Monday, February 16, 2015

Preston is Three Months Old!

  • He weighs 18 pounds.  At this age Andrew was almost 14 pounds.  When Madeline was a year old she weighed 19 pounds....
  • He's wearing size 3 diapers and we're still swapping between NATY and Pampers Sensitive.
  • He's wearing 6 month and 6-12 month clothes, but can also fit into some 12 month things.
  • Still no schedule.  Shocking. (wink wink)
  • He nurses every three hours during the day.  
  • He usually wakes up once at night, anywhere from 2-5 am.  If he sleeps until 5 am he's awake and ready to go for the day.
  • He likes to blow bubbles
  • He LOVES to look at himself in the mirror.  I'll say, "Where's Preston?" and he'll smile, coo at himself and start kicking his legs. 
  • Speaking of kicking legs...anytime he's laying down his legs are moving.
  • He loves talking and cooing, especially when someone is interacting with him.  
  • He hasn't become attached to any toys yet, but he started knocking the little toys that hang from his bouncy seat. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Preston's First Trip to Louisiana / Wedding Prep Extravaganza

At the end of January Preston and I went with my mom and Maria to New Orleans to wrap up some wedding prep.  Jon's parents graciously watched the big kids so I could enjoy the trip (mostly) free of little people craziness.  It was also a great time for Preston to meet  more extended family and friends while we didn't have too much scheduled.

Little Dude was a trooper.  We made lots of stops on the way but not one was because of him.  When we got to JuJu's house on Saturday we were greeted by family, gumbo and wine.  Can I get an AMEN? On Sunday we went to Mass and then started putting together 70+ boxes for hotel guests.  Maria and I got busy on the brochure with wedding info while JuJu and my mom went to pick up the goodies to fill the boxes.  On Sunday afternoon we had more family come over to help with assembly.
So happy to be in New Orleans! 

Pistol was such a good helper with Preston!  He held him for almost 3 days straight.

This wagon served multiple purposes...transporter of goods...

...and baby holder.

Maria's bridal portraits were held on Monday at the Omni Royal Orleans in the French Quarter (where the reception will be).  My Aunt Gina came over to watch Preston all day so I could be kid free.  I don't consider Preston to be that high maintenance, but it was SO nice to have both arms free for a day. :)

We had so much fun during the portrait session. It was great to meet the photographer.  There are only two pictures I can share from that afternoon (because the rest have Maria in her dress):

1.  Michael (who will be in charge of the reception) standing on a chair on one of the hotel balconies blocking light for the photographer.  Talk about going above and beyond.

2.  THE infamous stairwell near the rooftop pool at the hotel.  Pardon me while I out myself for the sake of making a few family members laugh at an old memory:  We've had lots of fun memories at the hotel, one of which is having girls' weekends with my mom's side of the family.  I have three older cousins, and they would take me out on Bourbon Street at a time when Maria and Aimee were still in elementary/middle school.  After one of these late nights on Bourbon Street (and after too many drinks were consumed) my cousins and I decided this stairwell would be a great place to sit, talk and laugh for lord knows how long.  I would pay good money for that security camera footage, especially if it came with audio.  Everytime I pass this stairwell I laugh.  

 We just saw the proofs from the bridal portraits a few days ago and I can't wait to share them on here!  Maria will be a beautiful bride and I can't WAIT for the wedding festivities next weekend!!!

While I was having fun in New Orleans and Jon was enjoying the peace and quiet in Houston, the kids had a blast in Bryan...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


We started off the new year by having a traditional New Year's day dinner in the dining room.  On our formal china, because why not?  The kids got a kick out of it.

After church one Saturday we went to eat at a Mediterranean restaurant. We didn't realize that there was a belly dancer that night...and she asked Madeline to dance with her.  It was interesting, to say the least.

We spent the sunny days of January playing outside.

Preston's first neighborhood walk

One of the BEST parts of the month was that all three of my grandparents came to Houston for lengthy visits.  It was also their first time meeting Preston.  I hate that we don't get to spend as much time with them as we'd like, but we soak up all we can on their visits to Texas.

Preston meets Paw Paw Pistol Pete (say that 5 times fast)

Four generations

Preston meets Grandma and Grandpa

Four generations

How cute is my Grandma?  I hope I get her aging (or lack there of) genes!

Grandma having a tea party with Madeline and Andrew

And now for baby overload....

It's hard to tell in this picture, but homeboy is about three inches from bottoming out in this bouncy seat.

How many people does it take to bathe Preston?

This kid is BIG.

Saying prayers

Andrew was jealous that Madeline was holding Preston... she offered to hold him next. 

And now for some big kid antics...

On the rare occasion I decide to workout, Madeline and Andrew love to participate.  They especially love jumping jacks (30 Day Shred was playing on the laptop).

We were at my parents' house one day and my mom had pulled out her wedding dress.  This is Madeline wearing it and holding a picture of my parents on their wedding day.

To continue the fun, we pulled out my wedding dress and let her try it on.  I sent this to Jon and got two texts back: #1: "I don't like seeing my baby girl in a wedding dress." #2: "Why are you letting her try on Maria's dress?"  I reminded him it was MY wedding dress and he said, "Oh, I thought it looked familiar." FAIL.  And then I tried the dress on, which I will not share on here because I couldn't zip it up.  We were laughing SO hard.  I was super skinny when we got married, and let's just say after almost 10 years and three kids things don't fit quite the way they used to.


Madeline said this was a girl cow and she needed eyelashes...

I'll give you one guess.


Maria turned 27 on the 27th, so the family went out to eat to celebrate.

Thanks, Poppy for keeping the dude entertained.

Maria sporting her birthday present.  And Madeline sporting the "I'm tired and don't want to smile" look.

Last but not least, I have a new dog-nephew!  Keeko joined Peter and Niki's household a few weeks ago.  He's seven weeks in this picture.  Preston and Keeko must be on the same growth chart.