Friday, January 29, 2016

Preston is 14 Months Old!

  • He weighs around 29 lbs, size 5 diapers and size 5.5 shoe
  • He wears 2T clothes, because he needs the extra shirt length and waist size.  However, we always have to cuff his pant and shirt sleeves.
  • He sleeps from 7:15 pm - 6 am.  He usually naps from 8:30-10 am and 12:30-2 pm.  He still gets super fussy in the evenings, probably from being woken up from his afternoon nap.  Third child problems.
  • His favorite foods are bananas, cheese, blueberries, mangoes, milk, crackers, and anything pureed that comes in a pouch.
  • He has 8 teeth, and his top molars are in the process of coming in.
  • He is a total mommy's boy.  He doesn't really like for other people to hold him, unless he's in a really good mood.  
  • The tantrums have started.  If you tell him "no" he'll cry just as hard as when he gets hurt.
  • His nickname is Preston the destroyer.  If something can be taken apart, dismantled or emptied, Preston will happily do it with a big smile on his face.
  • His signature move is shaking his head "no".  Ask him any question, and he'll shake his head "no."
  • One of his favorite games to play is "Up, Down."  He'll squat and say "down", then stand up really fast and say "up."  He goes back and forth, and laughs.  
  • He can say cheese, up, down, bye bye, night night and dada.  He very rarely says mama.  He recently started saying thank you, which is pretty funny.
  • The kid doesn't sit still, unless he happens to be looking at books.  
  • He's selective on when he gives hugs.  If he notices Madeline or Andrew is upset, he'll walk up to them and give them a hug.
  • In the past week he's started to understand commands.  When I say "let's go bye bye" he walks to the garage door because he knows we're leaving the house.  If I say "time to get Madeline" he walks toward the stroller and tries to climb in it.
  • He's a walking fool and is always on the move.
  • He knows the hand motions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
  • He is finally sitting down to play with toys on his own!  It might only be for 5 minutes before he comes to find me, but it's so much better than him constantly needing to be that's only 75% of the time. :)
  • His favorite toys are the car garage he got for Christmas, Andrew's giant dinosaur and the little power wheels we have outside.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Year's Eve

We've always enjoyed our New Year's Eve tradition of going out to an early dinner at El Tiempo.  This year, the Fasano family joined us.  We took no offense when a guy who was already seated near us asked to move when he saw us approaching with our six kids.  Seriously...six kids??  Where does the time go?

 The littles.  Preston is smitten with baby Molly!  

The middles.

 The bigs.

Best friends for 20 ish years, who downed mommy drinks before a little person could spill it.  The waiter brought the check and said, "Can I get you anything else?  A shot of tequila?"

We came home and let the kids play with fire. 

I even stayed up until 10:30!  The life of a mother with littles.  Because at 6:30 the next morning, this is how I started out 2016.  It's a good thing I have monkey arms.

And then Daddy got into gear and thought we should all start 2016 by doing push ups. :)
 2015 was good to us.  Here's hoping for a repeat in 2016!

December Funnies and Words of Wisdom

...Because every now and then all of that time spent creeping on Facebook and Instagram leads to a laugh or "a-ha" moment...


 Silly Faces
I was messing with my camera one afternoon and the kids requested that we take silly pictures.

Andrew found my mixer attachments and immediately claimed this one so he could be Captain Hook.

Maria's birthday gift to Madeline was to take her to get a mani/pedi and out to lunch.  Madeline loved the afternoon they spent together, and I think Maria got a kick out of it too.  She said while they were getting pedicures, Madeline yelled really loud, "I can't understand what they're saying!" Children.  

Mommy's little helper.  He loves the broom.

A major milestone for Preston: His first time in HEB's car cart!

At the end of the semester Andrew had a school assessment.  Academically he's right on track, and his teacher noted that he's "very sweet and polite, and always shows great interest in his work."

I was so excited about PBK Christmas plates I ordered for the kids.  You know what they were excited about?  Bubble wrap.  

Hard to tell, but this is Preston's first attempt at crawling out of his crib.

He's a MESS.

Andrew's homework assignment was to decorate a Christmas tree.  He worked so hard on it. Notice the tongue sticking out.

Madeline's school had a Boosterthon/Fun Run.  I wasn't able to attend, but thankful for sweet friends who sent me pictures!

Mr. Trouble was walking with my keys, fell and chipped his front tooth on the keys.  

I might have mentioned this, but Madeline's new favorite pastime is texting Aimee.  

Occasionally I get to hang out with my mommy friends without our kids!  So thankful for these fun ladies.

A rare glimpse of P looking at the camera and smiling.

Preston was extra moody one afternoon, and the only thing he wanted to do was remove dirt from this pot, one handful at a time.  And I let him, because third kid. And because he wasn't crying.

Andrew loves to help out in the kitchen.

 I love finding notes Madeline has written. This one was to our Elf, Donald.

Bonus points for creativity?  A plus side of Preston's obsession with the pantry is that it's forcing me to keep it clean and organized.  The pantry has always been my organizational nemesis.  

Another first: Coloring on the outdoor chalkboard.

 Let's discuss this girl and this creation.  A few days after Christmas, she sat at the table for a total of 11 hours one day (I counted) and worked to finish the Lego hotel.  She only asked for help a few times.  We might have an engineer on our hands.  

The week after Christmas we had a morning family day date.  We had breakfast at Dish Society and went to see the train display at Second Baptist.

As equally impressive as the train display was the display of nativity scenes.  The church had 5 cases like this, and we enjoyed looking at them.

Almost equally as exciting as Christmas was Madeline and Samantha's first sleepover!  They've been asking for a sleepover since they were three, and Emily and I decided six would be an appropriate age.  They ate pizza...

watched a movie....

...and played until bedtime!

Jon and Andrew went to bring something to Uncle Mark's house.  Andrew wanted a snack, so Mark made him an egg.  This picture cracked me up.  Breakfast food is Andrew's love language.

Sometimes my kids are nice to each other, and the moment must be documented. :)  I couldn't believe they actually sat like this for 10 minutes.

Aimee's Christmas gift to the kids was a zoo trip.  How many times have we heard, "Don't buy my kids anything, just spend time with them."  It's SO true.  Ask them what they got for Christmas and they probably won't remember, but they are still talking about this zoo trip!

Aimee's boyfriend Connor was a good sport and went with them.  They were only asked twice about "their kids."

Aimee said at this point she knew it was time to go home. Haha.