Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Jon: "My feet fell asleep."
Madeline: "My feet are ready to party."

Andrew to me, anytime I tell him something he doesn't like: "I'm not happy with you."

It was raining outside and Andrew said, "If we don't get rain then our crops won't grow."

Madeline, after I accidentally gave her Andrew's plate: "When I eat on a boy plate I feel like a squished pancake."

I was bathing the boys one night and I told Andrew he needed to wash his arm pit.  He said, "I also need to wash my knee pit."

Madeline: "Do you think Daddy can come eat lunch with me at school next Tuesday?  Or maybe not if one of his customers calls and he has to go to lunch for sales." (The girl gets it!)

Madeline: "I'm hydrating.  What does hydrating mean?"

We were in church one Sunday and the Priest said something about an iPad.  Andrew looked at me and said, "The Priest said I need an iPad."

Madeline: "Why are you sad that I'm going to school?"
Jon: "Because I'm going to miss you."
Madeline: "You're going to miss your little girl?"
Jon: "Yup."
Madeline: "Well that's what happens when kids grow up."

We were saying prayers the night before school started.  Madeline's prayer was, "Dear God, please help Mom and Dad not cry tomorrow."

Madeline: "So I go to school every day now?"
Me: "Yes, Monday through Friday."
Madeline: (sighs) "Well that's going to make it really hard to have a play date."

One day after school I asked Madeline how her day was at school. She sighed and said, "It's just not the same without Samantha."

I'm going to call this one a "Mommyism."  The second day of school was NUTS.  The weather was horrible and we had to wait in the carpool line for an hour to pick up Madeline.  We got home and had to rush back out the door for dance.  I told Andrew he could eat a bag of popcorn in the car on the way to dance.  He asked for it, so I reached in my purse and handed him a ziplock bag.
Madeline: "Mom, that's not popcorn."
Me: "Yes, it is."
Madeline: "No it isn't, Mom."
Me: (irritated) "MADELINE.  IT'S POPCORN."
Madeline: "NO. IT. ISN'T."
We get to a stop sign, so I turn around and look at Andrew.  I had given him a bag of powdered formula (that was supposed to be for P's bottle at dance).  He was EATING it with his hands! Yuck!

Questions of eternal significance:
Madeline: "What do cows look like on the inside?"
Andrew: "When can I meet you and Dad's children?"
Andrew: "Why can't I see my eyes?"

Preston's Nursery

These pictures were taken a few months ago before we lowered Preston's crib, but I wanted to document what his room looks like.  With all three kids I was guilty of spending way too much time trying to find bedding and decor to pull the nursery together.  After three kids I've learned my lesson:  Stalk PBK for sales and be done with it. :)  

His bedding, curtains, elephant picture and lamp came from PBK.  The personalized rocking horse is also from PBK, but was a gift from Jon's boss.  The rug is from Home Goods, but PBK has one that looks just like it.

In the corner we have the infamous Kleckley bears.  All three kids have a big bear (courtosey of Peter and Niki) and a smaller monogrammed bear (courtesy of Granny).

I've always called Andrew "Buddy", so when we found out Preston was a boy I started calling him "dude."  The nickname has sort of stuck, but he also gets called "P" or "Master P" if you asked Madeline. :)  When I was putting the room together I found this frame that said "Little Dude".  I didn't care much for the frame, but there isn't much out there that says "little dude" on it!

The sign above his dresser says "I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck."  That song always reminds me of my Pistol.

P's going home outfit and a sign I made before Andrew was born.


We'll start out the August recap with this guy....because who doesn't love a squishy baby??

The Harris family came to visit from San Antonio and spent the night with us.  We invited other friends over to play, and had so much fun catching up.  

Madeline and Samantha...need I say more??  So much personality wrapped up in these two! 

 The mommies!  Love these ladies! 

These kiddos first met when they were between 4-6 months old.

Oh, my giant baby child.  Preston was 9 months and Audrey was 4 months old.

Elle just turned two and I think Preston outweighed her by 8 pounds!

One morning Madeline wanted to make grape juice by squishing real grapes.  She enjoyed squishing them but was not impressed with the taste.

This was one of the first times Preston started to crawl.

Madeline started her 4th year of dance.  She has 3 good friends in her class and still loves it.

I hosted our bunco group's second party.  The theme was "Bunco Fiesta."  We had a blast!  Thank you to Peter and Niki for hosting the rest of my family during the party!

We went to eat lunch with Madeline one day at school.  It was fun to see part of her routine.

Without sister here to provide entertainment, Andrew has stepped up his game.

Before Aimee left for her senior year at LSU we went out for a family/friend dinner at Grazia.  

Family scrapbook moment:  The first time Preston pulled up on something.

We are getting a new high school near our house, so the students that are zoned to the high school got to participate in a vote to elect what the new mascot will be.  It was a great way to teach kids about the voting process.  Madeline's "Timberwolves" did not win, but she was happy with the winner.... Shadow Creek Sharks.

We found ourselves at Luby's one Sunday after church, and this kid was in love with the green jello.

T.R.O.U.B.L.E.  I can't stand baby gates, so I do my best to make sure he doesn't climb the stairs.  Most of the time I catch him.  We've only had two wipeouts, so I'll take that as a win.

  Kids laughing together is the best. Andrew was "reading" Preston a book and he got the biggest kick out of it.

One morning my friend Sonia took Madeline and her daughter Sarina to Pena's to get doughnuts.  Fox 26 happened to be there doing a pep rally for Pearland Little League.  The girls were on TV, but I think they were more excited about their purple doughnuts! 

My parents came over early one morning so they could walk Madeline to school.  It was only her first week, but she was so proud to show it off.

Madeline has recently adopted the bear I used to sleep with when I was her age.  

Preston and Audrey wishing they could play outside.  

Over Labor Day weekend we headed to my parents house for one last swim of the season.

My mom put this photo on Facebook and tagged Whataburger in it.  They asked permission to use the picture, but we haven't seen it on their Facebook page yet!

To start off football season, we went to lunch representing our teams.  Andrew wanted to be different.

As usual, the month was filled with many gems from Instagram: