Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Me: "Andrew, how was your day at school?"
Andrew: "We read a silly book."
Me: "What was it about?"
Andrew: "A lady that choked on all the animals.  She was eating a frog." (laughs hysterically)

Andrew still needs help in the restroom after he goes #2.  One day after he used the restroom I went to help him and he said, "Mom, girls don't watch boys."

There's a song we sing in church called "One Bread, One Body".  The other morning Andrew was walking around singing "One bread, one pancake..."

One morning on the way to school we drove past Niki on her way to work:
Madeline: "Mom, what's your job?"
Me: "My job is to take care of you, Andrew and Preston."
Madeline: "No, like what's your REAL job, like a scientist like Aunt Niki or something?"
Me: "Before you were born I worked with numbers on a computer."
Madeline: "When you were like 18 or 19 or something?
Me: "Yup..." (leaning toward the something of that question)
Madeline: "When I'm like 18 or 19 I want to be like a scientist or cheerleader or something."

Madeline: "Mom, I'm sad because Megan (a girl in her class) went to visit the Philippino." (She meant to say the Philippines)

Jon's truck is almost 10 years old, and I've been on his case for awhile to get a new one before his current truck needs lots of work.  Maybe we've been discussing it too much...
Madeline: "Andrew, maybe if we're good for Christmas daddy will get a new truck."
Madeline: "Mom, tonight I'm going to pray that daddy gets a new truck."

Madeline: "Is Aimee a grown up or a kid?"
Me: "A grown up"
Madeline: "Well, she kind of like a grown up kid."
So now my kids like to say Aimee is a "grown up kid."

When Madeline or Andrew say something that I know did not come from this house, they like to blame it on Aimee.  Sometimes it's true, like when we were in the car and Madeline said, "Hey Mom, turn up the jams!"  I asked her where she learned that from, and she said, "Aimee says it."

Another time, I heard the kids saying "Duh" in a sarcastic tone.  I told them it wasn't a word I wanted them to use, so Andrew says, "Aimee is a grown up kid so she can say "duh."

Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Week in Our Life: Friday

1:15 - 2:00 am (YES, you read that correctly) - Preston wakes up and is hungry.  He's teething so I give him a pass.  I feed him and go back to bed.
5:15 - 5:45 am - Preston wakes up again, and this time he's ready to get up for the day.  I feed him again and remind him that a 5 month old should not regress to newborn feeding times.  I put him back to bed because any hour that begins with a 5 is too early to wake up around here.
6:00 am - As soon as I fall back asleep Jon's alarm goes off and he goes for a run.
6:30 am - All three kids wake up (seriously, do they plan this or something?).  Madeline has forgotten about the tooth fairy.  I remind her to check under her pillow.  We all go upstairs and she seems very pleased with the dollar and that the tooth fairy left her tooth.
6:45 am - I make breakfast for everyone and Jon gets home from his run.  Everyone except myself seems extra loud this morning...even Preston was screeching.  Maybe it's the lack of sleep.  I immediately revert back to fully caffinated coffee because Andrew has a field trip to the Zoo today.

7:15 am - We all have to be dressed, baby fed, ready and out the door by 8 am because of the field trip.  I also need to re-think my packing strategy because it looks like it might rain and I'll have Preston with me.  This morning is more like herding a flies rather than cats.
8:00 am - We make it out the door and bring Madeline to school.  On the way to school both Madeline and Andrew say they want to go to "LSU college" instead of Texas A&M because Andrew likes yellow and Madeline says not that many people go to tiger school.  We head to the zoo and are early, so  Preston takes his morning nap in the car.  Andrew says he can't wait to see the spiders.
9:00 am - We meet Andrew's class at the zoo entrance and being our zoo trip.  It's enjoyable until half the schools in Houston show up for field trips.  The other moms and kids are enjoyable to be around, so it was actually pretty fun.

Andrew had three different girls trying to hold his hand.

Check out this Meerkat!

My boys with the giraffes.  One is happy, one is not.
11:30 am - Myself and some other parents make the executive decision to leave the zoo so our kids can nap before the big kids need to be picked up.  We stop and see the giraffes on the way out.  And just as I had predicted, we are by the giraffes (furthest point away from the car) and Andrew starts crying and says, "Carry me."  I carry him as far as I can then tell him he has to walk.  He starts crying and so I basically pull my crying child to the car.
12:30 pm - We get home and both boys are exhausted.  I try to put Andrew down for a nap, and Preston in the swing.  I sit down to work on this and both boys start crying.  Andrew lays by his door, screaming, and throwing out every excuse in the book.  Preston wants attention.  And I just want a nap.  Or silence.  Or a trip to the Caribbean by myself.  I give in and let Andrew watch a movie because we have to pick up Madeline at 2.  Andrew tells me, "I'm cranky today."  You think?  Preston continues to fuss everytime I don't give him my undivided attention.

I try to work with Preston on his sitting to keep him entertained.

Andrew continues to whine about "I'm cold/I'm hungry/My blanket is not the right way."  And then he tells me Preston whines too much.  And the house is still a mess from breakfast and getting ready because I didn't have time to clean it up this morning.  I'm cranky today, too.
2:00 - 4:00 pm - We pick up Madeline from school, and she is so sweet, asking Andrew about his field trip.  We get home, she goes upstairs to play, and the boys continue their whiny/needy antics and Madeline joins in for fun.  I consider running away.  Or crying, because it's just been one of those days.
4:30 pm - Jon calls and says he's going to be home really late right as I'm about to tell him to come pick up his children.  I order pizza for dinner and pour myself a glass of wine, because honestly I'm just over it.  I had reached my breaking point for the week.  While taking some pictures to post on this thing, I decide on two versions:
The fake pretty...

And the reality.  My house a mess and the kids watching Madeline's dance recital from last year.
Happy Friday. :)
5:00 pm - We eat pizza and the sun comes out, so I kick us all outside.  Vitamin D does the trick and Preston FINALLY falls asleep in the swing outside.

We're discovering the sweet, sweet concept of outsourcing.  Madeline can push her brothers on their swings and read them books. 

The kids get out their water guns and I'm instantly in a better mood.  Thank you, fresh air!

7:00 pm - The kids are a mess, so I give them all an early bath.  I work on operation "get Preston to take a bottle" and Madeline asks if she can feed him.  Then she says, "I guess baby brothers are very nice" and she kisses his head.  My heart melts, and I instantly feel guilty for being so frustrated with them today.  And ain't go guilt like Mommy guilt!
 7:30 pm - Jon gets home and we put the kids to bed.
8:00 pm - I'm getting texts from multiple friends about the Bruce Jenner interview, so I sit down to watch it.  I'm not really sure what to say about the whole thing, other than his oldest four kids seem great...and hopefully less crazy than the Kardashian crew.  I was also very surprised to learn he was a republican.  And for the record, I'm still upset about Grey's.
10:00 pm - Lights out!

Friday, April 24, 2015

A Week in Our Life: Thursday

On some weeks, Thursdays are my favorite.  We have no scheduled activities or school.  With two kids, I used to dread these days like the plague and always find an excuse to go to Target or HEB.  At the stage of life we're in right now, taking all three kids to run errands is no fun, so on Thursdays the furthest we'll usually go is the park or a friend's house.  These are also the days where I'm usually the least productive.  I'm terrible about starting one thing and not finishing it before I start the next, and as a result (and with the constant interruptions) nothing gets done 100%.  SO...

5:45 am - Jon leaves and Preston starts making noise...then falls back asleep.  Thank you, child!
6:30 am - Preston wakes up.
6:45 am - 8:30 am - Madeline and Andrew wake up.  We make pancakes and they eat breakfast.  Madeline and Andrew go upstairs to play with legos and play "trip" again, this time with instructions to NOT empty the dressers.  I clean the kitchen and make/eat my breakfast.
8:45 am - I put Preston down for a nap and start cleaning out my closet.  I need to see what fits/what doesn't, get rid of things and purge maternity clothes.
9:45 am - I'm tired of cleaning the closet but still not done, so I load the kids in the car and we go to the "big" mailbox to send a few things.  Spiderman and the pink skeleton are allowed to remain in costume.

On the way back home I try to play the "fun mom" card and drive through Pena's to get donut holes.  While I'm waiting on our order Madeline says, "Mom!  I pulled my tooth!"  Sure enough, she did it!

 I instantly feel like I'm going to cry.  These oldest child milestones are always bittersweet...a sign of growing up and independence.  Both kids are amazed with the tooth and the hole in her mouth.  Andrew says, "Oh my goodness, Madeline!"  She says, "I can't believe I pulled it out myself!"

10:30 - 12:00 We're back at home but our morning has been derailed by the tooth. We have to text and face time family members, and find the proper place for the tooth so it doesn't get lost.  She asks if she can bring it to school in a jar like a kid in her class.  (One word: NO.) Preston has been in the jumparoo, and in all the excitement I didn't realize he had a blowout and is now covered in poop.  Ugh.  I clean up the mess. The big kids play "Frozen", where they reenact scenes from the movie.  After that is lunchtime for Madeline and Andrew, and I make meatballs for tonight's dinner.

Hans/Superman and Anna singing "Love is an Open Door"

12:45 pm - 1:45 pm My mom is coming over this afternoon to see the kids so I declare it to be rest/nap time.  I get all three kids down, then sit at the table to eat lunch/type this thing.  As soon as I sit I hear a door open and Andrew says, "Is it wakeup time?"  I realize my crucial mistake: Putting a kid down too early for a nap means NO nap at all.  BLAH!  The next 20 minutes are spent by Andrew coming in/out of his room and me explaining that he needs to rest.  I finally give in and tell him to look quietly at books.  I have evil thoughts of him not needed naps anymore right before summertime hits.  Then Madeline comes out of her room.  Now they've both been threatened with some not nice words to quietly play in their rooms until rest time is over.  Today is not my day for nap trifecta or silence.  Preston starts fussing.

2:00 pm - My mom gets here, so now my kids get to bug someone else! Yay!  Instead of "Mommy, Mommy..."  I hear "GiGi, GiGi...".   :) We all read books and play outside and try to chat if Madeline will let me have a word in. And that's the truth with both of her grandmothers...she likes her GiGi and Granny's undivided attention.  And poor Andrew has to work hard to take some from Madeline.  I deep clean the kids' bathroom.  Always a joy.

4:00 pm - Sign up for Madeline's dance class next year began at 4:30 today, so I take advantage of my mom being here and drive over to the dance studio by myself.  I secure her a spot in a popular class.  #suburbmomwinning  Madeline will be thrilled to be in a class with Samantha next year!
5:00 pm - Back at home, I cook dinner (spaghetti, meatballs, edamame and salad) while my mom plays with the kids.  Where two or more adults are gathered, we have happy hour!  I pour my mom and I a glass of wine.  We eat dinner and talk to my grandma, who called to inform us that LSU is playing Texas A&M in baseball tonight.  I try to give Preston some avocado, but he didn't take his evening nap and has decided to cry instead.  We put him in the jumper and now he'll eat the avocado.

6:00 pm - All three kids are cranky due to no naps/not enough napping, so my mom gives them a bath while I clean the kitchen.
6:30 pm - Madeline and Andrew are instructed to clean up the toy messes they made today and you'd think I was asking them to eat a bowl of carrots.  As the world is ending in our house, I finish cleaning the kitchen and my mom keeps Preston entertained.

7:00 pm - Preston won't stop crying, so I put him to bed while my mom reads books to the kids.
7:30 pm - Jon gets home from work and Madeline is SO excited to tell him about her lost tooth.  I realize part of her first "I lost my tooth story" will start with "We were in the car getting donut holes...." Mommy Fail.  She holds her hands 6 inches apart and says, "I was THIS brave."  Andrew holds his hands as wide as he can and says, "No, Madeline, you were THIS brave!"  The kids go to bed, Jon eats dinner and I update this thing.  Not going to lie, it's getting old. :)  And I'm just now realizing I didn't finish cleaning out my closet and it's a big mess.  And I don't care.
8:30 pm - Jon and I realize we have not thought through this whole tooth fairy thing.  Do you take or leave the tooth?  (Mine left it, his took it).  We convinced her to leave the tooth fairy pillow on the nightstand by her bed, so does the dollar (which we agreed upon) go under the pillow she sleeps on in the small pillow with her tooth?  We settle on under the big pillow and cross our fingers that the princess agrees.
9:00 pm - Grey's Anatomy.  For those of you who watch, let's discuss: SERIOUSLY, Shonda Rimes? The #2 most important person on the show, and that's how you write him off?  I am NOT ok with this.  Sure, I understand Patrick Dempsey wanted to move on and yada, yada, but after 10 years I would have expected more out of the end of an era.  Don't get me wrong, I still lost sleep over it, but the whole Izzie/Denny's death episode remains #1 in terms of heart wrenching for me.

Rant over.

10:00 pm - After the emotional and graphic Grey's Anatomy episode, I cannot go right to sleep so we watch Modern Family.
10:30 pm - Lights out!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Week in Our Life: Wednesday

6:45 am - All three kids wake up after all three sleeping through the night.  I immediately wonder who is sick, because this hasn't happened in months.  Jon reminds me of my ridiculous level of paranoia.  Everyone seems happy so I'll keep my fingers crossed.
7:15 am - Breakfast.  Andrew eats his cereal and half my eggs.  Since the kids slept well, I decide it's a great day to start my 1/2 calf coffee.  I've been trying to kick the morning coffee habit, but when I tried cold turkey I had a headache for two days.
7:30 am - I tell the kids to get dressed.  Madeline listens, hair and teeth brushed.  I only had to tell her once, and she even said yes ma'am!  #winning
Andrew interprets this as "run around in your underwear telling people that you're Green Lantern "(he was wearing Green Lantern undies). #notwinning

8:15 am - Everyone is out the door to school.  I drop the kids off,  where Andrew looks at Madeline's teacher and says, "What are YOU doing today?"  After school I drop Fergie off at the groomer.
8:45 am - 9:45 am - I meet my friend Stephanie and we take Preston and Audrey for a walk around the neighborhood.  We are both trying to step up our fitness game.  I share the fact that I've had the same pair of running/workout shoes for 8 years and they look like I bought them a few months ago.  I clearly do NOT list excise as one of my favorite pastimes.  Halfway into the walk we realize it's much further than we thought, and Preston starts crying because he's hungry.  Fail.

10:00 am - Get home, feed Preston, and map out our walk.  We walked 2.7 miles.  I'm impressed with myself.  I share this with Jon who says, "That took you an hour??"  Baby steps...
I shower and get dressed, because Jon and I are going to eat at Killen's BBQ for lunch.  I've been bugging him about going for months so he clears his lunch schedule for me.  THANKS BABE! xoxo
11:00 - 12:30 - We drive over to Killen's and wait in line for 30 minutes, which isn't bad for this place.   I thought the food was excellent.  Preston sleeps the whole time so it's like we're eating without kids.  On the rare occasion I have these moments, I almost don't know what to do with myself.
12:45 pm - On the way home I get a terrible headache.  I don't know if its the amount of fatty food and sugar I just ate, or the fact that I drank 1/2 calf coffee instead of regular this morning.  I make myself another cup of 1/2 calf to help with the headache and try to keep myself out of a food coma.  I update this thing. Preston is still sleeping!
1:45-3:00 pm - I pick the kids up from school and we head to the pediatrician.  Madeline has had itchy bumps on her arms and legs for five days that won't go away.  I despise taking all 3 kids to the doctor at once, but sometimes we have no choice.  The doctor has no clue what it is, says to get some Benadryl cream, and come back in a week if it doesn't go away.  Sigh.  We head to CVS and Andrew starts crying because...who knows.  We head back home and the kids play while I entertain a fussy Preston.
3:45 pm - We leave to pick up Fergie from the groomer.  Madeline is excited because Fergie now has pink bows and looks like a "pink puppy princess."  We get home and I tell the kids they can watch one show if they can agree on one.  They argue about it for 15 minutes and both kids cry.  Some lessons are hard to learn.
5:00 - 7:00 pm - I get dinner together and Jon gets home.  Preston is still fussy, so we decide it's time to pull out the high chair so he can join us at the table.
While we're eating he's staring us down, so I try to feed him rice cereal, which he gags on.  The kids go upstairs to play while I clean the kitchen and Jon feeds Preston avocado.  Bingo.  The kid loves it.

Jon goes upstairs to read books to the kids while I finish picking up.
7:00 pm - Preston is crazy fussy (teething sucks) and mentally I'm checked out for the day, so I turn on a recording of the AMA's from Sunday and watch some of the performances with the little man.  The rest of the fan comes downstairs and the kids dance around to My Maria.
7:15 - 8:00 pm - Baths and bedtime.  Madeline's first tooth is about to fall out so we plead with her to pull it.  It's literally hanging by a thread and the new tooth is showing.  I took a picture but won't post because honestly it makes me squirm.  Loose teeth are like nails on a chalkboard to me.  I better get over it quick.
8:00-9:30 - I update this thing while Jon works.  We both watch Blackish...my favorite new show this year.  Tonight's episode is hilarious.
9:30 - Bedtime, because I'm predictable like that.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Week in Our Life: Tuesday

5:15 am - Preston starts talking to himself.  He seems happy, so I wait to see if he falls back asleep.  He does.
5:45 am - Jon's alarm goes off, and he heads to bible study then work
6:30 am - Madeline and Andrew both get up and climb in my bed.  They immediately start arguing over who gets the "big pillow."  Preston wakes up so I leave the big kids to argue while I feed the baby.
6:40 am - While I'm feeding the baby Madeline starts crying about her missing Lovey and Andrew starts tattling "Madeline hit me with a pillow..."
6:50 am - We finally find Lovey in my car.  Andrew wants pancakes, so we make pancakes while Madeline eats honey cereal.

7:00 am - While I'm flipping pancakes the big kids are arguing over who gets to "play" with Preston (dance in front of him while he jumps).
7:15 am - Everyone is happy...for now, so I eat my breakfast.  Madeline goes upstairs to play with legos and Andrew eats more pancakes.
7:30 am - I start peeling shrimp in preparation for dinner.  By the time I finish dinner prep and cleaning the kitchen from pancake mess it's time to get ready for dance
8:15 am - I get all of us ready for dance.  Some mornings are smooth, others are like herding cats.
9:00 am - Feed Preston then head to dance class.  On the way to dance the kids argue about listening to a "boy song" or "girl song".  Madeline is eating peanut butter crackers and says, "Mom, does Preston like peanut butter?"
9:30 am - 10:30 am - Dance class.  This is Andrew's designated iPad time and I chat with the other moms about Stitch Fix and Real Estate.  Ms. Stephanie lets the parents go into dance class to watch their ballet and tap routines for the recital in May.  The girls are getting excited!

10:45 am - We pick up Chick Fil A for the kids for lunch, which is our typical Tuesday routine.  I call the haircut place by our house and bring Andrew to get his hair cut.
11:15 am - We're back at home and I type this thing up.  Preston is playing on the floor and Andrew gets stuck in Preston's jumparoo.  Madeline is playing with legos.  After Andrew frees himself he goes upstairs to annoy Madeline.  I fold a load of laundry I started this morning (it never ends).
12:00 pm - Lunch time for me and play time for the kids.  I get up from the table and stub my toe on the easel in the kitchen.  I'm pretty sure my left pinky toe is broken (seriously...not exaggerating).  I notice this picture on the clean chalkboard.  I tell myself one day I'll miss finding these cute little pictures....right?

12:30 pm - No one needs me for the moment, so I limp around, unload the dishwasher, hang up clean clothes, etc.  I'm trying to get my "chores" done so I can work on a photo project during rest time.  Preston starts fussing, signaling nap time.  I go upstairs and see clothes from Madeline and Andrew's dressers scattered everywhere.  They say that they are playing "trip."  These are the parenting moments that make me want to rip my eyeballs out.  On this particular day, getting them to occupy themselves, together, without fighting resulted in a huge mess that only I can clean up.  Sure, they can help me re-sort the clothes and "fold" to the best of their abilities, but ultimately I'm going to have to do it.  As much as I want to get mad at them (they should have known better), they've been playing so well today that I bite my tongue (which is SO hard for me) and tell them we'll clean it after rest time. Is it happy hour yet?

1:25 pm - All 3 kids are resting...it took me awhile to get Preston to sleep.  For a little while, I have the trifecta of mommy perfection: All kids napping/resting at once.  We'll see how long this lasts.  I start on my photo project.
2:15 pm - I hear a door open and someone say, "Good Morning."  Andrew's up way too soon, meaning he'll be extra cranky.  He sits on the stairs crying for a good 15 minutes, that his belly hurts and he's not tired anymore (liar).  So here's the question: Does his belly hurt or is he whining for attention? Praying that he did not catch an infectious disease over the weekend, I play into his whining and give him the leftover pancake he requests.  Madeline comes out of her room and they watch an episode of Wild Kratz while I get back to the photo project.
3:30 pm - Preston wakes up.  I kick the kids outside while I work on skewering Basil Shrimp.  They argue over who can sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" which results in a 20 minute cry session from Andrew.   Right when I'm at my whits end I see this.

And then 5 minutes later they're fighting again.  The neighbors must think we hold "The Hunger Games" in our backyard every afternoon.  One minute they can't stand each other, then the next minute they're best friends.  Preston's like "You peeps are nuts."

Water guns.  Instant entertainment.

I found a new use for my nursing cover: a sun shield.  Note to self: Buy these kiddos some sunscreen.

4:45 - We're sitting outside while I update this thing because the weather is perfect.  Andrew tells me "I want to tee-tee out in the country.  Boys like to tee tee in the country"  Too bad, kid.  You live in the 'burbs.
5:30-6:30 - Jon gets home, grills shrimp and asparagus and we play a game Madeline invented involving chalk dust
6:30-7:30 - Jon cuts the grass while I clean the kitchen and attempt to maintain control of this house.  Madeline and Andrew are instructed to go upstairs and clean, and it actually gets done (with direction from Sgt. Mommy).  Preston is overly tired, so all the kids get an early bath.
7:45 pm - Jon puts the big ones to bed, and I have Preston in bed my 8 pm.  Score!
8:00-9:30 pm - I work on this thing and creep on Pinterest while Jon watches TV.  Lights out!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Week in Our Life: Monday

Now that I've caught up blogging major events, I thought I'd do "a week in our life" post. I've done daily ones, but I really wanted to do a weekly one before Madeline starts Kindergarten.  This might also answer the age old question of "What does a stay at home mom DO all day???"  One day down the road I might appreciate this.  Chances are it will bore 99.9% of you and be over sharing to the max, but oh well.  I feel like I've do a good job of keeping track of our life's big events, but I don't want to forget the little ones...

5:00 am - Preston wakes up crying.  He's hungry and has another tooth popping through.  I'm back in bed by 5:30 am.
6:00 am - Jon's alarm goes off and he goes for a run
6:30 am - Andrew comes out of his room and gets in bed with me.  6:30 is sleeping in for him.
6:50 am - Madeline is up and I fix the kids breakfast: Honey cereal with milk.  It's the same thing everyday, despite my attempt to feed them a variety of healthy food in the morning.  We all get to eat breakfast together because Preston is still sleeping and Jon is working from home this morning.
7:15 am - I get the kids dressed and ready for school and Jon starts working.  We've mastered the "Shhh, daddy's on the phone!"
7:30 am - The kids are dressed and ready, so I put on a show for them while I start sorting laundry, pack their backpacks and start getting dressed.
7:45 am - Preston wakes up while I'm getting ready, so I stick him in the bouncy seat while he whines because he's hungry.
7:55 am - I'm finished getting dressed and feed Preston
8:15 am - I load the kids in the car and head to school.  It's five minutes from our house and school starts at 8:30, but we're usually early.
8:40 am - I go to HEB for our weekly grocery trip.  Preston isn't quite sitting up, so he's still in the carrier.  People ask me how I shop with him in the cart:

9:45 am - We're at Target to return some swimsuits I bought online that didn't work out.  I walk around for a little while, because duh.  It's Target.  Preston starts fussing so we leave with nothing (shocking).   We walk down to Home Goods to look for some bins for the laundry room.  Preston starts crying again...time to go home.
10:30 am - Unload groceries, switch clothes, feed baby.
11:15 am - Start prepping lunch salads for the week.  Preston has a blowout.  I change him, put him back in the jumper and he throws every teething toy I give him.
11:45 am - It takes me 30 min to do the salads/dressing because of a the fussy baby.  I try to rock him to sleep and he's not happy, so I put him in his bed.

12:00 pm - I sit down to eat and Preston's still crying, so go upstairs and feed him until he falls asleep.
12:15 pm - I start eating lunch (again) and he starts crying (again).  I eat while listening to a crying baby and type this thing up.  I realize this daily blog thing is a time sucker.
12:45 pm - After rocking Preston for awhile he's asleep.  For the first time all day I have silence. With one hour left until I get the big kids I clean the kitchen, do a 10 minute ab video and fold 5 loads of clothes.
2:00 pm - I pick up Madeline and Andrew from school, come home and give them a snack before swimming lessons.  Things discussed from 2-2:30:
- Madeline talking about the sleepover she'll have with Samantha when they're six
- Andrew discussing how Ursula is not nice for turning Ariel into a Mermaid (?)
- Andrew throws a fit while I'm trying to feed Preston because he wants water out of a different cup
- Both kids discussing their upcoming zoo field trips ("No, I"M going to the zoo...")
3:00 pm - Swimming lessons.  The kids are currently in class with friends of ours, so I get to chat with my friend Stephanie while the kids swim with Case and Graham.

4:00 pm - Preston falls asleep in the car on the way home.  Rather than putting him down and risk him waking up, I sit and hold him while he sleeps and I catch up on some blog reading.  The big kids watch an episode of Wild Kratts.

4:15 pm - Preston wakes up, so I put him on the floor to play while I start putting away the clothes I folded earlier.  I hear Preston laughing, so I walk in the living room and see this:

"But mom, he thinks it's funny when I sit on him."

5:00 pm - 7:15 pm - Let the evening madness begin.  All three kids decide they are starving at the same time.  I feed Preston, then fix dinner for myself and the kids.  We ate leftovers of White Enchilada Casserole with black beans.  Madeline and Andrew went outside to play while I fed Preston rice cereal.  Jon got home, and we all enjoyed some backyard time since the weather was sunny and cool.  
7:15 pm - We realize what time it is and head inside.  Jon bathes the kids while I clean the kitchen.  I'm putting clean sheets on the kids beds (after washing them today) and we realize something smells.  It's Fergie.  She found something gross in the backyard and rolled in it.
7:45 pm - Jon gives Fergie a bath and then starts working on his laptop while I put the kids to bed.  Madeline prays that "God would help her find her lovey because it would be nice and that's what friends do."  Andrew prays for "God".  
8:15 pm - Preston is in bed, so I finish picking up downstairs and shower.
9:00 pm - I finally sit down to watch Grey's Anatomy from last week and update this thing.
10:00 pm - Lights out!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


With everything going on the past few months, I really felt like Easter crept up on us.  We tried to cram in some activities.  

See, children?  We ARE all capable of looking at the camera at the same time!  You better believe I sang their praises the entire way home after seeing this.

Later that week we made little bird nests out of chocolate rice krispie treats and put candy eggs in them. (Thank you, Pinterest)

Speaking of Pinterest...I saw this picture online and laughed so hard.  This is how 75% of my Pinterest projects turn out.

On Friday evening we went to my parents' house for Seafood Gumbo.  The kids had their first swim of the year with Poppy.

My Grandma and Grandpa were in town.  Preston just loves it when Grandma holds him!

On Saturday morning we decorated eggs and I took zero pictures.  Shocking. 

After decorating eggs we played with cascarones.  Madeline wanted to save hers to keep in her room.  (One word: No.)

The kids enjoyed smashing the confetti into each other's hair.

And on themselves.

And us.

And Preston.  We poked a hole in it and let Madeline sprinkle confetti on his head.

It was supposed to rain on Easter Sunday, so Saturday afternoon we had an egg hunt in our backyard. Thank you to Granny for making the kids' adorable bunny shirts!  

I'm going to start a new hashtag: #Prestonisnotimpressed

Let me explain.  The basket seemed big.  And I realize Preston is also big.  But I had a vision that he would fit.  My vision failed.

Our munchkins were up bright and early Easter Sunday.  The bunny typically brings them a bathing suit, a book, a small toy and a few pieces of candy.  Mr.  Bunny was feeling generous this year and threw in some coloring books and a cup.

We went to Mass at 7:30 am at Sacred Heart, the church down the road from us.  Preston has been quite challenging at church lately, and I knew taking him to 9 am Mass at St. Helen would not be ideal for him.  It ended up being a great service and we sang Jingle Bells during the homily.  Long story as to why.  The kids were so confused. 

A family pic that's a keeper!  I probably threatened to take away their candy.

Love, Love, Love.  

I was trying to get a picture of P with his basket and this happened....


We went out to brunch at Sambuca with Maria, Ryan, Bailey and Caroline.  All three kids were so well behaved!  Maybe it was the jazz band or the endless supply of waffle toppings, but it gave me hope.  We were going out to lunch the next weekend and Andrew said, "I don't want to eat lunch food.  Can we go eat brunch?"  The kid was hooked.

The weather was rainy and cool the rest of the day, so we came home, took naps and played.  It was a perfect Easter Sunday for us!