Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Madeline's 5th Birthday

Madeline turned 5 on December 4th.  Her birthday fell on a Thursday, our only "free" day, so we were able to have lots of play time!

For comparison purposes...this was her second birthday. (*tear*)

For her birthday she got a school set for her doll.

We also got her a silver cross necklace.

She promptly set up the school set for baby lovey (what she calls her lovey).

For breakfast we had birthday cake pancakes (pancakes with sprinkles)

For lunch we went to eat at the American Girl store cafe'.  She insisted that Dolly and Molly wear Anna and Elsa costumes.

Little bud hammin' it up.

Jon met us for lunch.  A big thank you to my understanding husband for going along with our girly day!

Preston decided to wake up for the occasion.

After lunch we came home and made cupcakes...after a costume change to Anna.

Her dinner request was chicken tacos with squishy black beans (refried beans) with guacamole.  After dinner we sang "Happy Birthday" and ate cupcakes.

Happy Birthday, big girl!  I can't believe she's already FIVE!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Preston is One Month Old!

  • One month stats: Height: 22.5" (83%) Weight: 11 1bs 13 oz (87%).  At this age Andrew weighed 8 pounds...
  • He nurses every 1.5-3 hours for 30 minutes at a time.    
  • He wore newborn diapers for a week and a half and is wearing size one's.  We also found out he's allergic to regular diapers and wipes, so we switched him to the all natural kind.  
  • Newborn clothes are snug, so he's wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothes.
  • Weeks 2 and 3 of his first month were spent with a stuffy nose and slight cold.  Couple that with some spitting up issues, and he spent most of his first month sleeping in the bouncy seat instead of the pack n' play.  
  • It took us the whole month to get his days and nights in order.  He was sleeping all day and wanted to be awake at night.  I'm blaming it mostly on myself because the kid has NO schedule whatsoever.  No schedule has translated to minimal sleep for me, but everyday is different with M&A's activities.  Scheduling sounds like a great activity for January.
  • For the first two weeks, once we got him to sleep, he slept great.  And then the grunting started.  And this grunting business is NO joke.  He is SO loud!  Most nights it starts around 3 and he'll grunt until the morning.  There have been a few nights where he starts around midnight and literally grunts all night long.
  • We also found out the hard way that he doesn't like being swaddled.  He likes to sleep with his arms over his head and his legs in a froggy position.  He either wears a sleep sack or I loosely swaddle his legs with a light blanket.
  • Everything listed above seems like a handful, but Preston really is a good baby!  He runs errands with me like a pro, and (so far) has no issues with his car seat.  He is SO snuggly and squishy.  Holding him never gets old.
  • His favorite activity is bathtime.
  • He doesn't like pacifiers and his favorite position to be held is upright on someone's shoulder.

Monday, December 22, 2014


This kid.  He covered himself in stickers.  I told him to smile and this is what he did.

This was on Jim Gaffigan's Instagram.  This totally reminded me of Jon.  We had a good laugh over it.

 A few days after Preston was born Madeline had a field trip to Bayou Wildlife Park and Andrew was able to tag along.  Aimee and Gerilyn took them.

The deer roam around the lunch area.  Entertaining? Yes.  Good idea?  Questionable.

Aimee did a great job as fill-in field trip mom!

 Madeline and Andrew spent a weekend in Bryan so Jon, Preston and I could get some much needed sleep.  There happened to be a character breakfast that Saturday that was a fundraiser for CASA.  They had pretty much any character you could think of, from Disney to Sesame Street and Ninja Turtles.  They had SO much fun!

 No trip to Bryan is complete without tractor rides and cookie decorating.

My mom came to visit one day.  I opened the door and she was laughing.  I asked what was so funny and she presented this giant basket of wine.  Love her.

November 12th was Jon and I's 9th wedding anniversary.  Preston was 8 days old and I didn't think twice about leaving my mom, Peter and Niki with the kids.  The difference between kids #1 and #3.  We went to eat at Shade in The Heights.

There are about 8404843 things I love about this picture.  If you are a mother you totally get it. 

While flipping through a toy catalog I came across these kid-size exercise machines.  Can you see a 4 year old saying, "Yes!!  I've always wanted my own treadmill!"

The big kids were in the car with my parents and Aimee sent me this picture.  Andrew was crying/screaming and Madeline was covering her ears and yelling that he's too loud.  Story of my life.

Preach. (except I'm thankful for both)

Andrew has been really into washing dishes.  Think I can keep him this way for another 15 years?

This girl cracks me up.  She said it was a girl snowman.

This was at Madeline's school Thanksgiving feast.  Her Indian name was "Purple Princess Unicorn."

She said she was thankful for "day and night" and "birds and fish."

Preston's Newborn Pictures

Call me partial but I think they turned out amazing!

While we were in the hospital Madeline made a sign that said "Welcome Home Preston."  It's hard to make out the letters.