Monday, July 25, 2016

Granny Camp 2016

While Jon and I were in California, his parents graciously watch the kids in Bryan.  They were there for 4 nights/5 days.  We knew the big kids would be fine, but we were all concerned how our littlest tree frog would do without Mommy....and he did great!!  They swam, made cookies, went to the Children's museum, Chuck E Cheese and Papa K's shop.

The kids always have so much fun in Bryan, and Granny and Papa K keep them busy.  We are grateful for the "country" experience they get to have, and thankful that Jon's parents are so willing to spend time with them.  As an added bonus, they got plenty of cousin time with Will and Matt.

Cousin picture.  Does it get any better than this?  I think not.  We will make them re-create this picture in 20 years.

California Adventure: Day 3

We woke up Wednesday morning and had a fabulous breakfast at the hotel.  Later that morning we boarded a bus (and by bus....I mean a "fancy" one) and headed to our first winery.  The drive around Napa was beautiful, and as usual pictures don't do it justice.

Our first stop was Paraduxx.  We were not huge fans of the wine, but the grounds were beautiful and I bought a candle (surprisingly my only purchase of the trip).

Our next stop was Rutherford Ranch.  We had a nice lunch outside and the wine was great.

Jon spent part of the lunch admiring the landscaping.  While on his phone.

 Our last stop of the day was Flora Springs.  This one was our second favorite of the trip.  This winery sells of a majority of its grapes to the bigger brands (Beringer, Robert Mondavi, etc).

The wine barrels are stored in a cave.

We did wine tastings under this pavilion, overlooking Napa Valley.  The neatest part about this winery that you could request to try any kind on wine they made and they'd open a bottle for you.  The next time someone tells me to find my happy place, it'll be under this pavilion.

Entrance to the cave

 Wednesday night was the awards dinner.  I'll take this opportunity to explain why we were on this trip in the first place: Four years ago his company started doing incentive trips for the top 10 salespeople in the company.  For the first two years, these 10 people and a few executives went to Las Vegas and Big Cedar Lodge (basically a super fun guys trip).  Last year they expanded it to include the top 15 salespeople, managers of the top 25 branches, executives and all spouses.  Last year the trip was to Ft Meyers, FL.  I didn't go because Preston was still little, but I was very excited to have the opportunity to go to Napa this year.

The trip celebrated the accomplishments of 2015, and Jon was the #2 salesperson in the company (SRS Distribution).  During the presentation, a few words were said about each award winner.  Jon's Regional Manager said that one thing he admires most about Jon was that he's always asking what he can do to improve and be better at his job.  He also makes the most calls out of any salesperson (by far) and for awhile had the biggest cell phone bill in the entire company.  Jon has worked for the same group of people since he graduated college, and it's been a fun ride to be a part of.  While I poke fun at his phone habits, he works very hard.  He phone sometimes starts ringing at 5:30 am and he's still answering calls/on his laptop at night.  Lord knows how many miles he puts on his truck every week, and how many hours he spends talking.  We sometimes joke about who is more needy: His customers or our children.  He does a great job of balancing it all, and deserves every bit of praise and recognition sent his way!

We woke up Thursday morning and flew out of Sacramento.  By the looks of it we didn't miss much in Sacramento, although when I found out we were a few hours from Lake Tahoe I kind of wanted to take a detour.  We made it back to Houston and were very happy to see our babies!

California Adventure: Day 2

Tuesday morning Jon was up very early and went for a run around San Francisco.  I stayed in bed and watched TV because it was vacation. :)  We had a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from our hotel room.

One thing we had not done on our previous trip was see the Sea Lions.  We walked down to Pier 39 on Fisherman's Warf.  Apparently June is the "off" season, and these docks are normally covered in Sea Lions.  They were so loud and stinky, but funny to watch.  

Alcatraz was off in the distance.

I told Jon that if he didn't get off his phone I was sending him there.

After our visit to the Sea Lions we had breakfast at Eight A.M.  If you find yourself in SFO, do yourself a favor and eat there.  I had a crepe with eggs, ham and cheese.  Jon had bagels covered in various goodness, one being Nutella, bananas and rice krispies.

San Francisco was super chilly and rainy, so we decided to leave early and make our way up to Napa.  ...but not before 937493 pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We stopped in Sausalito, a cute town right across San Francisco bay.  Hard to tell with the clouds, but this picture is looking across at downtown San Francisco.

All Jon wanted was an ice cream cone!

The weather in Sausalito wasn't much better, so we headed straight for the sunshine.  On our previous trip to SFO we visited Sonoma, but neither one of us had been to Napa.  It was such a pretty drive.  Our first stop was Robert Mondavi (also known as one of the few wineries in Napa that I'd actually heard of/drank the wine).

We opted out of tours and just sat outside and sipped on some tastings And by you see the amount of glasses??  Sheesh.  These wine people must have tolerance levels beyond my level of understanding.

I told Jon I felt like I had found my people.

After Robert Mondavi we met up with some of Jon's work friends at one of the Del Dotto wineries.  This place was an experience, and by far my favorite.   We did the Cave Tour experience, and it was SO cool.  And let's just say after tasting out of 10+ barrels, I didn't realize how terrible my pictures were.

Side note:  Something else I never realized about Napa is that a majority of the wineries are owned by  wealthy individuals who made their fortune in something else, and the wineries are "just a hobby."  There were 12 chandeliers in this cave.  Each one cost $300,000.  The walls were made of the same type of marble the Statue of David was carved from. 

After Del Dotto we went to our home for the next few days, the Silverado Resort.

We were huge fans of this place!  The property was made up of buildings that had 4-6 rooms, which were like little bungalows.  I didn't take a picture of the inside, but they were newly renovated and looked like something straight off of Pinterest.

After check in we went to the pool and chatted with come of his Houston co-workers.   Tuesday night was a cocktail party and "Welcome" dinner.  No pics, because I was trying not to embarrass my husband. :)  For the record, I'd just like to mention that this trip was so hard to pack for.  I had to dress up and look nice for 4 days/3 nights in a row.  I know that's normal for some people, but for me that just doesn't happen.  I didn't touch a solid v-neck t-shirt from Target for 4 straight days.  I'm pretty sure that's a new record.