Thursday, January 29, 2015

Andrew's Birthday Party

We had Andrew's birthday party the day before his birthday at The Little Gym.  It's what we like to call the "easy" party.  We basically show up with pizza and cupcakes and the kids love it. And heaven knows we needed easy after the madness of the past few months.  He's really into Paw Patrol right now, so it was a Paw Patrol themed party.

Typical face for this kid.

Even though it was an "easy" party, I couldn't resist adding a little spunk to it.  The hard part is that there is literally no Paw Patrol themed party merchandise, so I went with more of a puppy/firefighter theme (the main character of the show is a dalmatian with a fire truck).  Luckily the Nick Jr. website had a ton of free printables.

For favors the kids got to take home a little stuffed puppy.  I found them on clearance at Party City.  WIN!

The Little Gym does a great job of keeping the kids entertained.

And yes, I made my friends gather for a picture.  I have tons of pictures of our kids but hardly any of the mommies!

I just LOVE his face in this one.  Andrew gets shy, then very excited when the attention is on him.  It doesn't happen very often these days and he's a good sport about it.

YUM!  This big three year old had such a good time.  He passed out in the car on the way home, and took a two hour nap with cupcake all over his shirt and face.  Basically heaven for a three year old boy.


Me: "Do you want me to cut your quesadilla?"
Madeline: "Yes, in cylinders."
Me: "You mean semi-circles?"

After picking up the kids from school, Andrew told me how two kids in his class were hitting each other.
Me: "That wasn't very nice, was it?"
Madeline: (mutters under her breath) "I bet Jesus saw that."

Preston was crying one morning...
Andrew: "Why is he crying, Mom?"
Me: "He's just a little fussy."
Andrew: "No, he big fussy."

Andrew got some bug  catching equipment for his birthday and he's been obsessed.  He caught a doodle bug one day, and by the next day it had escaped from its container.  Andrew walked around the back yard saying, "Doodle bug, where are you?  Come back to your family."

Madeline: "Mom, what did I sound like when I was three?"
Andrew: "Loud."

Andrew to Madeline: "You're the best big sister ever."
Madeline: "I have my moments."

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Maria's Bridal Shower

Two weekends ago I helped host Maria's bridal shower, along with Aimee, Niki and some of my mom's friends (who are some VERY talented ladies).  The shower was held at a family friend's house, the Garcia's.  They live in a beautiful house on Clear Lake and it was the perfect setting for the event.

The hostesses

A bar.  Perfect. :)  This crowd was partial to peach bellini's.

We served five different salads and butternut squash soup.

All the guests (40 ish) had a place to sit.  We used real plates/flatware/glasses.

My mom's friend Rosalie used to be a florist and put together these amazing arrangements. 

Wedding dress cookies for favors

There were three different desserts: macaroons (3 different flavors), four layer delight pie shots and pecan pralines.

Preston was the cutest form of entertainment at the event.  Until Madeline started belting out "Let it Go" on the karaoke machine while Maria took a bathroom break during present opening.  I had a few people come up to me and say they thought she was shy. HA!  Girlfriend is class A diva material.  

Thank you, Mrs. GiGi, for opening your home to us!

My sisters should be models.  Seriously.  

We were SO happy that my Grandma was able to come into town from Louisiana.  Love you, Grandma!  

She got lots of fun things, and Madeline had fun "helping" her.

T-minus one month until wedding time!! WOO HOO!!