Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Going Back to School: The 1970s vs Today

I came across this gem online and it cracked me up.  Although I was obviously not even born in the 70's, I can totally relate to the "Today" part of the article.  Hilarious.

Going Back to School: The 1970s vs Today

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day of School: 2014-2015

Yesterday was the kids first day of school!  The most stressful part of the morning was not the school was trying to get the stinkers to smile while looking at the camera for pictures.  Both kids knew who their teachers were just from them being around the school last year, so that made our first day MUCH easier.  Jon and I actually spent most of the morning discussing how different it will be next year when Madeline is preparing for Kindergarten

While we were getting ready Madeline said, "Andrew and I are getting dressed for school.  Daddy is getting dressed for work.  Mommy, what are you getting ready for?"  To sit in silence, child.  And not have little people ask me 5454184 questions an hour. And steam mop the kitchen floors.  Such and exciting life I lead.

This child.  I can't believe she's started her fourth year at HCA.  And to think next year she'll be starting Kindergarten at a big school sends me into instant panic mode.





And then she wanted to pose.

This little buddy is our master cheezer.  No nerves this year for Andrew!  He was ready.

Last year...

This year...

We loaded the kids up in the car and Madeline asks, "When do I go to high school?" 

Madeline's teacher is Mrs. Cole.  She's the former director of the school and is so enthusiastic about teaching this year.  I know Madeline will learn so much, and it'll be a good transition into big school.

Later in the day I got an email with this picture.

I could eat him with a spoon.

Andrew's teacher is Mrs. Shelly, who he already knew from seeing her around school last year.  Andrew walked into class, said "Hi, Mrs. Shelly" and took this pic.  And I'm well aware that he looks possessed.  I didn't realize he was making this face until I got home and looked at it!  

I asked him to give me a kiss and he said no, so we left.  Much different than last year!

They'll both be in school three days a week, so I'm looking forward to some productive time to get things done until little dude arrives.

And as a P.S.....Last week was Madeline's first day of dance for this school year.  She missed dancing over the summer and was happy to be back.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Recap

The kids started school today, so with that, I officially declare summer OVER!  We survived!  Since Madeline has been born some of my toughest parenting times have been during the summer, when activities are limited to the indoors or a pool (which is hard with babies).

This summer by FAR was the best for me since the kiddos have come along.  In some ways, I feel like this summer was filled with things that you think parenting will be like before you have kids (and get hit with the realization that it's NOT all fun and games).  Don't get me was still exhausting finding a way to keep them entertained/engaged/happy everyday....especially while pregnant.  But the kids are both at an age where they are fun and play well together, and that makes such a difference!  It's so nice to be able to leave the house with just a purse, and not lug half the house with you.  They were happy to run errands with me, play upstairs by themselves and keep themselves entertained by coloring/drawing.  I also realized that this would probably be my easiest summer for the next 3 years, so I tried to make the most of it. :)

Other things that made this summer bearable:  We had some awesome friends to spend it with.  And some awesome family members who graciously took the kids for a few days.  Madeline and Andrew went to Bryan/Granny Camp three times this summer.  They also spent time at my parents' house and particularly enjoyed that Aimee was home from LSU.

Here's a recap of how we spent our days (for my memory when I look back and wonder what we did):
Most days they were up by 6:45, which was sleeping in compared to the 6:15/6:30 we were used to.  They ate breakfast and watched a show or two while I cleaned  the kitchen/did laundry/caught up on blogs.  After that they'd go upstairs and play until our morning activity.  When we got back home, we'd eat lunch, play some more, and have rest time.  Madeline gave up daily napping in May, but would nap about once a week.  That was probably the hardest part of the summer for me, because after 3 hours at the pool this preggo needed some sleep!  Andrew would nap for a few hours, and we'd cook/eat/play/etc. until they went to bed around 8:30.

On Mondays we went grocery shopping and to swimming lessons (indoors at HSC).  Madeline was in the dolphin class this summer, and Andrew graduated from tadpole to goldfish.  Madeline can now swim with "big arms" across a pool and knows to float on her back when she gets tired.  I'll be keeping Andrew in year round.  He can float on his back, but I want him to be a confident swimmer by next summer.

On Tuesdays we usually went to the pool with our friends.   I was too busy watching the kids in the pool to take water pictures, but I did get quite a few of them eating. :)

Wednesdays were movie days.  Our Cinemark had a summer kids pass, where for $5 you got tickets to a kids movie once a week for 10 weeks.   It was SUCH a good deal, and I'm hoping we'll be able to swing it next summer with this baby.  (I can wish, right??)

On Thursdays we had gymnastics.  Andrew's class was a "mommy and me" at the same time as Madeline's, so I felt bad that I wasn't able to watch her at all.  But they enjoyed it.

Fridays were spent at the pool or running errands.

I was actually a little sad for them to start school today, because I know this Fall will go by even faster than the summer did.  Fall is filled with so many fun activities, but I'll miss our lazy days of summer!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Me to the kids:  "I'm going to go upstairs and get your clothes."  (I walk away)
Madeline: (whispering) "Hey Andrew, it's time to party!"

(after some disagreement between Jon and Andrew that I can't remember)
Jon: "I'm telling you that because I'm the daddy."
Andrew: "I'm the Andrew."

Me to Andrew, after he ate his second breakfast: "You're a growing boy!"
Andrew: "I'm supposed to be Batman?"
Me: "Batman??"
Andrew: "Or Superman."

Madeline: "I've decided baby brothers are the best.  But most of the time I think baby sisters are the best.  But now I think baby brothers are the best."

Madeline is rather obsessive over the details of heaven, when people die, etc. (a result from Easter discussions last year). This has led to some interesting, serious and sometimes funny comments and conversations. On the way home from church last week she said,  "I don't want to live in the clouds in Heaven.  I Want to stay on the grass."

Madeline randomly said, "How is Daddy going to get the sword of his throat?"  I questioned what she was talking about, and she said, "Daddy said he has a sword in his throat.  How did it get there and how is he going to get it out?"  Then I realized Jon had told her he had a sore throat.

Madeline, sitting on the couch: "Mommy, I saved you a big spot because you have a big hiney."  (thanks, kid)

I've stopped carrying around a cup for Madeline, and I told her it's because she's old enough to drink out of a water bottle.  She told me, "When I'm a mom, I'll REALLY drink out of a water bottle."

Madeline saw the name "Amanda" written down and said, "Mom, you had a long kid name."

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

26 Weeks

How Far Along:  26 weeks
Size of baby:  14 inches and 1  2/3 pounds
Weight gain: 24 lbs
Maternity Clothes:  Yes and Yes.
Gender: It's a BOY!
Movement: Yes, throughout the day now.  It's my favorite part about being pregnant!
Sleep: Blah.
Symptoms: Just uncomfortable.  Yoga is helping some.  I've also had a big increase Braxton-Hicks, but drinking more water is helping. 
What I miss: My regular clothes and a good night's sleep.
Cravings:  Salad...I'm a weird prego...or everything else gives me heartburn!
Best Moment this week:  Andrew doesn't really understand what's going on, but we've started to read books about babies. The kids are at Granny Camp this week, so I'm busy converting the guest room into Andrew's new room and his current room/closet back into baby mode.  On another note...I think it's been two weeks since I've heard a "baby sister" comment out of Madeline.  She asks SO many questions about the baby, how he's doing, what he eats, does he sleep, etc.  She tells people his name is Little Dude, and she likes to talk to him by knocking on my belly and saying, "Hello!"  
What I am looking forward to:  Getting all of our baby things situated before the crazy fall season sets in!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pensacola Beach 2014

Oh, the beach. It seriously is my happy place.  We had a big change this year.  Rather than getting multiple condos in a tower, we rented a house on the beach for the Texas Notos, Aunts Gina, Ronda, JuJu, Peggy and Nidia, our Pistol Pete and cousin Alaina.  The Luling Notos rented a house on the bay, which was literally across the street.  They brought their boat, so we had the best of both worlds.  We all had the BEST time bouncing back and forth between the beach and bay house, not to mention all of the extra space for us to hang out, and most importantly, cook!  The weather was great this year...not one big beach storm.  Another thing adding to my happiness: Andrew loved the sand this year.  Last year he screamed whenever he touched it.  His behavior this year almost made up for the fact that I couldn't consume any adult beverages.  Almost.
Warning: Picture overload ahead.  You've been warned.

Day 1
The kids did great on the car ride.  They had been asking about the beach for weeks and were ready for the adventure.

As soon as we were unpacked Andrew had Poppy and Pistol helping him with his puzzles.

Elsa and the beach

I would play puzzles all day long with this view!

Our beloved Mimi, the original beach bum, was with us in spirit.

Love these peeps.  

As usual, the food was outstanding thanks to a family of cooks. Here's some of what we had over the week:
Breakfast: eggs, biscuits, breakfast casserole, waffles, eggs benedict
Dessert:  Smores pie, tea cookies, Texas sheet cake, bread pudding and 4 layer delight pie
Everything in between: daube with Italian sausage, Italian salad, fried fish, BBQ shrimp, alligator sauce piquant, Mexican lasagna, crawfish monica, spinach and artichoke dip, chicken picatta, hamburgers, tomato pie, potato salad, baked macaroni and lasagna.  And on the 7th day we were tired of cooking and got grouper sandwiches from Sidelines.

Day 2

This one had his share of beach naps.

Dinner at the bay house...

My dad, his siblings and Pistol 

 Day 3
We had our first boat day, and the kids had their first ride in the tube!  Cousin Bella was showing them how it's done.  While on the boat we stopped at a small island that had it's own little beach.  We saw a big crane, blue crabs and stingrays.  While walking along the beach Andrew found a stick and drew an "A" every few feet.  I guess he was marking his territory.

Chill time...

Day 4
Can I just say what wonderful Aunts/Uncles my kids have?  I mean, many Aunties would dress up like spiderman to make a little boy laugh?

And then we took some family pictures...we missed you, Peter and Niki!

Day 5
By day #5 we (um, I) needed a break, so we took a ride along the coast and stopped to search for shells.  

It was HOT outside, so we found a New Orleans style sno-ball stand.

Little man wanted "yellow."

A pink lady for me...happy camper.

That evening we had a birthday party for a family friend who was also in Pensacola.  By 9 pm, these two party animals had enough.

Day 6
We started the day by making cookies for brunch.  Why not?  It's vacation.

At the beach, the kids enjoyed floating in a boat.

GiGi and Madeline built a sand city out of sticks, toys and beer cans (use what you have, right?).

Dinner that night was at the bay house.  We tried to get Andrew to walk around with a Go-Pro, but he wasn't interested.

There was also a porch dance party.  

Madeline, Bella and Elle put on a show for us.  Madeline spent the night with Bella, which was her first non-grandparent sleepover.  She did great and had so much fun!

Day 7

There may or may not have been a yoga class on the beach...

We had a pool at the house that the kids swam in almost every day.

Enjoying grouper sandwiches

Too much sun can make you delirious.  I won't disclose how long it took Jon and Nidia to put together this cookie monster puzzle.

Day 8
The next morning, we left bright and early to head back to Texas.  It was another wonderful week spent with family in a place we've grown to love!!