Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Father's Day

We had a nice and relaxing Father's Day.  We started the day by letting Daddy open his presents.

After breakfast we drove to Bryan to spend the day with Granny and Papa K.

We spent most of the afternoon swimming.

Father's Day 2016 will mark the day that Preston started jumping in the pool.

Papa K with all the grandkids

Monday, August 15, 2016

Madeline at 6.5 Years

Madeline turned 6.5 on June 4th.  Here are some things I want to remember about her at this age:
  • She is still so tall and skinny!  The longer he legs get, the smaller her waist gets. She weights 41 pounds.  Picking her up feels like a feather compared to the boys.  She's probably a 4T in the waist. 
  • For the most part, she's wearing size 7/8 and size 12.5 shoe.
  • She's lost 6 teeth.
  • Her favorite thing to eat is fruit, mainly blueberries.  She thinks that drinking Sprite out of a can is the coolest thing ever (maybe because she doesn't get it very often).
  • During the summer she's been getting in bed around 8 and will read/look at books until 8:30.  She wakes up at 7/7:30 and will sometimes stay in bed to read.
  • She loves to read.  Her favorites are Junie B Jones and Fancy Nancy.  
  • She loves to learn and asks SO. Many. Questions.  Answers of "I don't know" or "Good Question" are not acceptable.  Neither is extending the truth, because she will always ask follow up questions.  One that continually comes up is how babies come out of their mommies tummy.  I've been telling her "the doctor gets the baby out." She asks "Well how does the doctor get the baby out?"  I respond with "very carefully" and it makes her so mad when I say that. Eeek!
  • This summer, the "strong willed" side of her has included quite a bit of sassiness.  We've done our best to try and nip it, but it has given me a glimpse of the teenage years. Lord help us all.
  • With that being said, 6 is a REALLY great age!  I feel like this age is a reward for getting through the toddler years.  She's independent and just fun to be around.
  • I love that she sticks up for what she believes in.  Girlfriend has a strong personality and loves to be the boss (no idea where she gets that from.... :)
  • Her favorite things to play with are legos and coloring/art projects.

June Funnies/Words of Wisdom

Get it?  "Jesus Is Watching..."  I tell this to my kids so I cracked up when it came across Instagram.

 Excuse the language, but this cracked me up.  I hear from my parents/relatives how some of the things Madeline does (good and bad) are a carbon copy of how I was as a child, so I've been known to apologize to my mom at times for how I acted as a child (ex: the NON stop talking/questions).  True story.


We started off the month with a family breakfast date to Another Broken Egg Cafe.  


Rub-a-dub, three kids in a tub!

June was very rainy around here.  Preston learned to sing "Rain, Rain Go Away."

Madeline requested that we make Fruit Pizza.  I made homemade sugar cookie dough so I could cut out some of the sugar.  Andrew put bananas and mango on his piece, and Madeline used strawberries and blueberries.  They both ate the fruit and licked off the cream cheese.  I guess no one liked my "healthy" sugar cookie!

Neighborhood Watch/Nosy Neighbors.  They just love us. :)

We've been enjoying the neighborhood pools, especially the water slides.  As soon as Preston saw M&A go down the slides, he wanted to go too.  Insert toddler fit when we told him he couldn't.

Luckily he got over it.

This kid has given me literal pains lifting him, but is there anything cuter than a baby belly??

Jon's parents celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary in June!

We celebrated Aimee's college graduation with a party at my parents' house.  She'll be teaching at an elementary school in League City this year.  Have I mentioned we are SO SO SO happy to have her home??

Case in point:

Preston found the box of boy dress up clothes. Y'all.  There are no words.

He couldn't stop staring at himself in the mirror.

Apparently we don't like to wear clothes during the summer.  Since Andrew has been has put his hands behind his head when he's tired , so it made me laugh to see this.  Fun fact:  When I was pregnant with P, at the 20 week ultrasound (before we knew the gender) I saw the baby put its hands behind its head like this.  At that moment, I thought "I bet it's a boy."  

We turned not-so-little man around in his carseat before our trip to Florida.  He loves looking for cows...

...and holding Fergie when she rides in the car.

Madeline had a tea party with some of her girlfriends.  They used a "fancy" tea set that our friend Mrs. GiGi gave her a few years ago.

The girls were so nice to let Andrew and Preston join in on the fun.