  With Madeline I lost 15 pounds in the first trimester so by summer the extra lbs weren't an issue.  With Andrew I didn't start showing until the end of the summer.  The #3 belly will be on display.  Hold me.
Week 10.5: I'm very thankful for feeling somewhat human Easter weekend while we were out of town.  It was nice to see something other than my house or the kids' school.  My tummy size is starting make wearing "normal" pants uncomfortable, so today I went to Old Navy to try and remedy that situation.  I'm convinced maternity pants are God's gift to pregnant women for feeling like crap.  As I was checking out the cashier said, "You realize these are maternity, right?  Are you pregnant?"  No, lady....I thought thick, stretchy waistbands and no zippers were a new fashion trend.  Thanks for the info.
Week 11:  I've been feeling a little better so I thought I'd skip a dose of zofran.  Bad move.  10 minutes of church was all I got today before I felt sick and retreated to the car.  Baby 685460 - Amanda 0.
Week 12:  I had a 12 week checkup today, and all is well.  The PA who I saw asked how I was feeling.  I told her crappy.  She asked if I'd tried ginger (um, yes) and told me to eat more leafy greens.  I wanted to punch her.  Not really. I told her all I eat is carbs and she told me to keep taking my vitamins.  That was our compromise. We go for the "big" ultrasound on June 13th.  I celebrated by ordering maternity swimsuits online.  Confession:  I'm kind of excited about them.  The only ones I could find online in my size that were actually cute cost more than any swimsuit I've bought before.  We live at the pool during the summer, so it's justified, right?  Good thing Jon can't remember the log in info to our credit card website.
Week 12.5:  Over the weekend and at the kids' school I've gotten comments on my belly size.  With Andrew I remember waiting for the gender ultrasound (at 18 weeks) thinking how weird it was that I was about to find out the gender of our child and I didn't even look pregnant.  Not happening with this one.  In other news:  I grocery shopped at Aldi and made it through without gagging.  Attempted the same at HEB and was not so lucky.
Week 13: Unintended side effect:  I think this baby likes country music.  Like, all of a sudden I'm listening to country music in the car 75% of the time.  What's happening to me????
Week 13: After looking at my Mother's Day post, my sister mentions that it looks like I have a black eye in my picture with the kids.  Upon closer examination we realize that I only put on eye make up on ONE EYE.  Thank goodness we were just at Cracker Barrel and not a nice brunch in the loop.  Pregnancy brain at its finest.
Week 14:  And with that, the first trimester is OVA!  Amen!  And guess what?  I feel the exact same as I did yesterday. :)  After reading the other kids' prego posts, I was reminded that I didn't regain my complete, normal appetite until 20 weeks, but that's ok.  I'm just happy to mark this milestone off the list.   

Thursday, May 15, 2014


While in the car:
M: "Mommy, I'm a grown up.  I'm going to get a job."
Me: "Ok, what are you going to do for your job?"
M: "I'm going to be a hair fixer."

The next day she completely contradicts herself...
On the way to school we passed Niki.
M: "Where is Aunt Niki going?"
Me: "She's going to work."
M: "But girls don't go to work."
Me: (takes a deep breath and reminding myself she is 4, not 14) "Yes, girls do work.  Mommy used to work before you were born."
M: "WHAT!"

While watching the NFL Draft:
M: "What are we watching?"
Me: "The NFL draft."
M: "The NFL Giraffe??  I don't see any giraffes."
Me: "The DRAFT"

We were having a picnic outside and Madeline brought one of her baby dolls to join us.
Me: "What's your doll's name?"
M: "Electra.  And her middle name is college cheese."
Me: "You mean cottage cheese?"
M: "No.  College cheese. COLLEGE."

My kids love the show Paw Patrol, and refer to the episodes by what they're about (Paw Patrol Pool Day, Paw Patrol Superheroes).  One morning I turned on the TV and asked the kids what they wanted to watch.  Madeline says, "See if there's a Paw Patrol Tailgate."

Madeline: "I would like a snack."
Me: "You can have raisins or crackers."
Madeline: "I replied crackers."

After dinner I gave the kids one oreo each and took two for myself.
M: "Why do you get two?"
Me: "One for me and one for the baby."
M: (looks at my belly) "Well where are you going to put it?"
Me: "In my mouth."
M: Looks confused and walks off.

Madeline was helping me fold towels, and Andrew knocked over the pile of towels she had been working on.  She said, "UGH!  I'm so dramatic!"  I think she meant frustrated.

After I picked her up from school one day:
M: "Mom, when will I be a baby again?"
Me: "Never.  You keep growing up/"
M: "But why? Can I be born again?"
Me: "No, you can only be born once."
M: (starts whining) "But, Moooommmm, I like being born!" 

Now that Andrew is talking more, I might have to change the name of this post to "Kid-isms" or something....

Andrew has been quite the fussy child lately.  One day he was walking around the house fake crying, then asking himself, "What's wrong Andrew?"  This went on for a good 10 minutes. "Waaaa....What's wrong Andrew?  Waaaa.....What's wrong Andrew?"

When he gets mad at me he'll point to me and say, "Mommy, time out!"  He wants me to go sit in the corner.  I don't think so, kid.

When we say our prayers at night we always pray for the members of our family.  His favorite part is when we ask, "Who else do you want to pray for?" He lists some family members, and then will say things like his lovey, pancakes and pizza.  If we forget to ask him, he reminds us by saying, "Who else? Who else?"

Me: "Andrew, who has a bigger belly, mommy or Andrew?"
A: "Daddy!"

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

12 Weeks

I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow, but this was written a few weeks ago.  I guess it's time to post it.  Let the official monthly pregnancy updates begin..

How Far Along:  12 weeks
Size of baby: Just over 2 inches long (about the size of a lime) and weighs half an ounce
Weight gain: 1 lb
Maternity Clothes:  Ha.  Maternity shorts are my friend.  I can squeeze myself into a few pairs of regular jeans but it's not comfortable.  Some of my regular shirts are already too short.
Gender: We find out June 13th!
Movement: Nothing yet
Sleep:  So-So.  If I get up 2-3 times to go to the bathroom it's a good night.  
Symptoms: Nausea, food aversions, nothing sounds good to eat and I'm tired and unmotivated.  Blah.  It's improving but I want it GONE!
What I miss: Actually wanting something to eat instead of forcing myself to eat.  And wine.  (as if you didn't know that one was coming)  And wanting to cook.
Cravings: Water and occasionally fruit.  I'll get a strong craving for something (like pizza), get it and immediately don't want it anymore.
Best Moment this week: An uneventful 12 week appointment.  And getting some new, CUTE maternity things.  
What I am looking forward to: The END of the first trimester!  And let's be honest...November 13th.  Because I highly prefer my full term children outside of my belly rather than inside.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Professional Easter Pictures

The photographer we used for Andrew's 1 year pictures held an Easter mini-session with a real bunny, so we decided to take advantage of it!  I think they came out great.

Funny story:  They made these faces on their own.  The kids didn't know yet, so I told Madeline the sign said "Happy Easter" and she started sounding out the letters.  I was almost in trouble.