Wednesday, October 21, 2015


One Tuesday GiGi came with us to have lunch with Madeline.  She loves having visitors at school.

 We were so happy for Aggie Football to start up again!   

These kids love story time.

Madeline's class has a King/Queen of the day, where the student gets to talk about themselves in front of class and have other special privileges.  Classmates draw a picture of the King/Queen.  Her teacher bound the pictures together and made it into a book.  


We were in College Station the weekend of the first home game with the new Kyle Field.  We had to leave town before the game started, but I wanted to document the moment.  

My parents have been spending quite a bit of time in New Orleans lately.  My mom sent us these pictures of my dad and Pistol Pete when they were there one weekend.  Framers for sure.

Preston in his happy place.

The belly on this it.

Preston thinks it's SO funny to lay in a real bed.  He just cracks himself up.

This was the third year for us to attend the Houston Texans Running of the Bulls.

This picture made the Texans website!

Audrey and Preston wanted nothing to do with each other at 8:00 am on a Sunday morning.

Warning:  If loose teeth make you squirmy, close your eyes and scroll down...

For a solid week, Madeline had a loose front tooth that looked like this.  It was awful, and we were afraid she would swallow it.  On a Sunday night, we decided the tooth needed to come out.  Let me remind you that she pulled out the first two with no problem.  This one? DRAMA.  She kept crying, screaming and insisting that she was trying to pull and it "just wouldn't come out."  Right.

She wanted to soak it in water.

At one point it started bleeding (before it came out) and the bathroom looked like a crime scene.  Andrew got the biggest kick out of the whole thing and was laughing.

An hour after the ordeal began (and way past her bedtime), Jon convinced her that he "just wanted to wiggle it."  She let him and he pulled it out.  She stopped crying and said, "Hey, it just fell out!"  Ahem.  The other front tooth is really loose, so we will soon see if the drama repeats itself.  The permanent tooth is nowhere to be seen, so I'm *really* hoping she doesn't have either of her front teeth for Christmas just so I can record her singing the song.  Granny just might have to make an appliqued shirt for that one!

I was getting dressed one morning and came out to this.  The entire contents of a couch cushion.  Andrew was proud of himself and it was hard not to laugh.

Our third month of Bunco was a PJ's theme.  Best idea ever. 

Madeline loves to read and Andrew loves to listen to her.  Match made in heaven.

Why did I end up with all serious instagram quotes this month??  Oh well...they are still worth sharing.

Hard to tell, but Andrew was watching Pope Francis speak to Congress.  He kept saying he was watching Pope John Paul II.  When I corrected him, he said, "Well where did Pope John Paul go?"  When I told him the Pope had died and was in Heaven, Andrew got really upset.  Whoops.

This girl loves to color.

Madeline's friend Samantha turned 6 and had a "Sparkle Spa Bus" party.  Us mommies were wishing for a grown up version of this.

For family scrapbook sake, this was Preston's last time in the Jumparoo.  He was very clear (with his crying) that his jumparoo days were over.

Sometimes I actually implement ideas I find on Pinterest.  This outdoor chalkboard was a major win.  The kids have been playing with it everyday.

When I look back on these days/ages of the kids, this is what I hope I'll remember.  They just love to be playing outside.  

We really enjoy our walks to pick up Madeline in the afternoon.  Although he doesn't look like it, Preston gets so excited when I strap him in the double stroller.  

Kleckley Family Staycation Weekend

In mid August, all of the Kleckleys went to Bryan for a Kleckley family staycation.  Gerilyn did the best job of planning the weekend, and we had so much fun!

She rented a waterslide and it was quite the hit with kids and grown ups.  

That would be chocolate on Preston's face.  He wasn't big enough to go down the waterslide, so he got his own treat.

On Saturday morning we were up bright and early for family pictures that might have involved a tractor.  They came out great, but I don't want to spoil any Christmas cards.  

I'll share this non professional one of us because we aren't using them for Christmas.  

After breakfast the girls went to a spa for mani/pedis.  The boys shot stuff and the kids had more water slide time.  The joys of spending time in the country!

Saturday night the grown ups went to Messina Hof for a winery tour and dinner.  In the 4 years I lived in B/CS, I had never taken the winery tour and had only eaten dinner there once.

The tour was very informative and we got our fair share of samples.

On Sunday morning we went to Mass, had lunch and then had a snowball fight.  In August.  It was awesome. 

Thank you, Gerilyn for planning a wonderful weekend!