Thursday, February 25, 2016

Preston is 15 months old!

Getting a good picture of this child is a challenge...

I took these pictures a week after he turned 15 months, but the updates are current:
  • Height: 32 inches (80%) Weight: 28 lbs (97%).  These are from the doctor, when he's wearing nothing but a diaper.  
  • We have moved from "baby-hood" to full blown "toddler-hood."  After the past few months of getting really frustrated with him, I feel like this month I've been reminded of why this age is one of my favorites.  Kids are so funny at this age.  He is getting better at playing on his own.  After constantly following me around the house for months, he's discovered the beauty of the playroom.   
  • He'll do things he know he shouldn't (throw toys, empty Fergie's dog food, etc) and then look at me like "what are you going to do about it?"  I started putting him in time out, which lasts about 2 seconds.  He's also started repeating "no, no, no".
  • He wants to do everything his big siblings do.  If M&A are standing on chairs to help me cook, he'll climb up on the chair and try to push them off.  He climbs up the play set outside, and wants to sit with them when they're playing.  
  • He has about a 15 minute limit in the stroller, even when I'm giving him snacks. He'll happily sit in a grocery cart (which I guess is more important for our lifestyle), but a stroller is off limits.  
  • He has these little snack crackers that come two to a pack.  When I started giving it to him, I'd say, "Do you want two?"  Now if he comes up to me and says "two" I know he's hungry and wants something to eat.  Two = snack in P's world.
  • The kid is obsessed with brushing his teeth.  The gross part is he knows which toothbrushes are his, but he doesn't want to chew on them.  He wants M&A's.  If one of the big kids leaves the bathroom open, P will open a drawer and get their toothbrushes.  He screams when I take M&A's toothbrushes away and give him his own.  If he happens to be content with his own toothbrush, he'll chew on it and say "teeth."
  • He gives the best squishy hugs.
  • Madeline has dance on Tuesdays, and I have to keep him entertained in a small waiting area for over an hour.  He entertains himself by showing the other moms his "tricks" and then acting shy and running away.  His latest antics have been lifting his shirt to show them his belly and walking backwards.  He loves the attention.
  • He has a new nickname: cup stealer.  Along the same lines of his toothbrush, he does not want his own water bottle...he wants M or A's.  He knows which cups we use for milk and will not cry if I give him one of those.  If I give him his water bottle he pitches a fit. His attention to detail cracks me up.  His cup looks just like Andrew's except one has dinosaurs and the other has alligators, but he clearly knows which one he wants.
  • One of his new tricks is scaring people.  If I'm in the kitchen, he'll come around the corner and say "arrrggh" or scream.  I pretend to be scared, he laughs hysterically, makes a lap around the kitchen/living room, sticks his head around the corner and "scares" me again.  And again.  And again.  He loves this game.
  • His favorite toys are Andrew's gator (or anything outside) and the toy garage he got for Christmas.  He also likes throwing balls.  

Sunday, February 21, 2016


 Instagram goodness:

January's photo randomness...

Sometimes it's the smallest things that will make these kids happy.  Andrew's smile is courtesy of a car wash.

As if my inability to keep my pantry clean needed more help, Preston has declared it his own personal play area.  Happy baby = have at it, kid.

Before Aimee went back to LSU Madeline made sure to corner her and my mom for an evening at Miss Madeline's School.

Madeline's school had a spirit day for the Texan's playoff game.  Sparkly red bow for the win.

Preston loves to do squats.  He'll say "Up, down.  Up, down."

I love finding someone else's selfies on my phone.

One Saturday we met my parents in Galveston at the train museum.  It was actually pretty interesting walking through old railroad cars.

After the museum we ate lunch at Blvd Seafood.  This place was amazing, as was this Bloody Mary that my mom had.

 Jon and I went to dinner at Grazia one night and followed it up with a trip to The Noble Experiment (the secret bar next door).  Pearland peeps:  It's a neat place!  Try it out!

The coffee table and rug in our front room have been replaced by Thomas and a giant train track.  The hours of entertainment are totally worth it.

Yes, these undies were clean.

Madeline came downstairs one morning dressed and ready for school.  She was so proud of herself because she said she was dressed like the American flag. (She was wearing blue pants).


For International Day at Madeline's school, all students had to decorate a doll representing their heritage.  She told me she was going to decorate herself in an American Flag dress, and then I saw this.  To say we were proud was an understatement.  (Notice the Reveille on her shirt.)

She wore her American Flag dress to International Night, and we found her Aggie doll in the North American area. :)

A group performed a dance for Chinese New Year.  That would be Madeline hiding. She was not a fan of the dragons.

Mr. Stubborn wanted to go for a bike ride one morning.  We get to the point furthest from our house and he said he wanted to walk his bike home.  It took us 4 times as long to get home, but he did it.

Madeline told us she wanted to make a family flag.  This is what she came up with.  She didn't ask for help spelling any names, which impressed me the most.

 One of Madeline's homework assignments was writing words that ended in "-ug."  She said, "Mom, is thug a word?" You  might also notice that she started writing "Maddie" on her papers instead of "Madeline."  She said it takes less time that way, and she has more time to write "fancy letters" (like hearts above the i, swirls on the ends of letters).

I should be ashamed that my child is drawing this but it's too funny not to share.  I'll give you one guess.

Sometimes I swear these two were spawned from Angel's the Saturday they locked themselves in the laundry room and looked at books for over an hour while Preston was napping.  Complete silence.

One Saturday we took a field trip to see Uncle Ben's office.  He works on the top floor of one of the buildings in downtown Houston.

Need a gift for your kid?  I highly recommend a Ladybug habitat.  We watched them turn from larvae  into ladybugs over the course of two weeks, and then let them go in the garden.

Madeline had her first sleepover away from our house.  She spent the night at Samantha's. She said the best part of the night was playing with Samantha's makeup.

Just a boy and his dog.

We went to the Badeaux's house to watch football, and it happened to be Mr. Andy's birthday.  Nothing screams "I'm a parent" more than letting 5 kids (none of which are your own) frost your birthday cake!

 My parents' Christmas present to the big kids was taking them to the Museum of Natural Science.  Andrew was SO excited about seeing the T-Rex...

...until they got there.  Not even GiGi could convince him that the T-Rex bones were harmless!

Andrew is Four + Birthday Questions

  • He weighs 38 lbs (69%) and is 41 inches tall (67%).
  • He wears a size 10 shoe, and size 4 tops and bottoms.  For the most part he doesn't care what he wears, but will sometimes protest about wearing "khaki shirts" (a polo or button up).  This is why he was wearing a t-shirt on his birthday instead of the nice one mommy had picked out for this picture. :)  
  • He goes to bed around 8 pm.  He's our early riser.  Most mornings he's up by 6 am, but knows to look at books until his green light lights up on his clock.  I think he's on the verge of giving up naps. BOO!  On days he's home during nap time, he'll typically nap 1.5 hrs.  The longer he naps, the longer it will take him to go to sleep.  He'll look at books in his bed until he falls asleep, at nap and night time. 
  • He doesn't want to sleep with his lovey anymore.  We're not sure if its a phase or permanent detachment, but he still likes to sleep with his big bear and use it as a pillow.
  • Favorite foods:  The kid LOVES breakfast food, especially bacon.  He'd eat it 3 meals a day if we let him. He usually eats the most at breakfast.  For lunch he likes peanut butter and jelly.  He typically doesn't eat well at dinner, even if he missed an afternoon snack.  He doesn't like fruits or vegetables.  We always make him eat a few bites of everything, but he'll very rarely consume them on his own.  For snacks he likes granola bars and yogurt.  He also still loves to drink milk.  
  • He's made lots of progress with writing.  He writes his name pretty well, and can write all of the letters.
  • In the mornings when he comes downstairs, the first thing he asks is "Is dad home?"  If I'm still in bed he'll say, "I want to lay wif (with) you".
  • He likes to be cozy.  If he's laying on the couch he wants to be snuggled under a blanket.  He'd wear his pajamas all day if we let him.
  • He's starting to ask a lot more questions.  Like Madeline, an answer of "I don't know" won't cut it anymore.  He thinks about details.
  • He's good at entertaining himself.  He loves to work on workbooks, especially ones with connect the dots or mazes.  He'll color and look at books.
  • His teacher is always telling me what a sweet boy he is, and I have to agree.  He's very empathetic.  Although he's a sweet boy, he can still throw a tantrum with the best of them.  You never know what will set him off.
  • He still likes to play with Madeline, but has finally started to be interested in his own things.  He's really into "boy" things: super heroes, dinosaurs, wrestling with Preston, play fighting...
  • He loves to help me cook.  

Birthday Questions:
How old are you?  four
What makes you happy?  When I watch Nature Cat
What is your favorite animal? tigers
What is your favorite thing to eat? macaroni and cheese
What is your favorite thing to do? activities
What is your favorite TV show? Nature Cat
What are you really good at? running
What is your favorite movie? Frozen
What is your favorite color? yellow and blue
What is your favorite song? (starts singing) "I Like to Move It, Move It.." (Same answer as Madeline..)
Who is your best friend? Roylin
What do you and your mom do together? Go to swimming
What do you and your dad do together? Go eat lunch with each other
What is your favorite sport? bike
What is your favorite place to go? Jason's Deli
What is your favorite book? Lion Guard
What do you want to be when you grow up? a doc - I mean a teacher
Anything else you want to tell me now that you're four? No.  That's all.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Andrew's Birthday

On Monday, January 18th this boy woke up a four year old!

See that grin?

Andrew got his very own gator!

Madeline and Preston love it too!

In the weeks leading up to his birthday, every time we'd ask him what he wanted he'd say Chickaletta (the chicken from Paw Patrol).  I didn't think they made one, but Jon found one online a few days before Andrew's birthday and tracked it down.  This Chickaletta made him just as happy as the gator did.

He had been obsessed with watching "The Lion Guard" on TV, so we got him the book.

This ninja turtle gear gets used on a daily basis. 

After presents it was time for Happy Birthday pancakes...

...and then a ride in the gator.  He was beside himself.

After school we met friends at the park because it was a beautiful day.

We came home and played outside (and for the record, Madeline wrote "I am a star").

Andrew could eat breakfast food for every meal, so we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  Bacon and pancakes for dinner....this kid was in heaven.

...and then the waitress brought him chocolate cake with ice cream.

When we got home we returned Face Time calls, and of course he dressed like a ninja turtle so he could show everyone how he "fights".  Four = Fun!