Thursday, September 25, 2014

Visit to the Fire Station and Firefighter Museum

At the beginning of the month we went to take a tour of the Pearland Fire Department near our house with our friends. In true-life form, the firefighters had to leave as soon as we got there to go check on something.  The kids got to see the truck pull out of the station with the lights/siren, which was exciting to them.  We waited for 30 minutes inside of the station conference room until they got back.  Once the tour started the kids asked so many questions...they were clearly excited.  The firefighters did a great job of talking on the kids level and working in the proper amount of fire safety.
(side note:  The super awesome pics are courtesy of my friend Valerie)

The next week I took the kids to the Houston Firefighter Museum.  It's near downtown, located in the oldest Fire House in Houston.  They have a small kids play area, where you can dress up like a firefighter, slide down a pole, play in the cab of a truck, etc. We stayed for quite awhile and the kids had fun.

We will definitely be back in the future!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aggie Football!

It's the most wonderful time of the year....and no, I do not mean Christmas.  After 7 long months, it's finally football season again!!

Our friends the LeRouax's had some Aggie friends over for the Texas A&M/South Carolina game.  Two words: Kenny Trill.  'Nuff said.  The adults enjoyed the game while the kids enjoyed running around like crazy people.

We made the trip to College Station for Texas A&M's first home game vs. Lamar.  Necessary game day prep:  Female toes must be painted maroon.

They wanted to hold hands on the way to CS.

The first tailgate of the year was HOT.  This preggo sat in a chair with a fan most of the time we were out there.  The kids were troopers. 

*Someone* taught Andrew to "bring Papa K a cold beer."

 I had stopped at the Dollar Store to pick up some random things to keep the kids entertained, but they spent most of the time snacking and playing with bean bags.  

She requested that we take a silly picture.

We were glued to the TV anticipating the start of the game when the TV announcers said there was a lightening delay.  It was odd because other than a few dark clouds in the distance, we hadn't seen any lightening.  Fast forward 15 minutes, and we saw multiple strikes and dark clouds looming over Kyle Field.  It was the weirdest sight, looking at a full Kyle field with lightening and clouds that looked like they'd burst at any moment.  We packed up the tailgate and headed back to Jon's parents house to watch the game there. On the drive back to Bryan we drove in what could only be described as hurricane like conditions.  Thank goodness that weather never reached Kyle Field, because it was ugly!  

Last weekend we went back for the Texas A&M/Rice game.  All of the Kleckley boys were in attendance, and the LeRouax's joined us as well.  And let's discuss the weather....60 something degrees, overcast and muddy due to the 4 inches of rain they got the night before.  It was polar opposite from the previous weekend, but it was SO nice to feel cooler weather.

Andrew was proclaiming that he was "king of the mountain" (standing on water bottles).

So happy to be with her BFF!

Miss sassy pants needed a break from the madness.  Notice the crossed legs.

Mason was teaching Madeline everything he knows about football. 

Andrew and Cousin Will

We have always loved the Aggies, but I must say it has been so much fun cheering for a winning team.  The games are so exciting to watch.  I think I'm going to make bingo boards with all of the receivers/running backs that Kenny uses.  Party games, anyone?