Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Me: "Madeline, do you know how proud of you Mommy is for picking up your toys on the first time?"
Madeline: "Thanks Mom.  Do you know how much I'm proud of myself?"

Random things from Madeline related to the baby:
"Does the baby cry in your tummy?"
"Does the baby sleep in your tummy when it's raining?"
"I think your tummy is empty."
While patting my tummy: "Good boy." "HELLO!  Anyone in there?"
While putting her head on my tummy: "He talked to me!  He said, "weeeee!"

Andrew pointed to me and said, "Giant baby in mommy's tummy."

Madeline: "Are babies born with a diaper?"
Me: "No, they are born naked." (immediately regretting the choice to say naked to a 4 year old)
Madeline: (while laughing hysterically) "Naked!  I was born naked, you were born naked, Daddy was born naked, Andrew was born naked...."(and she names 40848 other people)

Just go ahead and sit down for this one....
We were in the car, and out of the blue Madeline tells me, "If I was God I'd make better decisions for our family."  Um, WHAT?  This was obviously in reference to the new baby being a boy, and us telling her that God gets to decide because he knows what's best for us.  We happened to be on the way to a gathering where two Priests were there.  I told them the story, looking for advice.  Both of them just started laughing.  She truly left us all speechless.

Madeline: "Andrew, do you want a baby brother or baby sister?"
Andrew: "Baby brother."
Madeline: "Andrew, say you want a baby sister."
Andrew: "No, baby brother."
Madeline: "ANDREW, say you want a sister!"
Andrew: "NO, Madeline, BROTHER!"

While at my parents house my mom asked the kids, "Where's daddy?"  Andrew said "At work."  For kicks, I asked, "What does Daddy do at work?"  Andrew says, "Make money." Madeline says, "NO, ANDREW, Daddy puts logs on trucks!" (explanation: One Saturday Jon had to pick up a roll of roofing material from Home Depot and bring it to work to put on a delivery truck for a customer.  Madeline went with him, so now Jon's job is putting logs on trucks.  Aim high, kids!)

When Andrew gets mad at me he crosses his arms, sticks out his bottom lip and says, "Hm.  I've got attitude."

One afternoon Madeline was doing yoga poses.  I asked what she was doing and she said, "I need to do my stretches because my throat hurts a little bit."

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


  • He weighs 32 lbs, wears 2T shorts and tops, size 5 diaper and size 7.5 shoe. 
  • Potty training... He's done it a few times and knows he'll get a special treat , but for now no amount of bribes will get him on the potty. All in his own time, and that's ok.  
  • He's sleeping really well in his big boy bed, and usually doesn't get out until we tell him over the monitor that he can come downstairs.  He sleeps from 8pm - 6:45 am, and naps from 1:30-3:30 pm.
  • Just this week he stopped using sippy cups at home and uses a small plastic cup.  He's doing really well and we've only had a few spills.
  • Food:  The kid is picky, but he will gobble up food that he likes.  He loves milk, eggs, "icy water", cheerios, graham crackers, turkey and cheese, pb&j, pizza, chicken, pasta and Mexican food.  He still won't touch a fruit or vegetable except for the occasional banana.
  • He loves bugs, or at least watching them.  He likes to look for ants and small spiders on the back porch, and is fascinated by doodle bugs.  
  • He LOVES the color yellow.  It is/was Jon's favorite color as a kid, but we haven't steered Andrew to it at all.  The "yellow" gene must be a strong one.
  • He's entered the superhero phase, and I must admit I love it.  He climbs on top of furniture (which he knows isn't allowed), stands up with his arms out and says, "I'm superman."  He also likes to play spiderman by running around and "spraying" people with his hands (especially while wearing his spiderman costume).  When he isn't wearing a shirt he'll beat his chest and say, "I'm Tarzan."   
  • He likes to say, "I do it" and tries to do everything himself.
  • He quotes movies/songs/TV shows.  I often have to ask Madeline what he's talking about.  One of his favorites is from Jungle Book: "Don't start that again."
  • Although he has his moments, he is still a super sweet mommy's boy.  He loves to give hugs and kisses.  He went through one heck of tantrum phase from March-June, and my sanity is SO thankful that's past us.  He was throwing at least 2 of them a day, which would last at least 30 minutes a each. I'm glad to have my sweet boy back.  For now. :)
  • Can count to 20, identify all letters, basic shapes and numbers 1-10
  • He likes to sing songs.  His favorites right now are America the Beautiful  and Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  • We've been attending the Life Teen Mass at our church, mainly because Andrew loves the  contemporary music and behaves (slightly) better.  We also sit closer up and point things out in an effort to get him more engaged.  This has led to him screaming "I see the priest!  I see the cross!", waving to the priest throughout Mass, and singing "Glory to God in the highest" at the top of his lungs.  Whenever he sees a cross outside of church he says, "It's Jesus Christ."
  • I think two year old talk is one of the cutest things, but so hard to capture on this blog!  He pronounces r's as w's.  He calls his sister "Madeline" and never "Maddie."  When he falls or trips he says, "I'm ok."
  • His favorite toys are Lego duplos, trains and floor puzzles.  Those things will keep him busy all day!  His favorite TV show is Paw Patrol.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

22 Weeks

How Far Along:  22 weeks
Size of baby:  11 inches and almost 1 pound (size of a spaghetti squash)
Weight gain: 15 lbs
Maternity Clothes:  Pretty much everything, except for roomy/stretch dresses.  I despise maternity shorts/pants, so I've been living in dresses (for when I leave the house) and gym shorts/tank tops (for home)
Gender: It's a BOY!
Movement: Yes, a few times a day
Sleep: A little better!  I'm up 1-2 times a night.
Symptoms: Nothing major, just moving slower than usual.  The healthier I eat, the better I feel (imagine that, right?).  
What I miss: My regular clothes
Cravings:  Fruit and salad
Best Moment this week:  We had another uneventful OB checkup.  Also, Madeline is improving with the realization that she's getting another brother.  She's only cried once this week about it.  At church last Sunday we let her light a candle and she said she wanted to "Thank God for her new baby brother."  It was totally unprovoked and we hadn't talked about it that day, so it made me SO happy that she was thinking positive thoughts about the baby.  She still likes to tell us almost every day that she wanted a sister, but that prayer gave me some hope that she might not be scarred for life. :)
What I am looking forward to: I'm anxious to start switching Andrew to his new room so I can start taking inventory/ organizing baby things but I want to give him some time since he just had a big "no rail" transition.  I would also like to apologize to anyone who follows me on Pinterest, because I'm obviously bi-polar when it comes to boys room decor.  First world probs.  We are blessed. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 4th Weekend

We spent our July 4th at my parents' house by the pool.  But first: Obligatory patriotic pictures.  When I handed them the little flags you would have thought it was $100.  

For the past month my mom has been working on teaching them "America the Beautiful", so of course we needed a karaoke performance before swimming.  For lunch we had lobster and crawfish macaroni and cheese.  For a prego that can't drink on the 4th, it was the next best thing!  

They could spend ALL day in this pool.  Their latest favorite is jumping off of "Poppy's rocks", especially when Poppy does it with them!  

Madeline teaching Andrew how to dive

Unfortunately it started raining right as it got dark, so we lit sparklers under the patio.  But not before Andrew gave us another performance of "America the Beautiful."  I also must add in church that Sunday he insisted I put my hand over my heart everytime we sang.  Awkward.

Because of the rain we watched NYC fireworks on TV instead of going somewhere to watch them.  On the way home we noticed quite a few cities were still setting them off despite the rain.  Andrew kept saying, "Fireworks...BOOM!"

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Our first month of summer was great!!

Granny, Aunt Jordan and Cousin Will came to Houston for the day and we went to the zoo.  It was hot but the kids were very well behaved and we had fun.

Where's Madeline?

 The next week the kids headed to Bryan for Granny Camp #1.  They camped in the living room...

 visited a zoo in Franklin...

picked blueberries...

and made s'mores.

 I had just regained my appetite so Jon and I ate out three nights in a row.  It's SO nice to be able to enjoy eating again.  One night we went to Americas, one of our favorites.

After dinner we went to Home Goods, where they had this elephant for $3500.  I would love to see the house where this thing ended up.

The next week my mom, Aimee and I took the kids to Memorial City Mall.  We went to the American Girl store and rode the train inside the mall.  So for the kids it was basically like Disney World.

Notice the Bitty Baby on Madeline's backpack.  Love.

Madeline and Dolly wear their matching PJ's almost every night.  Thank you, GiGi!

Maria and Ryan will be getting married in New Orleans on February 21st next year, so us ladies went to New Orleans for a few days to do some wedding planning.  It was also the first time I had been to New Orleans without the kids since I've been a mom.  I love my littles dearly, but it was SO SO SO nice to spend time with extended family members and not be interrupted by someone needing something!

Leaving on a  jet plane

Lunch with JuJu

 I also got to see my precious Pistol Pete 3 times in 2 days.  There are so many things I love about this picture: The shirt, the sunglasses and the "Pistol" golfer tote.

While I was away the kids had "Daddy Camp", which consisted of donuts, fruit loops, playing in the backyard and roasting marshmallows over the stove.  And I came home to a clean house with the laundry done.  I think I'll leave more often.  J/K. Sort of.

Madeline has been obsessed with blueberries since she could feed herself.  After 4 years, I've learned to stock up in June/July when they're super cheap and then freeze them.  This was the first batch of 20 pints, and I'm hoping to get more this week.  

       At the end of the month the kids went back for Granny Camp #2. They went to see  a           singing Zoologist at the library and had more cousin time.

I just love watching little minds at work.  This is the first smiley face that Andrew has drawn that has resembled the actual thing.  He said it was Madeline.  He has since moved to drawing pictures of family members, complete with hair (a dot at the top) and noses.  When he draws "daddy" the face takes up the entire chalk board. 

Madeline and I went to her friend Lucy's princess birthday tea party.  It was so cute! 

Andrew was digging in his closet and found this hand me down costume from our friend Brock.  He kept running around and saying, "I Spiderman!"

Fergie decided she was going to take a nap with Madeline's "children."

This pretty much sums it up.  She told us she was sunbathing.