Sunday, June 26, 2016

California Adventure: Day 1

At the beginning of June Jon and I went to California.  The main purpose of us going was his annual work award trip which was held in Napa (more on that later).  We decided to fly in a day early to see some of the coast while we were there.

In true Kleckley fashion, we had a Monday morning 6:20 am flight, which put us in northern California by 9:30 am.  We flew into San Jose, rented a car, and headed down to Carmel.  Carmel is a quaint little town with lots of art galleries, and also where we started the 17 Mile Drive.  Other than that, there's not much more to say about the town.  Cute, but not our thing.

We did find blue dogs!

After about 30 minutes in Carmel, we started the 17 Mile Drive and stopped at our first destination, Pebble Beach.  I enjoyed walking around while Jon enjoyed talking on his cell phone (kidding. sort of.)

We ate lunch at Stillwater Grill, which overlooks the 18th green.  Not a bad view!

 After lunch we walked around the course a bit.  It was chilly (low 60s) and misty.

We continued on the 17 Mile Drive and stopped to see the Lone Cypress.

We stopped at a few beaches along the way.

Not only did my husband's mad negotiating skills help get us on this trip, but it also got us this sweet rental car upgrade.  It made me miss my Jeep days.

One of the beaches had chipmunks running around.

The next stop was Monterrey, which was much more of a tourist town.  Jon was not amused by me constantly taking pictures of him on the phone.  When he retires I'm going to make him a photo book of him on his phone in different places (and I'm serious about that one).

Attitude adjusted. :)

Our next stop was Santa Cruz.

We walked around the boardwalk and stuck our toes in the sand.  It was still cool outside, but there were quite a few people napping on the beach.

We drove from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay along the coast.  Although it was overcast, the drive was beautiful.  Pictures don't do it justice.

At Half Moon Bay we cut over to drive to San Francisco.  Out of coincidence my parents, Peter and Niki were in San Francisco for Niki's cousin's wedding, which was two days before.  Two busloads of Niki's family had spent the day in Napa and were meeting at Tommy's Joynt in San Francisco for dinner.  The timing was perfect so Jon and I caught up with them for dinner.

After dinner they went back to their hotel.  Jon and I decided to drive around San Francisco and see some tourist spots.  The last time we were in San Francisco was about 9 years ago when my Aunt Julie lived there.  This was my third trip to SFO, and I had never been by the "Full House" house.  This is their "actual" house that was shown in the show (it has since been painted).

Speaking of painted....the "Painted Ladies" is the row of houses that's shown in the opening credits of Full House (but not where their house is located).  On TV, the row of houses looks so grand and beautiful.  In person, I must admit it was kind of a let down. They were pretty to look at, though!  A girl standing next to me kept looking at her phone, then the houses, and was saying, "That's IT?"  Haha.  My thoughts exactly.

Lombard Street.  The flowers were beautiful!

We booked our hotel just a few hours before on Priceline, and ended up at the Argonaut, a boutique hotel overlooking Fisherman's Warf.  When we checked in their seemed to be a problem with our reservation.  The manager came over, typed something in and said, "You're going to love me for this."   She upgraded us to the biggest suite in the hotel!  I was kind of sad we were there for such a short time.  This place was bigger than our first two apartments.  By the time we got there it was 11 pm Texas time, which made for a long (but fun) day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Preston is 19 Months Old!

  • He weighs 30 lbs.
  • He's wearing 2T clothes, size 7W shoe and size 5 diaper
  • He's been going to bed around 7:30 pm and sleeping to 7:15 am.  Once summer started we dropped his morning nap.  Some days this works (happy boy in the morning, 2.5 hr nap in the afternoon) but more often than not it doesn't (cranky in the morning, 1 hr nap in the afternoon). We'll call this a work in progress.
  • He still has his favorite foods: bananas, cheese, peas, blueberries and mango.  He asks for them specifically ("na-na", "may-yo").  He doesn't really ask for milk, but will say "wa-wa" when he's thirsty. I'll give him one of his cups, and he'll immediately throw a fit because he wants to drink out of a regular cup like his siblings.  The little stinker came up with a solution:  After I hand him his cup, he throws a fit, opens the drawer with the plastic cups, and puts his sippy cup in the plastic one.  Whatever works, kid.
  • His canine teeth are coming in, so we'll call it 16 teeth.  
  • Preston is talking non-stop!  It amazes me the things he says and what he picks up on.  He says "no" about 125 times a day, no exaggeration.  His second favorite word is "mine."  Both are usually proclaimed at the top of his lungs.  Not far behind is "hold you" (when he wants me to hold him) and "lap" (when he wants to sit in my lap).
  • The following are some of the funny/cute things he's saying right now:  When I get him out of the crib in the morning, he'll say "Boo.  Good morning!"  If the big kids are helping me with something, he'll say "turn" or "try" if he wants to help.  If I ask a question (even if it isn't relevant to him) he'll raise his hand and say, "me!"  If he wants something we're eating he'll say "piece", "bite" or "want some".   He'll randomly say, "womp, womp."  If you ask him what show he wants to watch he'll say "Wid Kat" (Wild Kratz) or "pup pup" (Paw Patrol).  If he wants to leave the house he'll bring me his shoes and say "go" or "outside." 
  • The other day I was folding clothes and he spotted his favorite dinosaur shirt.  He brought it to me and said "on."  I put the shirt on him.  He immediately went to find Madeline and Andrew, stuck his chest out and said "look guys."
  • If I hear him say "ta-da", 95% of the time he's doing something he shouldn't, like standing on a chair or the coffee table.
  • After a few months of doing well with playing independently, he's unfortunately reverted back to tree frog status, meaning he wants my undivided attention all. the. time.  Seriously, I get maybe an hour total a day (other than his one nap) where he's occupied with something else.  From the time he wakes up until he goes to sleep, it's "hold you" and "lap."  This makes cooking a challenge (he wants to "help"), wants to sit in my lap while I'm folding clothes, and if I get on my phone to talk to someone he starts screaming.  And he must think my laptop is trying to take his place, because if I pull this thing out in his presence he starts crying.  He is very aware of any and all things that could take attention away from him. :)
  • Since my Grandpa's 90th birthday party in May, Preston is singing "Happy Birthday to You" on a daily basis.
  • For as much as a challenge as he can be during the day, I will say his is so good at riding in shopping carts.  He's a good little errand runner as long as he has a cart and a snack.  The stroller is a different story.  He is still not a fan of it.
  • His new trick is dancing.  This kid might be our ultimate party animal.
  • His favorite book to read is "Supa Ma" (a kid Super Man book). He even says it with emphasis "Supa MAN!"  He's taken an interest in the little people toys we have, especially the animals.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday we spent a little one on one time with our big kids.  Jon took Andrew fishing early in the morning. 

When they got home Madeline and I went to see a movie and made a trip to Costco.

No pics, but on Sunday we went to the Weber's to swim.  On Monday we headed down to League City.  We were expecting an afternoon of sun, but were greeted by clouds and rain.

Luckily the kids didn't care.  Madeline and Andrew were eager to try out their new snorkel gear we got for our beach trip.  We have lots of practicing to do.

Let's discuss this butterball and the goggles.  When I started organizing summer stuff a few weeks ago, he insisted on wearing Andrew's goggles around the house.  Carter's had a pair of toddler goggles, and I knew they would be a hit.  He kept them on for over an hour!  Honestly, I think he likes wearing them outside because they act as sunglasses when the sun is out.  

Until now, Preston has not liked the pool and screamed everytime we put him in it.  He was content to sit on the side and kick his legs.  He didn't like the Speedo vest, and the puddle jumper he was using was a hand me down and he was the 5th kid to use it.  I thought it worked fine, but I decided to order him a new one and it made ALL the difference!  He spent hours saying "jump", "in", "out", "wa-wa" (water), etc.  

We might have three fishes on our hands.

May Funnies / Words of Wisdom


Madeline had her first school family dance!  Jon and Mr. Tim took Madeline and Sarina while the rest of us swam at the Weber's.

Granny and Papa K were in town and went with us to church one Sunday.

That afternoon Madeline decided she and Andrew would reenact the manger scene.  Lovey was Baby Jesus.  

This was Madeline's note to her teacher during teacher appreciation week.

Madeline and Samantha go to different schools, so they loved seeing each other on dance days.

Mr. Independent has decided he's ready for the big kid swings.  He says, "Hold on" while we push him.  He actually does a pretty good job.

He also like smoothies.  They are usually too thick to put in one of his cups, so he walks around like a big wig with an open cup/straw.

Cool cats going to pick up Madeline.  Andrew's just living the dream.

We are obsessed with these easy to fill water balloons!

Audrey was more interested in snacks than water balloons, but she was sweet enough to share/feed Preston.

See the picture below?  Andrew's teacher asked the kids this question, and she said she wrote down *exactly* what they said.  His teacher had asked the moms to bring a picture of themselves to school, so she put our picture on the page.  And then hung it in the main hallway of the school.  For 6 weeks.  To say I was embarrassed was an understatement, but his teacher thought it was hilarious.  I was asked about it multiple times, including, "You aren't really mean to him, are you?".  No.  I'm his MOM.

This current habit of Preston's is making me CRAZY.  He is constantly climbing on top of the tables.

This one is kind of cute, though.  I'm sure Jon appreciated the extra help. :)

We've had this squishy ottoman/storage bin for years and the kids started to pull the pleather off of it. It's been great for watching tv...

...and lots of jumping and dancing!  We replaced it with a wood storage coffee table.   

Here's a glimpse into how Madeline's mind works.  She wanted a "bridge" from one play set to the other.  This was her solution.

 Andrew and Kaitlyn were in the same swim class for most of the school year.  Preston and I will miss our weekly talks with Mrs. Sara.

Saving these for the wedding slideshow: