Sunday, May 29, 2016

Buddy Day and End of the Year Party

The day after Kindergarten graduation was Madeline's Buddy Day and End of the Year Party.  The entire school had both events on the same day, so the campus was crazy! Luckily the torrential rains from earlier in the week had ended, but because of wet fields a majority of Buddy Day was held indoors.

Granny stayed with us during crazy week and she was such a huge help!  We are so glad she was able to spend the week with us and attend the kids' activities.  It just so happened that on Friday she was dressed to match Madeline's Buddy Day shirt.

The outdoor activities were soccer, bowling, basketball, jump rope and having fights with pool noodles.

Madeline's "buddy" for the day was Addison.

The girls said they wanted to make hearts because "they love each other."

Because of the rain they put inflatables in the cafeteria and gym.

Have you ever heard of Osmo?  I had never seen one of these things, and they are SO cool!  

When it was time for the classes to move to the next activity, they'd play music like "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" and "Who Let the Dogs Out."  The kids would go NUTS and it was so funny to watch them dance.

After Buddy Day was the End of the Year party.  I bought foam frames and put a class picture in it.  Each student got a frame and a sharpie, with instructions to sign each others frames.  It went better than I expected, because it took lots of time and they were quiet. :)  It was almost like a scavenger hunt for them, trying to find out whose names were missing.  Some of the kids asked me to sign their frames, which I thought was cute.  I truly enjoyed getting to spend time with them this year.

For lunch they had pizza, fruit, chips and cookies.  After lunch, Mrs. Boyd put on a movie for them until it was part 2 of Buddy Day (face painting, sno cones and dunking Dads in the dunk tank).   I had to leave, but word on the street is that they had a great time!

Madeline's Kindergarten Graduation

Thursday night was Madeline's Kindergarten graduation.  We got her a little necklace for the occasion.

Madeline and Annikah

Her teacher asked me to come early to help get the kids dressed in gowns.  I've said it before but I'll say it again: Kindergarten (and probably all) teachers are saints.  Absolute saints.  Trying to get 100+ kids ready, calm and listening was stressful and these teachers do it on a daily basis!

But they are pretty cute, so that helps. :)

Before the graduation started there was a slideshow with the child's baby picture next to their Kindergarten graduation picture.  Insert tear.

First, they called up each child by class.

Here's a video of Madeline's class.  She's at the :58 mark.

Mrs. Boyd's class

After all the names were called the kids recited the "ABC's of Kindergarten."  

Madeline was the letter "C."  Video is here. (:48 mark)
Thank you, iPad person, for ruining the picture. :(

After the poem the kids sang a song about going to First Grade.  Video here.

Thank you to GiGi, Granny and Aunt Aimee for coming to see Madeline graduate!

Andrew's End of the Year Show

We got back into town on Sunday, and Tuesday night was Andrew's End of the Year show.  He was feeling much better, and was so excited about the show.  He hadn't sang us any of the songs before because he said he wanted it to be a surprise.

He ended up being on the first row, front and center.  Our pictures/videos aren't the best, but you can pick him out right under the microphone stand.

Here are clips from some songs.  He was so animated and I just love watching his excitement!

Thank you to Aunt Niki, Granny and GiGi for coming to the show!

(Preston was at home with a babysitter)

Grandpa's 90th Birthday Party

The day after Aimee's graduation we left Baton Rouge and headed to Morgan City for my Grandpa's 90th birthday party.  These days it's quite an accomplishment to make it to 90 years old, but my Grandpa has done it in style.  He's in great health, has a sharp mind, can discuss politics with the best of them, is funny and so enjoyable to talk to.  I asked him how he celebrated his actual birthday a few days earlier, and he said, "Huh.  I cut the grass."  But seriously, what a celebration.  How many 90 year olds still cut their own grass??

The best part about the event was all of the family was able to get together: Cousins, Grandkids and Great Grandkids (except for Maria and Ryan who had a wedding).  We all met at my grandparents house.  The kids played in the backyard and we had lunch.

I can't even describe my level of happiness, seeing my kids climb in the backyard tree and picking veggies in my Grandpa's garden, the same things I used to do as a kid.

And solving the world's problems on their back porch.  The best.

They live in the cutest white house.  This is front and center on their front porch.

My mom, also known as party planner extraordinaire, put together a performance for the Great Grandkids to do at the party.  This was them rehearsing.

And this shirt could not be more perfect for him.  Thank you, Emily, for making it!

My mom made these "Ferris-isms" for table decorations.  

He tells his younger friends: "My suit is pressed and ready to go to your funeral.  Start picking songs you want me to sing."

"This world is going to hell in a hand basket.  I'll set it straight!"

Ferris:  "Where is your mom?"
Kim: "She's coming."
Ferris: "So is Christmas."

"I need to ask you something about this *@%$^ iPhone."

"A body in motion stays in motion."

Everyone calls him the un-official tour guide of Morgan City, LA.

3:00 pm: "Is it happy hour now?"

Family Photos...



Grandkids and spouses

Kids and Spouses

Grandpa with his siblings

Brother In-Laws

Preston and Sawyer are two months apart.  They kept feeding each other. It was too cute.

 After everyone ate, it was time for the show.  We sometimes roll our eyes and poke fun at some of my mom's ideas, but this one was great.  Here's a link to a video of the performance.  Madeline started it off by singing "Young at Heart."  I must say, I was pretty impressed.  She had only practiced a few times, and did a great job reading the words off the page.  

Preston led the procession with the American flag.

The camo and plastic guns.  The boys were in heaven.  

Cate sang, "A Bushel and a Peck."

My favorite part of the night was Grandpa's presentation of his t-shirt.  I don't remember what exactly he said, but it was funny and his friends loved it.

Soon after that, Andrew started running a fever so we had to leave.  He was up sick again that night, so we had to leave early Sunday morning and missed out on breakfast and lunch with aunts/uncles/cousins.  I was sad to miss spending more time with the family, but so thankful we were able to make the party and see everyone.  

Happy 90th Birthday, Grandpa!