Thursday, March 19, 2015


Madeline: "Did you and Dad meet on a playdate?"

One day while Preston was crying, Madeline sighed and said, "That's why I didn't want one of those boy babies.  They cry WAY too much."

Madeline was giving Preston a bottle and said, "So when do I feed him on the other side?"

Andrew's latest thing:  When he's upset about something, he'll start crying and say, "I don't live here.  This is NOT my house!"

Andrew is obsessed with the number three and being three years old.  Everything is about that number...
"I want three pancakes.  I three years old."
"I go to bed in three minutes.  I three years old."
"I get three turns.  I three years old."

Madeline LOVED her role as a flower girl in Maria in Ryan's wedding.  The day after we got home she was sitting on the stairs with her head in her hands.  I asked what was wrong.  She sighed and said, "I wish there were weddings closer so I could be a flower girl everyday."

Andrew (after a conversation of why you need to wear clothes outside): "I like naked things." (laughs)
Me: "That's not funny."
Andrew: "It's funny to me."

Madeline was upstairs playing while I was downstairs...
Me: "Madeline, what are you doing?"
Madeline: "I'm making a Bitty Baby world really professionally."

We were at the dentist and she was trying to make Andrew laugh.
Dentist: "Do you have teeth up your nose?"
Andrew: "I don't have teeth in my nose,  just boogers."

We were talking about Mutton Busting, and how you have to be five to ride a sheep at the rodeo.  Andrew said, "If I ride a sheep I'll fall.  That's why I'll ride a gorilla."

Monday, March 9, 2015

Preston is Four Months Old!

  • Weight: 18 lbs 9 oz (95%)   Height: 26.25" (91)  Head: 16.46" (56%)
  • He's wearing size 3 diapers and we're still swapping between NATY and Pampers Sensitive.
  • As far as clothes sizing, I had been squeezing him into 6/9 month clothes.  I pulled out the 12 month box today, so for now we'll say he's wearing 12 month clothes.
  • He nurses every 3 hours during the day, and will sometimes get a formula bottle at night.
  • He goes to bed around 8 pm and will wake up once during the night, usually between 2-5 am.  We've tried getting him to nap in his crib, but he won't sleep longer than 30 minutes.  Right now he naps in the mamaroo, car seat if we're out, or on the floor if he's doing tummy time and falls asleep.  
  • One of the biggest developments this month was moving him to his room upstairs. After one night where he was noisy ALL night long, I told Jon "This kid is getting a ticket to his own room sooner rather than later." Jon said, "Why don't we move him tonight?" And that was that. Preston is doing fine with it.  It took me a couple of weeks, but I must admit it's nice not having our room covered in baby things.  We're also using two monitors.  The video monitor switches between all three kids every 8 seconds.  I added a cheap sound-only monitor to Preston's room so I can hear everything.  Helicopter parenting at its finest. 
  • He love to be cozy and cuddle.  Those cheeks get kissed 5404048 times a day.
  • The other big development is the amount of talking/squealing coming out of that (big) little body.  He's decided he wants to be heard, and in this house the only way that happens is to be loud.  He is way more vocal than the other two were at this age.  
  • He loves when we sing him songs; he'll get a big smile on his face.
  • I think we might see some teething soon; he likes to chew on his hands and small toys.
  • We took out the jumparoo, and right now it's his favorite toy.  He also has two taggie lovies that he likes.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Y'all.  February kicked my booty.  At the beginning of the month I thought I had the flu, was down for 5 days and had to miss Maria's bachelorette party.  After that commenced packing and preparing for the wedding.  Then the week of the wedding Andrew got sick (the tummy kind) which lasted much longer than expected.  The wedding weekend was fabulous x1000000, but exhausting.  (More on that later. Preview: SO. MUCH. FUN.)  Jon stayed in New Orleans for a conference after the wedding, I came back with the kids, and ended up catching what Andrew had.  And as of yesterday I feel like I've joined re-joined the land of the living.

So why am I sharing these less than exciting details that mean nothing to no one except me?

1.  In October, before Preston was born, I kept telling Jon: Just get me to March, just get me to March.... With a new baby, two kids birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the wedding I knew this would be a stressful time for our family.  And up until this month, we were all relatively healthy through it all and for that I'm SO thankful.   February had it's hiccups, but they were all minor in the scheme of things.  So I'm jotting this down as my own reminder: S*%t happens and life goes on.  
2.  It's the long explanation of why insta-February is short.  I didn't want to take pictures of laundry and Lysol cans.

On Superbowl Sunday we opted to stay home, mainly because we actually like to watch the football game and relish in the fact that it's the last bit of football until August. (tear)  The only football outfit Preston could fit into was this 18 month Saints onesie.  Maybe next year, Who Dats.

 These cheeks.  


She asked to hold Preston.  One is five YEARS and the other is three MONTHS.  

For Maria's Bachelorette Party I ordered cupcakes from a local person in Pearland.  My only direction was "make it classy and the wedding color is purple."  The pictures don't do it justice.  They came out SO cute.  She even made a Mardi Gras mask for Maria! Local peeps...check out Maria Carlo/Doux House.  

My sisters and SIL are the best.  They knew I was bummed about missing the Bachelorette party so they kept texting me pics throughout the weekend.  They sent me one of them taking a shot a dinner with the caption "drinks!".  This is the picture they got back with the caption "us too!" 

With me not feeling good this month, Madeline and Andrew have been GREAT at entertaining themselves.  It might cause a mess, but whatever.  This days' activity was sorting crayons into coffee filters.  

 We were trying out his headphones for the wedding.  I need some in my size for when the kids are fighting.

Madeline attended her first party at Sweet n' Sassy.   The girls dressed up, got makeovers and walked the runway.  My little diva was in heaven.

Preston moved to his own room this month.  I'll give details in his four month update.  Let's just say he's sleeping better than I am. :)

Valentine's Day

First of all, thank you to St. Pinterest for providing yet another cute Valentine's day idea that doesn't involve candy.  The kids were huge fans of the glow sticks.

On Valentine's Day, my valentine let me sleep in (AMEN), and he even made heart shaped cinnamon rolls for the kids.  

We like to get them little gifts.  I recently discovered these Melissa and Doug Craft kits.  They are super cute and cheap: win-win. 

Madeline's was "decorate your own tiaras."

Andrew's was "decorate your own superhero mask and cuffs."  Preston got new PJ's.

Madeline had a birthday party, and then we went out for an early dinner.  

Madeline was upset that she didn't have a "mom heart" shirt to match the boys.  I told her to go dig in her jewelry box and wear some jewels and that made her feel better.  To turn that frown upside down, one must accessorize. :)

I tried my best to get Preston to smile but he wasn't having it.  

We went to Grazia, our new favorite restaurant in Pearland.  We ate outside.  The weather was perfect and so were the kids.  We got multiple compliments on their good behavior, which hasn't happened in a long time.  Some moments like that make me realize that there is another side of this mountain of madness that we currently live in.  Maybe. :)

Madeline took this one.

Some of you may have seen this one on Instagram.  We were cracking up because Preston was making the perfect blue steel face.  (For those who don't know:  Blue steel is a reference from the movie Zoolander.)

Noto Family Fun Night

About a month ago my dad asked all of us to clear the calendar for the evening of February 5th and to get a babysitter for the kids.  He kept us guessing what the surprise evening was about and we had fun trying to figure it out.  The details were secret to everyone, including my mom.  JuJu and Aunt Gina flew in from New Orleans to join us.

My dad told the League City crew to be ready at 5:45 and the Pearland crew to be ready at 6:30.  I knew things were going to get interesting when Maria texted me this picture.

They showed up at our house an hour later, we loaded up, raided the ice chest in the limo and headed to mystery destination #1.

We had all the wrong guesses until my dad said, "Boys, this one is really for us."  We knew instantly what he meant: Top Golf.  He also meant "Let's all ruin our wedding diets by binge eating on all the unhealthy but ridiculously good food they can serve."  We had lots of fun competing against each other.

These are the smiles of two people who are KID-FREE for the night!  Thank you, Granny, for watching them!

My people.  So blessed that they are mine.

An Auntie booty dancing sandwich.  Maria and I hit the jackpot with these two studs. 

After Top Golf we headed to mystery location #2, which no one guessed until we arrived:  Pub Fiction, where Maria and Ryan first met.  My dad was extra proud of that one.

Champagne toast.  Or my arm.

And then my mother made us all sing karaoke.  And Peter is the only one out of all of us that can actually sing.  Sorry, Pub.

After Karaoke it was almost midnight, which is the latest I've stayed out by choice in a LONG time (#momlife).  We headed home and that was that!  Although the destinations were fun, one of the best parts of mystery night was dancing and singing in the limo to songs that made my mom say, "Whose I-pod is this???"  (AIMEE)  Call us what you want, but boring is not one of them.

My dad had told us the point of the night was for the family to have one last fun night together before all the wedding craziness began, and he delivered in a big way. Thanks, Pops, for successfully putting together a night we'll never forget.  We had SO much fun!