Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Preston is 13 Months Old

Considering he's almost 14 months, I'm going to go ahead and say I dropped the ball on this one.  I honestly can't remember any huge differences between what he was doing when he turned 13 months and what he's doing now.  At least I took the picture on the day he turned 13 months, right??

I'll say the biggest change between 12 and 13 months was walking!  He gets so excited and would squeal when he would walk a series of steps.  So other than that, stay tuned for a more detailed 14 month update. :)


School Activities
 The first picture is Madeline with her voter registration card.  They had a mock election in the class, and it led to us having a good discussion about voting.

On the 50th day of school they had a hula hoop contest, root beer floats, and other fun things. 

Andrew had storybook character dress up day at school.

Madeline had Fine Arts night at school.  Each grade level sang songs they had been learning in music class, and there were lots of art activities in the grade level hallways.

Madeline was assigned a family traditions project.  She made this poster about our family traditions, and then presented it to her class.  Highlights were baking cookies with Granny, traveling to Louisiana and GiGi singing "Silent Night."

Andrew's Field Trip to Bayou Wildlife
I'm losing count of the amount of times we've been to this place, but it's usually pretty entertaining.

Preston was a trooper and enjoyed looking at all the animals.

There's one feeling we all share: NO ONE likes the mean ostriches!  I'm surprised no one has lost fingers.

The buffalo knocked the food out of his bucket.  Oops.

Pony rides are always a hit.

This was Preston's first pony ride and he loved it.

 Handsome Boys
Yes, I'm partial.  But don't let these cute faces fool you...

They can throw a fit with the best of them.

And of course I have to take pictures because most of the time it's funny.  The other times I want to cry along with them.

10 Years
Jon and I celebrated 10 years of marriage on November 12th.  We went out to dinner at Killen's.

Preston Walks!
We worked on walking quite a bit in November.  It's been a work in progress, but a baby learning to walk ranks on my top 5 "Cutest Things" list.

November Instagram Goodness

Thanksgiving Activities
One of Madeline's homework assignments was to disguise a turkey, and she wanted to turn the turkey into Elsa. 

Andrew decorated an Indian for his class.

Preston and I attended Madeline's Thanksgiving feast at school.

Later that week was Andrew's Thanksgiving Feast.  He said he was thankful for "God and Santa because he brings me so much stuff."  Awkward.

Both of these pictures were taken at 6:30 in the morning.  Most days they wake up happy.  If Preston is awake, the big kids like to go jump in his bed and play.  

Madeline was working on homework one night and I noticed she wrote this at the top of her paper.  I asked what the "GKM" was and she said she like writing the first letters of her names (her middle name is Grace).  As a southern girl I felt the need to document her first monogram. :)

Third kid problems.  Trying to fall asleep on the stairs.

Sweet brothers

             Some mornings for breakfast the kids will request "giant pancakes as big as their head."

The kids wanted to play outside on a chilly Sunday afternoon.  I told them to get dressed, and Madeline comes downstairs with a long 4th of July dress, jacket over the dress, and black fur stole over the jacket. And let's not forget the earmuffs.  It was 60 degrees.

Trip to North Carolina

My cousin got married in Raleigh, NC in mid-November.  Since it was such a quick trip, Jon watched the kids for the weekend.  Maria and I flew out Saturday at lunchtime.

Can you tell I was excited?

On the flight we entertained ourselves with adult beverages and coloring books.  Pretty much the perfect combination. 

My dad and Aimee picked us up and we did a quick driving tour around Duke.  Don't ask me why the only picture I took was of parking garage construction, but the campus was beautiful.  We went out to dinner at a Tapas restaurant in downtown Raleigh.  It was SO nice to go out to a dinner and have adult conversations where I didn't have to hear "mom" 9347349 times.

 Saturday night Jon taught Madeline how to text.  In hindsight we should have waited longer for that one.  She asks to text ALL the time now.

On Sunday morning I got a text of Preston eating his own giant chocolate donut.  The things they get away with when mommy isn't home!

Sunday morning we all went to a late Mass, then out for lunch and mimosas at a local sports bar.   

After lunch we went back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.  The wedding was at a neat venue in downtown Raleigh.  

Grandma and Grandpa

 The bride!

Melissa and Derrick

Monday morning Maria and I took the 5:30 am flight out of Raleigh and were back in Houston by 7:30 am.  It was a quick trip but good to get away for a great celebration!