Monday, September 26, 2016

House Changes

We've been making some changes to our house that I wanted to document.  First up: I woke up one day and decided the yellow kitchen had to go.  After 10 years of yellow kitchens (here and Chicago), it was time for a change.  Two days later we had a kitchen the same neutral color we have in most of the house.  (Terrible pics...sorry)

Now on to the big stuff.  We knew we were changing most of our downstairs flooring and I had been wanting to update our fireplace mantle.  I found this picture on Pinterest, and our friend Mike (who owns Handy Home Repair in Pearland) was able to recreate it!

Here's the Pinterest picture...

...the before picture

...and our final product.  We extended the mantle depth and I'm loving having more space to decorate.  I'm now searching for the perfect picture/piece of art to put above the fireplace.

Just for kicks, here are some pictures of the process:

And then the biggie...the floors.  We always knew that we'd want to get rid of the carpet in the living room and dining room, but wanted to wait until we didn't have babies crawling on the floor, or worry about new walkers.  We had wood in the foyer, but because of it's age there was no way we could get an exact match, so that had to go as well.  This week was a huge mess.  The night before we let the kids color on the carpet.

The end result was SO worth it!  Here's some comparison pictures...









We are loving the updated look!  

Preston 22 months

Preston was 22 months on September 4th.  And could he look any cuter, while giving us his signature look?  He cracks me up.
  • He weighs around 30 lbs (96% tile)
  • He's wearing 2T or 3T shirts, 2T bottoms, size 5 diaper and size 7.5 W shoe.
  • He's a pretty good eater, but on his own watch.  Like his mommy, he doesn't like to eat first thing in the morning.  He prefers to play and eat around 8:30 am.  He eats a good lunch, then asks for snacks all afternoon and doesn't want to eat his dinner.  We're currently trying to balance this, because at his age he still needs snacks but I think sometimes he just wants to eat when he's bored.  He still loves to drink milk, and does a great job drinking out of a regular cup. For breakfast he'll eat anything.  He doesn't like sandwiches, so lunch is usually fruit, cheese, crackers, applesauce and some kind of protein.  For dinner we serve him whatever we eat.  For snacks he likes cereal, yogurt, raisins and fruit.
  • He has all of his teeth except for his 2 year molars.
  • He has been waking up around 6:30/6:45 am and can climb out of his crib (more on that later).  On Tues/Thurs/Weekends he'll nap from 1-3 pm.  On school days he doesn't get a very long nap.  He is usually SO cranky from 4-6, gets a second wind around 6, but by 7pm he is DONE. 
  • His favorite shows are Mutt n' Stuff and Peppa Pig.  If something else is on TV he whines for one of those two shows.
  • His favorite toys are...umm...hanging onto Mommy's leg and driving the gator on/off the porch.    Occasionally he'll play with trains or Paw Patrol toys, but for the most part he just wants to be able to do what his siblings or mommy is doing.
So much of his development right now revolves around things he says.  Call me biased, but it's so darn cute.  He is also like a parrot and picks up on EVERYTHING we say.
  • Whenever he does something he knows he's not supposed to do, he comes to find me says says "accident".
  • He refers to anything big/large as "big giant"
  • He randomly says "knock knock" until I say "who's there?" And that's it.
  • He sings "Let It Go", "Wheels on the Bus", "Rain, Rain, Go Away" and "ABC's"
  • One of our favorite things he says is "I'm Freddy" when he's ready to go somewhere.
  • If we get him dressed but don't put on his shoes, he'll sit by the stairs and say "shoes on."
  • He uses "Oh goodness" and "Aw, man" in the correct context. 
  • He likes to say "so cute" when he sees a dog, cat or baby.
  • When we drive on the Beltway towards I-45, he knows to look for the field with cows.  He'll say "Cows! Moo!"
  • When he want us to watch him do something he says "Look guys."
  • When he wants milk he requests "milk with cow" because there's a picture of a cow on the carton.


Prepare yo'selves.  This is a long one...

The Fasanos came for a summer visit.  My kids talk about Jack, Brooke and Molly all the time! 

 This kid is a fish.  Madeline was in Bryan and Preston was napping, so Andrew had GiGi's pool to himself!

 Car time sillies!

 Preston was trying to "help" me sweep.

We keep trying to find activities that will hold Preston's attention.  We tried painting.  It lasted about 5 minutes.

However....he will sit by the window and watch Jon cut the grass for as long as it takes.

Lego had a traveling exhibit of US monuments at Baybrook Mall.  We took our resident Lego lovers to see them.  It was so impressive!

After looking at all the Legos we went to eat at The Rouxpur.  Houston peeps...check this place out!  The food was SO good.

Madeline - this could be your future in 30 years.

Andrew spent some time in Bryan with Granny.  While he was there they took Lizzie to the vet to get groomed.  She happens to be on  the same grooming schedule as Reveille.  He was SO excited that he  was able to hold Reveille's leash and be this close to her.  He still talks about it. 

Preston and I were in line at HEB and he started pointing and saying "Aunt Weasel!  Aunt Weasel!"  I looked around and realized he was pointing to this magazine cover.  Y'all.  The big kids and I just about died laughing.  

Madeline and Samantha had another sleepover at our house.

We watched some Olympics and made sure to capture this Michael Phelps moment!

With Halloween approaching, it's always interesting to see what costumes Pottery Barn Kids will come out with.  This year they have a flamingo. Swoon.  If it came in an adult size I totally would have bought it and made the entire family dress up as birds.  Unfortunately Madeline wasn't interested and the kids decided on another theme instead.  BOO.

We had another swim play date at the Boessling's house.  

We enjoyed watching the various Olympic events.  I told them to give me a "Olympic" face and this is what they did.

We were hoping to spend the last week of summer by the pool, but we had a week's worth of rain instead.  We spent lots of time coloring and doing puzzles.

Our outing one day was to Jamba Juice, where Andrew requested a smoothie with just bananas.

Another morning, against my better judgement, I let them play with crazy sand on the porch.  That was over a month ago, and despite washing/scrubbing/sweeping the patio multiple times I'm still finding grains of it.

Our new high school opened this school year.  One evening they opened it to the public so we could see what our tax dollars are paying for.

Which apparently is a giant weight room.  Now excuse me while I vent: The high school is one giant building in the shape of a rectangle.  This weight room is off the main hallway...with floor to ceiling windows.  Students passing by will clearly be able to see athletes working out, which I am sure was completely intentional.  Am I the only one that finds this odd???  Such is life living in the state of Texas, where football is king.  

And this is the library.  It's about 1/3 of the size of the elementary school library, and about 1/4 the size of the weight room.  Jon reminded me that we are in a digital age, but still.  It irked me and obviously still does.  Other than this, the school is beautiful.


This sinker likes to stack things.  Anything.  He puts one thing on top of another and says, "ta-da!"

When you get used to seeing friends everyday and don't see them as much during the summer, you have to make up for lost time.

One afternoon Preston kept asking for a snack, and I told him no because it was almost dinner time.  The little stinker pulled out a pot from the bottom cabinet, got a box of mac and cheese from the pantry, pulled a cup out of the drawer, drug a chair to the counter, put his goodies on top of it and told me "Cook.  I cook." this kid doesn't mess around with his food.

I have to brag on my friend Emily.  She made these things for Aimee and her first year of teaching.  If you need a vinyl decal for anything, 

Speaking of Aimee...the kids and I went to see her new classroom.  

Her students are so lucky to have Ms. Noto!

While we were there I flipped through her collection of books and snapped pictures of ones we could use in our house....

Staring with "Personal Space Camp."

Preston needs this one.

And Madeline's teacher read this one in class!

My kids were spoiled the last week of summer.  Chocolate milkshakes for lunch?  Sure, why not?

Madeline's first day of dance started the week before school.  This will be her 5th year dancing with Ms. Stephanie.

My mom kept the boys one night so Jon and I could have time with Madeline before she started school full time.  She requested Jason's Deli for dinner (along with her Lego people).

The next day she came with me to the Chiropractor and HEB (fun, right??)

Her other request was a mani/pedi so we went with Aunt Niki to get our nails done.

For lunch she requested La Madeline.

The fam came over to our house to celebrate Father Luke's birthday.  We had a great time celebrating with him.  My kids are his biggest fans.  Can you tell?  In this picture we were looking at photos from his trip to Ecuador.

The next night we went to the Davis' house for an end of summer get together.  I thought the kids would be tired from our little party the night before, but these maniacs stayed up until 11 pm!  Maybe it was the desserts....

Such fun friends!  

On the first day of school, one kid came home with homework: Preston.  We had to make an "all about me" poster.  I printed the pictures out and let Andrew cut/glue them.

Preston was so proud of his poster and insisted on carrying it into school on Wednesday.

Madeline's teacher has a private Instagram account for the class.  I love that I'm able to see what she does everyday, and ask her specific questions about things they are working on.

She came one day and told me she wanted to make a "Leaning Tower of Cheesa" out of cheese cubes.  When I asked her why, she said that she wanted to show her teacher that she could do projects and be a good student.  

Cousin Will celebrated his 3rd birthday with a Tool Party at Chuck E Cheese.

I had never really sat down to play games at Chuck E Cheese, but some of them are actually pretty fun.

Well, Houston peeps might be seeing us on TV again!  Up until a few weeks ago, people were still telling us that the original commercial was running.  Then we got word that there was a new KHOU commercial.  I found the footage, and sure enough they used a clip of Preston walking between Jon and I.  We were told that this might happen (and could use any of the footage years from now).  So if you see us on Channel 11 please let us know!  I'm embarrassed to say that our involvement with the station has yet to switch me to a CBS watcher (eek).  The link is here.  (The only one I could find was on Facebook).  We're at the :44 mark.  

Maria and Ryan had a Housewarming party at the end of August.  JuJu and Pistol Pete came into town to attend the party.  Their influence is strong.  One of Preston's favorite phrases is "Ooh-eh-eh." (One of JuJu's signature sayings)

Madeline and Andrew think they are the coolest kids ever when we let them drink Sprite from a CAN.  Check out these faces.

 I love that our kids are able to make memories with their great grandparents.  It's a privilege not many people have, and we try to make the most of them.