Friday, April 22, 2016


Just a glimpse into our daily antics... 

Madeline built this Lego Village.  Preston was intent on destroying it by any means necessary.

This sweet boy learned how to pick flowers while waiting on Madeline to get out of school.  He was so proud of himself.

Documenting for wedding slideshow purposes... :)

Madeline wanted a girl picture.

My friend Sonia hosted a "Real Housewives of SCR" themed bunco.  You can't tell by this picture, but the costumes were hilarious.  I went as Lisa Vanderpump (complete with Jiggy).

Y'all.  Madeline has been killing it with her notes.  I can't even remember why she wrote me this one. Notice the pictures on the bottom.  She crossed out happy Madeline and drew a sad Madeline.

She wrote this one when we went to visit Jon's new office.  She wanted to know why he had to wear a bright yellow vest to go in the outside warehouse.

Andrew was throwing an epic tantrum one afternoon.  I was trying to talk him off a cliff, and Madeline came in my room and handed this to Andrew.  
She looked at me with a smile and walked out of the room.  

Can't remember if I posted this one on the blog, but I just love this picture.  

Insta-wisdom this month:

 Sometimes on Saturday mornings Jon lets me sleep in and he takes the kids to get donuts.  Win win!

I need a new series called "When kids steal your phone..."

Two of my faves.  I guess technically I've met JJ Watt (Halloween), but I've always wanted to meet Barbara Bush.  She's throwing out the first pitch at JJ's Charity Classic.  If we were going to be in town that day I would totally be going just to see this!

Aimee came into town for her Spring Break, and she came with us to pick Madeline up from school.  Such a fun surprise.

We have a small chalkboard that I let the kids decorate for holidays.  This was Madeline's for Easter.  I was expecting eggs and bunnies, but instead she illustrated the true meaning of Easter.  The circle thing in the middle is the tomb.

He learned how to climb on the dining room table.  Hot mess.

 My family came over for dinner one night when Aimee was in town.  Nice evening spent in the backyard are my favorite.

Aunt Weezie wanted a gator ride!


It took kid #3, but we finally have one who is petrified of costumed characters.  In Preston's defense, this could quite possibly be the creepiest Easter Bunny on the face of the earth.

On Good Friday we decorated eggs.  Preston basically spend the morning crying because a toddler with egg dye is no bueno.

We did earn brownie points back when we made "nests" out of chocolate rice krispi treats.  We let Preston put the candy eggs in the nests, but everytime we gave him an egg he would put it in his mouth.

I figured Madeline and Andrew were old enough to decorate eggs without close supervision.  Then, Andrew took a bite of a hard boiled egg WITH the shell still on.  Gross.  He thought it was great.

On Saturday morning we went to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  I attempted to get a picture of the kids in these cute shirts Granny made them, but that didn't work out so well.

What did work out well was the egg hunt.  All of the kids got tons of eggs!

Granny and Papa K came over Saturday evening.  Smashing cascarones on each other is always a fun tradition. 

On Easter Sunday we had brunch reservations at 10 am, which meant we had to go to Mass at 7 am.   The Easter Bunny brought bathing suits, goggles, books and some small toys.

Preston got a ball and he was thrilled.

Mass was early, but it wasn't overly crowded and the kids were well behaved.

We were home from church by 8:30 am and immediately drank more coffee. :)

We left at 9:30 to go to brunch at Hugo's with Granny, Papa K, Uncle Mark, Uncle Ben and Aunt Andrea.  We were too busy eating to take pictures, except for this selfie while I was trying to keep Preston entertained.

After brunch we came home for naps and a few rounds of Uno.  

Easter evening we had another egg hunt with our neighbor, Cameron.